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Friendship is SHOWTIME!! - MangaKamen

A Kamen Rider Crossover Magic – a mysterious force in this world, and each creature possess magic within itself. A gift to many, but to a few, it is nothing but a curse. And when Twilight sees a new form of magic, she'll learn that life is

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Spell 18 - Taka Tora Batta

Desires create new civilizations. Takes us to unknown worlds. They guide us to new heights! They evolve us!
- Kousei Kougami


Spell 18

Taka Tora Batta


Hours before Twilight had awoken up and made her horrid discovery, the night around Ponyville was peaceful, quaint, and no pony was stirring. The same could not be said about the Everfree Forest…

“I did not expect these turns of events,” Shocker stated as he stepped about the bushes of the Everfree Forest, his large wings folded at his back so he wouldn’t be hindered.

“So we gotta move these jewels,” Spring Heel cackled as he dropped several jewels to the ground haphazardly, the gamecock Yummy following suit behind him. “It’s not like we’re in any danger from those two fools.”

“The only fool I’ve seen today is you, Spring Heel,” Shocker growled as he spun around to look at the rhyming Phantom. “You didn’t inform me that there was one of them around here!”

The top hatted monster tilted his head slightly, his glowing yellow eyes blinking a few times. “You’ll have to explain your reason. To me, I figured we knocked those two masked losers into the next season.”

“You really are a fool,” Shocker sighed as he brought his talons to his forehead. “What we fought today are the very beings I was born to fight – The ones that have defended everything that beings like you and I have been practically hardwired into our very systems to destroy. Justice, hope, courage…

“They are the thorns in our sides! The very beings who’s sole existence is to stop us!

“Kamen Riders…”

Spring Heel was spinning one of his bladed fingers around the side of his head before he stepped forward and cackled. “Your rambling is a nice show, but I think your train of thought is a little slow. In case you didn’t see, we defeated those two in a matter of minutes, less than three.”

“Over confidence will be your downfall, Spring Heel,” Shocker growled as he walked over to the gamecock Yummy, eyeing the odd creature. “We’ll have to send out the Yummy once more tomorrow to get the maximum amount of Cell Medals that we can get for our army.”

“Why do we need to limit ourselves to one more day?” Spring Heel questioned with a tilt of his head. “After all, this town is the best place to let our army play.”

“I’ll concede the point that this ‘Ponyville’ is an ideal location for some good old fashioned chaos,” Shocker admitted, keeping his back turned to the Phantom. “But we can’t risk sending the Yummy out too much longer – Especially now that those Riders know about us. Worst of all, one of those Riders actually uses Cell Medals.”

Spring Heel sighed loudly as he pulled his top hat off, revealing his long, jagged black hair with a pair of devilish horns atop of his demonic face. The sharp clawed Phantom reached into his hat and pulled out a number of gray rocks with gold veins on them. “Shocker, I ask that you stay the fear you hold, for I have a plan that is really bold. If we’ve got one last shot, then let’s go titanic! This Yummy shall not be alone, I’ll use these and create a massive panic!”

It was then that Shocker threw his talons into the Yummy’s stomach, making the gamecock Yummy stagger back as its superior drew his talons back with a number of medallions in his talon. “I see your strategy, Spring Heel. If that’s the case, then I do not mind spending a few of these medals to create a little chaos.”

Unbeknownst to the two scheming creatures, up above atop of the clouds over Shocker and Spring Heel was a certain, mint green Pegasus who hummed to himself a joyous tune as he watched the clearing. A rather bright smile crawled onto Sora’s face as he gazed at the scene beneath him…

As more figures began to join the original three in the small clearing, Sora’s grin grew larger and larger, even to the point that his face was beginning to hurt. ‘Oh my, what an interesting turn of events we have on our hooves. Makes me glad that Harpie and her ‘family’ took that little vacation to the beach to recover.

‘Still, I didn’t think Spring Heel would have the guts to do this – To actually team up with a remnant of the past like ‘that’. Hmm, I wonder what this joyful Phantom is up to.’

Lifting up his hoof, Sora looked at the silver coin – A Cell Medal if he heard correctly – and tossed it up into the air a few times. ‘But, maybe I could have some real fun with these little things – After all, money, money, money, it’s really funny in a rich mare’s world.’

Several loud groans echoed from the forest below, drawing Sora’s attention to see that the entire, small clearing was no longer cleared. It was completely full with shadowy creatures stumbling about Spring Heel, Shocker and the gamecock Yummy. With a sigh, Sora extended his wings and flew off into the night. ‘Better go get my seat ready!’



Twilight galloped throughout the library, tripping over herself, Spike’s bed, Spike himself (who woke up with the initial scream), nearly the stairs, and a few of the books that she had pulled off the shelves with her magic in her mad dash. “None of these books have a cure!”


“Spike!” Twilight scolded as she turned to her assistant, her spotted horn wiggling in the process. “This isn’t funny!”

The young dragon took a deep breath and put on a straight face, “Y-You’re right Twilight, this isn’t funny…”

The young unicorn raised an eyebrow at Spike, but turned her attention, “I’m going to look at the books downstairs, and get Haru to help me out. Spike, just… Just keep looking.”

As soon as Twilight trotted down the stairs to head to the main lobby and disappeared from Spike’s sight, the baby dragon broke out into laughter, tears appearing in his eyes. “Bwahahahahaha! It’s hilarious!”

Twilight heard Spike’s laughter, but she drowned it out. Her horn was her main concern right now, and in the short time she was awakened, she had noticed that due to her ‘condition’, her magic wasn’t working as it normally did. It seemed weaker, and even the aura that usually appeared when she used her magic was polka-dotted just like her horn.

When she got down to the main floor of the library, Twilight instantly looked to the couch were a certain red dragon was sleeping on with his back to her. There was a small cloud of smoke over the sleeping dragon that grew as he snored lightly. There also seemed to be a pile of sand at the floor near the couch, but Twilight didn’t really notice that when she called out to the dragon. “Haru! Wake up!”

The magical dragon just snored in returned.

Twilight sighed as she trotted over to the dragon, and when she was close enough, Twilight tapped Haru’s back with her hoof. “Haru! Please! This is an emergency!”

This time Twilight got an actual response from the still sleeping Haru, but it was only his arm pushing away the mare’s hoof from his back with a grunt.

“HARU! GET UP!” Twilight yelled at the dragon at the top of her lungs (although, it wasn’t as loud as her scream only a few minutes earlier).

“Oi! Can’t you see I’m sleeping?!?!” Haru snapped as he quickly sat up, scaring Twilight with his sudden movement and surprisingly rougher voice.

“H-Haru?!” Twilight questioned as the dragon growled under his breath.

The sleek dragon stood up, and it was then that Twilight noticed something about the Haru (it wasn’t hard to see since the dragon wasn’t wearing one of his jackets). The normally rail thin dragon had more defined muscles on his body, nothing too extreme, but his muscles were bigger than they were usually. The red dragon’s black spines were also standing on end and there seemed to be a red scale that stood taller than the other spines. Speaking of red, Haru’s normally blue eyes were a sharp crimson and narrowed down at Twilight. “Oi, ya know it’s rude to stare.”

The unicorn stepped back from Haru, ‘Is… Is he possessed by Dragon again? Oh this is bad! I can’t use my magic to…

‘Haru’ stood up from the couch and stretched his arms up over his head with a yawn, “Oh well, if I’m awake, then it’s time for breakfast.”

What happened next only made Twilight blink in confusion – ‘Haru’ sniffed the air a few times before a large goofy grin appeared on his face. “Hmmm! I can smell it! That aroma! It’s… It’s…


With a lick of his chops, ‘Haru’ quickly walked past Twilight with ash falling off his form with every step he took before he disappeared into the kitchen. Twilight just blinked a few times in confusion, “… What just happened?”

“Twilight! Twilight!”

The unicorn turned her attention towards the stairs to see Spike running down the stairs with a large green book held over his head. “I think I found an answer! How about this!”

Twilight looked at the book that the young dragon was holding up to her, and she furrowed her brow at the title of it, “Supernaturals? Spike, this isn’t going to help, we’re not dealing with ghosts, spirits, or curses. This book isn’t going to help with my horn! This could be an allergy, or an illness, or… or… or…!”

“But Twilight, what if this book is what you need?” Spike retorted. “I mean, Haru kinda deals with the supernatural all the time. What if…”

“Spike, there are other things we have to worry about besides hooey curses!” Twilight replied as she turned to the kitchen. “Haru’s acting weird.”

“Weird?” Spike asked as he lowered the book. “Weird how?”

“Well, for one thing,” Twilight began to explain. “I think he’s eating pudding.”

Spike tilted his head, “Pudding? I thought the only sweets he liked were powdered sugar doughnuts?”

