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Riffing list. · 7:41pm Jul 28th, 2013

Ep. 1: Special Girl (or: 'Rarity's Secret'): Incomplete.
Ep. 2: Arf! (or Twi and Shy's Heavy Petting) (with Something Eight and Captain Joker): Incomplete.

To do:Bolded titles indicate works in progress.
Special Girl (or: 'Rarity's Secret') by darf
Arf! (or Twi and Shy's Heavy Petting) by darf
Adventures In Text by TheAuthorGl1m0

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Sigma's Skype Story · 2:50am Aug 1st, 2013

So recently on the /riff/ chat in Skype Sigma has been typing a little 29P esque story. Here's a quote of the first part.

..Fuck it, Nightmare Moon is a zombie, Atlas is a pony (who is really a changeling), and Fluttershy is a SPARTAN-IV who can shoot fire from her nipples.
And they're all the daughters of Trixie's brother's nephew's uncle's father's second roommate.
Because I no longer care.

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Thanks for following/stalking me :pinkiehappy:

Eh. I hardly ever stop by here anymore.

Look who I found while looking at riffers' pages!

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