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Jurassic Pony - mistercokehold8

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You Are Now Leaving Jurassic Park

The group of ponies galloped as fast as they could to the Control Room, only moments away from setting the park straight and getting off the island. Barging through the door, Twilight dashed towards the computer as Rainbow and Fluttershy dealt with the door.

“Once we reboot the system we can call for a rescue.” The alicorn said as the pegasi struggled with the door.

“The door locks!” Rainbow said, unable to pull the locks out. “Twilight boot up the door locks!” The two pegasi turned to the window, and to their surprise and horror they found one of the Raptors staring right back at them, fogging the window up as it breathed. Fluttershy locked up in fear as Rainbow stared on. The beast turned its head downwards, before the cyan mare noticed the knob turning. The pegasus held the knob with her teeth as the Raptor burst the door open, only for the two pegasi to force it close. The force from the Raptor knocked the shoulder gun off Rainbow.

The Raptor screamed as it pushed with all its might, clearly being stronger than the two mares. Twilight stopped what she was doing and braced herself against the door.

“Boot up the door locks!”

“You two can’t hold it by yourself!” The three ponies pushed as hard as they could, their hooves beginning to slide on the floor.

“It’s too strong!” Fluttershy screamed. Applejack braced her back hooves against the door.

"Let's see how 65 million years holds up against applebucking." The southern pony taunted. The Raptor screamed once more, somehow still pushing the door open as the mares struggled.

“Rarity help us!” Rainbow screamed. The unicorn braced her whole body against the door, but the creature was still stronger than the five mares.

“Someponies got to get the system up!” Twilight called out as the Raptor pushed its claws in. Applebloom and Scootaloo were panicking until their surprise Sweetie Belle slid a chair over to the computer, taking hold of the computer and mouse.

“It’s a Unix System…..I think I know this.” The filly said quietly. “It shows each file in the park. I gotta find the right file.”

“Hurry Sweetie Belle.” Applebloom said frantically as the five mares struggled with the door. The Raptor stuck its claws back through the door, only for Twilight to bite down as hard as she could. The creature screamed out, pulling back. The little filly navigated to the Visitor Center files.

“It’s got to be in here.” Rarity and Applejack’s hooves were slipping and sliding on the floor as they pushed.

“Of all the terrible lizards they brought back, why in the hay did they pick these?!” Rarity screamed.

“Twilight! Know any spells that turns a dinosaur into bones?!” Rainbow asked frantically.

“I don’t know any killing spells!” Sweetie Belle came across a file labeled Park Security Systems.

“This might be it.” The filly clicked on the file, yet nothing changed in the slightest. “No that wasn’t the right one.”

“Hurry!” Scootaloo whined.

“We can’t hold out forever!” Fluttershy yelled.

“Keep tryin’ girls!” Applejack encouraged. “Embrace your elements and push!!!” The Raptor screamed, pushing with all its might as Sweetie Belle came across a new file.

“System reboot….this’s got to be it.”

“Let’s hope so!” Applebloom said as Sweetie clicked on the file. The computer went through a quick cycle until before their eyes one by one different systems came back online.

“YES!!!” The mares shut the Raptor’s claws out, before a loud thunk rang out. Twilight saw the door lock had finally kicked in, locking the creature out.

“What happened?” Rainbow asked.

“The locks are on!” Twilight said happily. Then the five mares collapsed on the floor exhausted. The alicorn trotted over to the CMC to see what they did. “What’s working?”

“Phones, computers…..you name it we got it!” Sweetie Belle said happily.

“One way to find out.” As the ponies began to compose themselves, Twilight floated the phone over and dialed a number.

Scorch was perplexed on how Pinkie Pie, as injured as she was, was kicking in flank in poker.

“Full House!” The party pony said happily, showing her hooves. Before the stallion could respond the phone began to ring. The two looked at each other confused, then Scorch lifted the phone off the line.


“Mr. Firefly…..the phones are working.” The princess said happily.

“How are the others?” Scorch asked concerned.

“We’re all fine. Call the mainland, and tell them to send a helicopter now.” Twilight said. “You and Pinkie get a jeep and come get us.”

“On it.” Scorch said. Before he could hang up the stallion heard a loud crash on the other end.

“Twilight! It’s coming through the glass!!!” The sound of gunshots rang out as Scorch’s eyes widen.

