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If a train leaves Canterlot at 100 MPH, whats the conductors name?


It has now been twenty two years since the infamous events of Jurassic Park. Now armed with a new owner and a new name, the ponies running Isla Zebra have a chance to make the new park successful for the whole world to enjoy. So why not go one step beyond?

It's that mindset that got them here. Jurassic World now has it's first genetically modified hybrid..... is history doomed to repeat itself?

Co-author: HTKWolfe777

Chapters (10)
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If you've seen any of the movies I think you'll know where this is headed....

So, the scientist is Sunset and in Claire's role is Apple Bloom?

Well this promises to be... interesting. Archived.

I can't wait to see the Indominus Rex.

Where's spike dammit

More of this master piece

I can't wait when the Indominus breaks out.

Oh I loved the scene when the Indominus broke out.

the ponies running Isla Zebra

Shouldn't it be Isla Neighblar?

Good fanfic so far, I'm looking forward to seeing the rest.

Also, random question, have you considered adapting Jurassic Park: The Game from Telltale?


It's something I haven't really considered yet, but if I can find the ideal characters to use for it I would.

7106379 Yeah, that is kind of tricky, maybe I could help somehow.

6573070 When is the next chapter coming out?

7106379 When is the new chapter coming?

7106379 Is the next chapter coming?

Nicely done!! Can't wait for the next chapter!!

When is the new chapter coming?

Hope this gets finished soon, I'd love to see this :)

I messaged the person who wrote this story, they said they didn’t want to do Fallen Kingdom , they don’t like Fallen Kingdom

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