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Friendship is SHOWTIME!! - MangaKamen

A Kamen Rider Crossover Magic – a mysterious force in this world, and each creature possess magic within itself. A gift to many, but to a few, it is nothing but a curse. And when Twilight sees a new form of magic, she'll learn that life is

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Spell 35 - Fashion Disaster

Spell 35

Fashion Disaster


Haru sighed loudly as he wiped away the sweat that had appeared on his brow, while he was tired from the hard work, the empty stomach he had didn’t help much either. After he received the scroll from that thieving White Garuda, the magical dragon had returned to the library to follow the instructions that were given to him.

Not wanting to take a risk in the ground floors, Haru retreated to the basement – Twilight had converted the oddly spacious cellar into a lab of sorts, and even then there was a large amount extra space. As such, that extra space was being put to good use with Haru taking chalk to the floor, drawing a really familiar runic circle into the ground.

I’m not sure what this will accomplish,’ Haru thought before he dusted his claws together, getting the chalk dust off of his claws. ‘But then again, I’m not one to pass up a chance to improve my chances against Phantoms.’

In the middle of the circle were the materials that were listed on the scroll – A bar of silver, a few chunks of the large magical stones (Haru made sure to keep a few bits of the stones used to make his style change rings in case the rings were ever destroyed), and something that Haru never really expected, a small bowl that had a bit of his blood in it.

Haru looked at the bandage on his left hand, ‘Still smarts, and I hope that Twilight doesn’t mind that I used that bowl… Hope it wasn’t important. Now, all that remains is the last part.’

Reaching into his pockets, Haru lifted up the four Dragon Style rings and slowly made his way to the four specific shapes that corresponded to the individual rings. When all four rings were on the ground, Haru stepped out of the circle, taking care that he didn’t mess up any of the lines.

Outside the runic circle, Haru took a deep breath and clapped his claws together and then placed his hands on the edge of the circle. The moment that his claws brushed up against the circle, the chalk lit up with a series of red, blue, yellow and green lights that flowed towards the center of the circle.

Haru’s eyes gleamed brightly as he watched the items in the middle of the circle, ‘The transmutation is working, too bad it’ll take a day or so for this thing to finish. And while its doing that, I can’t access my Dragon Styles – Oh well, I’ve been able to handle Phantoms before I had to deal with that, and the only Phantoms that really required me to go dragon are Phoenix and Medusa…

‘And maybe that green one too…’

Haru sighed again as he shook his head and smiled, ‘Then again, I’m not alone. I’ve got a lot of great friends, each who can hold their own. Tartarus, Twilight can use my spells, Fluttershy was able to make Phoenix quiver in fear, and then there’s Kosuke, my fellow mage.

‘I’m not alone at all.’

With a smirk, Haru began to walk to the stairs, his claws in his pockets.

“Haru! Are you here?”

Haru lifted his head up when he heard Twilight’s voice and hurried his way up the stairs. It didn’t take long for the dragon to reach the first floor, “In the basement, Twilight!”

The door opened up and Haru was met with Twilight, one of her brows lifted up. Immediately, Haru could feel the tension that was emanating from the unicorn and lifted his claws up defensively, “Uh, hey there Twilight. Everything okay?”

“Haru, what are you doing in my lab?” Twilight calmly asked, and yet there was something in her voice that sent chills down the spine of this dragon.

“N-Now Twilight,” Haru coughed out. “I didn’t touch anything of yours, I just needed a large space for something special, and I figured that you didn’t want anyone who comes to the library to be freaked out by the light show.”

“… Light show?” Twilight questioned with her brow raising a little bit more. Then with a shake of her head, Twilight sighed, “We’ll talk about that later. Haru, I need to talk to you about something very serious.”

Haru picked up on the serious tone that was in Twilight’s voice and nodded, “Sure Twilight, what’s on your mind?”

Using her magic to close the door behind Haru, Twilight walked towards the middle of the library’s lobby. And after taking a deep breath, Twilight turned back to Haru, “Haru, I found out that…”

Before Twilight could continue, a loud roar echoed throughout the library, the source coming from the basement. Both Twilight and Haru raced to the basement door and immediately entered just in time to see a phantasmal dragon thrash around the transmutation circle that was drawn into the ground.

