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It's bathtime AGAIN for some of the young characters, and who else but you gets to wash them? Each filly and colt has a different personality, though, and some of them REALLY hate baths!

Cover by ~strabArybrick on deviantart

Written with permission, as a continuation of the beloved "Bathtime for Ponies" by the boss, Derpsanddinks404
If you haven't read part one, it's great! And it's right here, go see it first.

Many different characters all get their very own chapter, so the only tags will be, "other" and most of the beloved ponies have already gotten a chapter in part one.

Chapters (41)
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Awesome, a sequel! I enjoyed the first one so, I look forward to what you do with this one.

Huzzah! The return! I was sad when Derps left. And also Dawwww! Nom nom nom... So cute. Nicely done, you captured Derps style nicely and combined it with some of your own too. Be seeing you in the feature box soon. :twilightsmile:

Haven't even read it yet and I liked and faved :D

Hello there Sir or madam

I'm Aetherlord Ignus, I'm working on a Bathtime spinoff called Mealtime for Ponies.

Here it is

It's great to see that you're bringing it back. May I also suggest some chapter ideas by any chance?


Please to meet you also sir or madame, and I am male :eeyup: thanks for asking.

I actually remember you, I have read all the spinoffs of, "Bathtime for Ponies 1" (is that what we're calling it now? :unsuresweetie:Anyway) and I am familiar thus with your work.

I would love to hear ideas for future chapters, though I already have many. This story is for the readers after all, and I strongly welcome all commentary and suggestions. I am also a freelance editor, so I welcome anypony to send me mail at any time. If you wish, you may mail me suggestions, post them in my most recent blog, or just comment them.

The same goes for all readers, the whole point a second person story (in my opinion) is for the sake of the reader, so please everypony; feel free to ask questions or give input, this is all for you after all. :twilightsmile::moustache:

2407511 I am a male by the way. I'm glad that you like mealtime.
My suggestions were the inclusion of a Screwball co-op Discord chapter and maybe a Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon chapter (like Rarity, but bigger brats about everything being perfect)

Could you proof some of my stories for me? I would greatly appreciate it.

P.S. If there's one thing I learned from writing mealtime, it's that Shining Armor will suddenly be on his best behavior if you tell him that cadence just walked in. :rainbowlaugh:

English is my first language and I cant get the grammar right! So thank Luna for Microsoft word as well!:scootangel:

Screwball, I have a long list of ponies that I intend to write a chapter for, Screwball wasn't one of them. :unsuresweetie: Oh well.
I may do a chapter for her (for no reason other than that Co-oping with Discord sounds fun) but I have a lot of others to do first, such as Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, which I was already planing on combining.

I am very, very busy this week, as I have said in my blogs, and on my bulletin board, so I cannot proofread for anypony, not even my regular customer, THIS week. If you were to send me a pony-mail on Monday however, I would be more than happy to proofread for you, or anyone else that needs it as long as I'm not too busy (I am only a human, and occasionally an earth pony, I have limits).

Yay it's back. :yay:

And how about Soarin, or possibly even Granny Smith?

2408268 Okay, I need time to write my next chapter anyways.

And one more thing, if you don't mind, I might not use your order for when I get past Spitfire. I have gotten some ideas and suggestions so I hope you don't mind :twilightsmile:

Gilsa sounds like fun. Soarin could be too.

i dare you to do Mare Do Well!


Challenge Considered :trixieshiftleft:

The problem is that since Mare Do Well is actually several ponies in costume, how would I bathe a costume? I had actually thought about it, but don't know any way to do it.

If I come up with something we'll see, but there are other ponies that will have to come before that :twilightsheepish:

I've got some ideas, should i share?

Fluffle Puff!!!!!!!!!!!!

fluffy fluffy tale nice and cute

I want to see Flim and/or Flam, please.

Now how about Shining Armor?



OK, I'm going to level with you. I don't intend to do non-canon ponies until I have a few of the ponies that people have been asking for since the original out of the way. I will admit that Flufflepuff would be interesting to say the least, but she isn't a canon pony, so she will have to wait. I will probably post of list of ponies that I want to do BEFORE I get around to non-canon. I still take requests, but there are a few ponies I know people want to see, and I have some good ideas for them.

People have been asking for Gilda, Babs, and Shining since the original, I think they should be done first.


If you have ideas, I encourage you (or anyone) to share them. However, so as not to spoil the surprise for everypony else, anyone who has suggestions rather than requests is encouraged to send them to me by pony-mail rather than comments, so that once it's published it will remain a surprise.

Works for me:pinkiehappy:
So long as the possibility exists I am content to wait.
Also, you have done a great job thus far of continuing the brand of cuteness this series and it's spinoffs are renown for.

Very cute fun! something that always confused me was that only their manes and tails get washed, never the rest of them. surely the fur on theiur bodies would be dirty and in need of cleaning as well. :derpytongue2:

I Dare You To Do Nightmare Moon

Yay! Recognition that ponies are covered in fur and thus would get dirty all over :pinkiehappy:

Could you give Babs Seed a bath?


References! References everywhere!

“We would pop the bubbles with ONE bath toy! You are superior in only one respect.”

I see what you did there. With that entire thing, not just that line.

Nice! I remember watching Doctor Who when I was young, great show. Tom Baker being my personal favorite Doctor. Well done as always. :twilightsmile:

Oh, wow... SO MANY REFERENCES:pinkiehappy:


All I can say.


:pinkiehappy: Well, you helped after all. I really don't know much about the Doctor.

Without you're insight it wouldn't have been as good. You earned your place in the author's notes :ajsmug:

*slams hoof on table* I DEMAND ORION!!!:flutterrage:

And good chapter, by the way!:heart:

gawd who are you co-op DISCORD with???

Cute! :pinkiesmile:
One small error I noticed. 'After all, foals or not, these two are earth ponies, those kicks do so damage.'
Probably should be 'After all, foals or not, these two are earth ponies, those kicks can do some damage.'

My friend guessed that ponies CAN (don't always) change their names after they get their cutie mark.

I demand this be canon now.

This next chapters going to be a doozy.:pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

Um, may I request you do Derpy at some point? If that's ok with you, of course.:fluttershysad:


Thanks :twilightsmile: I was busy that week and couldn't write, so I ended up writing that chapter the hour before I published it. :facehoof: I'm surprised that's the only thing.


:applecry: Sorry, Derpy was already washed in the original, I don't RE-wash ponies. Try clicking on the link in the description, there are a whole bunch of ponies like Derpy that are already washed. Unless I wash every pony in Equestria (that anyone cares about) I'm not going to Re-wash anypony.

:moustache: Just as a reminder, I have a blog post, "Bathtime for Ponies, Blog Post Edition" where anyone can go to request ponies, and to see what ponies are already on the list. It gets updated after every pony.

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