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A story meant for bronies who love Kingdom Hearts, Anime, or good stories. This story does not require any knowledge of anime to enjoy, but you may want to know the basics of Kingdom Hearts (only the bare basics).
The characters are all new. this series takes place 100 years after kingdom Hearts ends. it is a whole different story
Don' worry about not knowing about not knowing enough to understand the story, the story is written only with the assumption that you know about the ponies (if not what are you doing on FIMfiction?).
Everyone will love it, and anime lovers will adore it.
as for what this story is rated, it should be the same as Kingdom Hearts. Nopony and Nobody dies in this story, and their is no unnecesarry violence. the bad guys are not living things, so noone dies. rated E-10.

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Comments ( 43 )

I do love me some kingdom hearts and one piece, but the together... meh
Still this story has potential try not to rush it
by the way its scootaloo :scootangel:
Not favoriting... but thumbs up! :pinkiesmile:

-Kiryu :moustache:

Comment posted by bronyman12345 deleted Dec 20th, 2012

his name is Soran, because he is not Sora. They are two different people.
this story takes place one hundred years after the events of kingdom hearts.
all members of the crew are original people made up by me.
none of them are old or know characters except the ponies

this story is not kingdom hearts and one piece and ponies :fluttershysad:
I always thought it would be cool if Kingdom Hearts did anime instead of Disney movies :rainbowdetermined2:
so I wrote a series that takes place one hundred years later where that happens.
they have already visited many, many anime worlds, not just the One Piece universe. Also, all the characters are original (except the ponies of course) :moustache:
oh yeah, and you to Spike

Level with me good readers, I seem to have confused you :twilightblush:

1. Sora and Soran are two different people. I wanted his name to allude to flying, and the sky. But some people have confused them (my fault). This series takes place a hundred years AFTER Kingdom Hearts, Sora isn't even alive anymore. If you guys think its a good idea, I will change Soran's name to Arca (it was my original name anyway).

2. I seem to have made it seem like this is a Kingdom Hearts crossover. It takes place in the same "realms" as Kingdom Hearts. there are Keyblades, Gumi ships, and world travel, but the similarities stop there. Nobody :trollestia: from Kingdom Hearts is in this series (aside one reference in past tense). this is an Anime crossover, and Kingdom Hearts was just the cherry on top, nothing more. If you guys think that the title is misleading, I will condense it to "Friendship is Omniversal"

Questions and criticism are strongly encouraged. :twilightsmile: I want this story to be great for you guys. :pinkiehappy:

'gourmet food was a source of great power.'
and what game or movie did that come from?


From an Anime called "Toriko"
It's ok, but it's not for everyone.
all you need to know is that super amazing food beyond imagination comes from there.

Well like I said
Not my type of story but it's good either way

-Kiryu :moustache:

I actually appreciate that a lot :yay:
this is my first story and I am looking for any feedback. Incidentally, was the reason you did not like it because you were expecting something else?
how would you respond to my two question posted in the blog and comments about renaming Soran and the series.
My great fear is that people will come to read this expecting a lot of Kingdom Hearts, the way the games are.
Those people are going to stay disappointed, because it doesn't get more like it from here on out, this is purely for the love of Animation.

Just keep the story good and exciting and you'll earns a good amount of readers :twilightsmile:

-Kiryu :moustache:

1830706 If I had to guess, Fighting Foodons. I hope I spelled that right.

Never heard of it :applejackunsure:
but the reference is from Toriko :twilightsmile:

oh.when in school yesterday i thought it was foodbattle 2006-2012
sorry,i was replying to the reply you got but i took a shortcut.)

1830706 It's from "Toriko" You can find the manga and read it online. The anime is currently in progress, you can watch it on Hulu.

Just a thought, but the enforcers sound like the Nobodies from kingdom hearts combined with the Liquid Metal Terminator. While on meth.
and steroids. :twilightangry2: scary... You have put up an interesting story line though, and for that I'm now going follow this to read the next part when it comes out. (also just a friendly suggestion, but you should review your chs. I noticed quite a few typos in your story.)