Flames, rocks, gusts of green air and water flowed around the metallic dragon, who tried to keep breaking free from some sort of invisible force field that was seemingly generated from the transmutation circle.

“Haru, just what did you do in my lab?” Twilight questioned, her right eye twitching slightly at the sight before her.

“I… I don’t know,” Haru answered bluntly as he lifted his claws up defensively. “I was just following the scroll’s instructions! But I think we’re safe, I’m pretty sure that Dragon can’t…”

It was then that a large splash of water splashed onto Haru, soaking the dragon. “Twilight. RUN!”

The unicorn didn’t need a second warning, both dashed out of the basement just as a large boulder crashed into wall where they were standing in front of a few seconds before. The two slammed the door behind them with Dragon roaring loudly.

Both were trying to catch their breaths in the main lobby of the library, and Twilight was the first to regain her composure, “What exactly do you do when I’m not around?”

“Look, I’m just trying to get something new to fight the Phantoms,” Haru sighed with his head lowered down. “I didn’t think I’d just summon Dragon like that. I thought it was gonna be a longer version of when I make my magic rings.”

Twilight shook her head, “Speaking of Phantoms, Haru, I really need to talk to you about that.”

“Did you see a Phantom attack someone today?” Haru questioned, standing up tall and removing his soaked leather jacket. “If so, let me know and I’ll…”

“No, it’s not that,” Twilight replied with a shake of her head. “It’s just that I think I found out who…”

“Excuse me, am I interrupting something?”

Twilight turned towards the main door to the library, her eyes widening as she saw that familiar red pegasus stallion with messy black mane and stubble around his muzzle.

It was Phoenix, or the stallion that Twilight had deduced was Phoenix.

Mr. Nix tilted his head slightly before he looked towards Haru, for a moment, the two just looked at each other. However, Mr. Nix drew in a breath and trotted towards Twilight, “Since I’m not getting an answer, I’d like to ask for a few books to read.”

“Uh,” Twilight stammered.

“It’s alright, Twilight,” Haru sighed as he stretched his arms over his head. “I need to head over to Rarity’s for our meeting – don’t know why, I actually liked the suit she made for me. But whatever… Can we talk later?”

“Uh,” Twilight turned back towards Mr. Nix who had walked towards one of the shelves, looking over some of the books. “Sure, we’ll talk later.”

Mr. Nix watched as Haru walked out of the library and then turned towards Twilight, “Sorry about that – I didn’t know that you were in a heated discussion.”

“Oh, it… It’s nothing like that,” Twilight replied with a shake of her hoof. “Haru just lives here so I can study his magic.”

“Huh, wouldn’t know a thing ‘bout that,” Mr. Nix replied as he lifted a wing to his forehead. “Don’t have one of those drills atop of my skull.”

“Drill? It’s a horn,” Twilight retorted.

“It’s sharp, it has a spiral to it, and it charges energy through it,” Mr. Nix chuckled back. “Sides, I’ve seen ponies charge their magical energy into a drill, so seems appropriate.”

Twilight narrowed her eyes at Mr. Nix then sighed, “Are you just joking?”

“Yup, just yanking a chain,” Mr. Nix snickered as he pulled out a book from the shelf. “This one any good? Prelude to a Storm?”

“Oh, that’s supposed to be about three ninjas working together to save the world,” Twilight answered as she kept her distance from the stallion. “I can probably make a better recommendation though, Mr. Nix.”

“But, its ninjas,” Mr. Nix replied as he lifted the book up. “What story fails with ninjas? Besides, if it’s in your library, how could it not be good?”

Twilight turned to the side with a slight blush on her face, “Well, it was actually something I got for Spike for one of his birthdays, my brother suggested it.”

“Heh, should be a good read,” Mr. Nix chuckled before he tossed the book up into the air and allowed it to land on his back. “Got anything else? Maybe something along the lines of a murder mystery or something like that?”

"Well… I may have something like that,” Twilight coughed, a little nervously.

This didn’t go unnoticed by Mr. Nix who raised an eyebrow at the purple unicorn, “Alright, so what’s wrong?”

Twilight didn’t answer.

