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Friendship is SHOWTIME!! - MangaKamen

A Kamen Rider Crossover Magic – a mysterious force in this world, and each creature possess magic within itself. A gift to many, but to a few, it is nothing but a curse. And when Twilight sees a new form of magic, she'll learn that life is

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Spell 8 - The Brush Off

Because there’s no one else but me who can do this.
- Godai Yuusuke / Kamen Rider Kuuga


Spell 8

The Brush Off


The next day came quickly, the morning sun just over the horizon and lighting up Ponyville’s streets, with its citizens just barely waking up.

Oddly enough, Haru was up early and was walking through the town, holding up his latest ring up to gleam in the sun – The image on the ring a small dragon with its wings folded with more rings behind it. ‘A rather weird design, but then again, there isn’t much normal to my life.'

He had fashioned it last night with the Ring Ring, but instead of using the ring in Twilight’s house where it could potentially blow up the tree.

Hence the sleek dragon was on his way out of town to test it. Haru wanted to make sure that no one got hurt when he tested the ring out, and he hadn’t awoken Twilight or Spike this morning since it was only one ring – nothing to get too excited over. ‘I wonder what this thing can do.’

Haru would’ve continued on his trek out of town, but, that’s when the dragon heard a rather papery tweeting sound that was getting closer and coming up behind the sleek dragon. Haru turned around to see a familiar party-crazed pink pony, only he had to do a double take when he realized what accessories she had on today.

An arrow headband, a pair of goofy glasses with swirls on the lenses, a big rubber clown nose, a droopy mustache and a party kazoo in the pony’s mouth that she tweeted with every step the mare took.

And Haru just blinked a few times at the oddly accessorized mare, ‘Why is it that I’ve fought against a few Phantoms, including a Pranch Gnome, and yet I’m freaked out more by Pinkie Pie’s antics?’

“Morning Haru!” Pinkie Pie greeted as she trotted around the dragon. “Hope you’re still not sore about being pranked yesterday – It was all in the name of fun.”

“Well, with a face like that,” Haru chuckled as he pocketed his new ring. “I can’t help but smile. And I wasn’t really sore, I was just trying to warn you and Rainbow Dash about how pranks can backfire.”

“But it was funny, right?” Pinkie Pie inquired as she leaned closer towards the dragon.

With a sigh of defeat, Haru threw his claws up slightly, “Yes, it was.”

“Yay!” Pinkie cheered before she leapt up into the air a few feet. “OOOH! You know what would be amazing?! You should come with me and Dash today! I bet all three of us could come up with some super duper pranks! Especially with your magic.”

“I’m not much of a prankster…” Haru admitted as he rubbed the back his head’s spines.

Trailing off his little excuse, the dragon looked at Pinkie who had pulled down her goofy glasses to give Haru the biggest pair of puppy dog eyes that Haru had ever seen before in his life. ‘The cutesy… It’s too much!’

Two minutes later, Pinkie Pie was leading Haru out of town with the arrow headband now on his head. Apparently, Pinkie was on her way to wake up Rainbow Dash, who lived just outside of Ponyville.

When the two reached the place, Haru had to crane his head up and blink a few times at the floating mansion – With columns, rainbow decorations, fountains and even a miniature waterfall at the side. The dragon was awestruck at the cloudy home, ‘I guess it pays to be a pegasus, damn what a nice looking house.’

“Rise and shine Rainbow Dash!” Pinkie Pie called out to the floating house. “It’s a brand new day, and we’ve got a lot of pranking to do! I even managed to get a special guest to…”

That’s when an unfamiliar form popped out from the front door, and looking down at the earth pony and dragon was what appeared to be an eagle head with combed forward, white feathers. The eagle looked down at the two with her large, yellow eyes and observed the two.

“Ooh,” Pinkie stated.

“Huh,” Haru added.

Stirring conversation aside, from the higher level of the cloud mansion, Rainbow Dash flew off the clouds and head towards the ground. “Morning Pinks! Wizard!”

