Jurassic Pony

by mistercokehold8

Restoring Power

Down in the emergency bunker the group of ponies waited patiently for Mr. Whooves to restore the power. Once back on they would power up the fencings, therefore slowly the spread of the dinosaurs. They would also have the phones back on so they could call for rescue. Pinkie was laid out of the table so she could stretch her casted leg. At the moment she was caught up in a fierce card game with Fluttershy. Scorch looked at the mares, amused by their antics. Twilight was trotting back and forth.

“Somethings not right here.” She said to her friends. “Whooves said it be five minutes, how long has it been?” Fluttershy looked up at the clock.

“About an hour.” The alicorn's heart dropped.

“Gin!” Pinkie said, being her usual self.

“I almost had you that time!” Twilight groaned out in frustration.

“Twilight relax.” Scorch said. “It’s probably just a delay all major parks have them. When Whinnyland opened up nothing work.”

“Scorch when the Pirates of Equestria ride breaks down the pirates don’t eat the tourist!” Twilight argued. “I can’t take it! I’m gonna get the power back on.”

“You just can’t trot up the road.” Crimson said, unlocking a cabinet. “You’re not gonna be able to get anywhere close to the shed, so I’m going with you.” He opened the metal door up, revealing a range of weapons. All specially made by him for just this situation. Scorch knew he wasn’t gonna be able to talk the two ponies out of this, so he pulled open a drawer and lifted out a heavy book with schematics. Then he slid a communicator on Twilight’s head.

“What’s this?”

“I’m gonna be your guide.” The stallion explained. “Now this isn’t gonna be as simple as flipping on a kitchen light, but if I follow this, you should get through just fine.”

“Talk me through this step by step. I’m on channel two.” Twilight said as she and Crimson trotted up the stairs. Crimson used his magic to push the shelter door open, sunlight pouring into the darkened room. The two ponies carefully trotted out into the open world.

“Stay close.” Crimson said urgently to the princess. Twilight nodded as the two carefully moved on the grounds. The two ponies moved up the path until they came to another opening. They were now in the area where the holding pen was. However this time the two came across a chilling sight. A large hole was now in the fence that held the raptors back, metal cables being thrown all over the place.

“The shutdown must’ve turned off the remaining fences…..even Lightning knew better then to turn the raptor fence off.” Crimson said, holding the gun he yield closer. The situation was much more dire than ever. The stallion knew that with the raptors out, no pony on this island was safe. The two ponies carefully trotted up the path that went through the brush, until Twilight saw what they were looking for.

“I see the door. We can make it if we run.” She said quietly. Crimson didn’t take his eyes off the bushes.

“We can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Cause we’re being hunted….” He said with no hint of lies in his voice. Twilight felt like having a panic attack, struggling just to hold herself together. “It’s alright.”

“My hoof it is!”

“I see her….through the bushes.” Crimson took a small step. “Run….to the shed.” He commanded as he lifted his weapon. “Go, now!” He barked at Twilight. The princess broke into a mad dash towards the door, galloping as fast as her purple legs could take her. Jumping and tripping over fallen trees, she flung herself through the open chain linked fence before piercing the darkness of the utility shed, slamming the door behind her. The sound echoed around her.

“Mr Whooves?” Twilight called, her voice echoing. “Scorch? I’m in.” She said into the headset.

“Loud and clear.” The stallion said back. “Now, ahead of you is a long staircase. Go down it.”

“Okay, I’m going down.”

"At the bottom after twenty or thirty feet you'll come to a T junction. Take a left." Pinkie looked over the plans and frowned.

“Just tell her to follow the pipes on the ceiling.”

“I know how to read a schematic!” Scorch argued.

Elsewhere in the park the stranded ponies continued on their hike to safety. By now they were all tired, sweaty and hungry. Rarity wasn’t helping with the situation.

“Are we there yet?” She moaned loudly.

“For the thirtieth time, no!” Applejack barked, until she saw a structure up ahead. “Ah take that back.”