“Yeah, but he looks different as well,” Twilight added as she turned back to Spike. “And he kinda acts like a brute, a goofy brute, but a brute nonetheless.”

“Uh, but Twilight,” Spike muttered out loud as he rubbed the back of his head. “Doesn’t this all sound like…”

“Ah pfurse!”

Both Twilight and Spike turned to the side to see that Pinkie Pie had entered the library – But something was really wrong with the usually cheerful pink pony. Her tongue was sticking out of her mouth and had the same blue spots on it. Obviously, this made the mare have a saddened look in her eyes.

“A hearse?” Spike questioned. “What’s a hearse? And how could it be one of those things?”

“Pinkie?” Twilight gasped as she trotted up to her friend. “What happened to your tongue?”

“Pee pah Zthecora!” Pinkie Pie spat out, sending spit flying onto Spike, who made the young dragon lift the green book up to shield up. “Sthe put a cursthe on me!”

Before Twilight could even question what her friend was saying, the front door to the library flew off the hinges before a familiar rainbow blur flew through the air and crashed into one of the many shelves in the room. As it turned out, it was Rainbow Dash who was now on the floor with countless books underneath her.

And from where Twilight stood, it looked like the pegasus’ wings were now inverted and moved from her back to her lower sides. “Ow…”

“Dash?!” Twilight yelped. “How in Equestria did your wings end up there?”

“I would think the answer would be obvious, dear,” Rarity’s voice sounded out, immediately drawing Spike’s attention towards the door.

“RAR… I…” Spike trailed off before he brought his claws up to his mouth to cover it.

Indeed standing at the door was Rarity, or at least it was a pony with the same mane and fur color as the mare – the pony in question had extremely long, white fur that covered her entire body with her messy, blue mane doing the same to her head (except for the white horn that stuck out from the messy mane). Of course, when the shaggy pony blew some of her hair from her face, Rarity’s face peeked out for a second before it was covered once more. “I believe you’re aware of yesterday’s encounter, Twilight?”

“Rarity, there’s an obvious explanation for all of this,” Twilight replied, a little shaky in her response. “Maybe an allergic reaction?”

“Twi, Ah hate to say Ah told ya so,” A squeaky voice sounded out. “But Ah told ya so!”

Rarity moved away from the door, easily tripping over her own fur in the process. When she did, Twilight was able to see that Apple Bloom and Fluttershy were entering the library. However, the squeaky voice wasn’t from them, but rather it was coming from above them where a miniature Applejack was riding atop of Kenny the Topaz Kraken familiar. “It’s a curse, Ah tells ya! Zecora cursed us all!”

“O-kay, I definitely haven’t heard of an allergy that can shrink a pony’s entire body,” Twilight admitted as she turned over to Rainbow Dash, who was now flying through the air haphazardly. “Or move a pegasus’ wings… But Fluttershy she seems fine!”

“Yes,” Rarity huffed as she pushed herself off of the ground. “She seems to be the lucky one of us.”

“Fluttershy?” Twilight questioned as she stepped towards her shy Pegasus friend. “Are you okay?”

Fluttershy looked away with her ears drooping down.

“Is there something wrong with you?” Twilight asked, looking over the yellow pegasus, taking note that there were no physical changes to her friend.

Fluttershy sheepishly nodded before she cringed.

Now Twilight was getting a little annoyed, “Would you care to tell us?”

Fluttershy just flinched again.

“So, you’re not going to tell us?” Twilight inquired.

The yellow pegasus nodded.

“Is that a yes or a no?” Twilight muttered to herself.

“Good grief girl!” Applejack squeaked as she had Kenny the Topaz Kraken float her down to the table near Fluttershy. “What in tarnation is the matter with ya?!”

Fluttershy sighed as she turned from her friends, “No pony knows the sorrows I’ve seen.”

There was a moment of silence as Fluttershy’s deep voice echoed through the library, everypony’s eyes wide (well, it was assumed that Rarity’s were wide, but no one could tell thanks to the current state of her mane).

The silence that followed was immediately shattered by two reasons – The first was due to Rainbow Dash crashing into the nearby ladder that Spike often used to get books, her head getting stuck between two steps. The second reason was due to Spike breaking into a loud, mad laughter. “BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! THIS IS HILARIOUS!!”

“This ain’t funny!” Applejack snapped at the dragon.

“But look at you all!” Spike chuckled loudly. “We’ve got: Hairity, Rainbow Crash, Spitty Pie, Apple Teeny, Flutterguy, and…”

Spike turned towards Twilight and rubbed his chin. “Twilight Wobble? Nah, that’s no good.”

“Spike!” Twilight scolded. “This is serious!”

“Indeed. That is no way to speak to ladies!”

Everypony in the room turned towards the source of the voice, which was coming from the kitchen…


While the Golden Oaks Library was ensuing with chaos, the rest of Ponyville was rather calm and peaceful. Near the edge of town was a pair of mares that were deep in discussion.

“Oh come on Bon Bon!” A mint green unicorn moaned with a look of desperation in her golden eyes. The mare’s mane and tail were a brilliant cyan with a white streak in both and her cutie mark was a lyre. “Why is it so hard to believe? I know what I saw!”

The other mare sighed with a shake of her head, making her blue mane (with pink streak) move with her movement. The mare, Bon Bon, had a beige fur coat and her cutie mark was a trio of ribbons. “Lyra, how many times do we have to have this discussion? Humans don’t exist! They’re just a fairy tale! I’ve told you to drop this insane belief, and now look what you’re saying!”

“What’s so insane about seeing a floating, red hand flying about?” Lyra asked with her head tilted at her friend. “I saw it flying out Carousel Boutique this morning!”

“Lyra,” Bon Bon sighed with a roll of her eyes. “As your friend, I’m telling you that flying ‘hands’ and ‘humans’ don’t exist. If you keep this up, some ponies are going to have you committed.”

“But I…” Lyra started only to stop talking when she saw something past her friend.

“There’s a difference between interest and obsession,” Bon Bon explained, unaware that a familiar gamecock-like humanoid was joyfully walking towards the two, throwing a few punches through the air using it’s ‘fists’ in a mock boxing match. “You can’t just expect to see something that walks on two legs with five ‘fingers’ appear just one day. Mythical creatures don’t appear out of thin air!”

Lyra began to smile as the weird gamecock creature drew closer, and she saw that it wasn’t alone. Behind it were a group of odd creatures – All of which were standing on two legs and had hands! “Bon Bon!”

“Lyra! I’m not done talking!” the earth pony sighed, unaware that the Gamecock Yummy was now standing right behind her. “This is important! I don’t want to see anything bad happen to you! Your family is worried about you and so am I, and we…”

Bon Bon stopped when she felt something tap her back a few times. The earth pony turned her head around and her cerulean eyes shrank when she realized she was looking at a feather covered finger. Her shrunken pupils travelled up the hand and then the arm that the feathered finger was attached to the odd looking Gamecock Yummy. “W-What the?”

“You! Hand over any jewels you have!” The odd humanoid creature commanded.

Bon Bon just stepped back and realized that there were other odd creatures next to the Gamecock Yummy – All of them human shaped! To the Gamecock Yummy’s right were about six Ghouls that stood tall and had their arms crossed over their rocky chests, while at the Yummy’s left were six humanoids that had black bodies covered with silver bandages covering them. Instead of having a face at their heads, the odd creatures had circular, black glass.

“W-What are these things?” Bon Bon sputtered.

The Gamecock Yummy threw its feathered fist up into the air, “You two are being uncooperative!”

“SQUEEEEE!” Lyra loudly squealed as she jumped in front of the Gamecock Yummy, surprising the monster, along with the other humanoid creatures. “Those hands! That shape! That posture! The way they move! Bon Bon! Humanoids! Humanoids! Not exactly humans, but this is evidence! Evidence that humans exist!”

The Gamecock Yummy squawked slightly as it turned to the Ghouls and other odd creatures behind it – They just shrugged in confusion.

“Oooooh! Bon Bon! They just shrugged!” Lyra cheered loudly as she brought her hooves to her face and stared at the large group of humanoids with stars in her eyes. “OOOH! It’s just as amazing as I imagined!”

The Gamecock Yummy tilted his head at the mint green unicorn before it scratched the top of its red comb. That just made Lyra lean closer towards the monster, “Amazing! Hey! Hey! Can I see your hand? Please? Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease?!?”

Once again, the Gamecock Yummy was a little puzzled by this unicorn’s behavior. Why wasn’t this pony running away scared? Or why wasn’t she giving the feathered Yummy the jewels it had demanded earlier? Reluctantly, the Yummy lowered its left hand towards Lyra, and almost immediately regretted it.