When the brash pegasus landed on the ground, the eagle flew from the house as well, revealing that it wasn’t an eagle, but rather a griffon!

“Gilda!” Rainbow called out to the descending griffon. “This is my gal pal Pinkie, this dragon over here is Haru.”

The griffon named Gilda took a good look at the two (during which Pinkie removed her gags, Haru however kept the arrow headband on) and turned slightly, “Hey, sup?”

“Guys, this is my griffon friend, Gilda,” Rainbow Dash introduced

“Cool! Uh, what’s a griffon?” Pinkie Pie asked.

“Griffons are rather interesting creatures,” Haru replied with a claw at his chin. “They’re part eagle and part lion, two beings that are considered kings of their dominions, and they are thought to be especially majestic creatures. They normally reside in the Griffon Kingdom to the south, but they’re not that common around these parts.”

“You forgot to mention that we’re a hundred percent awesome,” Gilda chimed in as she landed on the ground near the three. Gilda pulled Rainbow close before the two jumped from each other and exchanged a talon/hoof pump.

“Indeed,” Haru chimed back with a slightly flat look in his eyes.

“Gilda’s my best friend from my days at Junior Speedster Flight Camp,” Rainbow explained as a rather sly look appeared in her eyes. “Say, remember the chant?”

“Pswhay, who could forget that lame thing?” Gilda retorted raising an eyebrow at her pegasus friend. “They made us recite it every morning. I don’t think I’ll ever get that thing outta my head.”

“Sooooooo?” Rainbow Dash cooed as she leaned in closer to Gilda, and winked a few times at her griffon friend.

Gilda sighed and rolled her golden eyes, “Only for you Dash.”

Both Rainbow and Gilda flew up into the air, Rainbow Dash exuding energy while Gilda was less than enthusiastic as the two posed as they sang.

“Junior Speedsters are our lives,
Sky-bound soars and daring dives!
Junior Speedsters, it's our quest,
To some day be the very best!”

Both landed on the ground, Dash waving her front legs in the air while Gilda waved her talons. Pinkie was laughing loudly while Haru just stared blankly. ‘I think I need some brain bleach now.’

“That was awesome!” Pinkie announced as she quickly donned the wacky accessories on her face again. “And it gave me a great idea for a prank! You game, Gilda?”

“Huh, well, I groove on a good prank as much as the next griffon,” Gilda replied as she stretched her large wings. “Dash promised we get a flying session in this morning.”

Gilda flew into the air while Dash trotted over to Pinkie, “Yeah, uh, well, Pinkie Pie, you’ve still got Haru with you, but you don’t mind do you? Gilda just got here, so, we’ll catch up with you later.”

Although obviously disheartened, Pinkie Pie used her gag glasses to cover up her disappointed look, “Uh, sure, don’t worry about me! I’ll be fine! You two go and have some high-flying fun!”

Rainbow Dash looked back at Pinkie before she leapt up into the air, following Gilda as the two soared through the air.

With a sad tweet, Pinkie Pie slumped to the ground. Haru scratched the side of his head, “Uh, are you okay?”

“Yeah,” Pinkie sighed as she took off her goofy glasses.

“We could still pull some pranks,” Haru offered with a nervous smile on his face. “I’m not the best prankster, but, hey, I can learn.”

“That’s okay,” Pinkie sighed again. “I really appreciate that Haru, but, I a few of the pranks I had planned kind of need a winged companion.”

Haru smiled as he picked up the pranking gear that Pinkie had dropped to the ground, “Well, then how about I show you something amazing? I might not be able to fly, but we can still have some fun with some magic.”

Pinkie’s smile grew back on her face.


Having reached a cleared out plain, Haru pulled off one of his rings and held it up to Pinkie Pie. “So, let’s have a little fun first. I believe you remember this spell.”

Slipping the ring on his claw, Haru brought his claw up to his belt buckle, “CONNECT – PLEASE!”