“Was it cause I interrupted you and the dragon?” Mr. Nix asked as he slowly walked closer to the mare.

“… You’re a Phantom, aren’t you?”

Mr. Nix reeled back when he heard that. Then he lowered his head, his mane overshadowing his eyes. “A Phantom?”

The book fell from Mr. Nix’s back as he slowly circled the room, Twilight widening her stance and preparing herself. “Heh… So, what gave it away? I thought I was being very careful and actually managed to blend in with everypony.”

Once again, Twilight didn’t answer, just focused on keeping her distance from the odd stallion.

“Don’t wanna tell? Fine, you know first hoof that we Phantoms can be really scary,” Mr. Nix chuckled loudly, a large smirk appearing on his face as he had one of his wings lift up and ran it along the bookshelves. “But, you let the ring mage leave… You could’ve told on me. You could’ve had the two of us fight.

“So why didn’t you?”

“I met another Phantom not too long ago,” Twilight finally spoke up, a small purple aura emerging around her horn. “Dryad. She didn’t want to fight, she wanted to help her family – I learned from her that not all Phantoms are bad, that you’re all just living creatures like Haru or I.

“Besides, you’ve been here countless times, many of them when Haru wasn’t here. I know for a fact that other Phantoms have targeted me, but you never even tried once to hurt me. So, your actions are more suspicious.”

It was then that Twilight lifted a hoof towards the now-exposed Phantom Stallion, “Especially since I know who you are – Phoenix!”

The stallion stopped moving and the smirk on his face grew more intense as a fiery aura began to engulf his body, “You really are somepony smart, aren’t ya? But at the same time, you’re an idiot. An idiot!”

And just like that, in the place of the red pegasus, Mr. Nix, stood the Phantom Phoenix, leaning up against the bookshelves. He ran a finger along the spine of one of the many books, actually making a small scorch mark on it. “You could’ve had Haruto Souma, the Ring Mage here and expose me – At least then I’d have some fun without turning a Gate into…”

“You’re not like that!”

Phoenix lifted his head up to see that Twilight had actually gotten closer to him, her eyes narrowed directly towards his blue eyes. “You had plenty of times to attack me, to turn me into a Phantom, but all you’ve done is talk to me and borrow books. You’ve even returned them on time!

“You even showed grief for when one of your allies fell, a monster wouldn’t do that!

“You also saved three fillies that I know, why would Phoenix – the same Phantom who tried to cast Equestria in dragon smoke to make Phantoms appear, the same Phantom who had no problems fighting Haru to the death – Why would he save three fillies?”

Once again, Phoenix reeled back at the information, “It… It was just one time! I was young! I didn’t know what I was doing! It was peer pressure!”

“It was last week,” Twilight commented with a flat look in her eyes.

“Feel like months to me,” Phoenix retorted before he pushed himself from the shelf and stood before Twilight. “But back on topic, so you’ve figured out who I am. So what’s your plan now?”

“I originally thought that Phantoms were monsters who wouldn’t listen to reason,” Twilight admitted, slowly inching towards Phoenix. “But after everything that’s happened – Meeting Haru, helping Dryad, seeing so many suffer, I know that Phantoms aren’t monsters.

“You’re not a monster either, Phoenix. I’ve made my claims, and you said you didn’t care to drive ponies to despair, you may not be the best character around since you wanted to pick fights, but even then, you’re not a monster. You were once a stallion, just like the other Phantoms, please, let me help you.”

Phoenix looked at his hand then sighed, “Is that it? Is this the part where you try to make me into your friend?”

“To be honest, I don’t know if I want to be friends with you,” Twilight answered back, not looking away. “You tried to destroy Equestria, you almost killed Haru, and you’re rude, but that doesn’t matter. I don’t need to be a friend in order to help someone, even if it’s you.”

Phoenix then knelt down, making his eyes leveled with that of Twilight’s and cackled slightly, “And what makes you think that I even need help? I’m a monster, and unlike the last time I fought with the Wizard, I know for a fact that I’m stronger. Like my namesake, I’m more than capable of handling myself in a fight…”

“Because Dryad told me that most Phantoms are strong armed into helping,” Twilight countered back. “And ever since you transformed, you haven’t even attempted to attack me all this time.”