Instantly, Lyra’s hooves grasped the Yummy’s feather hand as she began to fondle the fingers, putting a little pressure on the tiny limbs with her hooves. “Amazing! The bone structure is different from ours! Bon Bon! You’ve gotta feel these fingers! I bet human fingers are just like this! He’s got five just like humans are supposed to have!”

“Lyra! Get away from that thing!” Bon Bon yelled at her friend. “It could be dangerous!”

“Aw, don’t be a party plopper,” Lyra replied with her tongue sticking out at her friend before she turned back to the Gamecock Yummy. “Hey, hey! Are there humans where you’re from? Are there? Are there?!”

The Gamecock Yummy pulled its hand away from Lyra and turned to the others behind it, “No jewels. We go elsewhere now!”

“W-What?!” Lyra gasped. “Bon Bon! Quick! Give him a jewel!”

“Does it look like I have any on me?” Bon Bon replied with a dull look in her eyes. “In any case, just let them go Lyra!”

“Hey! Wait!” Lyra called out to the Gamecock Yummy.

The Gamecock Yummy looked over his shoulder before he pumped his fist up into the air. “Ghouls! Trash Yummy! RUN FOR IT!”

The leading monster dashed past the others before they followed after the Gamecock Yummy, it only took two seconds for Lyra to gallop after the group. “WAIT! I STILL HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!”

“Lyra! NO!” Bon Bon yelled as she chased her friend.

Up in the clouds above the town, Shocker flew over Ponyville with Spring Heel on his back. The Phantom cackled loudly, “Some mares are just plain mad, but to see our grunts run away is just so sad.”

Shocker sighed loudly as he turned through the air, “Keep your trap shut Spring Heel. We’ll prepare the rest of our forces. Once we have done so, we shall take care of our Rider problem and satiate the desire of the Yummy.”

“I bet you’re just hoping that they don’t run into that crazy mare,” Spring Heel cackled with a wag of his knife-like claw. “She’d probably even give you a nasty scare.”

Shocker only growled in protest.


“Hmm? Is there something on my face?”

Back in the library, standing the doorway to the kitchen was none other than Haru himself with a tray of coffee mugs being held up with one of his claws. The red dragon had his slim figure back, but he was still different looking than usual – His black spines were slicked back and had a blue streak to them, around his neck was a long blue scarf, and on the bridge of his scaly muzzle was a pair of glasses that highlighted his now sky blue eyes.

Twilight blinked a few times as the dragon sauntered into the room before he placed the tray of coffee on the same table where the mini Applejack was standing at. “Oh yes, Lady Twilight, I hope you don’t mind but I made coffee when I heard the voices. I’ll be sure to do dishes later when this is resolved.”

“Lemme guess,” Applejack squeaked out as Haru carefully placed an oddly small cup of coffee next to the miniature southern mare. “Mistah Souma was cursed too.”

“It isn’t a curse!” Twilight groaned, noting that the now classy dragon was passing out coffee to the mares. “… I just don’t know what’s going on with Haru. He was really rude earlier but now he’s… I don’t really know what to say about him right now.”

“Here you are Miss Pinkie,” Haru stated holding a mug to the pink mare in question. “I didn’t know if you liked coffee, so, I got you hot chocolate. I even managed to get some marshmallows too! Oh, and I didn’t forget to get some for you either, Lady Apple Bloom.”

Although she couldn’t speak, Pinkie Pie’s face lit up as she graciously accepted the mug of hot chocolate.

“At least he got rid of the garish jacket,” Rarity admitted looking through her long, unruly hair. “Although, I didn’t know you wore glasses Mister Souma.”

The oddly classy Haru merely shrugged his shoulders before he continued dispersing the fresh coffee. While Haru kept serving the beverages to the ever puzzled mares, Rainbow Dash freed herself from the ladder she was stuck in and floated carelessly about the air. “Enough talk about Wizard! We need to take action! It’s obvious we’ll find a cure to this hex at Zecora’s place!”

“It’s not a hex either!” Twilight yelled out, reeling slightly when she realized that there was a mug of steaming coffee right in front of her. “Ah!”

Gently pulling the coffee back so Twilight would bump into the mug, Haru smiled and brought his hand to his glasses. “You never know Madame Twilight, behind every word is a hundred hooks, a thousand lies. Perhaps there is more than what meets the eye. This Mademoiselle Zecora could know something.”

“Haru, you don’t tell me you believe in this curse stuff too!” Twilight gasped.

It was then that the entire library was filled with the mares’ protests about what to do, and mixed along with it was Spike’s laughter and the oddly suave Haru trying to diffuse the tension in the room. Nopony seemed to notice that Apple Bloom was silently walking out of the library with Kenny the Topaz Kraken following her.

Of course, the young filly didn’t notice that her ‘big’ sister jumped into her tail.

And when Apple Bloom had successfully escaped from the library, an odd, red disembodied arm slipped into the establishment, making sure it wasn’t seen by any of the ponies or dragons in the room.

“Okay! ENOUGH!” Dash yelled out, finally managing to somehow stay flying in one spot, awkward as she looked with her hind legs being pointed out at both her sides. “Twilight, I don’t care what you have to say, it’s time to pony up and get some answers from Zecora! C’mon! Who’s with me?!”

“Ahf am!” Pinkie spat out.

“And I as well,” Rarity chimed in.

Fluttershy looked away as she spoke, “Ah, well, I don’t know. She’s awfully dangerous.”

“Come on!” Rainbow Dash countered back, nearly losing her precious balance in the process. “There’ll be at least seven of us! We’ll fight any other hexes she’s got with a wizard of our own! What do ya say, Wizard?”

Haru swirled the coffee mug in his claws before he smiled, “Well, it wouldn’t be the gentlemanly… Er, I suppose it’s called, gentledragonly thing to let a group of mares go off on their own for something that could be dangerous. Don’t worry Lady Fluttershy, I shall go too.”

Twilight sighed. There was something odd about how Haru was referring to her and her friends, he never used honorifics before.

“And how about you, Applejack?” Dash asked.

After a few seconds with no answer, every pony turned to the table to see that there was no trace of the pocket-sized mare.

“Sphf gone!” Pinkie exclaimed, adding a fresh new coat of spit to the floor.

Rarity gasped as she lifted up one of her back legs to look at her hoof, “Or what if some pony stepped on her!”

All the mares frantically checked their hooves, even Haru and Spike looked at the bottom of their clawed feet.

It was then that something occurred to Twilight, a horrible thought dawned to her. “Or… Sat on her!”

All of the mares raised their flanks up, which prompted Haru to turn away slightly, and use his tail to cover Spike’s eyes. “Hey!”

“Sorry, but no fan-service for you,” Haru snickered before he took swig of his coffee.

“What if she fell in somepony’s drink?!” Dash exclaimed.

“The only one who took a drink was Mr. Haru…” Fluttershy pointed out.

Haru’s blue eyes widened when he realized all the mares were looking at him, and he had a mouthful of coffee in his maw so he couldn’t say a word.

But before the classy dragon could say a word, Rainbow Dash crashed into him (not on purpose mind you, she just lost balance) and Haru spat out his coffee onto the floor. But no Applejack

Twilight sighed in relief when she noticed something else, “Apple Bloom’s gone as well.”

Dash pushed herself off of the slightly dazed Haru, “Then they must’ve gone ahead to Zecora’s!”

“E-Excellent deduction, Miss Dash,” Haru sputtered as he kept his arms at his stomach.

“If that’s the case, then we need to find them!” Twilight replied as she trotted towards the door, leading the group. “Let’s go!”

And so the journey began – With the five mares and single dragon out to find their friends and save them from the evil clutches from the supposedly wicked sorceress, Zecora! Only Celestia knows what perils await them in the Everfree Woods!

But before they could find their friends in the woods, they had to get past their own personal perils. For example, Rarity tripped over her own long fur and fell face first into the library’s floor. “Oomphf! Oh, this is so unseemly!”

“Fear not, Lady Rarity,” Haru stated as he knelt down beside the shaggy pony, his clawed hand held out to her. “Allow me to aid you.”

“I see that your taste in style is as exquisite as your chivalry,” Rarity stated as she lifted her hoof, missing Haru’s claws. “Although, I’m not one to talk right now…”

“Lady Rarity,” Haru stated as he took Rarity’s hoof and aided her to the rest of her hooves. “A mare of your class is more than just your mane and fur, you are beautiful in my eyes.”

That statement caught everypony’s attention, including a certain purple dragon’s , who at the moment was glaring daggers at the back of Haru’s head (wondering if he could throw a book that far to hit the taller dragon). If her face wasn’t hidden behind the long locks of hair, Rarity’s crimson endowed face would be on display for everypony to see.

This didn’t go unnoticed by the glasses wearing dragon, and as he stood up, he pushed up his glasses with his claws. “Is there something wrong?”