Haru brought both of his hands up, and instantly two red runic circles materialized in front of the dragon. Pinkie nodded a few times. “Yup! Yup! You used that to ditch your party… We still need to finish that you know.”

“Uh, yeah,” Haru chuckled nervously as he cleared his throat. “Well cover that later, for right, watch and be amazed.”

Haru’s claws actually gripped both of the runic circles and he moved them about with his hands. With the circle in his left hand, Haru slipped it on one side of him on the ground, after which Haru placed the other runic circle a few feet away on the ground. “Now, here’s something I discovered when I first used this ring. Keep an eye on both connection portals.”

With a large smile on his face, Haru jumped up and landed atop of the ring. However, the red dragon sunk into the connection circle, while his clawed feet popped out of the other connection portal upside down. The rest of Haru disappeared into the ring while he fully appeared upside down from the other.

But that didn’t last since the dragon sunk back into the circle, with him appearing out of the original circle right side up. Haru began to sink again before his legs and tail popped out of the other one.

Pinkie’s eyes widened and a large, bright smile appeared on her face. “WOW! THAT’S AMAZING HARU!”

Haru laughed before he used his tail to pull him away from the two portals, “Care for a go?”

“DO I!?” Pinkie cheered before she leapt high into the air, and curled up. “Cannonball!”

Haru stepped back as Pinkie dropped through the portal, and popped up from the other one upside down, and thanks to gravity’s pull, she quickly fell once more. Haru watched with a warm smile on his scaly face, Pinkie Pie’s laughter echoing through the clear sky. “Haru – If you did this at your party, you would’ve been the coolest dragon around!”

“Well, it’s between me and Spike for that title,” Haru replied with a warm smile on his face as Pinkie Pie began to do extravagant poses whenever she popped out of the circles. “And he’s already gotten the ‘cutest dragon’ title to him. So, I’d like to think that I’d at least have the ‘coolest dragon around’ title.”

Using his tail to grab Pinkie’s waist, Haru stopped the young mare. “Aww, I was having so much fun.”

“I’m not stopping it,” Haru replied as his tail gently placed Pinkie Pie on the ground. “I’m just about to literally change it up.”

Using his claws to lift the magical circles up to be side by side, Haru clapped his claws and gestured to one of them. “Please step on through, but don’t go all the way through.”

Pinkie Pie raised an eyebrow, but trotted towards the circle on the right until she passed through it, her head and front legs poking out from the left circle. “Now what Haru?”

That’s when Haru’s head and front claws popped out of the right circle, a large smile on his face. “Now behold! You have become half dragon! And I have become half pony!”

Pinkie looked back and saw that on the other side of the runic circle, her flank was behind Haru while his red tail and legs were right behind her. Pinkie bit her lower lip before she exploded with laughter.

Even Haru laughed as he wagged his tail to match with Pinkie’s laughter.

A few minutes later, both Haru and Pinkie Pie were seated on the ground, the Connection Portals had faded away. Pinkie was still laughing while Haru just smiled, “Feeling better, I take it?”

Calming her laughter slightly, Pinkie grinned back at her dragon friend, “Yup! Thanks Haru! That was really fun! You should do that more often!”

The dragon cackled as he looked up into the sky, “Maybe I will in the future Pinkie, but anyway, I hope you’re not bummed about Rainbow not pranking with you today.”

“Nah, I’m just glad that I’ve found another friend!” Pinkie replied as she leapt to her hooves. “Gilda! Anypony who’s friends with Rainbow Dash has to be just as awesome, right?”

‘Well, then I guess that means you’re just as awesome in that regard,’ Haru thought to himself. Just as Haru was about to say this to Pinkie Pie, a familiar stream of colors flew through the sky overhead. “Hey, guess who?”

Pinkie looked up after following Haru’s claw to see that the rainbow above was descending towards them, “Rainbow Dash!”

Indeed, it was the sky blue pegasus that was quickly landing near the two, “Pinkie! Wizard! Glad to see you two!”