“Maybe I just like the sound of my own voice,” Phoenix retorted as he brought a hand to Twilight’s chin and placed his fingers on her. “And you’ve gotten real comfy with me, the dreaded enforcer of the Phantoms right in front of you. What’s stopping me from breaking you in two?”

“Nothing,” Twilight replied. “Just like all the other times I’ve had my back turned to you. You had plenty of chances, and never took them.”

For a moment, the two just stared at each other.

Until Phoenix drew back his hand and laughed loudly as he stood tall. “BWAHAHAHAHA! Look at you, look at you, you managed to show me a side that I really like. You’re brave, so I’ll tell you something you’ll wanna hear.”

Phoenix walked away from Twilight and headed towards the book he had dropped to the ground, picking it up and dusting it off. “There’s a couple of Phantoms and a Knight I don’t like, at all. They’re trying to team up to target that marshmallow Gate that’s got a big show at the end of the week.”

“A big show?” Twilight’s eyes widened as she was able to put the pieces together. “Rarity?! She’s a Gate?!”

“Oh, that marshmallow pony that’s yer friend?” Phoenix replied as he made sure that there wasn’t any damage done to the book. “Well then, looks like things just got a bit more interesting.”

“There’s another thing,” Twilight pointed out. “If you were truly a monster, why would you tell me this?”

Phoenix looked over his shoulder before he faded back into his pony form, the book now tucked under his wing. “This is due back next week, right? I’ll give you an answer then.”

Just like that, Phoenix walked out of the library leaving Twilight alone in the library, “H-Hey! You still need to sign out the book!”

Near one of the windows, a certain mint green pegasus pulled down his fedora and smirked, ‘So many things to do, so little time.’


“Rarity? Sorry I’m late!” Haru called out as he entered Carousel Boutique and closed the door behind him.

There was no answer when Haru called out, however, as he listened in carefully, he could’ve sworn he heard someone singing.


It wasn’t that the singing was bad, quite the opposite actually, it was one of the best songs that Haru had ever heard. The only question is why someone was singing it, but then again, Haru questioned a lot of times ponies sang.

Hard to believe that I once broke out in song for no reason once,’ Haru thought to himself as he walked through the lobby of the boutique and headed towards the stairs. ‘Sometimes I’m glad that the Sabbath happened, if it didn’t then I wouldn’t have met my friends or be able to help out so many others.’

Every step that Haru took up the stairs, the singing became more prominent. As the song continued its course, Haru caught himself bobbing his head up and down to the rhythm of the music, but stopped when he reached Rarity’s workshop.

Haru tapped his claws against the door a few times and the singing stopped, replaced by Rarity’s voice, “Just one moment please!”

The sound of crashing echoed through the air before the door opened up to reveal a rather frazzled Rarity opening the door. Her mane was a complete mess while she had dark rings under her eyes. “Ah, Mr. Souma, please, please come in. I’m sorry about the mess, but with the show only a day or so away…”

Haru looked past Rarity and into the room, noticing that there was a large amount of fabric, sewing tools, and other various items floating in the air with a blue aura around them. The same aura was around Rarity’s horn, and although Haru was aware of the white mare’s magical prowess, the fact that everything seemed to shake in the air seemed to raise up a red flag in his mind.

“Uh, is it safe to come in?” Haru asked, hesitantly peering into the room.

“Of course, Mister Souma,” Rarity laughed, rather tiredly actually.

It was at that moment that a pair of scissors fell from the air and stabbed the floor between the two. Rarity chuckled sheepishly and smiled at the dragon before her, “Oh, that was just a little slip.”

Haru coughed and looked to the side, “I see. Rarity, have you gotten any sleep?”

“Of course! Of course!” Rarity replied with a wave of her hoof. “And of course a cup of coffee here and there is enough to help.”

“Uh, huh,” Haru stated with a dulled look in his eyes. “Look, I actually like my original suit, so why don’t you take this time to just relax? Maybe take in a nap or something?”

“Don’t be absurd!” Rarity coughed out with a shake of her head. Then with a slight cough, Rarity brought a hoof to her head. “I do apologize Mister Souma, but I don’t have the luxury to rest, not while I have all this work before me, especially since I learned something that’s just… Oh, I can’t even say it.”