“Wizard! What the Tartarus are you doing?!” Rainbow Dash yelled out as she clumsily flew in front of the dragon.

“Hmm? Oh, I see the problem,” Haru stated as he lifted his arm up. “I don’t know what I was thinking, Madame Dash.”

“Good, cause we don’t…” Rainbow Dash started…

But, before Rainbow Dash could finish her sentence, Haru had gripped her front hooves and his azure eyes looked deep into her rose colored ones. “It was so rude of me to neglect Equestria’s flying ace – Truly your flying is a work of art. Articulated wings that paint the sky while in motion.”

She didn’t know why, but for some reason Rainbow Dash couldn’t help but feel her face warm slightly…


Having barely escaped the insanity that was ensuing at the library, Apple Bloom galloped towards through the entrance of the Everfree with Kenny the Topaz Kraken familiar following her. The little filly’s eyes filled with determination and…

“Hold it right there missy!”

Apple Bloom skidded to a halt when she heard that familiar squeaky voice. The filly looked around to find her tiny big sister, unaware that the teeny Applejack popped up from the top of Apple Bloom’s mane. “Turn around right now!”

Kenny used one of his bejeweled tentacles to gesture up, and Apple Bloom realized that her older sister was atop her head. “Nope.”

“Nope?!?” Applejack questioned before she threw her hooves up into the air. “Ya’ll can’t ignore a direct order from yer big sister!”

Apple Bloom giggled, “Sorry Applejack, but Ah think Ah’m the bigger sister right now. Kenny?”

The Topaz Kraken grabbed Applejack from the filly’s head and lifted her to nearby branch, “Kenny! What in tarnation are ya doing!?”

Unfortunately, the familiar bowed its head slightly before it flew after Apple Bloom, leaving Applejack to groan loudly. “Apple Bloom! Kenny! Ya’ll get back here ‘fore Ah… ‘fore Ah… Aw pony feathers.”

The tiny mare sighed loudly as she looked around, unfortunately for her, Kenny had put her on a branch that was far too high from the ground for her to jump (it wouldn’t have been too bad of a jump if she was her regular size, but if she tried, she likely would’ve broken some bones in her body). ‘Maybe if Ah fashion a rope from some vines or something…’


Applejack blinked a few times as she looked deep into the woods, and her eyes widened as countless shadowed figures began to come into view towards the path in the woods. As they came closer, Applejack pulled a nearby leaf to keep herself hidden so she could see Spring Heel, Shocker and the Gamecock Yummy reaching the path, leading a small army of Ghouls and Trash Yummys (she didn’t know that they were Trash Yummys though). ‘Great, just what we needed for this whole curse thing – Them darn Phantoms! And looks like there’s an army of them! What in tarnation are they up to?’

Shocker, Spring Heel and the Gamecock Yummy stopped once they reached the dirt path, the three waiting for their army to follow suit. From where Applejack was standing, she couldn’t count how many in total there were, but there was enough to completely block the path they stood on. ‘At least it looks like they didn’t spot Apple Bloom.’

Shocker raised his right talon into the air while his left arm locked to his chest, “For the glory of Shocker! Ghouls! Trash Yummy! Forward march!”

“Step by step,” Spring Heel chuckled as the three leading monsters began to lead the army out of the Everfree Woods. “Our army shall eliminate those Riders inept!”

“Now you’re just stretching with your rhymes,” Shocker growled, not bothering to turn his attention away from the dirt road in front of him.

“Not like it’s a crime,” Spring Heel cackled loudly as he brought his claws up to cover his smirking face.

The bird-like monster sighed loudly with a shake of his head.


Meanwhile, outside the very same woods, Twilight skidded to a halt to make sure that her friends were right behind her. Fluttershy, Rarity and Pinkie Pie were coming to a halt behind her and Rainbow Dash was flying through the air like a mad mare. But a certain dragon who had followed the group out of the library… and was constantly flirting with each of the mares with each step he took.

Needless to say, it made the entire journey to the forest a little bit awkward.

“Okay, where’d Haru go?” Twilight asked looking around.

“Last I saw,” Rainbow Dash stated with an annoyed look on her face. “Casanova was making a pass at Fluttershy.”

Twilight did notice that the yellow pegasus did have a shade of crimson dashed on her face, “I-I knew that M-Mister H-H-Haru was nice, but… But… I…!”

“Sheesh,” Rainbow Dash groaned. “Forget Wizard! Can we hurry this up? I’m starting to get a migraine with how this hex is messing with us!”

“Indeed Twilight, I’d like to get back to having a manageable mane,” Rarity sighed before she blew some of her hair out of her face again. “Rather sooner than later.”

“Buff whaff about fem?” Pinkie Pie spat out pointing towards the forest entrance.

The four other mares turned (Rarity had to move her hair out from her field of vision with her hoof again) back to the Everfree Forest where the small army of Ghouls and Trash Yummy being led by three different looking creatures – Shocker, Spring Heel and the Gamecock Yummy. Spring Heel cackled loudly while he brought up a claw to his snickering face, “Oooh! Lookie, lookie! Another welcoming party! Hey Shocker, here’s hoping that they won’t be like that mare who was quite so hearty.”

Shocker brought his talons up to his head and rubbed his temples. “Stop with the damn rhyming! It’s giving me a headache!”

Realizing that the five mares were leering at him, Shocker brought one of his talons towards the group, “Mares, this day is unfortunate for you, this army shall make you rue…”

”Make you rue? Makeru? Nakeru.”

A loud cracking sound echoed through the air before a loud booming voice sounded out, “Nakeru! Nakeru ze!”

Twilight blinked a few times at the odd language that sounded through the air, she had never heard it before. A little curious Twilight turned her head around and her eyes widened as a familiar dragon slowly began to walk up from behind. “W-What the?! Haru!?”

Rainbow Dash was about to turn to see where the dragon was coming from, but Haru had passed her and once again there was a definite change in the dragon. Gone were the glasses and scarf, and now his body was garbed in a yellow kimono with black vertical stripes running down the fabric with his usual hand-shaped buckler at his waist. Haru’s black scales were also pulled back and tied together with a string, with a bright yellow scale amongst them. “What the Tartarus?! What’s wrong with you now?”

Haru didn’t answer as he continued to walk past the ponies until he was standing in front of them with back to them and his arms crossed.

Rarity bit her lower lip before she yelped out, “Wha-Wha… MISTER SOUMA!!! What is that thing you’re wearing!? It’s so… So… It clashes with everything about you!”

The dragon didn’t respond.

“Ooh! Plis fis phawesum!” Pinkie cheered out with spit flying through the air.

“Um, where is Mister Haru getting all these clothes?” Fluttershy asked to nopony in particular.

“Oh, what fresh plop of Tartarus is this now?” Shocker groaned before he slapped his forehead with his talons. Using his free talons, Shocker slapped the Gamecock Yummy’s shoulder. “Get rid of him! And then clear the path! I’m getting tired of these theatrics!”

The rooster monster bowed towards his master before he threw his feathered fist into the air. Then with his fists raised up in a boxer’s stance, the Gamecock Yummy dashed towards Haru with a loud battle cry!

Twilight tried to think of a way out of this – If her magic was affected by whatever was wrong with her horn, then what if Haru’s magic was affected as well? In the mess of everything that had happened this morning so far, she neglected to ask the oddly acting dragon. ‘If he can’t use his magic, we’ll have to run! I can’t use my own magic, Rainbow doesn’t have complete control of her wings and… And…’

The Gamecock Yummy drew closer with its right arm pulled back.

“Girls! Haru! We have to run for…” Twilight started to yell out…

Only to have a clawed hand held out in front of her. Twilight turned to Haru who only took a step forward to cross his arms once more. “My strength…”

The Gamecock Yummy skidded in front of Haru, and before Twilight could even call out the dragon’s name, the rooster monster slammed its feathered fist into Haru’s face. Upon impact, a force of air made the loose dirt fly from the two, and even forced the mares back off slightly.

And yet, the Haru and the Gamecock Yummy seemed to be frozen in place, with the feathered monster’s fist still connected to the dragon’s face.

Then, with a shrill squawk, the Gamecock Yummy threw its right arm up into the air before the arm shattered into several silver medals that fell to the ground. The Yummy screeched in pain as it brought its other hand up to where its right arm was once before, trying to stop the cell medals that were pouring from its wound.

“Whoa,” Rainbow Dash muttered with her eyes wide. “So… Awesome!”

“Mmhm!” Pinkie chimed in with a smile around her stuck out tongue.

Shocker and Spring Heel looked at each other like the other was on fire.

And Twilight’s jaw had dropped. ‘How? Why? What?!’