“Dash?” Haru asked as he pushed himself off of the ground and walked over to the mare. “Weren’t you with Gilda?”

“Yeah, well, we were having a race, but I kinda went extremely fast,” Rainbow explained with a slight blush on her face. “And I lost her. I was flying around trying to find her, but so far, no luck. You two didn’t see her, did you?”

Pinkie shrugged, “Nope! Sorry Dash!”

Haru was about to answer when something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. His eyes widened as he quickly slipped a ring over his claw and threw it over his belt. “DEFEND – PLEASE!”

Haru dashed past Rainbow Dash and threw his claw up into the air, creating a pure white, large version of his usual runic circle over the trio. One second later, a powerful burst of purple flames crashed into the barrier, shaking up both of the mare.

“Aw man, that’s whack!”

When the flames died down, Haru, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash looked towards the sky where a lowered cloud was floating in front of them. Seated on the cloud was a weird creature, a humanoid-like creature that had pure ebony skin with a sleek feminine build. The creature was dressed in a rather revealing, armored outfit similar to golden fitted top, a matching white hip belt, and a pair of red harem pants – All of which was used to show off her figure. The armor was adorned with several little coin-like charms, something you would see from Saddle Arabia. The creature’s face was completely blank save for the ebony skin and pair of yellow eyes, and atop of her head was a gold tiara that had a large tail of dark purple flames that looked to be her hair.

“Phantom,” Haru growled as he made his barrier disappear and reached into his jacket.

“Just my luck to run into a mage,” The phantom moaned as she shook her head, the flames following her. “And that’s totally lame to just call me Phantom! I’m Djinn! Not some common Ghul!”

Haru didn’t say a word as he looked back to Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie, with a new ring donned on his right claw, Haru lifted his hand to his belt buckle. “DRIVER ON – PLEASE!”

“Both of you, get out of here.”

With his left hand now with a new ring, Haru messed with his belt before he began to run forward. [i][b“Sha Ba Do Be Touch Henshin! Sha Ba Do Be Touch Henshin!”


“Fuu Fuu Fuu Fuu Fuu Fuu!”


A green runic circle appeared in front of Haru, and as he leapt through it, the dragon was now covered in his triangular emerald themed Wizard garb. The air around Haru’s body dyed a bright green before he flew towards Djinn, leaving the two mares on the ground watching him charge the Phantom.

“He wasn’t kidding,” Rainbow muttered with her eyes widened. “He can fly!”

“Haru! Haru! He’s the dragon, if he can’t do it” Pinkie cheered with her hooves flapping in the air. “… Something that rhymes with dragon!”

Wizard shook his helmeted head as he spun around through the air before he unleashed a green twister covered kick towards the relaxed Djinn. “It’s showtime.”

“Puh-lease!” Djinn sighed before she leapt from the cloud, just as Wizard’s kick slammed into the cloud and dispersed the cloud. “No need to go postal, dweeb! I’m not after you, spaz!”

Using the wind to spin around, Wizard saw that the Phantom was diving towards the Rainbow and Pinkie, the two mares flying and galloping away, respectively. Fitting a familiar ring on his right hand, Wizard dove after the Phantom. “CONNECT – PLEASE!”

Djinn drew in a deep breath when she was near the two mares, the flame atop of her head growing more intense. “LATER LOSERS!”

Before the Phantom could attack, several streams of green light crashed into her back, forcing her head to look up and unleash several purple flames up into the air. Djinn turned around to see that Wizard was flying towards her with his gun aimed at her. “Oh that’s just whack!”

Wizard unfolded his gun into its blade form and continued his descent at Djinn. The phantom landed on the ground, her fiery hair warping until a good portion of the purple flames transformed into a crystallized scimitar that she swiped at the oncoming Wizard. Using the magical gale around his body, Haru flipped over the attack, and slammed his feet into Djinn’s back, sending her to the ground.

