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Jurassic Pony - mistercokehold8

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Chaos & Triceratops

Inside the tour vehicles the passengers were beginning to be less and less hopeful about the park, mainly because it was lacking one crucial thing……dinosaurs!

“This.Tour.Blows.” Rainbow Dash groaned as she head sat on the dashboard. “You would think at least one stinking dinosaur would show up!”

“That’s the essence of chaos.” Pinkie sighed happily.

“Say what now?” The ponies turned to Pinkie, Rainbow being the one most surprised at the comment. Then she remembered this WAS Pinkie Pike their looking at.

"Chaos." she replied. "Rexy not showing up when we wanted it to. The essence of chaos."

“Since when do you know about Chaos Theory?” Twilight asked.

“What’s Chaos Theory?” Fluttershy asked, greatly confused.

“Sounds like something Discord would come up with.”

“Oh no, it has nothing to do with Discord at all.” Twilight explained. “Chaos theory is the study of unpredictability in complex systems. I read a lot about it before I moved to Ponyville. But how did you know about it Pinkie?"

“Cupcakes.” The party pony answered simply.

“I still don’t get it.”

“Well it's really just how random occurrences shape what happens in the world around us. Come to think of it, it's not surprising Pinkie knows about it."

“It’s not?” Rainbow asked in disbelief.

"I'll show you, the best way to know is too see." Twilight floated one of the glasses of water sitting in the cup holder over to them. “Hold up your hoof Fluttershy we're going to do a little experiment. I'm going to let a drop of water fall on your hoof, and let’s see which way it goes." The shy pegasus pony held her hoof out, still rather confused about the idea. Carefully the alicorn floated a droplet of water over the yellow hoof and let it drop. “Ok you see, it rolled down straight. We’ll do the same thing again, which way do you think it will go?”

“Same way.” Fluttershy answered. Rainbow groaned, showing how much she cared about the subject. Face planting the dashboard, the cyan mare turned to look out the window, before frowned at what she saw outside. The pegasus saw what appeared to be a red jeep in the field. Twilight meanwhile dropped another droplet of water.

“This time it rolled the other way.”

“How did it do that?!” Pinkie asked, actually excited at what she was seeing.

"It changed direction because the tiny variations of the ridges and patterns on Fluttershy's hoof caused a random unpredictability in the course of the water."

“I’ll never look at my hooves the same way again.” Then to the surprise of the three mares, Rainbow Dash opened the door and bolted out.

“There’s another example of Chaos Theory. Nopony could’ve predicted Rainbow Dash jumping out of a moving vehicle.” Twilight noted. The shy pegasus opened her door and went after her friend.

“Rainbow Dash come back!”

“Wait for me!” Pinkie cried, going after them. Twilight was now alone in the moving car, unable to comprehend the irony of the situation.

"And now I'm alone in the car talking to myself. Oh the unpredictability." She sighed. In the first jeep Rarity and Applejack just noticed their friends.

“Where in Equestria are they going?” The unicorn asked.

“I dunno…..but I’m gonna find out.” And with that the farmer earth pony opened her door and went after he friends.

"Applejack, wait darling!" Rarity cried, following after her.

"Wait for us!" The CMC were close behind them.

In the control room Scorch watched as his guest vacated the vehicles.

“Stop the program! Halt the vehicles!” He said worryingly to Whooves. The pony typed in the command, bringing the jeeps to a stop. “How many times have I said this, I want locking mechanisms on the vehicle doors!” Scorch complained to his workers. Lightning Dust was calmly working at her desk, her eyes going back and forth between the can of shaving cream and the clock…..

One by one the ponies made their way out into the field, Fluttershy being the first one to catch up with her friend.

“Rainbow Dash where are you going?”

“I saw a jeep out here, I’m gonna check it out!” The mare responded.

“Cool! Maybe it’s a dinosaur!” Pinkie said, bouncing alongside her friends. The comment made Fluttershy nervous.

“What if it’s a meat eater?”

“Does Anypony else think that we shouldn’t be out here?” Flash asked, trying to keep up with the group. “Hello? Anypony?” Then the group was hit by the sound of what appeared to be a low moan.

