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Jurassic Pony - mistercokehold8

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Business Meeting

As the lawyers in Canterlot worried of what might become of the island after the investigation, down far below the mountain was the simple little town of Ponyville. Here the citizens lived far from the noises of the big city, and even though one would think nothing ever happened, events happened here on a regular besiege. That was partly due to a certain group of ponies who inhabited this little town.

The most famous resident, who would often hid her fame, was the newest Princess of Equestria: Twilight Sparkles. If one needed to locate her, they would never have to look that hard. Her glamourous castle would be just on the edge of town, being a shining example of what those in Ponyville best value: friendship. If you looked from the castle just up the road you would see the train station where newcomers to pile out of every day to begin whatever laid ahead of them.

The whistle to the twelve o’clock train shrilled the air as the train came to a halt. The doors to the several cars opened and as usual the passenger ponies came trotting out. At the train began to move further on its journey the last passenger climbed out of the rear car. He put his hat on, before making sure he had his prize possession with him that being the cane he always carried. The train whistled rang out before pulling out of the station, leaving him there as ponies hurried about around him.

His eyes found the big clock on the station, letting him know he was on time for his meeting. Hopefully they would have been notified ahead of time that he was on his way. He didn’t need a map to tell him where he would find Twilight. All he had to do was trot off towards the castle.

“Thank you all for helping me with cleaning the castle today.” Twilight Sparkle said as she trotted alongside her closest friends. “It’s too big of a job with just me and Spike to handle.”

“It’s no trouble at all darling.” The white unicorn off to her left named Rarity said. “Anything to help our dear friend.”

“After all ya’ll done for us, it’s the least we can do.” The southern pony named Applejack said. Beside them bounced a very cheerful pink pony.

“After we’re done we can have ourselves a ‘We Cleaned the Castle’ Party to break the clean castle in!” Pinkie Pie said, always planning a party.

“Do you ever think of anything else besides parties Pinkie?” A cyan pegasus named Rainbow Dash asked, lazily floating above the group.

“It wouldn’t be Pinkie Pie if it wasn’t.” The final member of the group, the very shy pegasus named Fluttershy said quietly.

“So what’s the game plan Twilight?”

“We could either start at the bottom then work our way up the castle, or we could pair up and cover more ground that way.” The princess suggested. As the six approached the castle, Applejack noticed something out of the norm.

“Twilight, shouldn’t ya’ll shut the door before ya’ll leave?” She asked, nudging the opened door.

“I did….” Twilight said confused.

“Someone’s broken into your home!” Rarity said. Fluttershy made a frightened sound before hiding behind Applejack.

“You don’t somepony’s still in there do you?” She asked quietly.

“I’ll figure it out!” Rainbow began to charge in until Twilight grabbed her with her magic.

“Now hold on girls, somepony might still be in there and that could be dangerous.”

“Maybe it’s not a pony at all!” Pinkie said. “Maybe it’s a wild animal that wander in from the Everfree Forest looking for a yummy snack and your castle was the first thing it got into. Or maybe it’s some pony here to talk to you about a vacation!” She said in one breath. The others stared at her for a moment before Twilight decided to risk going in.

“Rainbow, come with me. If we’re not back in two minutes, come look for us.” She instructed her friends. The pegasi nodded as the magical energy around her dissipated. Cautiously the two entered home of the Princess of Friendship. Nothing seemed out of place or disturbed, then again the place was huge, making it nearly impossible to tell.

“I’m gonna fly around.” Rainbow whispered to Twilight. Then she silently zipped off. Twilight quietly trotted along the halls.

‘Hopefully Spike is ok.’ She thought. Then she realized what if Spike was the one who left the door open, and this was all for nothing. She made a mental note to ask him…if she could find him. Rainbow flew along the halls until noises coming from the kitchen caught her attention.

‘I’ll get Twilight so the two of us can take them.’ She returned several moments later with her friend in tow. The princess pressed her ear against the door. Sure enough it sounded like someone or something was in there.

“On the count of three Dash.” The pegasi nodded.



“3!” Twilight called as both mares charged through the door. Expecting to find a horrible creature, the two were surprised to see a grey stallion whistling to himself as he went through Twilight’s fridge.

“What are you doing here?” Twilight asked loudly. The stallion turned around, revealing he was using his magic to float a bottle of Cider. Smiling, he happily popped the cork out of the bottle loudly.

“Hey! We were saving that bottle!!!” Rainbow Dash cried, extremely annoyed this stallion would mess with their cider. To their surprised he simple chuckled.

“For today…..I guarantee it.” The cyan mare flew nose to nose with the stallion.

“I don’t know who you think you are pal, but you just don’t barge in on a princess’s home!”

“Oh where are my manners?” To Rainbow Dash’s surprise the stallion began to shake her hoof. “Scorch Firefly at your services ladies.” Twilight wasn’t sure she heard the name right.

“The multi-billionaire Scorch Firefly? The Manehatten Tycoon Scorch Firefly?”

“The very same!” Rainbow Dash landed on her feet before retreating to Twilight.

“Why is one of the wealthiest ponies in Equestria in your kitchen?” She asked.

“I have no idea.”

“If you’re talking about me I’m right here.’ Scorch said, getting the mares attention. “As for why I’m here you might wanna invite your friends in.” As if right on cue the kitchen door burst open once more, this time with Rarity and Applejack wielding Pinkie like a weapon.

