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Sanguinius Reborn

I Have returned my sons... What the fuck did you do to my sons Guilliman?!


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Human Heroes are Superior

Make the member count go up.

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I Have returned and I am pissed at my brother.

Human Heroes are Superior

The Black Rage consumes all

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Hey, just something that might cheer you up a bit.

Many of Bethesda's singleplayer-oriented fans have complained that the development time spent of Fallout 76 will further extend the amount of time before the releases of Starfield and the next main entries in The Elder Scrolls & Fallout. While it's true the main team at Bethesda Maryland did work to a not-insignificant degree on Fallout 76 (and even Bethesda Montreal helped to a much lesser extent), the actual game is almost entirely the labor of Bethesda Austin (formerly BattleCry Studios, who make up an entirely separate team from the Maryland and Montreal divisions), meaning that the actual difference in development time is likely far more negligible than first assumed.

Hopefully, it's not so much a 'Throwing In The Towel' as much as a 'Testing The Waters'.
I think, judging by how Bethesda haven't profited much critically or financially from it, they'll learn their lesson and go back to doing what they do best.

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