Jurassic Pony

by mistercokehold8

Welcome To Jurassic Park

The Great Equestria Ocean was the only thing separating Scorch’s island and the rest of Equestria. If one wanted to get to the island, there were only two options: you could either take the boat, or you flew by helicopter. When Scorch ever went, he went in style.

Scorch’s private helicopter flew over the endless blue of the ocean. As the waves rolled down below them the three young fillies that made up the Cutie Mark Crusaders were busy peeking out the window. Inside the helicopter the seats were arranged in a circular pattern, with everypony sitting in a circle. Needless to say they were all impressed.

“I must say Mr. Firefly, these seats are simply divine.” Rarity said, almost melting into her seat.

“You haven’t seen the best my dear.” Scorch said before stomping his cane on the floor twice. Right on cue a drawer under the unicorn’s seat popped open, revealing an ice tray along with orange juice and the finest champagne Scorch could afford. The mare wasted no time pouring herself a drink.

“Nothing could make this trip any better!”

“The best is yet to come.”

“What kind of animals are on yer island?” One of the fillies, Applejack’s younger sister Applebloom, asked the stallion.

“Here’s a question for you three.” Scorch said looking at the CMC. “How much do you know about dinosaurs?”

“We’ve learned tons about them in school!” Rarity’s younger sister Sweetie Belle said excitedly.

“What do you know?”

“There were many different kinds……might be closer related to birds then reptiles…..and they were really big?” The final filly, little pegasus named Scootaloo said.

“Precisely!” Scorch said happily.

“Not all dinosaurs were big you three.” Twilight said. “Some were as small as chickens.”

“The best ones were big!” Scorch was pleased with the little ones’ enthusiasm.

“Wait. Dinosaurs? As in terrible lizards?” Fluttershy asked quietly. “What does that have to do with your resort?”

“Oh…..my resort as a prehistoric theme to it.” Scorch said coolly.

“Do you have a really cool robot like the Manehatten Zoo has?” Rainbow asked.

“Maybe it’s a zoo full of dinosaurs!” Pinkie suggested. The others looked at Pinkie was Scorch calmly turned to look out the window.

“Pinkie that’s next to impossible.” Applejack stated.

“It would take something I haven’t seen yet to bring them back.” Twilight said. “Even if you could they’re nothing but fossils. As much as it would be fascinating to see on, it’s not gonna happen.” Scorch calmly rolled his eyes, as if he was hiding something. Thankfully no one noticed.

“Whatever’s on this island I can’t wait to get there!”

“You won’t have to wait long then.”

“Why?” Scorch’s smile grew as he looked out the window.

“There it is.” The helicopter flew over the coast of the island, pasting the lush emerald green canyons and jungles. As the chopper flew deeper into the island, the ponies crammed to look out the window, admiring the nature beauty before them. They failed to notice Scorch buckling up. “I would advise buckling up. It’s a steep drop and with the sheer wind force….” As if on cue the chopper lurched violently, sending jolts to the ponies onboard. The chopper was able to regain stability as it began to descend.

“My drink!” Rarity moaned as the ponies around her began buckling up. Twilight ran into difficulty when she found both sides of her seat belt were the same part, struggling to find the right part.

“You got them mixed up. You take that part there….put it over there.” Scorch was trying to help, but not succeeding. “You’ll have got it by the time we landed.” Twilight decided to use her magic to tie the two straps together. “That works too.” The ponies looked out the window as the chopper descended closer to the ground, the helipad now in clear view. After several moments the chopper bounced slightly as the skids touched down. A worker pony hurried forward, opening the door to let the passengers out. Scorch happily climbed out, smiling proudly at his surroundings. As the last passenger climbed out, three red and grey jeeps backed into the path.

The ponies loaded into the three jeeps as the helicopter began to take off into the air. Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Twilight claimed the first jeep. The three members of the CMC along with Pinkie, Applejack and Rarity filled up the second jeep. Then Scorch and Flash Sentry filled out the final jeep. The trio of jeeps began their journey up the path, passing through what appeared to be a heavily armed electrical gate. As they passed Twilight couldn’t help but wonder what was on this island to require a gate like the one they just came through.

The jeeps bounced over the holes that filled the dirt path; the ponies gazing around at their beautiful surroundings. Twilight used her magic to grab a leaf she found curious. As the jeeps drove on Flash began his investigation with Scorch.

“All the fences are online and at full power?”

“And the concrete moats, and the electronic sensors. Flash my boy, relax. Try to enjoy yourself.” Scorch said calmly.