For a moment, Haru just leered at Rarity before he sighed loudly, “Rarity, do you have any tea?”

For a moment, Rarity was taken aback by the odd question, but then shrugged it off, “Yes, of course, did you want some? I suppose I could make some…”

“No, I just want to talk,” Haru replied as he threw his claws behind his head. “You’d be surprised how far a cup of tea and an hour of just talking can do.”

One brewing of tea later…

“This is… horrible tea,” Rarity sputtered out, looking at the tea she just sipped.

“I’m more of an instant tea dragon,” Haru admitted before he gulped down some of the bitter tea that he had made. “I’m not that good at making it from tea leaves, tea bags work just fine.”

“Still, I appreciate the thought,” Rarity admitted as she place the tea cup on the table. “But why exactly are we doing this? I enjoy a cup of tea as much as the next mare, but I need to get back to work. I have so much to do and…”

“That’s why we’re having tea, or just relaxing,” Haru coughed out, mulling over the tea he had in his claws. “Don’t you think that you’d be able to create something a lot more effectively if you had a clearer mind?”

“But of course, Mister Souma,” Rarity sighed with a shake of her head. “But there is so much on my mind. So much is riding on this fashion show.”

“I thought it was just supposed to just be a fun little thing for you and the others to do,” Haru commented, swirling the tea about in an attempt to try to make the tea tasted better. Of course when he took a sip and nearly gagged on it, it was a failed attempt. “Gah!”

“You don’t have to drink it, you know,” Rarity pointed out with a slightly flat look in her face.

“It’d be a waste,” Haru sputtered back after forcing himself to drink the poor concoction. “But, what exactly is riding on this fashion show?”

Rarity sighed as she looked into the terrible tasting tea before her, “I haven’t told Twilight or anypony else… But, I was approached by a very reputable name in the Canterlot Fashion world, Beautiful Blossom.”

Yeah, I have no idea who that is,’ Haru thought to himself. ‘Then again, a lot of pony names tend to be pun themed or represent their talent. Huh, I wonder if that holds true for my name.’

“She’s going to the Grand Galloping Gala as well,” Rarity explained. “And she wanted to wear one of my dresses to the event. You can imagine, if one of the most famous models were to wear my dress to one of, if not the, biggest events in all of Equestria, that would propel my name into the world of professional fashion!

“But, she wants to see if I can cater to the desires of the clientele, so, I’m making dresses that have been customized to my friends’ tastes. The fashion show is to highlight that I can make any adjustments to the customers’ tastes.”

“That sounds logical,” Haru admitted.

“But the dresses,” Rarity moaned before she slammed her head into the table. “They’re just so HIDEOUS!”

“Huh?!” Haru questioned, a little taken aback from what his friend just blurted out.

“I followed everyone’s suggestions,” Rarity sighed loudly, lifting her head up to look at the dragon in front of her. “But, they just made the dresses just… UGH! Even Opal thinks that they would be better shredded!”

“Uh, okay,” Haru coughed out. ‘I’m glad that she’s getting this off her shoulders, I just wasn’t expecting that.’

“The only one that looks partially acceptable is Mister Nitoh’s!” Rarity wheezed out, lowering her head back to the table. “And even, his tux is orange! Nothing against orange, but it’s really not his color!”

“So long as he didn’t want me in a blue tuxedo, I don’t really see the issue,” Haru admitted as he scratched the side of his head. “But is there anything I can do to help you with?”

“I appreciate the offer, Mister Souma,” Rarity chuckled nervously. “But I remember the last time that you helped, I’m still finding some burnt fabric around here.”

“The one time I actually breathe fire, and I screw up,” Haru sighed with a roll of his eyes. “I’m sorry.”

“Oh you don’t need to apologize, I do appreciate the offer though,” Rarity snickered slightly. “And I do really appreciate the tea as well, even if it is terrible tea.”

“Still, there’s no need to make me anything else,” Haru replied with a wave of his claws slightly. “I like the surcoat you made me.”