“Don’t make us use this!” The southern pony shouted, aiming Pinkie at Scorch. Fluttershy hid behind the two.

“Ah! Applejack I presume.” The earth pony frowned as Rarity’s eyes widened.

“Aren’t you…..?!”

“Yes I am Miss Rarity.” Scorch said happily. The unicorn dropped Pinkie onto the ground.

“Oh so terribly sorry! Here! Let’s have a drink and discuss my business!” The shaky unicorn tried floating glasses out, until Scorch stopped her.

“Nonononono, I got this. I know my way around the kitchen, and sorry it’s not your business I wish to discuss.”

“Who is he?” Pinkie asked on the floor.

“This is only one of THE most influential business ponies in the world! And he’s right here in Twilight’s kitchen!!” Rarity said, feeling faint.

“Ummm, excuse me?” Scorch turned to Fluttershy, who had finally spoke up. “Why did you break into Twilight’s castle?”

“Her little dragon let me in…….he DID tell you I was coming right?” The stallion took the silence as a no. “Well, in that case I’m here for a discussion with the six of you.”

“Why us?” Applejack asked.

“Celestia herself recommended you.” Scorch chuckled as he poured the cider into several glasses. “I’m gonna be honest, I like the six of you already. I can tell, it’s a little gift of mine.” He then began floating the glasses around. “You see, I leased an island from Celestia off the coast of Coltsta Rica, and I have spent the last several years creating a kind of biological preserve and resort. It’s really fabulous and we’ve spared no expense. And believe me when I say the attractions there we have will blow away everypony in Equestria.”

“And what attractions would those be?” Twilight asked, skeptical of Scorch’s boasting.

“Oh! Oh!” Pinkie began bouncing up and down with her hoof raised. “Maybe it’s a lot of dangerous animals like lions, tigers and bears!”

“Oh my.” Fluttershy said.

“Whatever. Why do you need us?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“You see, we ran into a few issues with some lawyers…do you know any?”

“Can’t say that we do.” Applejack responded.

“I’m afraid I do, and this one is a little pebble under my hoof. He represents the princesses and my investors, and they want outside opinions.

“And Celestia suggested us. That’s certainly flattering.” Twilight said.

“This is perfect!” Rarity said happily. “A vacation on a private island!”

“I’m not so sure…..”

“Twilight! You yourself said not to long ago that you wouldn’t mind a vacation and now one has landed right in front of you!”

“Did I mention you would be staying in our five star accommodations, all expenses paid?” Scorch asked, pouring himself a glass.

“What will it take to convince you?!” Rarity said, grabbing Twilight.

“Can we go Twilight!? Please please please?!” Pinkie asked excited.

“What kind of park is this anyway?” Rainbow asked.

“…..right up your ally.” Scorch said. “I believe you two have sisters right?” He asked Rarity and Applejack. “Bring them and their friend along. This island was made with children in mind.

“What the hay? I’m in.” Rainbow said.

“Me to.” Applejack said.

“Try to stop me!” Pinkie said.

“I’ll go to….if that’s alright.” Fluttershy said quietly. Twilight still wasn’t sold on the whole idea, but after seeing the looks on her friends faces she couldn’t argue.

“Well……Mr. Firefly you have a deal.”



“Road trip!”


As the meeting was going on a meeting of different importance was happening on the island of Coltsa Rica. The ponies who lived on the large island scurried about as they went on their day; tourist trotting about, making it easy for one to blend in here. One pony in question was hoping to avoid detection as he trotted about in his hat and glasses. Not a good disguise if you asked.

Located several yards from his was a pegasi mare that was helping herself to the local breakfast while she waited for her client to show up. If all went well by the end of the weekend she would be very rich. Glancing around she found who she was waiting for.

“Filthy!” She called, getting the stallions attention. Glancing around nervously, hoping he hadn’t been revealed, he trotted over.

“You shouldn’t use my name Lightning Dust.” He said quietly.

“Filthy! Filthy! We got Filthy Rich here!” The mare shouted, pointing at the stallion. The ponies around them still went about their day. “You see? Nopony cares. I doubt Anypony even knows you here, so lose the hat.” She swatted the hat off the stallions head. Filthy Rich then placed a bag onto the table, which Lightning took happily.

“Seven fifty, on delivery. You’ll get fifty thousand more for each embryo you get off the island.” He instructed.

“I’ll get them all.”

“Remember - - viable embryos. They're no use to us if they don't survive.”

“How am I supposed to transport them?” Lightning Dust asked. Her answer came in the form of a can of shaving cream.

“You screw off the bottom.” Filthy began unscrewing the bottom of the can. “It's cooled and compartmentalized inside.” He showed the mare the inside of the can. “They can even check it if they want. Press the top.” Lightning pressed the top, producing shaving cream, which she put on top of somepony’s slice of pie. “There’s enough coolant gas for thirty-six hours. You have to be back here by then.”

“That’s up to your guy on the boat.” Lightning said. “Seven o'clock tomorrow night, at the east dock. Make sure he got it right.”

“How are you planning to beat security?”

“I got an eighteen minute window. Eighteen minutes and your company catches up on ten years of research.” The mare said, as a waiter handed her the bill. Looking at it, she glared at Filthy. “Don’t get cheap on me here Rich. That was Firefly’s mistake.”

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