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Friendship is SHOWTIME!! - MangaKamen

A Kamen Rider Crossover Magic – a mysterious force in this world, and each creature possess magic within itself. A gift to many, but to a few, it is nothing but a curse. And when Twilight sees a new form of magic, she'll learn that life is

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Spell 20 - Canterlot Royal Business Part 2

While the chaos in the castle was ensuing, back in the streets of Canterlot, there was only peace. Well, for the most part.

“C’mon Lyra, we didn’t come to Canterlot just to eat at a diner,” Bonbon sighed loudly as she rolled her eyes at her friend. “We came so you could tell your family about your ‘findings’.”

“Yeah, well, I need to prepare myself,” Lyra answered as she nervously shifted about. “You barely believe what we saw a couple of days ago, and you were right there!”

“I guess saying ‘A man-shaped chicken asked to borrow a couple jewels’ would probably land somepony in the loony bin,” Bonbon sighed, and Lyra was right – Bonbon could barely even believe what she had saw on that day. Even more surprising was that Lyra was able to scare not only that walking, talking chicken, but the monsters that had followed it, just by going gaga with her fascination with Humanoids. “But you dragged me here so you could finally prove it to your family. Wouldn’t it be better just to get it out of the way?”

“Yeah, but still,” Lyra sighed as she lowered her head to the table, blowing some of her mane out of her eyes. “I need to prepare. Even if I’ve got another witness, they still won’t believe me.”

“Why do you even have a fascination with humans anyway?” BonBon asked with her head tilted. “I don’t see why you have such a fascination with hairless apes.”

“They’re not just hairless apes!” Lyra snapped as she slammed a hoof into the table, which unfortunately knocked over the vase of flowers on the table and made all of the other ponies nearby look at the commotion. Sensing the stares, Lyra lifted her hooves up defensively with a nervous smile on her face. “S-Sorry about that!”

The citizens of Canterlot who saw the squabble shook their heads at the two.

“It’s a bit complicated, BonBon,” Lyra sighed as she looked down at the overturned flowers. “I mean, when I first read about humans – They just seem so awesome! Especially with their hands! Can you imagine what it’d be like to have fingers? We’d be able to pick up these flowers so much easily!”

“Lyra, you’re a unicorn,” BonBon stated with a dulled look in her eyes. “You can use your magic to pick them up.”

“That’s not the point,” Lyra groaned.

Before Lyra could continue however…

“Grandmother once said this…”

A well groomed paw hovered over the spilled vase and flowers and quickly fixed the centerpiece of the table “Flowers can make any girl glow.”

Lyra and BonBon turned to see a creature known as a Diamond Dog standing next to their table with one of his paws fixing the flowers vase and had his other paw holding up a tray that had a pair of salads on it. The Diamond Dog himself was dressed in a very fancy black waiter’s jacket and the hair atop of his (surprisingly handsome) face was topped with messy dark fur that covered most of his head.

When he was done fixing the vase, the Diamond Dog placed both salads before the two mares and bowed towards them, “Please enjoy your meal.”

“Excuse me, waiter!” Lyra interjected before the Diamond Dog could even turn around. “Before you go, can I trouble you for a favor?”

The Diamond Dog folded one of his arms behind his back and bowed with his other paw in front of him. “I work to serve. What can I do for you?”

“Can I see one of your paws for a few seconds?” Lyra asked.

The diamond dog didn’t even seem fazed as he immediately held out his paw over the table. He didn’t even react as Lyra began to point at his paw and even fondle it a little bit. “Thanks, now BonBon, as you can see, Diamond Dogs have something similar to hands, albeit, it’s different, but it’s still amazing! Hands could have a higher level of dexterity than magic, and they would make the world a whole lot easier for non-magic users!

“Don’t you get tired of using your mouth to use your quill pen? Don’t you wanna be able to unwrap candy or presents without getting bits in your mouth? And think about it! Using tools and even those game controllers would be easier too!

“Opposable thumbs rock!”

With that, Lyra removed her hooves from the diamond dog’s paw and smile, “You saw what this guy was able to do with his paw, but there are other aspects of humans that are fascinating as well. Anyway, thanks again, waiter!”

The waiter nodded before he lifted his paw up into the air, using his pointer finger to aim at the sun above. “Always a pleasure – oh and miss, Grandmother once said: ‘Once you know the real thing… You won’t be fooled by an imitation’. I truly hope you find what you are looking for one day.”