The Gamecock Yummy lifted its head up with its eyes narrowed, only to realize that it was looking at a red palm with black claws that were right in its face. Haru was standing in front of the coin-filled monster with his right claw pulled back. “Has made you cry!”

Before the Yummy could react, Haru threw an open palm strike to the Gamecock Yummy’s stomach and the force flung the Yummy through the air with medals flying from its body. Both Shocker and Spring Heel jumped to the side to dodge the flying rooster. The Trash Yummy and Ghouls behind them weren’t as fast and the Gamecock Yummy crashed into them, flinging them into the ground and creating a large gap in the monstrous forces.

The Gamecock Yummy screeched out before its body exploded into countless cell medals, with the Ghouls and Trash Yummy exploding due to the force.

Everypony watching was awestruck with what just happened.

“Uh, Haru? How in Equestria did you do that?” Twilight asked, trotting up alongside the yellow garbed dragon.

Without a word, Haru slipped a yellow ring onto his left claw and widened his stance out to throw his right claw over the belt buckle. “DRIVER ON – PLEASE!”

“My strength has cleared a path for you,” Haru replied before he clapped his claws together in front of the materialized belt. “I shall stay here and fend them off.”


“Don Don DonDonDon!”

A large yellow rune appeared at Haru’s feet and crawled up with body with rocks and dirt floating up into the air along with it. As the rune climbed over Haru’s body, his entire form was covered with his topaz jeweled Wizard garb. However, when the rune disappeared over his head, several white tissues flew about the entrance to the woods. “My strength will make you cry. Wipe your tears with these!”

Wizard slammed his right hand into the ground, and immediately drew his hand back with a large golden battle axe. Then slowly, the axe wielding Wizard walked towards the large army.

Shocker growled before he threw his talon forward, “GET HIM!”

Wizard kept walking towards the forest, and none of the Trash Yummy or Ghouls were making a move towards the Wizard. In fact, they actually took a few steps backwards, trying to keep the distance between them and the imposing magical dragon.

“Why are you hesitating?!” Shocker screeched loudly as he turned towards the grunts. “GET HIM OR ELSE I’LL DESTROY YOU ALL MYSELF!!!”

Reluctantly, the large group of Ghouls and Trash Yummy charged towards Wizard. The magic garbed dragon lifted the rather crude looking axe, and just as the first of many monsters were about to attack, Wizard delivered a wide slash and knocked several Yummy and Ghouls up into the air.

“Twilight, do you have any idea what’s going on?” Rarity asked, while Wizard grabbed one of the Trash Yummy by its neck and tossed it into a group of Ghouls, knocking them over.

“Rarity, I’m seriously considering throwing logic out the window today,” Twilight sighed as she watched Wizard bring the axe down on a Ghoul’s chest, sparks flying from where the blade connected. “Let’s just get to Zecora’s while we have a chance.”

The mares galloped past Wizard, as the oddly stronger dragon slammed his tail into some of the Trash Yummy, clearing the path for the mares to gallop into the woods unhindered. Well, Rainbow Dash tried to fly over the mess, which resulted in her flying upside down into several bushes and branches until she crashed into the ground.

Dash groaned and tried to speak, but she realized that something was stuck in her mouth. Well, not something, but rather somepony. The small Applejack pulled herself from Dash’s mouth, “Rainbow! Thank Celestia! There’s no time to lose! Ah gotta find Apple Bloom!”

“Yeah, well, there’s kinda a few other…” Dash started, only to get a crudely made bit and reins from leaves, a stick and some vines, shoved into her mouth. “MHPHF!?”

“Ah need to find Apple Bloom, pronto!” the small Applejack stated as she jumped onto Rainbow Dash’s chest and grabbed hold of the reigns with her front hooves. “There’s an army of them there Phantoms in these woods, and Ah gotta find her pronto! So giddy-up, Pony!”

“Excuse me!?!” Rainbow growled through the bit.

“YYYYEEEE-HHAAAAWWWWW!” Applejack shouted before she slammed her back hoof into Rainbow Dash’s side.

That seemed to be enough to make the cyan pegasus’ wings move into action, propelling the mare into the air. “What the?!”

Meanwhile, back at the entrance of the forest, Wizard was quickly decimating the forces with his axe and surprising physical prowess. Shocker growled as he tightened his talons, “Spring Heel, it’s time that we step in and end this charade.”

The eagle Greeed was expecting another annoying response that rhymed, but the only thing that Shocker heard were the sounds of combat. “Spring Heel?”

Shocker turned to the side to see that Spring Heel was gone! And in his place was a single Ghoul that held up a piece of paper for Shocker to read. “Dear Shocker, I hate to cut and run, but seems that the time has come. With the ring mage fighting about, I have to go away without a shout. I had a few Ghouls pick up the cell medals from your Yummy, and left none for you, isn’t that funny? Enjoy fighting these riders that you obsess, but remember to keep calm and don’t be over taken by stress.

“Love, Spring Heel Jack.

“P.S. I’ll be back!”

Shocker roared loudly as he took the note and roared loudly as he ripped the paper up with his talons, scaring the Ghoul near him. “That lousy sonva-… I’m going kill him!”


“Hii Hii HiiHiiHii!”

Shocker looked up from the remains of the letter to see that most of the Trash Yummy and Ghouls had backed off from the flames that covered Wizard’s body, turning the topazes on his suit into rubies. “Stupid Kuma hogging all the action, I’m the main star here! Me!”

Wizard threw his right hand towards Shocker, “Yo! Chicken Wuss, let me say this to start, I don’t give warning shots. From start to finish, I’m at a climax!”

It was then that Wizard threw his right thumb towards his chest, “Ore…

Then he threw his left arm forward with his right arm behind him, Wizard struck a dynamic pose, “… Sanjou!”

“Ugh, I’m surrounded by idiots,” Shocker groaned loudly with a roll of his eyes.

Wizard spun around with flames erupting at his right hand, the flames seemed to solidify into a curved silver sword with a red hilt with a flame design in the steel. “Ikuze! Ikuze! Ikuze!”


While the sparks were flying outside the forest, Twilight and her slightly dwindling group of friends had finally reached what appeared to be Zecora’s home – A large, weird tree that had a number of tribal masks and charms about the shrouded grove. The whole area seemed to give off a spooky aura that sent chills down Twilight’s spine. “Okay, so this place looks spooky… That doesn’t mean she’s a bad pony.”

“Eviphif!!” Pinkie sputtered out with her eyes slightly narrowed.

“Pinkie says ‘Evil’,” Fluttershy translated.

Twilight rolled her eyes.

“I don’t know what’s more horrible,” Rarity sighed with her no longer covering one of her eyes. “Those dreadful and tacky monsters at the front of the forest, or the tacky decorations.”

The four mares quietly trotted up to the window of the house to peer inside. The inside of the house was just as creepy as the outside – a bubbling cauldron in the middle of the room, creepy masks hanging from the walls, vials, odd plants and other oddities atop of the shelves, and in the corner of the room was a statue of a familiar, bipedal figure with a familiar ring-like helmet.

That didn’t go unnoticed by the mares, but only Twilight spoke, “Is that Wizard? What is a statue of him doing in there?”

But before anypony could say a word, Zecora appeared in the room with an odd container in her mouth. The zebra no longer had her cloak on and revealed her thin physique with a sun-like mark on her hind quarters. Zecora trotted towards the bubbling cauldron and poured the contents of the container into the odd mixture.

With her mouth no longer holding onto the container, Zecora began to speak in an exotic tongue that seemed to have a familiar musical tone to it.

“Sthe sthtole my sthong! Shthe shtole mm mm!” Pinkie shouted out before she jumped away from the window.

“She stole your song dear?” Rarity guessed.

“Hmmm mmm!” Pinkie replied with a sad nod

“Pinkie,” Twilight sighed. “That doesn’t sound a thing like your song.”

Pinkie Pie was about to start singing but then realized that her tongue wouldn’t really allow for it. So, the pink earth pony put on the best set of puppy dog eyes and skidded to Fluttershy. The yellow mare sighed. “She's an evil enchantress

And she does evil dances
And if you look deep in her eyes
She will put you in trances
Then what would she do?
She'll mix up an evil brew
Then she'll gobble you up
In a big tasty stew
Soooo... Watch out.”

Throughout the song, Pinkie was doing the usual dance, ending with her front hooves raised over her head.

“You saw all those terrible things,” Rarity stated turning her head where she thought Twilight was. “Now do you believe us Twilight?”

Although Rarity was speaking to one of the masks that decorated the area, Twilight looked into the window once more and then turned back to her friends, “Scary looking masks, confusing incantations, a statue of Haru in the corner for some reason, and a great big bubbling cauldron? Everything does point to Zecora being… Bad… Or… What if she’s just making soup?”