“Why?” The southern pony pulled the thick brush out of the way, revealing a large fence.

“Dat looks like the perimeter fence. We get over that we’re home free.”

"Sis? How do ya guess we do that?" Applebloom asked, happy for the little break. "The fences electrified remember?"

"Yer right Applebloom. Rarity? Can you levitate us over it with yer magic?"

"No." Rarity answered. "It's too high. I could never levitate ponies that high. Twilight could."

"I could fly us over." said Rainbow Dash. "If my wing wasn't broken."

"It's all right sugarcube."The southern pony realized they had few options. "Maybe we should find another way."

“Hold up.” Rainbow had the group hush down. The fence usually made a low humming noise to signify it was on. All was calm and quiet. The lights on top remained off. On a hunch, Rainbow took a stick in her teeth, and threw it at the fence. It harmlessly bounced off. “Guess the fence is off.” Carefully taking a step forward, she placed her front hooves on the wire, and began shaking uncontrollably.


“That was great!” The little filly laughed. Rainbow turned back to the fence.

“Maybe we can…” She tried to bend the wires but to no effect. As she thought out her next move, the roar of the T-Rex echoed out in the jungle behind them. Rainbow calmly looked at her friends, before the group scrambled onto the base of the fence and began to climb.

In the darkness of the power shed Twilight slowly walked along the metal walkway, her horn lighting the area. She continued until she took a right turn.

“Scorch, it’s a dead end.” In the control room the stallion retraced his steps.

“No you should’ve taken a left somewhere.” Pinkie had enough. She yanked the mic on Scorch’s headset, pulling Scorch down with it. “What are you?!”

“Twilight, look on the ceiling. You should see a bunch of cables. Follow them.” The party pony said.

“Following the cables.”

On the perimeter fence the fillies and mares were about half way up. One hoof at a time they continued their journey upwards.

“Hey Crusaders.” Scootaloo spoke out. “Think we could get our cutie marks in fence climbing?”

“That would be cool!”

“Ah don’t know.” Applebloom said. “There aren’t many tall fences in Ponyville, and fence climbing sounds rather borin’.”

“Yeah, maybe you're right.” Scootaloo admitted. The older mares could only roll their eyes.

Twilight kept trotting along the hallway until she reached an area of interest.

“There’s a power box here.” Pinkie handed the mic back to Scorch. Scorch looked over the diagram on how to power the switches on. Twilight opened the box, and began examining the switches.

One by one the ponies approached the top of the fence. Rainbow and Applejack had cleared the top, and were already on the way down. Rarity helped Applebloom and Sweetie Belle over.

“Careful everypony.” The unicorn said. “This part gets tricky.” Scootaloo was beginning to struggle as Rarity began her trek down. “Take your time Scootaloo, we’re in no hurry.”

“Ok Twilight, you just can’t throw the main switch by hoof. You have to charge it first. Look for the pump the primer switch about four or five time. It’s on the front of the panel, its large, flat and grey.” Scorch instructed over the radio. The alicorn found the switch with no difficulty.

“Ok, pumping now.” Twilight grabbed the switch with her magical aura and slowly began flipping it up and down.

“One……..two………three………four.” It was actually difficult to pull off.” Ok it says it’s charged.”

"Now if you look under the words 'contact position' there's a round green button. It says 'push to close'."

“Push to close…….I got it.” Twilight pressed her horn against the button. Scorch took a deep breath.

“Push it.” The alicorn pushed the button in, causing the circuit board to light up.

As Rarity’s hooves touched the ground, the light on top of the fence began blaring a klaxon alarm. The alarm caught Scootaloo off guard, almost scaring the filly pegasus off the fence. Thanks to some quick reflexes, the pegasus caught on to the fence with her teeth, and pulled herself back up.

“Now Twilight, this is the last step.” Scorch continued. “All the lights that are set to red, need to be flipped over to green.”

