Jurassic Pony

by mistercokehold8

Isla Zebra Incident

Night had fallen across Equestria. Long has the sun fallen over the horizon; casting the islands south of the coast of Coltsa Rica into darkness. The islands, lush in tropical plant life, sat alone and undisturbed for many year. Only the natives of the islands would dare set hoof upon them, for the islands didn’t have a welcoming name. The five islands were known only to the locals as the Isles of Death…..

The warm night air, thick with humidity, settled upon the ground of the first island. The sound of insects echoing out into the night; a breeze rustling the thick leaves of the tropical plant life. This was the island know as Isla Zebra. This island was the largest of the five that made the region, and on this very island a project kept well in secret was going on.




The area close to the edge of the island became lit as heavy duty lights were activated. Workers’ moving about in quick succession, making sure everything was going according to plan. More than a dozen worker ponies wearing hard hats began arming themselves with tasers and shoulder rifles. Several more stared out into the trees, as if they were waiting for something.

Silence fell as the trees began to stir….something was moving. One red unicorn in particular, armed with a shoulder shotgun, stared out with a hard look on his face. He was the one clearly in charge here, and he wasn’t taking any chances. The trees began shaking more violently. The workers lifted their weapons as the sounds a machinery filled the air. From out of the trees came a heavy duty forklift, holding in the air what appeared to be a container made of titanium. This container was made specifically for dangerous animals……

“Everypony heads up! Keep it clear!” Several ponies began shouting orders as the forklift slowly inched forward to a rather impressive looking compound, complete with electric fences, watch towers and steel barriers. One could only imagine what creatures this pen was built for. From inside the container the sounds of snorting and grunting could be heard. The forklift began to slowly lower the container onto the loading platform; the container giving shaking movements as it stopped.

The red unicorn trotted forward, peering into the container from a few feet away. He moved his hat just over his eyes.

“Alright, loading team ponies move in.” The unicorn known as Crimson ordered. A team consisting of several unarmed earth ponies and unicorns began to surround the containers as several armed ponies flanked them. “I want tasers on full charge.” Crimson ordered. An animalistic scream pierced the night air from within the container, spooking several of the ponies. “It’s ok; she cant get you in there.” Crimson reassured. The moving team returned to their positions. “Ready? And push!” The ponies pushed with all their might as the container moved on the track it was placed upon. The lights at the entrance to the holding pen changed from red to yellow, then to green. It appeared to be locked into place.

“Loading team, please back away.” Crimson ordered, moving on to the step phase of the procedure. The loading team rearmed themselves as the trotted away from the container. “Gate keeper; into position.” As a lone unicorn climbed on top of the container, the snorting from inside grew louder. From the lights in the area one could just make out the piercing yellow eyes.

“All set.”

“Raise the gate.” Crimson ordered. The unicorn’s horn began to glow; covering the gate as it slowly inched upward.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

Screaming, the creature from within the container charged forward; the sheer force knocked the container from the locks and shook the unicorn on top badly enough to force her to the ground. The container slid backwards, knocking over several ponies who tried to stop it. As the unicorn turned over to her belly, she screamed out as she was pulled backwards into the container.

“Lock the gate! Don’t the others out!” Crimson yelled as he grabbed the unicorn, screaming bloody murder. By now several workers had poked their tasers into the holes of the container, opening fire, yet nothing seemed to work. Crimson was knocked over as the unicorn was violently lifted up the container edge. “Work her back!” The red unicorn threw his weapon aside and took hold of the poor worker, wrapping two legs around the pony’s waist. Every pony on standby was running forward, trying to free the pony from the grasp of the creature within. As the sound of tasers filled the area, Crimson struggled to hold on. He looked through the slots at the eyes of the creature looked into his. By now he was barely holding on to the screaming pony’s leg and head. Only one order could save her life now.

“Shoot her!” Crimson screamed, trying to get a better hold as the worker pony began slipping away.

“SHOOT HER!!!!” His hold of the pony finally slipped away as the sounds of agonizing screams and gunshots shattered the air, echoing off into the night…….

Outside the Canterlot law office of C&L, a pony kept trotting back and forth in front of the doors, repeatedly looking at the clock. He had an urgent meeting he had to partake in; the pony in question he was meeting had yet to arrive. The pony prayed the one in question was waiting inside.

‘Come on….come on…..’ He thought to himself. It was a funny world when this former guard had now been reduced to the role of a lawyer. As he looked at the clock the office doors finally opened. Several ponies in business suits came trotting out, discussing something hastily between them. The final pony came trotting out, hovering a briefcase with his horn.

“Flash Sentry.” He greeted the blue mane pony trotting impatiently, before trotting out the door. Flash Sentry quickly trotted after him.

“Where’s Firefly?”

“Mr. Firefly was unable to attend today’s meeting.” Flash began shaking his head.

“He’s not here at all? He does realize we’re dealing with a multi- million bit lawsuit by the family of that worker and Firefly couldn’t even be here to see me?!”

“He sent his apology.” The pony explained. “He had an important meeting to attend with the princesses.”

“I know, I already spoke with the princesses but this situation needs to be dealt with now!

“What did they say?” The former guard pony took a deep breath as the two continued their trot.

“The princesses feel the accident has raised several safety issues about the park. The word has already reached the investors and its making them extremely nervous. I had to promise the princesses a full on-site inspection.” The lead pony stopped and turned to Flash.

“Mr. Firefly hates inspections; they slow everything down.”

“Without it the princesses are threatening to pull the plug on the whole project. That’ll slow him down for sure.” Flash argued. “They agreed that if the inspectors sign off on the island, they’ll back off.”

“Who did you suggest to inspect the island?”

“I couldn’t think of Anypony on such short notice but they already had a few ponies in mind.” Flash said.

“Who?” Flash took a breath.

“They want to send the Twilight Sparkles and her friends.” The pony looked at Flash before nodding.

“That might work, Mr. Firefly’s gonna have to convince them.”