Twilight could feel the leers her friends were giving her (except for Rarity who was possibly leering at the mask through her messy mane).

“Mmm, the perfect temperature for ponies, I presume.”

Everypony turned back to the window to see that Zecora was looming over the cauldron once more, “Now, where is that little Apple Bloom?”

All of the mares gasped as Twilight could feel her heart sink slightly, “Or… What if she’s making Apple Bloom soup?”

“That actually sounds really tasty,” an unfamiliar voice sounded out behind the group.

All four of the mares yelped loudly and spun around to see another zebra standing behind them – dressed in a purple baggy shirt with saddlebags on his back. The zebra smiled as he lifted his front hoof, “Oh! Hello Miss Sparkle! I didn’t expect to see you here. Are these your friends?”

It didn’t take long for Twilight to realize who she was speaking to, “Mr. Hino?”

Indeed it was the same zebra that seemed to keep bumping into the purple unicorn, and he wasn’t alone. “Mistah Hino! Ah’m not a soup!”

Next to Eiji (who was busy rubbing the back of his head with his hoof) was none other than Apple Bloom herself, also with saddlebags on her. Twilight, Fluttershy and Pinkie smiled at the filly, but it was hard to tell if Rarity was smiling.

“Apple Bloom!” Twilight gasped with joy as she trotted to the filly. “You’re alright!”

“Why wouldn’t Ah be?” Apple Bloom asked as she tilted her head. “Mistah Hino and Miss Zecora are really, really nice! And Mistah Hino’s really funny! He kept on losing them box…”

“Ah! A-Apple Bloom! N-No!” Eiji yelped loudly as he waved his front hooves about. “Y-You can’t discuss that in front of mares! It’s too embarrassing!”

“But Ah’m a mare,” the filly pointed out.

“T-That’s different!” Eiji stumbled about with his gray and black face starting to get a tint of red through his fur. “You found out by accident! Y-You’re not allowed to talk about it!”

“Twilight, just who is this character?” Rarity asked, trying to see through her long mane.

“Oh, well this is…” Twilight started to say.

“Eiji Hino, an eccentric nomad,” An exotic and familiar voice introduced, sending chills down the four mares’ spines. “Although he is a goofy zebra, he is a very good natured lad.”

Standing behind the mares was none other than Zecora with a bright smile on her face, “Next time when you try to sneak, it’s better to find a place where anypony can hear your loud speak. The pony folk from the day of fore, from the looks of you, you didn’t hear me when I tried to warn.”

“Warn? You cursed us!” Rarity growled, pointing her hoof at Eiji, surprising the young zebra. “You made me look ridiculous!”

“You made me sound ridiculous!” Fluttershy chimed in, her deep voice threw Eiji off at how a pretty mare could have such a deep raspy voice, a voice that was on par with a stallion’s.

“Yuff mahd miff talk ridoncilus!” Pinkie Pie sputtered out, the spit somehow managing to hit Eiji – Even though he was currently behind the mares.

The traveling zebra brought his hoof to his muzzle, “The mares in this country are a lot more…”

Eiji stopped himself when he realized that the three complaining mares now had their sights set on him, and the zebra whistled to himself.

This elicited some laughter from both Zecora and Apple Bloom. Twilight tilted her head with her horn wobbling at the same time, “W-What’s so funny? My horn is… Is…”

“Twi, it ain’t a curse,” Apple Bloom stated with a snicker in her voice.

“Indeed, even if these afflictions may seem to be the worst,” Zecora stated as she gestured towards Twilight’s horn. “I assure you all, this isn’t a curse. Yesterday you all came in contact with a plant much like the poison oak. But instead of a fate of itching, this plant loves to play a joke.”

“Right, Poison Joke,” Eiji stated as he reached into his saddlebags, and pulled out a plastic baggy that had a familiar looking blue flower in it. “When it comes into contact with equines, it usually makes the worst kind of ridicule-inducing affliction on said ponies. Has some good magical charms, and can even change a pony’s physical traits.”

Twilight sighed with a smile, “See? I told you all it wasn’t a curse, or a hex… They don’t exist.”


Everypony turned up to see a blue blur flying right towards them, but completely missed the group and crashed through the window and flew into Zecora’s home with a loud boom that erupted through the air. “Darn it Rainbow!”

“Hey! I wasn’t the one steering!”

“I apologize Apple Bloom,” Zecora sighed as she turned towards the filly. “But it sounds like the brew inside has faced its doom.”

Twilight peered into the window and winced as she realized that it was due to Rainbow Dash (with the still small Applejack holding on to some reigns that were sticking from Dash’s mouth) that the brew that Zecora was working on was now spilled all over the floor. At the moment, Dash was resting on the weird Wizard statue, with the head of the statue now knocked off. “What was that brew?”

“It was a natural cure for the Poison Joke,” Eiji stated as he reached into the saddle bags once more and pulled out a familiar book that he held in his mouth.

“Yeah, turns out that all ya need is a special kinda of bubble bath,” Apple Bloom stated as she pointed to the book in Eiji’s mouth. “It’s in this book that Zecora had.”

Twilight couldn’t help but notice that the book was titled ‘Supernaturals’. ‘… Spike’s never going to let me live that down.’

“Uh, Zecora?” Twilight sheepishly turned. “Would you be kind enough to make another batch of that herbal bath?”

The zebra merely smiled and nodded back. “Mix it up I certainly will. Yet I am missing herbs from Ponyville. The only vendor who was kind, was that one griffon with many charms that were a real rare find.”

It was then that a large explosion rocked the ground and drew everypony’s attention to where the path led to outside the forest.

“Oh right,” Twilight chuckled sheepishly. “I thought we forgot something…”


“Hissatsu… My hissatsu attack!” Wizard announced as he brought his left hand up to the odd blade he held in his right hand as the remaining Ghouls and Trash Yummy charged towards him. “WIZARD VERSION!”

A powerful flame erupted over the blade before Wizard delivered a wide slash which sent the flames from the sword into the oncoming enemies. The flames crashed into the Ghouls and Trash Yummy, which caused them all to explode in a fiery explosion.

When the flames began to subside, Wizard stepped forward and raised the odd curved sword towards Shocker. “You’re next, Chicken Wing Bastard! Come on! We’re still in the climax! The action can’t stop here!”

However, before Wizard could continue flinging insults, several silver feathers flew into his torso and exploded, sending the dragon through the air until he landed on his back. “GAH! You bastard! That hurt!”

Shocker immediately landed over Wizard and brought one of his talons down on the masked dragon’s neck, making him drop his sword. “You Rider scum! After the day I’ve had to deal with, I’m going enjoy what I’m about to do to you a little too much!

“I’m going to start by digging my talon into your chest, right through those jewels you’ve got protecting you. Then I’ll rip out your still beating heart from your chest, and crush it right in front of your eyes!

“And then I’m going to do the same thing to Spring Heel!”

“W-Wait!” Wizard sputtered out as he tried to break free from Shocker’s grip. “Y-You can’t do that! We have to keep this story teen rated!”

“ENOUGH!” Shocker snarled before his other talon dove straight down into Wizard’s chest.

Wizard yelled out in pain, but then stopped when he came to a sudden realization. “Huh? It doesn’t hurt?”

Then it was Shocker’s turn to scream, as while is talon did stab into Wizard’s chest, it didn’t pierce through the magical dragon’s armor or body – Instead, it was as if the talon fazed into Wizard’s body. “This… This shouldn’t be possible! The only way this could happen is if… Wait, you have Core Medals in you?!”

“… Core what?” Wizard growled with his head tilted slightly.

Before Shocker said another word, two black hooves slammed into the back of his head, forcing him off of Wizard and his talon leaving Wizard’s body. That wasn’t the only then that shot out of Wizard’s chest, three odd coins flew from the air. The owner of the hooves flipped through the air and caught all three in his front hooves before he landed on the ground next to Wizard who sat up to shake his head. “Gah… Geez, what in Kida’s name? Where am I? Why am I in my Wizard garb? And why do I have a craving for pudding?”

“Uh, I can’t answer that last one,” Eiji stated as he pocketed the three medals before he offered a hoof to Wizard. “But, you’re in front of the Everfree Forest and I believe you’re dressed like that because you’re fighting the Shocker Greeed.”

Wizard took Eiji’s hoof, and the zebra helped the dragon to his feet as Shocker roared loudly, “For the love of…! Why isn’t anything going my way today!? I just wanted to get some Cell Medals and fulfill my own desires! Is that so much to ask?!”

“When your desire is to harm innocent ponies,” Eiji replied as he stood on his hind legs to reveal that he had an odd belt around his waist with a buckle that had three slots on it. “Then it’s us Kamen Riders who’ll stop you.”