Quickly pushing herself off of the ground, Djinn looked around to see that the two mares had run out of sight. “You lousy dweeb! Don’t you know you’re not supposed to hit a lady?”

“Hard to see you as a lady when you attack other mares,” Haru replied as he charged, holding the blade downwards.

Djinn leapt into the air and brought down the scimitar at Wizard, who spun around and slammed his blade into the Phantom’s curved sword. Sparks and flames flew from where the two weapons clashed, and the two magical beings locked gazes.

Once again, the green gale wrapped around Haru’s legs, and propelled him, making the blade strong enough to break through Djinn’s scimitar. “WHAT!?!”

But Wizard’s sword continued along with the magical dragon, and he slashed his blade into Djinn’s side, sending her flying to the right with a flurry of purple sparks and flames exploding from her body. “GARGH!”

Wizard landed on his feet while Djinn crashed on the ground with a slight roll. The masked mage turned around casually and walked over to the Phantom. Djinn was trying to get to her feet, but slipped on the grass a few times.

“The finale,” Wizard announced before he dashed across the field, the green gale surging around his sword.

Wizard spun around when he was only a few feet from Djinn, but before the blade could connect, another blade shot out from Djinn’s shadow and blocked the attack. Both Wizard and Djinn were surprised as a dark and red blur leapt from the rest of the shadow and crashed into Wizard, sending him flying back with sparks flying from his body. “ARGH!”

The blur landed on the ground as Wizard spun through the air, using the green gale to make him correct himself through the air.

“Sorry, but the show has just begun,” cackled the blur, revealing a second Phantom – Hellhound – A crooked sword gripped tightly in his left hand. “Besides, ending this show so soon without a twist is just dull.”

“Another Phantom?” Djinn questioned as she struggled to get to her feet.

Hellhound spun around and wagged a finger, “Uh, uh, uh, remember your own words – ‘That’s totally lame to call me just Phantom’, I am Hellhound. A fellow Phantom, your ally, and most recently, your savior!”

Hellhound laughed loudly before several green shots crashed into his back and sent him flying over Djinn. The other Phantom blinked a few times before she turned to see Wizard had returned his sword into a gun that was smoking with green energy. “Here’s a tip, don’t show your back to the audience during a show.”

Tossing his gun into the air, Wizard reached for his chain of rings and grabbed the newest ring that he created earlier. ‘Might was well try this out right now.’

With the new ring on his finger, Wizard messed with his belt before he waved his right hand in front of his belt. “MULTI – ERROR!”

Wizard’s head lifted up in surprise at the words his belt chimed out, “What?”

Taking advantage of Wizard’s confusion, Hellhound got back to his feet and stood next to Djinn. “We’ll be back right after these intermissions!”

And like that, both Phantoms began to disappear into their very own shadows.

“Wait!” Wizard shouted.

Wizard jumped up to grab his gun and unleashed a volley of magical energy that flew towards the retreating Phantoms. However the onslaught of mystic onslaught crashed into the ground just after Hellhound and Djinn disappeared.

“Damn it,” Wizard growled as he lifted up his right hand to study the Multi Ring. “I should’ve tested this earlier… But, why didn’t anything happen?”

A loud sigh echoed from Wizard’s helmet as he looked around the vacant plains. ‘Two Phantoms though, this is just perfect – They’re starting to work together. And there’s also the fact that I don’t know who the Gate is.

‘It’s either Pinkie Pie or Rainbow Dash, but I can’t discredit the fact that they could both be Gates – It would make sense if they were, two Phantoms, one for each of them.’

Wizard shook his head as he called forth the green gale around his legs and tail, with a powerful leap, the masked mage flew across the plains with his coattails billowing behind him. ‘First things first, I need to find the two of them! I can sort out what to do when I get to them.’


~ Half an hour later… ~

Wizard flew through the sky gently, looking over Ponyville in desperation. When he started, the cloaked dragon had called out Garuda to help him out in finding either of the mares, but so far, nothing had turned up. ‘I’ll give them this much, they’re probably the fastest ponies around.’