“Flipping the switches.” The alicorn answered. Using her magic, Twilight opened the little panels, and pressed the buttons with her horn, turning them one by one to green. The very last switch was labeled Perimeter…..

The ponies on the ground had begun to panic. Any moment now the fence would be powered on, and Scootaloo was still stuck towards the top.

“Scoots! Get off the fence now!” Applejack shouted.

“Scootaloo get down!” The two fillies of the CMC shouted.

“Scoots! You’re gonna have to jump!” Rainbow shouted up.

“Are you crazy?! I’m not gonna jump!”

“You’re gonna have to! I’ll count to three! One! Two! Three!” Yet on three the little filly didn’t budge from the fence.

"Hang on! I’m coming back up!” The little filly needed to make a move.

“Ok, I’m gonna jump. One…….....two…….” On two back in the control room, Twilight hit the switch for the perimeter fence. Ten thousand volts of electricity shot into Scootaloo’s little body, the sheer force blowing the filly right off the fence, sending her barreling into Rainbow and Applejack. The two mares fell over as they caught the pegasus. The two remaining members of the CMC became hysterical.

“Scoots?! Scootaloo?!” The two fillies shouted. It took everything Rarity had to hold Sweetie Belle and Applebloom back while Applejack placed her ear on the fillies chest.

“She’s not breathing! And ah don’t hear a pulse!”

“Move over!!!!” Rainbow pushed the mare aside and desperately began CPR.

One by one the lights inside the power shed began to turn on, sending a smile onto Twilight’s face.

“Mr. Firefly I think we’re back in business.” She said into the headset. At that moment a snarling Velociraptor burst into view behind her. Twilight screamed as she jumped into the chain fence behind her. Clawing at the princess, the Raptor became stuck in the pipes. “No you don’t!!!!” Twilight forced the door open right as the Raptor broke free. The beast collided into the door, spilling Twilight onto the floor, but using her magic she slammed the gate shut.

Climbing quickly back to her hooves, she bumped into the wall behind her, and felt a hoof touch her shoulder. She peered and saw a brown hoof.

“Oh Mr. Whooves I’m so glad its….” To her horror that’s all that was touching her, a brown hoof. Turning white at the sight of what became of Mr. Whooves, the Raptor plowed into the fence, beginning to tear through the chain links. Twilight broke into a mad gallope, dragging her headset with her. She began climbing the stairs as the sound of the Raptor landing on the metal floor echoed out. Running out into the open jungle, she slammed the door shut behind her, before she made it out through the fence. There she finally stopped running, then she sobbed at what just happened.

Elsewhere in the bush Crimson was tracking one of the escaped Raptors. He had no intentions of returning them to their pen. It was either them or the ponies. He finally caught sight of it through the bushes. Lowering his hat, he slowly began to piece together his weapon, making sure it was gonna be a fatal shot to the beast. The Raptor only stared back at the pony, like it knew something he didn’t. Crimson raised his gun to eye level, and was ready to pull the trigger when he noticed movement out of the corner of his eye. He turned her head as another Raptor broke through the bushes, hissing with glee. Crimson’s eyes widen in pure fear at the realization he was trapped.

“…..clever girl.” He whispered. Before he could react the Raptor pounced, pinning him to the ground. The other Raptor watched with almost a smile on its face as Crimson could only screams of anguish filled the air…….

Back at the fence Scootaloo appeared all but dead. Rainbow Dash pumped down onto the fillies chest before forcing air down into her lungs. Applebloom and Sweetie Belle clung to their sisters, who were doing their hardest to keep the little fillies calm.

“Please wake up….” Rarity whispered, nearly in tears herself.

“Scootaloo!” Rainbow pleaded, pumping more air into the filly. The cyan mare was almost to tears. “No Scoots!!!!!” Just as all seemed lost, Scootaloo began coughing, sucking in air into her lungs. “That’s it! Good girl!” Rainbow held the little filly close as Sweetie Belle and Applebloom sobbed happily into their sisters fur. Sucking in air, Scootaloo could only say one word weakly.