:rainbowlaugh: that was more or less what I was going for :yay:
Majin Buu, and the show One Piece were big inspiration for them though. I wanted the defining feature of the Enforcers to be that the ponies could not fight them at all, only the humans could. I don't want this story to turn into a pony war, the idea of ponies in a bloody war is :pinkiesick:
well let us just say I don't like it at all. The ponies are no threat to the Enforcers, so the Enforcers won't kill them, and the ponies won't get drafted into a huge battle. :twilightsmile:
I do try to double-check for typos, but I am sorry that some do get through anyway :fluttercry:
I just don't know what went wrong :derpytongue2:


your going to be dissapointed :raritydespair:
This is not about Kingdom Hearts at all, it only has a few references :facehoof:
I will probably have to change the name so people know this is an anime crossover, not a Kingdom Hearts one

1867493 I'm actually a free-lance editor working with several others on their stories, so if you want I can act as an editor and check your stories for you! :pinkiehappy:
(I just love helping people with their problems, it's one of my major personality traits.. :scootangel: can't help myself I guess. :twilightblush:)
(and in case you were wondering in my case I literally FREE-lance, I don't ask for you to pay anything but attention. lol.:moustache:)

that would be awesome :pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:
I strive to make a story anyone who likes anime can love, but It's hard to do alone, and grammar is not my best suit :facehoof:
hukt awn foniks wrk fur mee :derpytongue2:
Most importantly, I want this to stand out as an independent anime, not a Kingdom Hearts spoof. So I still wonder if I should change the name of the series to "Friendship is Omniversal" to avoid misleading people.
As for the proofreading, I use some Italian words, some Japanese words, and occasionally made up names or the crew.
(Example: Santo is Italian for Saint, because he is the old monk on the crew :twilightsmile: )

1871055 How about I offer my basic style of editing, where I read what you already have and send you my results via PM as well as providing you with my E-mail so you can send any unpublished but otherwise finished works to me so I can check and fix them and send them back to you via E-mail? Does that sound like a good arrangement? (also if any friends of yours want some services as well, I'm relatively free for additional assistance. you may refer them to me if you so wish.)

1869832 Well I haven't read it yet, but it can't be that disappointing:unsuresweetie: I'll give it a read and..........

what I meant was that if you were expecting Kingdom Hearts it wouldn't be what you thought.
It's a great story, just not one with more than a reference or three to Kingdom Hearts

1873238 Oh... Still though, it wouldn't hurt to give it a look. Thanks for the heads up:twilightsmile:


Enough of the story is up now that you can know all the background story. :pinkiegasp:

you may now start guessing who the boss is! as of that last chapter, everypony is trying to figure it out. I have tried to keep it a big secret.
whoa ponies! don't hurt yourselves thinking to hard.
I will try to think of a reward for anypony who can guess, but I don't have any idea how to do that:trollestia:

Also for those of you that want more Kingdom Hearts, read chapters 1 and 8, they explain this story's connection to the series :pinkiehappy:


I always double check my stuff anyway, but I just went back over all my stuff so far and found the typos that you mean
I have tried to fix all the typos in the story thus far, I would love the E-mail set up. I started writing this December 19, the same day I posted the first stuff. I really particularly wanted to get through chapter 10 published ASAP, because now the stage is set for the good part :rainbowdetermined2:
I also noticed that sometimes my Paragraphs don't separate properly and tried to fix that.
I won't be publishing anymore until all the bugs are worked out with what I have here, so if you want to look over it, I'm sure I've made some errors in the last 38 thousand words. :raritydespair:
to reiterate: feel free to check anything so far, and once these chapters are clean I will send you the Chapter 11 draft (you can be the first to know who the boss is :moustache: )

If anyone is getting impatient, I'm so sorry! :fluttercry:
I've had a huge backlog of other clients' work to wade through and am just now getting to editing this story (It's my fault the new ch isn't out yet, sorry... I'm his only editor and I'm useless :fluttershysad::fluttercry::fluttershyouch::fluttershbad::raritydespair::applecry: please don't hate me... I'm trying really hard...)

To all readers and
this is all information I got from
Apparently the next new episode is going to be a Discord episode :rainbowlaugh: AW YEAH!
I was hoping to see it before I continued writing, but unless there is a typo on the page, it won't premier tomorrow at all :applecry::raritydespair:
Regardless, don't blame Keybrony :raritywink: blame me. what fun is it to make a big cliffhanger, then not exploit it :trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:
:twilightangry2: Oh don't be mad Twilight. This cliffhanger will make Keybrony's job less stressful, give me more time to write the story, and give people a chance to win the reward for guessing who the boss is. :twilightsmile:
See everything works out great. Please be patient with my editor and me everypony. We are both doing our best to deliver a great story:moustache:
P.S. even if the new episode is delayed, my story will not be.