“Twilight?” He called into the phone. “TWILIGHT?!??!?!”

Rainbow had fired several shots through the theater glass, however the glass was too thick and the shots only cracked it even more. Rarity and Fluttershy moved a ladder over under an empty ceiling panel.

“Go! Climb!” Twilight called out, catching onto the plan. Rainbow climbed up the ladder, making sure the others were able to climb up as well. One by one the fillies and mares climbed up into the ceiling. Twilight herself began climbing as the Raptor finally broke through the window. The alicorn kicked the ladder over so the beast couldn't climb up. The Raptor screamed as it stared up at the ceiling, thinking a way to get up there as well.

“Where do we go now?” Rainbow asked. The group scanned the area, then Fluttershy found a possible solution.

“Down there!” The shy pegasus pointed to an air duct. Carefully the ponies crawled along, Twilight and Applejack holding air tubes up for the others. Right as Sweetie Belle crawled, the panel she was on popped upwards as the Raptor forced its head into the ceiling. The little filly screamed as Applejack slid backward.

“Oh no you don’t!” Bucking the Raptor as hard as she could multiple times, the beast fell to the floor, almost taking Sweetie Belle with it. Rainbow and Rarity quickly pulled the filly back up as the beast made a jump up, snapping its jaws.

“Move!” Twilight and Applejack hurried the group along into the air duct. They crawled along the metal structure until they came to an opening. Rarity pulled the grate off, showing they were inside the rotunga where the figures of the T-Rex and Brachiosaurus stood. The unicorn and Fluttershy slid down onto the scaffold below them, turning back to help lower the others down. As the group helped the CMC down, a loud roar filled the air. The mares turned as found a Raptor standing on the balcony next to them.

“This thing doesn’t give up!” Rainbow called. The Raptor perched itself, ready to jump at the group. “Quick! Onto the skeleton!” The mare said frantically. The ponies clambered on to the structure next to them, the wires holding the skeleton up began to creak and groan under the added weight. Roaring out, the Raptor jumped onto the structure as well, however on impact the skeleton broke into sections, separating the ponies. Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Twilight and Scootaloo hung onto the ribs along with the Raptor, Fluttershy and Rarity hung on to the head and neck while Sweetie Belle and Applebloom clung to the tail.

Scootaloo clung to Applejack’s hoof, who was straining under the weight she was holding.

“Scootaloo….let go….trust me!” Applejack lowered the filly as far as she would go, until she let their hooves slip. The filly screamed until she hit the floor hard. Shaking her head, the pegasus looked up as the wires holding the skeleton began to give way. The wire holding Applebloom and Sweetie Belle snapped, causing the tail to fall, just stopping before the floor. Rarity and Fluttershy’s grip on the neck gave way, slamming the two onto the floor and spilling the bones on top of them. The wire holding the ribs finally gave way, sending Twilight, Applejack and Rainbow down to the floor. Scootaloo screamed as the bones fell towards her, covering her head as they narrowly avoided crushing her.

Twilight hurried back onto her hooves, reaching Fluttershy and Rarity first. The other ponies laid on the floor, clearly hurt and in pain from the fall. The princess pulled the two back onto the hooves, however the sound of a loud snort brought the three’s attention to the large plastic tarp in front of them. To their horror a Raptor stuck its head out from under it.

“That the large one?” Fluttershy squeaked.

“That’s the large one.” Twilight confirmed. Sweetie Belle was finally able to sit up, screaming at the sight. Rainbow helped the filly and Scootaloo onto their hooves while Applejack helped her sister up. The group huddled close as the two Raptors circled them. One stood in front of them while the other brought up the rear.

“Anypony got a bright idea?” Rainbow asked.

“Nope….looks like this is the end.” Applejack quivered. The mares made sure the CMC were in the middle, away from the Raptors. The ponies shut their eyes tightly as the large Raptor screamed out. Crouching down, it got ready to pounced, but not a single being in the room could predicted what was about to happen. Nopony noticed the large shadow that fell in the room. The large Raptor pounced…..only to be snatched right out of the air by a large set of jaws.

