• Published 14th Aug 2015
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Jurassic Pony - mistercokehold8

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Lightning Dust

In the control room the situation couldn’t be any worst. As Whooves tried desperately to find out what exactly was causing Jurassic Park to fail, Twilight and Fluttershy trotted into the room.

“Have the others made it back yet?” The alicorn asked. Scorch looked to Crimson nervously.

“We have a problem your majesty.” The owner of Jurassic Park then explained exactly was what happening. “The others should be safe as long as they stay put. Mr. Whooves will get the park back up and running in no time.”

“I’m afraid I cant.” The earth pony explained, not looking up from the computer. The ponies in the room looked over his shoulder. “Look at this: key check baseliner off, key checks off. Lightning didn’t want Anypony to see what she was doing. Now look at this next entry, it's the kicker. "Wht.rbt.obj." Whatever it did, it did it all. But with Key check off, the computer didn't file the keystrokes. Only way to find them now is to search the computer's lines of code one by one.”

“Um….how many codes are there?” Fluttershy asked nervously.

“About two million.” Scorch’s heart sank. The stallion stood motionless in the middle of the room like in a trance, dumbfounded as to how this perfect system in which he had the utmost confidence was collapsing all around him like a Jenga game. Twilight carefully approached him.

“Scorch? Scorch?” She asked, finally getting his attention. “I was wondering if me and Fluttershy can go rescue our friends?” As scared as she was about the whole situation, Fluttershy stepped to Twilight’s side. Scorch looked at the princess with concerned eyes, before he turned to Crimson.

“Go with them.” The stallion muttered. The red unicorn nodded, before trotting over and floating rain slickers over to the mares. Scorch watched the three depart the room, still in a daze.

“Scorch?” Whooves asked. “I can’t get Jurassic Park back online without Lightning Dust.”

Out in the park Lightning’s jeep blazed through the bad weather. The pegasus kept glancing at her watch, growing more and more concerned as the time passed.

“I should’ve been there by now.” Since she totaled the road sign, she had no idea if she was going the right way. Odds were she wasn’t. If she was lost the only option would be to turn back and return to the Visitor Center, restart the system, and get back in touch with Filthy Rich. There would also be heck to pay once Scorch and the others got their hooves on her. The inner turmoil of the situation took her attention off the road. Turning her eyes back to the road, she slammed on the breaks. Due to the rain, the road had turned to mud, with little to no traction. The jeep slid along until it crashed through a wooden gate, before lodging itself on a hill side. Lightning hit the gas pedal, only to hear the sound of spinning tires.

“Great….” The mare grumbled as she climbed out. She examined the jeep, concluding she was indeed stuck. Looking down the hillside, she realized she caught a lucky break. “The road!” A sign on the bottom of the hill pointed in the direction of the dock. Carefully climbing to the front of the jeep, the pegasus began pulling the wench cable out with her teeth. With the several trees on the bottom, she could wrap the cable around a tree, and pull herself down. As she pulled, one of her legs slipped out from under her. Yelling out in pain as she slipped down, Lightning landed face first in the mud.

“The cable! Where’s the cable?” She called out as she sorted thought the mud. Thankfully the wench didn’t pull the cable back. Taking hold of the cable, the mare dragged it over to the biggest tree, circling the tree several times to make sure it didn’t come undone. As she linked the cable a figure shot through the tall grass, making hooting sounds as it went.

“Hello?” The mare asked, frightened. She peeked around the tree, but didn’t find anything. From the one side of the tree the hooting sounds alerted Lightning. But as she looked there was nothing there. Now the hooting came from the other side. The mare turned and followed the cable, laughing nervously. “That’s nice.” At the bottom of the hill she froze. She could feel SOMETHING staring right at her. Turning around, she found a creature staring at her.

A dilophosaur. It stands only about four feet high; it’s spotted like an owl, and has a brilliant colored crest that flanks its head. It doesn't look very dangerous; in fact, it's kind of cute. As smart as she was, Lightning didn’t know how dangerous the dinosaur was.

“Oh. Uh ….nice boy. Nice boy. Okay. Run along. I don't have anything for you! Go on! Go home! Dinner time! Are you hungry? They'll feed you! Go, boy. Girl. Whatever.” Lightning said nervously, hoping the dino would get bored and walk away. The dilophosaur just stared at the mare, tilting its head curiously. “Wanna play?” The pegasus picked a stick off the ground, and waved it. “Want the stick? Get the stick? Stick stupid! Get the stick!” The mare threw the stick, and even though the dinosaur turned its head in the direction of the stick, it didn’t move. “No wonder you’re extinct. Gonna run you down when I get back down here.” Lightning grumbled.

The mare turned and began to climb the hill. She reached the half way point when she heard another hoot. Now she was getting annoyed. She turned back to the dinosaur, then she noticed that it no longer looked happy.

Suddenly the dilophosaur began hissing wildly, the fan around its neck extending. The beast roared at the mare.


Lightning felt something wet and heavy hit her chest. Looking down she found some black gunk sticking to her fur. That’s when it finally hit her what dinosaur this was. She scrambled up to her hooves and raced to the top of the hill. Then she made the mistake of looking back….


Lightning instantly screamed out in pain as another gunk of venom struck her directly in the eyes. The gak began to cover her face as she desperately tried to clear it away, running her head right into the car, knocking her over. The shaving cream can that held the embryos fell from her rain jacket, and rolled all the way now the hill. Scrambling onto her hooves, Lightning pulled herself into the driver’s seat, and pulled the door shut. The pain shot through her eyes, but she took the moment to relax. Then she heard the all too familiar hissing. She looked to her right, and saw to her horror the dilophosaur had climbed into the vehicle…….

The jeep began to shake wildly as the dinosaur pounced, the sounds of screaming mixing with the sounds of the roar. The dilophosaur kept roaring as it tore into the pony. Lightning’s screams of terror suddenly went quiet, while on the bottom of the hill the all-important can of shaving cream began to get covered by the flow of mud.

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