Taking a moment to land on one of the random roofs in Ponyville, Wizard sighed loudly to take a break. With the Multi Ring still on his claw, Wizard looked at the ring. ‘If this thing actually worked, I might’ve been able to take both of those Phantoms out, then this wouldn’t be a problem.’

Removing the ring, Wizard placed it back into chain belt and was about to equip another ring when all of a sudden…


Wind style Wizard looked up to see the familiar ruby red Garuda flying in front of him, “Ah, Garuda, good to see you’re here. Did you find one of them.”

Garuda whipped both of its wings up excitedly before it spun through the air and soared through the air. With a nod, Wizard leapt up with the green gale surging around his legs again. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

A few minutes, Garuda had led Wizard to a random cloud that was hovering a little bit outside Ponyville. Thanks to his wind style, Wizard was able to land gently on the cloud with Garuda on his shoulder, both of which were looking around, “I’m guessing since we’re up in the sky, you spotted Rainbow Dash around her.”

The ruby familiar nodded.

“Well, where is she?” Wizard questioned, unaware that a large amount of balloons were floating up behind him.

Garuda shrugged.

Wizard slapped his right claw on his helmets visor, “That’s no good, we gotta find them!”

“Hey Haru! What ya up to?”

Turning over his shoulder, Wizard saw all of the balloons that were tied around the pinker of the two mares’ stomach, lifting her up into the air. Wizard turned his attention away from her and waved his left hand through the air, “I’m trying to find you and Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie. And I’m having a hard time trying to…”

Both Garuda and Wizard jumped slightly see that Pinkie was floating higher into the air, only waving her front hoof at the costumed dragon. “What the!? Where did she get all those balloons?!”

Garuda shrugged again.

While Wizard was watching Pinkie ascend through the air, he say that one of the higher up clouds had Rainbow Dash and Gilda flying towards. “Well now, looks like I owe you a cola Garuda.”

The familiar chirped loudly.

“Do me a favor and keep an eye on Pinkie Pie,” Wizard ordered as Garuda saluted to his dragon master. Garuda flew off of the armored shoulder as Wizard leapt from the cloud and began to float up towards the cloud where Dash and Gilda were.

However, when the masked mage was ascending, several popping sounds echoed through the air. “Bye Haru!”

Wizard watched as Pinkie floated down past him, a number of her balloons already popped and she was safely descending towards the ground. ‘A nice mare, but she’s a bit of a free spirit.’

Shaking his head, Wizard reached his cloudy destination, only to realize that both of the two flyers had already soared through the air towards another cloud. Wizard threw his arms up into the air as he shook his head, “This is starting to get annoying.”

The gale returned to his legs, but before Wizard could take off, a loud jumble of noises caught the masked hero’s attention to see Pinkie fly by in a quad-pedaled flying machine that quickly flew past the magical dragon. It took a few moments for that to register in Wizard’s head before he slapped his masked forehead. ‘I turn away for not even a minute, and she’s already got something new. How in Equestria did she… It’s Pinkie Pie, don’t question it too much unless you want your head to explode, Haru.’

Garuda landed atop of Wizard’s helmet, looking just as confused as his master felt. “Yeah, I know Garuda. If you want, maybe you’d be better off keeping an eye on Rainbow Dash.”

With a loud sigh Garuda flew from Wizard and flew up towards the clouds, just as Rainbow Dash soared through the air away from the cloud.

Before Wizard could make a move however, the weird device that Pinkie was using begun to spin around wildly until the mare and her weird transportation flew through the air with Pinkie yelling out. Using the gale, Wizard chased after the out of control flying machine as it madly dashed through the air.

The flying machine haphazardly zigzagged through the air as it descended rapidly to the ground, and with a powerful burst of green twisted wind behind him, Wizard dived towards the contraption.

Wizard landed on the ground and slipped a familiar ring on his right hand, and slid his hand on the belt. “BIG – PLEASE!”