“Kamen Riders?” Wizard questioned with a tilted head as he watch Eiji lift up three medals up with his hooves.

With a warm smile, Eiji snapped two of the medals into right and left slots of his buckler, then when he snapped the third one in, the zebra clicked the buckler to a horizontal degree and grabbed a disc that was connected to the right of his belt. “Riders should help each other out.”

Then with a swift movement, the mysterious zebra ran the disc in front of the buckler, with three musical chimes sounding out as it passed in front of the medals. Wizard then chuckled as Eiji lifted the disc to his chest. “I see, the one from yesterday…”


Several, large, phantasmal medals floated around Eiji’s body until three came to a halt in front of him, “TAKA! TORA! BATTA!


The three medals came together in front of Eiji’s chest before the conjoined emblem slammed into his body. Almost immediately, a black, armored suit materialized over Eiji’s form with a red, hawk-like mask, yellow shoulder pads with matching gauntlets that had three long claws attached to them, and green, insect-themed leg armor covering his hind legs. At the new armored zebra’s chest was the very same emblem that had melded with his form, with a red hawk at the top, a yellow tiger in the middle, and a green grasshopper in the middle.

“You bastards!” Shocker growled as he threw one of his talons forward. “Just who the Tartarus do you think are?!

“OOO,” The new masked equine answered as he lowered his front legs to the ground, getting into a pouncing stance. “Kamen Rider OOO!”

“Has a nice ring to it actually,” Wizard stated as he stepped forward holding his left hand up to show off the Flame Style ring gleaming in the light. “Kamen Rider Wizard, and it’s showtime.”

“Oooh, that was so cool!” OOO was in awe as he watched the masked dragon strike a pose. “I really need to get my own catchphrase.”

Shocker screeched loudly as his wings fanned out before he flapped the wings, sending several gray feathers towards the two masked defenders of justice. However, both Kamen Riders leapt in different directions just in time to dodge the exploding feathers.

While in midair, Wizard slipped a familiar ring on his right claw and waved it in front of his belt buckle. “CONNECT – PLEASE!”

Throwing his hand into the runic circle, Wizard pulled out his familiar WizarSwordGun and fired several rounds that zipped over the field and crashed into Shocker’s body, knocking the eagle-based monster stagger back with a number of medals falling from his body from where the magical bullets connected with his body.

Before Shocker could unleash a counter attack against the masked dragon, a loud tiger roar sounded behind him, and caused the Greeed to turn around just in time to see OOO charging quickly at him with the claws on his front legs extended. The yellow claws lashed across Shocker’s chest as OOO passed the coin filled monster. Glowing yellow wounds appeared over Shocker’s chest as even more Cell Medals fell to the ground and the winged being fell to his knee.

Rapid footsteps drew Shocker’s attention back to in front of him to see Wizard and OOO right in front of him. Wizard and OOO spun around before they slammed their feet into Shocker’s shoulders, making the monster fly backwards with several coins bouncing off of the ground before he landed on his feet. But then, the monster fell to his knee and gripped his chest. “H-How?! How were you two unable to defeat me yesterday, but today I’m on the losing end?!”

“Monsters like you never understand it,” OOO stated as he reached to the left side of his belt, and pulled out two more medals. “Riders stand together, and when we stand together, nothing can defeat us.”

“We are the beacons of hope,” Wizard added as he slipped another red ring on his left claw. “No matter what obstacles come our way, we will always fight, never giving up!”

Shocker spread his wings once more, but this time he flew up into the air, trying to put distance between him and the two riders.

OOO replaced the two left medals on his belt and immediately scanned the disc over the belt buckle. “TAKA KUJAKU CONDOR!”

The phantasmal medals appeared in front of OOO before they snapped together and flew into OOO’s chest. Flames flew from OOO’s body as his torso and leg armor turned a bright red with wing and talon-like additions to them with a disc-like shield on his front left leg. Even the hawk-like helmet flared out with a bright red visor now appearing in front of his face. “TAJADORU~”

Fiery wings erupted from the new red OOO’s back, and the masked zebra flew up into the air with several fiery feathers following him.

Wizard shook his head before he threw his left hand over his buckler, “Not gonna let you show me up.”



The familiar fiery dragon flew around Wizard’s body before his black cloak turned red and he transformed into Flame Dragon style with him grabbing another ring from his chain of rings.

Shocker flew higher and higher into the air, his wounds quickly closing up. “I’ll find another town , make another Yummy and… And…”

A loud eagle screech echoed through the air, drawing Shocker’s attention to see the phoenix-like OOO soaring right behind him. The winged Greeed spun around and flapped his wings at OOO, sending more feathers towards the chasing Kamen Rider, OOO did the same, with fiery feathers shooting from his flame covered wings.

The projectile feathers from both sides collided and exploded between the two winged fighters. Shocker flew towards OOO and brought his talon down on the red armored zebra. OOO lifted up the shield up and blocked the attack before he pulled the shield back and slammed his left hoof into Shocker’s chest with a fiery punch. Shocker grunted before he took a swipe with the other talon, but missed as OOO fell backwards.

Throwing the shield forward, a powerful flame erupted from the OOO’s left hoof and slammed into Shocker’s body. And with a loud painful screech, Shocker’s wings stopped supporting his weight and he began to fall. OOO’s wings propelled him to fly to the right to dodge the falling Greeed.

“Time to end this!” OOO announced as he grabbed the disc on his belt once more and scanned it over his belt buckle once more.


A large flame surrounded OOO’s body before he fell after Shocker.

The eagle-like monster growled as he continued to fall towards the ground, seeing OOO coming after him once more, both of the Zebra’s hind legs pointed at Shocker. “You think that’s enough to stop me?! You riders can never…!”



Shocker craned his head back to see that Wizard had propelled himself from the air with flames at the dragon’s back, his right foot aimed towards Shocker with embers erupting from the masked dragon’s heel.

A scorching phoenix from above. “SEI-YA!”

A blazing dragon from below. “The finale!”

With the two infernos closing in on him, Shocker brought his right talon to his chest and then threw his arm up into the air. “To the illustrious Dai Shocker! DAI BANZAI!!!”

Both rider’s kicks connected into Shocker’s body before the eagle-like monster erupted into a fiery explosion that had several medals raining down to the ground. Along with the medals, both red donned riders landed on the ground, with the medals bouncing off their armor.

Wizard chuckled as he lifted his arms up to catch some of the medals in his claws. “Now this is my kind of rain.”

“Yeah, but it’s a pain in the flank to pick them all up,” OOO stated as he lowered his head. “Better get started. Mind giving me a hoof? Or claw in this case?”

Wizard shrugged his shoulders, and began to grab some of the cell medals that were on the ground.

“That. Was. AWESOME!”

Wizard and OOO turned to the entrance of the Everfree Woods to see all of the mares who were in the woods throughout the fight, although managed to see the final attack that the two Kamen Riders delivered to Shocker, and they could see Rainbow Dash was haphazardly flying about as she kept shouting.

“Somepony tell me what happened, I couldn’t see!” Rarity demanded, trying to pull back her mane. “Do it again!”

“That’s Eiji, right?” Twilight asked when she turned to Zecora. “I thought only Haru had that sort of ability… Is Mister Hino a mage as well?”

“The sort of power Eiji owns of ancient lore,” Zecora answered as she pointed a hoof to the red armored zebra. “But his power is not of magic, but the medals he uses allow him to soar. My child, there are many other ponies who wear a mask. To protect the hope and dreams of all ponies is their task.

“The two we see before are a part of that select few, and although it’s hard to believe, I assure you it’s true.”

“Yes, yes, while this is all fascinating,” Rarity interrupted. “But can we please get that natural cure please? I feel like there’s a bird about to make a nest in my mane.”

Wizard tilted his head slightly at the mares, “… Okay, something’s different about you ladies today.”


Dear Princess Celestia,

My friends and I all learned an important lesson this week: Never judge a book by its cover. Someone may look unusual, or funny, or scary. But you have to look past that and learn who they are inside.
Real friends don't care what your "cover" is; It's the "contents" of a pony that count. And a good friend, like a good book, is something that will last forever.

Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.

Do we have any books that refer to the term ‘Kamen Rider’ in the royal library?

“Did you get all that, Spike?”

“Yup!” Spike replied as he pulled the quill from the parchment to look at all the mares who were now soaking in a large spa bath.

After witnessing the curbstomp of a battle between the two masked individuals and monster, the comical group of ponies with Apple Bloom and Zecora had made their way back to Ponyville, and after some explanation to some of the local shops, the mares were now in the Ponyville Day Spa with the herbal bath that Zecora had whipped up.

And almost immediately getting into herbal bath, the effects of the Poison Joke were washed away.