1903221 hmm... whatever, I'm gonna go back to work now. :eeyup:

Oh wow! amazing story :yay:
Since no one else will I'll guess that the boss is either Kia or Soran. but I suspect Kia. :twilightblush:
Everyone in your story seems to represent something, and Kia is love right? Doesn't that make him the most important of all?
I like Sol, but don't think it's him.
The story really gets better towards the end. It was good at first, but after chapter 7 it gets a lot more colorful and detailed. Keep it up :yay:

Mares and Gentlecolts, we have a Winner! :pinkiehappy::ajsmug::rainbowdetermined2:
You were correct, each human represents something, and Kia is love, arguably the greatest force in the universe. Not just romantic love either, but Unconditional Love, which is far more pure.
When the next chapter comes out, I will also post a new blog, detailing storyboard information used to make these characters and the story.
:coolphoto: is where the magics happens darling, fabulous darling, really :coolphoto:
Since you won my "contest", you get your choice of prizes:
1. the completed storyboard for this story and the sequel (I have already written them, but can't publish them because they have grammar errors).
2. the chance to have your pony name (dosn't have to be your account name) appear in the story.
3. and/or ten-million bits, cash! (warning, you must find a bank that will exchange bits for dollars on your own :trollestia: )
Let me know :moustache:

Oh wow :yay: Really? OK then, I want all three :ajsmug:
1. I can overlook grammar errors, the story is all that's important
2. My Pony name is Lilly Moonthunder. She is one of the bat ponies (not sure what the correct term for one of those is) and her personality is like Fluttershy, but with a hint of Luna. She can't be scary at all. If you know who Nyx is, she is like that plus Fluttershy. And I would be honored for her to be in the story. :yay:
3. :pinkiesmile: Silly I wouldn't exchange the 10 million bits for dollars anyway. What if I got to go to Equestria, and had given all my bits away :facehoof: Always be prepared you know.

P.S. if anypony knows where I could get a good picture of bat ponies that don't look scary, let me know. I want my afore mentioned pony for my profile picture, but don't have the artist skills to draw it myself. :unsuresweetie:

null :ajsmug::rainbowdetermined2:
Very well.
I will send the bits along with the story, and Lily Moonthunder will make a cameo appearance in the story :twilightsmile:
I wouldn't exchange bits for dollars either, just in case :eeyup:

Hello dearest readers :twilightsmile:
Well, I trust you all saw the latest episode, gotta love Discord :pinkiesmile: :yay: :trollestia:
I don't know what I was excpecting, but that wasn't it :rainbowderp:
But I now have a timeline! This story happens after "Spike at your Service", but before "Keep calm and Flutter on"
I waited until I saw the episode to write this chapter, with hopes of including Discord. But Discord can't be a background character under any circumstances, and he would only complicate the story at this point. Discord would only make the story chaotic :facehoof: that's what he does to everything.
I admit I made you all wait for the next chapter a long time, just to not actually add anything :twilightoops: but the show must go on. I'm not waiting for any more episodes after this, only Discord was a show stopper. I'm busy right now, but the last Chapters should be more frequently released. I will also be adding storyboard info to my blog (I reserve my blog for relevant story data), so head over and read it soon :moustache:

P.S. there will be 2-3 more chapters, maybe 4, but doubtful. I belive all serious anime style stories like this should have at least one "after-party" chapter :pinkiehappy: And it is in that chapter I will make honorable mentions :moustache::twilightsmile: :yay:

More blogs are up now. Please head over to see them. As I have said before, I reserve my blog for relevant story background and notes. I try to keep them conservative and to the point, I know time is important.

-cracks up- You've got me pegged! I wasn't expecting that reference, but I would have used that if I was there. Nicely done. You sir have earned these! :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: 13 moustaches for my good man!

Not bad not bad. Definitely inspiration for my story. Thank you for your awesome storyline. And I love the doctor who confusion reference, hilarious!

Does sorans' crew sound like a bad joke to anyone else?

this was a grand adventure!
funny thing i was just playing Kingdom hearts before reading this ^_^

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