“Are you sure?” Rarity questioned. “Even if it’s just a little charm or trinket…”

Before Haru could assure Rarity, there was a loud bam, drawing both of their attentions towards the flying open door, revealing Twilight standing in the doorway, completely out of breath. Rarity was the first to speak up in concern, “Twilight? Darling? Is everything alright?”

“Did something happen?” Haru questioned as he took a few steps towards the violet unicorn.

Twilight took a deep breath and looked towards Haru and Rarity, “Rarity, we need to cancel that fashion show.”

“What?” Rarity gasped with her hooves brought up to her mouth. “Twilight, dear, where did that come from?”

“P-Phantoms,” Twilight wheezed back, still a little tired from her run over to the boutique. “There are two phantoms that are planning on attacking the show.”

“What?!” Rarity and Haru yelped at the same time.

Twilight lifted her head up and looked the two friends, “Rarity, you need to cancel the show, and we…”

“Twilight, I… I can’t cancel the show,” Rarity interrupted lowering her head. “There’s a lot riding on this, and I can’t just stop it.”

“But Rarity,” Twilight started.

But the mare stopped when she noticed the tired look in Rarity’s eyes and reeled back slightly.

Haru sighed and crossed his arms, “Twilight, Kosuke and I are going to be there, we’ll handle the Phantoms.if they attack.”

“But Haru, it’s a much safer idea to make sure that nothing happens,” Twilight countered back with her eyes narrowed at the dragon. “Not just for Rarity’s sake, but for everypony else who will be there!”

“True, but,” Haru muttered as he turned towards Rarity. “Ultimately, isn’t it up to Rarity though? I mean, it's her show and…”

“Twilight,” Rarity sighed with her head lowered. “I appreciate your concern, but this is too important to me, I have to go through with this and I don’t know if I’ll be able to get another chance.”

“Alright, but Rarity, please, at least consider cancelling it,” Twilight advised.

Rarity sighed and shook her head, “I’ll… I’ll think about it. But for now, could you two please leave me to my own devices? I’d like to think on this for a little bit of time.”

Both Twilight and Haru heard the quiver in Rarity’s voice, and they nodded to each other before Twilight spoke up, “Sure Rarity, but please, think this through.”

“I will,” Rarity replied, a sigh following. “I just need to think.”


“I’m a little curious, Twilight.”

Twilight stiffened up when Haru spoke up, and slowly turned back towards the dragon. “C-Curious about what, Hau?”

“How’d you learn about this plan?” Haru asked, scratching the side of his head. “I’m not saying anything bad here, cause I know you wouldn’t say something like this for no reason. But how’d you learn about these Phantoms trying to do this?”

Twilight closed her eyes…

“Oh, that marshmallow pony that’s yer friend?” Phoenix replied as he made sure that there wasn’t any damage done to the book. “Well then, looks like things just got a bit more interesting.”

“There’s another thing,” Twilight pointed out. “If you were truly a monster, why would you tell me this?”

Phoenix looked over his shoulder before he faded back into his pony form, the book now tucked under his wing. “This is back next week, right? I’ll give you an answer then.”

She couldn’t tell Haru that it was Phoenix who told her about this, there was something more to Phoenix than just a monster. “I… I got a scroll from that White Garuda from the White Wizard. It told me about what was going to happen.”

Haru tilted his head slightly, but then shrugged it off. “I can see that. I’m a little surprised that the Garuda didn’t go find me. Oh well.”

Twilight sighed under her breath, “I just hope that Rarity makes the right decision with this, it’s her life we’re talking about.”

“At the same token, it’s her dream as well,” Haru pointed out throwing his arms behind his head.

“I know this show is important to Rarity,” Twilight answered back.

“Twilight, have you ever experienced loss?” Haru asked, looking towards the sky.

“Excuse me?” Twilight questioned. “Haru, everypony has lost something.”

“Yes, but did you ever lose your chance at a dream?” Haru retorted with his gaze still aimed at the sky. “From what you told me, you got your dream of becoming the student of Celestia when you were a filly, but you almost didn’t thanks to that… What was it again?”

“It was a large explosion that shocked me,” Twilight replied.