“Ah, much better,” Rarity sighed with relief as she shook the water from her regularly styled mane. “I was getting worried that I’d be stuck with that horrendous mane style. And this bath is simply divine, Zecora.”

“Oh my gosh!” Pinkie cheered as she splashed some water about with her hooves. “I had no idea how bad it was that I couldn’t talk! It was the worst! Ooh! I hope I never have to deal with that again! How about you Fluttershy? Don’tcha agree?”

Fluttershy smiled before she calmly spoke, “Yes.”

“Thanks again Zecora,” Twilight stated as she watched the zebra pour in more of the herbs into the bath water. “And sorry for thinking you were an evil sorceress.”

Placing the jar on the floor, Zecora nodded towards Twilight, “Rest your fears, Twilight. Your fears were caused by a small insight.”

“Hey Zecora,” Dash said, stretching out her readjusted wings by flying over the bath. “I gotta ask, how come you’ve got a statue of Wizard in your place? You know the scaly guy?”

“Actually, that’s something I’m curious about as well,” Twilight added. “Do you know Haru?”

“Until today, the dragon’s name was quite unknown,” Zecora answered as she trotted around the water. “The statue I found one night in the woods when I walked back from this town.”

“Hey ladies!”

Speaking of the dragon, Haru and Eiji walked into the spa, making their way to the upper level to where the bath was. Both of the riders had saddle bags that were filled to the brim with so many Cell Medals that some of them bounced out of the bags. While the mares were curing their afflictions, the dragon and male zebra were hard at work trying to gather the Cell Medals that came from Shocker’s defeat.

Haru was back in his usual black jacket and waved a claw at his friends, “Feeling better?”

“Ah think we should be askin’ ya’ll that question, Mistah Souma,” Applejack stated, having gotten to her original size thanks to the herbal bath the southern trotted up to the dragon. “Ya’ll were acting all weird today, so that Poison Joke must’ve gotten to ya too. Ya’ll should take a dip too.”

The dragon scratched the side of his head, “Like I said before, AJ, I don’t remember anything about today before I met Eiji here. And I feel fine.”

It was then that Spike slowly walked up to Haru, drawing the taller dragon’s attention, “Oh, hello there Spike. Haven’t seen you at all today, what’s going on?”


Haru’s eyes widened as he brought his right leg up, his shin now sporting a fresh bruise, “OW! WHAT THE TARTARUS SPIKE!?!”

Instead of a verbal answer though, Spike just spun around and slammed his tail into Haru’s other leg, making the red dragon fall backwards and into the bath. The mares in the herbal bath managed to get out of the way before Haru fell into the water with a large splash.

A few seconds later, Haru’s head peeked out of the water, and he spat out some of the water that got in his mouth.

“Spike!” Twilight colded.

“What? He needed to get in the bath anyway,” Spike defended.

The entire spa filled with laughter, save for Haru’s laughter



“What a great haul today,” Spring Heel cackled loudly as he walked the path away from Ponyville, two Ghouls behind him carrying sacks filled with Cell Medals. “Got my instant army, screwed over Shocker, and even had some time to play! But soon, my plan shall be enacted in full, and soon, I shall be the Phantom with all the pull!”

Both of the Ghouls looked at each other and shook their heads at their master’s declaration. This Phantom sure did like his rhyming monologues.

“The best part of my little plan, if I do say so myself,” Spring Heel added to his monologue as he flipped a cell medal into the air a few times. “Is that nopony can stop me, and I can feel my pride a growing all by itself!”

“Nopony can stop you, eh?”

Spring Heel and the two Ghouls stopped in their tracks and looked down the path to see an odd figure leaned up against a single tree in front of them. The figure was dressed in a black jumpsuit with golden armor covering his body, a large lion head-shaped shoulder pad covered his right arm with the lion’s mane stylized to flow over his chest. The individual’s head was covered with an odd, feline-like mask with large green eyes. “Good thing I’m no pony.”

Spring Heel tilted his top hat covered head at the gold armored individual, “Oh? Another freak in a mask. Are you here to interrupt my task?”

“I don’t really care for your ‘task’,” The golden individual replied as he pushed himself off of the tree and turned to face the Phantom. “All I see is a main course with two side dishes.”

“What? That makes no sense,” Spring Heel questioned before he threw his cloak up to reveal his skinny, yet oddly formal attire covered, figure. “But it doesn’t matter! I’ll make you disappear into the past tense!”

Spring Heel threw his right, claw endowed hand forward, and it shot towards the golden individual. The Phantom’s arm was coiled like his name sake and the claw was just about to connect with the golden individual’s head.

But, with just a slight tilt of his neck, the claw covered hand barely scratched the side of his helmet. In the next instant, the golden individual wrapped his white gloved hands around the spring like arm and pulled with all his strength. “GRAGH!”

Spring Heel screamed loudly as he was lifted off his feet and yanked toward the golden individual. Said individual released his grip and dashed towards the oncoming Phantom, his right arm pulled back.


The golden individual’s fist connected with Spring Heel’s face and slammed the phantom into the ground, creating a small crater into the dirt path. When the golden individual removed his fist, there was a definite imprint of his three fingers in Spring Heel’s face, and smack dab right between the Phantom’s eyes was an imprint of a ring.

Spring Heel snarled as he quickly pushed himself from the ground and immediately used his name sake ability to propel him into the air, not even caring that his top hat had fallen off in the process. “A lucky shot from the new guy! But now it’s time to say buh-bye!”

While up high into the air, Spring Hell drew his cloak around him, almost covering his entire body. When he threw the cloak off again, several sharp knives were hanging off of his body, and with a spin, the Phantom quickly threw the knives down towards the golden individual…

… who didn’t even move when the knives connected with his body, but oddly enough, there was a good reason why the golden individual didn’t move. The knives just bounced off his armor and jumpsuit without causing even a single scratch to him. In fact, the golden individual just sighed in annoyance before he crouched down. “Really? That’s the best you can do? You’re not making this hunt all that exciting.”

Then using his powerful legs, the golden individual leapt towards Spring Heel, who in turn laughed loudly, “What a fool! Do you really think you can reach my height! Now it’s time…”

“To end this fight!” The golden individual announced as he reached for a chain of rings that were attached to his belt and pulled a ring off it and replaced the ring he had on his right hand.

“FALCO! GO – F-F-F-Falco!”

A loud bird screech echoed through the air as several red feathers appeared around the golden individual’s body and he disappeared in a red and gold blur. Spring Heel’s eyes widened when he lost track of his opponent. “Right behind you!”

The Phantom turned around just in time to get a familiar fist planted right between his eyes. The force rocketed Spring Heel to the ground, and the ground shook upon impact. Dirt and debris flew from the crash site, and as the dust began to settle, Spring Heel pushed himself off of the ground, his entire body wracked with pain. “How in the world can I be put in such a pinch? Normal ponies to harm me shouldn’t be such a sinch!!”


Spring Heel craned his head up just in time to see a titanic phantasmal red falcon appear over the golden individual’s body, his right leg extended in front of him and into the falcon’s beak. The phantasmal falcon and golden individual crashed into the Phantom’s chest, and at first, the only thing that happened was that the phantasmal flacon scattered into several red feathers, and the two fighting magical beings seemed to be frozen in place.

But then, several red and golden sparks flew from Spring Heel’s body as he slowly lifted his hand up. “T-This is the can’t be how my story stops! My plans! My ideals! All my work! It’s all a flop! Just what are you supposed to be?! A being who defeat a Phantom with such ease?!”

“Wanna know the name?” the golden individual asked before he twisted his foot around on Spring Heel’s chest. “Then take it with you as you get devoured!


The sparks erupted into a powerful explosion, allowing Beast to land on the ground. The flames that surrounded him immediately turned into a gold runic circle that floated in front of Beast. The mysterious golden individual clapped his hands together before the circle was drawn into his belt buckle, with a loud gulping sound. “Hmm, has a bit of a tangy after taste, still, I’ll take it.

“Thank you for the meal!”

The two Ghouls who just witnessed their master’s defeat stepped back and immediately dropped the sacks of cell medals to the ground. Unfortunately, this garnered Beast’s attention towards the two, “Oooh, a pair of desserts – Just the right chaser after that meal.”

While the two Ghouls were being smacked down by Beast, a certain, mint green pegasus watched the entire scene from a cloudy perch, blowing a large pink bubble from his mouth. ‘Hmm, I knew it was a good idea to follow Spring Heel Jack, otherwise I wouldn’t have found this little treasure right here.

‘A lot of good treasures I found today – This new interesting character, and of course this little number.’

Looking down at his hoof, Sora’s bubble of gum popped, allowing him to smirk at the golden medal in his hoof that had an eagle on it. ‘So much fun to be had now-a-days! But it’s not yet time!’


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