The Raptor screamed out as the T-Rex shook the creature around in its jaws. The ponies opened their eyes and looked at their savior. Then they scurried off to the side as the Rex slammed the Raptor into the ground, killing it on impact. The second Raptor screamed out as it charged forward, jumping onto the Rex’s back. Trying to take hold of the creature on its back, the Rex stomped about, not noticing the group of ponies making a mad gallope to the door. As the ponies ran down the steps to the Visitor Center, a worn down red jeep holding both Pinkie and Scorch at the wheel, the group climbed into the jeep.

“Well Mr. Firefly after much consideration, the girls and I decided not to endorse your park.” Twilight concluded to the stallion, the other nodded in agreement.

“So did I.” Scorch said, slamming on the gas pedal, pulling away from the center. Inside the Rex was finally able to snip the Raptor’s tail, pulling it close enough to bite down on the whole creature. The Raptor hissed out in pain as the larger dinosaur threw its prey into the structure of the fossilized T-Rex, shattering it on contact. Bleeding from the scratches on its neck and torso, the rex surveyed the carnage, before it reared its head up, letting out a triumphant roar.

The jeep came to a stop on the helicopter pad. The helicopter has landed for several minutes now. Even though they were this close to rescue, they weren’t completely safe yet. Rarity yanked the door opened, she and Applejack helping Sweetie Belle and Applebloom in. The elder southern pony lifted Scootaloo off Rainbows back and helped her into her seat.

“Just hold on a little longer. We’ll get you to a doctor.” Rarity said as Twilight and Fluttershy helped Pinkie out of the jeep and hobbled her over to the door. The ponies inside helped lifted the injured party pony into the helicopter. The remaining ponies climbed in, then Twilight noticed Scorch hadn’t joined them yet. The stallion stood on the edge of the helipad, staring numbly out into the jungle, listening to the calls of the dinosaurs.

“You alright?” Twilight asked, slightly startling Scorch.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” The stallion answered, before taking one last sad look at his island. He and the princess trotted back over to the waiting helicopter. Once all ponies were in, the door was pulled shut before it took to the air. The ponies sat quietly on board as the lush green jungles of Jurassic Park were quickly left behind them. The CMC quickly fell asleep in the grasp of their older sisters. Scorch only stared at the ember on the end of his cane. After all they had been through; Twilight couldn’t help but feel sorry for the pony. Seeing his life’s dream destroyed like this….nopony should ever have to go through that.

"Looks like Equestria will never see real live dinosaurs." Rainbow Dash said, finally breaking the silence.

"It's better that way." Twilight said quietly. "Ponies and dinosaurs…..we’re never meant for the same time."

“It’s a shame we couldn’t save the others.” Applejack said sadly.

“We did save one thing.” Fluttershy said, pulling out a fabric material. After all that’s happened, the pegasus had managed to hang onto the southern pony’s hat. The mare gladly took it back, before quietly slipping it onto her head.

“No amount of words could say how truly sorry I am.” Scorch said quietly to the mares, not taking his eyes off his cane. “I just…..thought the world was ready for my life’s work.” The other looked at Twilight, expecting an argument out of the mare. Instead the mare slowly placed her hoof on Scorch’s cane, getting his attention.

“We forgive you, right girls?” The stallion looked as the others smiled kindly at him before nodding their heads. He stared at them before slowly returning their smile. The princess turned to look out the windows, noticing the birds flying alongside the window. She remembered what was said on the tour about dinosaurs and birds, then she remembered what Fluttershy had said in the lab. Maybe the mare was right…..maybe life found a way.

“Let’s go home.” Twilight said happily as the helicopter flew in the direction of Celestia’s setting sun, bringing their horrifying adventure to a close.

Author's Note:

It's truely been a blast working on this story. I hope the have the SEQUEL up and running soon!

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Comments ( 6 )

i am sorry for you loss :pinkiesad2: but this was an AMAZING story! and i can wait for the sequel :twilightsmile:

wonderful story my friend! again huge fan of jurassic park!

Is your Jurassic Pony story based off of the Book, or the movie? As in, which one did it take the most inspiration from? I liked the movies, except JP3, and the original Book was good too. If you haven't read the book, try it. You might be surprised at how different it is. I know I was!

Why doesn't this story have a dark and/or a gore tag?

7059492 that may be true, but remember the "dinosaurs" in Jurassic Park aren't true dinosaurs, they're mutant aberrations.

Why didn't I discover this amazing story and their sequels sooner. As a JP fan I am ashamed of myself for not finding this sooner. This was amazing.

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