The circle emerged in front of Wizard before he threw his right hand into it, making it turn giant and grabbed the device, instantly making it stop spinning while Pinkie was stuck in the seat with her eyes spinning around. “Oooh.”

“Are you okay there, Pinkie?” Wizard asked as he gently used his enlarged hand to place the device on the ground.

After a few moments, Wizard dispelled his armor and enlarged arm, allowing Haru to help Pinkie Pie off of the slightly crushed transportation (he had to grip the darn thing so he couldn’t hurt Pinkie but also to stop the copter from spinning). Pinkie staggered a bit around until Haru used one of his claws to help support her a bit. “Whoo, what a ride! Can we go again?”

The dragon blinked a few times before realizing that he was questioning Pinkie Pie’s state of mind. “Uh, maybe later. But for right now, what happened?”

“Well, after you told us to run,” Pinkie Pie explained having gathered herself, well, as best she could. “Rainbow Dash ran into Gilda, although, I think the word flew would be much better to explain it, but that’s not the point! I suggested that we had to stick together, but Gilda was all like…”

Pinkie shook her head a few times before she stopped to make her mane stylized to resemble that of Gilda’s feathers, with her eyes mimicking Gilda’s. “‘Hey Dash, think you’ve got enough gas left to beat me in a race over to that cloud?”

‘That was a real good impression,’ Haru thought as Pinkie shook her head.

“And ‘Whoosh!’ they flew off!” Pinkie Pie continued waving her front legs as if they were wings. “I even had a trampoline in order to bounce up and be with them in the clouds! But when they flew away, I had the awesome idea of getting a bunch of balloons and that’s when I saw you when I was trying to get up to them! But then Gilda popped a lot of my balloons and made me go down to the ground, and that’s when I…”

Haru held up his claws up to Pinkie’s face, making her stop talking with him sighing, “Yes, yes, I think I can figure out what happened there. So, Rainbow Dash is hanging out Gilda, huh.”

“Yeah!” Pinkie exclaimed. “But Gilda’s really mean! She told me to get lost, called me a dweeb, and told me to buzz off before she caused me to spin out! I would’ve crashed!”

“I see,” Haru muttered under his breath as he rubbed his chin. His thoughts turned to the thought of the griffon. ‘I wonder… Could it be possible?’

“Thanks for catching me by the way!” Pinkie cheered with a large smile.

“Don’t worry about it,” Haru replied, closing his eyes in the process. ‘Now that I think about it, one of the Phantoms was talking like a 90’s punk reject. She even called me a dweeb… It can’t be though…’


‘Anypony could talk like that,’ The dragon mused to his mind. ‘But, I can’t disregard this as coincidence, still…’

“Hey Haru,” Pinkie Pie stated finally drawing Haru from his thoughts.

“Huh? Yeah, Pinkie?” The dragon questioned with his eyes open.

“Can I have my headband back?” Pinkie questioned with a slight giggle.

Haru brought his claws up to realize that he still had the arrow headband on his head, a slight shade of pink propped up on the mystical dragon’s face as he took the gag item off of his head. “H-How long was that on my head? Was it visible when I was Wizard?”

“Yup!” Pinkie giggled as she swiped the gag headgear. “Now come on!”

“Huh?” Haru questioned, just now realizing that Pinkie had just wrapped her tail around his wrist.

“I’m sure Twilight can help provide an answer!” Pinkie announced as she trotted off, dragging Haru behind her. “I know you’re thinking how Gilda can be such a grouch! And I know that Twilight can shed some light on this mystery! So come on Haru!”

“W-Wait a second!” Haru yelped, unfortunately before he could get too far, Pinkie Pie began to bounce up and down, making the dragon wavier in sync with the party obsessed mare.


Author's Note:

MangaKamen: Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed this chapter!

On side note, we need to make this story more out there, and if you guys can help out, we can get a comic of this! So, if you guys can do what you can, we can make this story out of this world!

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