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I'm not Welsh.


Meet Brian. A simply character who likes to live the normal life, no unforeseen adventures or accidents for him, no sir! But one day, he has a rather unfortunate crossover with, who might as well be his complete opposite, a chaos spirit from another world, by the name of Discord. Also unfortunately, he had been holding a certain game at the time that mixes things up right and proper to bring a real zing to the situation. Will Brian be okay? No.

[Updates will take a while to arrive, due to school and other problems. Thank you for your patience.]

Cover-art done by the incredible and amazing and brilliant and- Okay fine; burned-up-wings. DeviantART. FimFiction.

Chapters (2)
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he is push forward by the well known 'Saved your life' joke.
-Grammatical errors in the story description are a very bad sign. Also, I don't know that joke. Maybe I am just out of the loop.

I would have released it another time considering 2 pokemon fan fics were featured in the past week

NYES. I was looking for a fanfic where Discord is a good guy.

2089567 Play shove into a dangerous area followed by a quick retrieval of the person that has been shoved. A ripped shirt during the retrieval process would have... unfortunate consequences.

...Interesting. I shall watch it. :eeyup:

But... where is Minun?

This story just needed an introduction, and I need my pay.
-Your intro is stilted feeling, and not just up to this point.

the one who was the undecided leader of the group.
-Pretty sure "undecided" is not the right word here. Try "unofficial".

-Going to stop here, because I just don't have the energy to put up with this right now. Please respond so I can judge if this is worth my time. Having him turn into a Pokemon seems like variation for the sake of variation, which isn't NECESSARILY a bad thing, and you certainly have a good enough excuse with Discord, but Discord is a blank check in that regard, and thus, to me, requires MORE justification from a literary perspective for "taking the easy way out".

The front pic...
Is he a minun?

I wrote this in the late hours of the night trying a different approach to my usual writing style. Sorry if it seems boring and not well presented, but at least I get experience out of it.

i wouldve chosen a ghost type but whatever

Now that I think about, that would of been a better choice considering what happened...

who says he has to say the exact same in all parts of the story:raritywink:

oh also fyi ghost type is like my fav type so.....

That... is a good point... Hmm...

Plot idea coming to mind... might be able to fit it in...


2091428 vinada......spanish ftw:moustache:

Yeah, he could have been changed into a Ditto, and he just becomes whatever is on his mind at the time Pokemon, wise. Of course, this could lead to awkwardness in the future.

I had actually figured that out from context.

As for everything else:
Normally, I would recommend waiting until you have finished a story before re-writing. With as tricky a plot as you have here, I am not so sure.

"You want to dislike this story? Fine, but tell me why. And don't just say 'It's an over used idea' and not read it"
I never dislike a story, ever. First thing I do when I click on a story is thumbs up it, even before I know what it's about. Why? Because I'm super nice :scootangel:, and I appreciate those taking the time to even write stories. I barely even take the time myself, even though I would like to.

You say you're rewriting the first chapter so I'll put it in my read later list for now. It seems like an interesting premise.

Edit: got around to reading the first chapter. It seems pretty good to me. I look forward to how you make this progress.

You're back! Yay!

Yep! I'm back! Right in the middle of my bloody school exams.

(I live in NZ and we have them now, it sucks)

3401223 Neener Neener we got a five day weekend

We have three two week long holidays throughout the year then a three month holiday break over Christmas.

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