“Right, right,” Haru coughed out. “But imagine if that didn’t happen. Imagine if you never were spooked enough to tap into your magic, and that you’d never be accepted into Celestia’s school. That was a big step in your life Twilight, and this show is Rarity’s big step, and it’s actually in her hooves to decide this and she may not get a chance like this again.”

“But it could put everypony in danger,” Twilight countered back. “That includes Rarity herself!”

“And I hope that she doesn’t go through with this either,” Haru sighed with a shake of his head. “I’d rather not put her at risk at the hands of Phantoms, but it’s her choice. Kosuke and myself will be there, and I’ll respect her choice on this matter.”

Twilight opened her mouth but then closed it, Haru was right on this matter. It was Rarity’s choice, and while she didn’t want the show to go on, it was very important to Rarity.

But that just lit a fire in Twilight’s heart. “Fine, if Rarity does go through with this though, it won’t just be you and Kosuke, Haru. All of Rarity’s friends will be there.”

“Oh, I know that,” Haru replied with his claws lifted up. “After all, Dash and AJ are strong enough to go toe to toe with Phantoms, you’re pretty powerful with magic, Pinkie Pie is… Pinkie Pie. And Fluttershy can freeze a dragon and Phoenix in their tracks.”

“Woo! We’ve got our own personal army of friendship!”

Both Twilight and Haru turned around to see a certain griffon walking up behind them, a large grocery bag wrapped around in his tail. Haru’s eyes rolled, “Really? You had to go there, Mayonnaise?”

“Hey, is that how you treat your rival?” Kosuke chuckled. “Don’t forget that this bird can flip you the bird.”

“Flip the bird?” Twilight questioned. “What does that mean?”

“Oh, it’s just something that can be done with the right equipment,” Kosuke replied as he wagged his talons up. “Sorry Twilight, but this is something that only those with fingers, talons, and claws can do.”

Kosuke had a smirk on his face, but Haru elbowed the griffon in the side of the neck, making the griffon cough out and smile meekly, “Uh, n-no offense of course! Sides, it’s, uh, it’s something that a mare of your high caliber wouldn’t want to know.”

“Now I want to know even more,” Twilight replied as she stepped towards the griffon.

“Yes, well, Twilight,” Haru coughed out as he wrapped an arm around Kouske’s neck. “Us armored mages have a bit to talk about, so come along, bird brain!”

And like that, Kosuke was dragged off with Twilight shaking her head at the two mages, ‘Do they really think that I don’t know what ‘flipping the bird’ means? I studied griffon culture after Gilda appeared.’


Day slowly melted to night as Beautiful Blossom walked into a large cave outside of Ponyville, the same cave where the Akuma Clan laid. As her hooves clacked against the stairs, her body became engulfed in purple aura that transformed her into the Phantom known as Medusa. It wasn’t long till she reached the resting chamber where a large shadowed figure stood before the three stone coffins.

Medusa knelt down with her head lowered, “Master, I have arrived as you requested for a report.”

The shadowed figure didn’t turn his head, “Medusa… Are the plans ready?”

Medusa kept her head lowered down and nodded, “Wolzard and the two phantoms are ready to strike when that fashion show is about to take place.”

The shadowed figured chuckled as his shoulders bounded up and down. “Excellent, soon our plans will reach fruition. With one pawn ready, we must prepare the others.”

“If I may be bold, Master,” Medusa sounded out, her voice a little shaken. “I… I trust you fully, Master, but, is this not going against our plans? Is this not going against our original plans?”

“Medusa,” The shadowed figure finally spun around and walked towards the snake phantom. He knelt down and placed a hand beneath her chin, having her look him right in the eyes – His bright red eyes. “Your worries are noted, and know that without your strategic mind, your power, and your… Command over other Phantoms… These plans of ours wouldn’t work right now.

“I cannot reveal my plans since we have only acquired the first of many pawns, but once our second pawn has been claimed, then I will dispel the fog around my plans to you.

“And only you. You are the only one I trust.”

A small shade of pink appeared on Medusa’s cheeks, “You… You grace me with too much praise, Master. I’m not…”

“You are,” The shadowed figure replied as he stood up. “Should I fall, you are the only one I trust to continue the Liberation of Phantoms. You are a fine leader, and I would be honored for you to take the mantle should I fall.”