“Hold up.” Rainbow Dash stopped the group in their track. “Everypony wait here, I’m gonna check this out.” The cyan pegasus trotted ahead, leaving the others behind. After several moments however Scootaloo trotted after her idol.

“Scootaloo don’t!” Twilight couldn’t grab her in time. The little pegasus trotted forward until she came to a small clearing.

“Wow…..” There in the clearing, flattening the grass laid was a fully grown Triceratops. Rainbow Dash was looking at it in awe and wonder as the others caught up with them.

“It’s ok.” One of the medical ponies said. “She’s feeling under the weather so we sedated her.”

“Sweet Celestia….” Applejack said, lowering the hat off her head.

“She’s gorgeous!” Rarity said happily. The ponies felt around the dinosaur's frill and two large horns. To actually be touching a dinosaur had to be up there with one of the most amazing thing they had ever experienced. One could only describe it as magical. Fluttershy was taken the most with the triceratops. Falling onto her knees she crawled up to the trike and put her hooves on its nose horn. A hot blow as the dinosaur exhaled blew threw her mane, bringing the yellow pegasus to tears.

"My gosh." Twilight said, awestruck. "She was my favorite when I was a filly, and she's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." That’s when the alicorn noticed the sores on the dinosaur’s tongue. “What’s wrong with her?” One of the medical ponies trotted over.

"This happens every six weeks or so. Imbalance, disorientation, trouble breathing, sores on the tongue."

"The poor thing." said Fluttershy. "She must feel terrible." In the meantime Rarity and Rainbow Dash had draped themselves across the Triceratops chest, raising and lowering as the beast breathed in air. The unicorn had her ear pressed against it.

“I can hear her heartbeat!”

“Awesome!” Fluttershy and Twilight helped the vets examine the triceratops. Fluttershy had a hunch at what was making the dinosaur ill.

"Well at the consistency it’s happening, it has to be from the flora around here.” The shy pegasus noted as Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle came trotting over.

"Look what we found."

"What do you have there girls?" Twilight levitated what Sweetie Belle had in her hooves.

"Look at these stones and how smooth they are." Scootaloo said.

"They're gizzard stones." The princess noted.. "The trike must have regurgitated them."

"You mean the triceratops eats rocks?"

"Yes it does. A triceratops eats stones to break up the vegetation in its stomach." Applebloom came up.

"Look at these berries, they were alongside those stones." Fluttershy examined the plants closely.

"East Equestrian Lilacs."

"Ick." Twilight made a face. "Those things will throw any pony for a loop."

“How so?”

“They’re poisonous.” One of the medical ponies said. “But the dinos don’t eat them.” Fluttershy was thinking deeply.

“Maybe this one did.” She said. “But there’s only one way to find out. I need to see the droppings.” The ponies turned to her as if she had just grown another head.

“You don’t mean?”


“You’re gonna…”


“Stick your hoof?”

“Do you have a pair of gloves?” The pegasus asked one of the medical ponies. The pony trotted over to the jeep.

The tropical storm that was being monitored in the control room didn’t appear to have shifted course. Crimson was currently on the phone with Cloudsdale.

“It’s gonna make landfall within the hour. Gonna have to cut the tour short I’m afraid.” He notified Scorch and Whooves.

“We can’t.”

“It’s not worth the risk Scorch.” Whooves said before turning to the intercom.

“Fillies and gentlecolts the last shuttle to the boat leaves in ten minutes. Drop what you’re doing and leave now.” The ponies in the room began to pack their things while Scorch simply stood there, before stomping his hoof in pure frustration.


Located several feet from the Triceratops were four massive piles of dino dung. The stench alone was the reason the other ponies weren’t stepping closer.

“Phewwie!” Applejack had her hat covering her muzzle. “And I thought my pigs stank!” The ponies watched as Fluttershy dug through the mounds of dung with no problem what so ever. Even Flash was both impressed, and disturbed by this.

“Your friend is really quite tenacious.” He said.

“You have no idea.” Rainbow Dash muttered.

“You should see when her bear needs a massage.” Rarity noted as the pegasus pulled out what she was looking for.

“I knew it!” She said, holding up the roots to the poisonous plant.

“We’ll make a note to spray the bushes down.” The medical pony said as Fluttershy removed her gloves.

“You will remember to wash your hooves before you eat anything right?” Twilight asked.

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