“You don’t understand the gravity of the situation. This is a very serious investigation of the stability of the island. I represent the princesses and your investors who are all very concerned. In two days if they aren’t convinced,” Flash motioned to the ponies in the jeeps in front of them. “I’m not convinced. I’ll shut you down Scorch.” The stallion could only chuckle.

“In forty-eight hours, I’ll be accepting your apology.”

For what had to be half an hour the jeeps drove until they went off the path and into a wide open beautiful clearing. The only things that stood one were the tall isolated trees.

“Whoa wait here. Stop stop stop stop stop!” Scorch instructed his driver. The driver honked the horn to signal the others to stop. “I want them to see this.” Twilight was busy studying the leaf.

“This is just amazing.” Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash admired their surroundings.

“It’s so beautiful here.” The shy pegasus said. “The trees, the meadow, the calm breeze, it’s almost…..” She turned her left, and stopped speaking. Rainbow turned to see why her friend went quiet, her eyes falling on what her friend saw.

“No way…..”

“Is that….” Both stood up out the top of the jeep to get a better look.

“This plant species has been extinct for millions of years. It’s amazing it could somehow be growing here.” She was cut off by Rainbow tapping her on the head with her hoof. “What?” She turned to see what was so important. The new princess’s jaw drop; the other ponies not believing what they were look at. Rarity felt faint while Applejack removed her hat. Scorch smiled and chuckled at their reactions.

“Sweet Celestia and Luna…..”

Next to the jeeps, to the amazing of the ponies, walked a dinosaur. An actual living breathing moving dinosaur! One by one the ponies began climbing out of their jeeps. A brachiosaurus to be exact. The gigantic sauropod moved its massive bulk as it calmly munched the leaves from the trees around them.

“It’s…….it’s a dinosaur.” Twilight told her friends, almost in a state of shock. “A real dinosaur!”
“Ohmygosh! Ohmygosh! Ohmygosh! Ohmygosh! Ohmygosh!” Rarity had to steady herself on the side of a jeep to keep from fainting.

“I must be dreaming…..”

“Yer not dreaming there Rarity.” Applejack said.

“Can I borrow that?” Pinkie asked her driver, pointing to a glass of water. The pony passed the cup over, allowing Pinkie Pie to drink her water, and deliver a spit take. The CMC were busy geeking out at what they were seeing.

“A brontosaurus!”

“Brachiosaurus! It’s got the crest on its head!”

“I can’t believe we’re seeing this!” Twilight was feeling light headed herself.

“I’m…..I’m gonna have to tear up all the text books. Write new ones, change everything that’s wrong. This is a warm blooded animal that doesn’t clearly live in a swamp!”

“How long is that neck?” Rainbow asked.

“The brachiosaur?” Scorch asked, joining the mares. “Thirty feet.” He answered
“Thirty feet…..” The dinosaur’s called echoed off the cliff surrounding the island, then to the amazing of the ponies watching it stood on its back legs to reach the leaves on the tip top of the tree before dropping back down, shaking the ground surrounding them. In the jeep Flash’s worries were quickly vanishing.

“We’re gonna make a fortune from this place.” He whispered.

“I still can’t believe it.” Pinkie said from her jeep.

“That we have dinosaurs?” The driver asked.

“No, that I was right! How was I able to know this?!”

“How fast are they?” Rainbow asked Scorch, not taking her eyes off the dinosaur.

“Well we clocked our T-Rex at thirty miles per hour.”

“Wait…did you say T-rex?” Fluttershy asked, cutting Scorch off. “As in Tyrannosaurus Rex? One of the largest meat eaters to ever live?!” Scorch nodded happily, causing the pegasus to faint into Rainbow Dash’s hooves. Twilight grabbed Scorch.

“What did you say?” Scorch chuckled.

“We have a T-Rex.” He said casually, like he was explaining the weather. Twilight had to sit to regain herself.

“Take some deep breaths darling.” Rarity said, trying to help. Scorch chuckled, smiling with delight.

“Fillies and Gentlecolts, my little ponies….welcome to my life’s dream. Welcome………to Jurassic Park.” The ponies turned to see what he was looking at, amazed what was on the other side of the lake. There stood three more brachiosaurs, along with many more species of dinosaurs. The others slowly sat next to Twilight, unable to take their eyes off the sight.

“They’re moving in herds…….they’re sociable.” Twilight muttered in amazement. Scorch crouched down to their level.

“How did you do all of this?” Fluttershy asked. Scorch could only smile

“Why don’t I show you?”