Medusa didn’t say anything to that, but stood up and bowed her head, “I… I shall not disappoint you, Master!”

And with that, Medusa spun about and gracefully ran out of the cave with the shadowed figure lifting his hand up, revealing a small ring with a blue jewel embedded in it. “Oh, I know. All for the greater good of Phantoms, Equestria shall fall by the hooves of those who saved it.”


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“It’s sharp, it has a spiral to it, and it charges energy through it,” Mr. Nix chuckled back. “Sides, I’ve seen ponies charge their magical energy into a drill, so, seems appropriate.”

I think I know what Phinixs is referingto


We miss ya Kamina

chalk to the floor drawing a

Needs to be a comma between "floor" and "drawing"

each who can hold on their own.

Should be "hold their own."

“I was just following what the scroll’s instructions!

Take out the "what". "I was just following the scroll's instructions!"

,so, seems appropriate.”

Unneeded second comma.

“This is back next week, right?

Missing "due" in there. "This is due back next week, right?"

It wasn’t that the singing wasn’t bad,


The same aura was around Rarity’s horn, and although Haru was aware of the white mare’s magical prowess, the fact that everything seemed to shake in the air.

I feel like there should be more to this line. "the fact that everything seemed to shake in the air" what? That's an abrupt ending.

I see, Rarity, have you gotten any sleep?

This should be two sentences. "I see. Rarity, have you gotten any sleep?"

This is… Horrible tea,

"Horrible" shouldn't be capitalized.

“I’m not that good from making it from tea leaves


there was a knock on the door that drew both of their attentions to the door opening up, revealing Twilight standing in the doorway, completely out of breath.

I feel like in this situation Twilight would just kick the door open, rather than knock and then kick the door open.

I mean, its her show and


Picking up where PoisonClaw left off.

“Fine, if Rarity does go through with this though,

Missing word is missing.

So, this is how the Drago Timer is being created here, huh? Interesting.

“Yup, just yanking a chain,” Mr. Nix snickered as he pulled out a book from the shelf. “This one any good? Prelude to a Storm?”

“Oh, that’s supposed to be about three ninjas working together to save the world,” Twilight answered as she kept her distance from the stallion.

I know what that's a reference to.

EDIT: Either that, or the Power Rangers adaptation that was largely tongue-in-cheek.

...You forgot the color-coding for the Phantoms' dialogue.


Also, maybe Phoenix will end up avoiding his canon counterpart's fate... or maybe Sora will nip his redemption in the bud just like the others.

6074269 There is an image for one of the chapters in this arc.

Well this oughta be good. GIVE ME MORE#!!!!

Well this is a lot of build up, but that makes sense, given the Drago Timer is being built up to.

I want to see more

I'm hoping to start it back up later this quarter.

>Sonic X

...Really? Even the Japanese version is considered to be pretty bad. And most people seem to love the Sonic Boom cartoon.

He wasn't as passionate, but then again, I usually go overboard with the donuts being taken/crushed/destroyed etc.

The best way is to download them from a site like TV-Nihon, they provide some of the best subs.

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ONORE MANGAKAMEN! I just finished diving the story and you left it on a cliffhanger!

Still, I've been laughing my head off with all the side references you placed into the dialogue!

I Know this story is probably dead but as it's the first fic I read on
This sight I just wanted to say I really enjoyed it.

Well, I've now caught up with what's currently been published. And I must say that I'm very impressed! The meta-humor is a little heavy, but each joke still got a chuckle out of me. I like the Interludes, especially when they focus around a crossover. It's an interesting way to tie the different shows together into one big world without being too intrusive to the main story. If I may be so bold, I'd say this is on par with Michael_Ravencroft's Kamen Rider Unicorn!
You've caught my attention, Mangakamen. I very much look forward to when this apparent hiatus is over and new chapters are published.

we’ll handle the Phantoms.if they attack
her body became engulfed in purple aura that transformed

1. Extra fullstop.
2. Her body became engulfed in a purple aura that transformed.

Hi I really like your story So far I was wondering when is the next chapter

I guess we can confirm this dead since it hasn't updated in 3 1/2 years...

This stories never getting continued is it?

Is there anymore?

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