And with that, the Diamond Dog waiter walked off to take care of other customers in the café.

“He was nice,” Lyra replied as she used her magic to lift the fork off the table. “Though he’s a bit odd.”

‘You’re not one to talk,’ BonBon thought to herself with a bead of sweat rolling down the side of her head.


Spell 20

Canterlot Royal Business
Part 2


Shining Armor turned around, and of course, those narrowed eyes focused down on the red dragon. “Offended? You think it’s as petty as that?”

The stallion trotted towards the dragon, his gaze sharpening even further as he drew closer to the magical dragon. Haru didn’t move an inch as Shining Armor stood right in front of the dragon and their eyes met. However, instead of saying something, Shining’s horn glowed brightly and Haru could feel his clawed feet leave the ground, “What the!?”

“Haruto Souma, I don’t know what your goals are,” Shining Armor growled as he used his magic to levitate the dragon in front of him higher into the air. “And frankly, I don’t care – But what I won’t stand for is anypony – or any dragon, or anything – to hurt my little sister!”

Haru’s eyes widened.

“Wait a minute!” Haru sputtered as he struggled against the magic that was holding him up against his will. “I… I didn’t… How do you even…?”

“It doesn’t matter how I know,” Shining replied with his gaze narrowed even further at the levitating dragon in front of him.

Despite what he said, Shining’s mind slowly drifted back to what had happened only three days prior…

“Alright everypony! You have your routes, if you see anything out of the ordinary, you are to report immediately. And if you see the target that I described, you are not to engage the target. I repeat, do engage the target!”


Shining sighed with relief as he watched his soldiers trot off to perform their rounds. ‘Of course we get reports of monster sightings when most of the Ozu Family’s out of Canterlot. Well, no rest for the weary, time to get to my own rounds…’


Shining Armor stopped in his tracks and craned his head around to see a mint green Pegasus standing behind him, his right wing holding up a fancy hat. Shining narrowed his eyes at the pony, “Civilians are not allowed to be here without permission – I’d ask how you got here, but you are a pegasus. State your reason for being here.”

The pegasus placed his hat back atop his head and smiled brightly, “Awe, no need to be like that! I was told to come here to report something to one Shining Armor – You know the guy? With a name like that, I figure he’s a real stuck up stallion.”

“You’re talking to that stuck up stallion,” Shining Armor groaned, rolling his eyes at the pegasus.

“Ooh! Then that’ll make this easy then!” the pegasus sang out with a bright smile.

The white stallion couldn’t help but notice that the pegasus didn’t apologize for his comment. “Well then, state your name and business with me.”

“Awe, don’t be a stick in the mud,” the pegasus replied with a pout on his face. “Anyway, you can call me Redd Herring.”

“But, you’re green,” Shining Armor pointed out.

“Shush, I’m doing this to appease the commenters!” Redd Herring whispered before he turned his head towards the side. Then, he visibly winked to no pony in particular. “This story needs more support!”

“Uh, what you doing?” Shining Armor asked as he looked in the same direction as Redd, trying to see what the other stallion was doing.

“Now that we’ve gotten that blatant fourth-wall breaking advertisement out of the way,” Sora continued as if he didn’t do something weird. “I have very important information regarding your sister, Twilight Sparkle.”

Shining’s eyes widened when he heard his sister’s name, “Twily? How do you know…?”

“Tsk, tsk, that’s not important!” Redd Herring replied as he trotted up closer to Shining, so uncomfortably close that in fact any closer, the two Stallions could’ve had an… Incident. “You should be more concerned about a little Twily and that a dragon almost killed her!

“You hearing me, Shining?”

“Uh, Shining?”

The white stallion shook his head and looked up at the magically bound Haru, who had a bored look on his face. “You’ve had that blank look on your face for about five minutes, and I need to get to a restroom soon. Are you going to continue with what you were saying, or are you content with floating me up like this?”

With a snort, Shining’s magic dissipated and Haru fell to the ground with a loud whap. “OW!”

Shining trotted towards the fallen dragon, forcing their eyes to meet, “Then let me make this clear for you, Haruto Souma. You will keep your distance from my sister, got it? You will not hurt her, and if I find out otherwise, I will personally make you wish that you were…”

The stallion stopped when he took a deep whiff of the air and his eyes widened with his pupils shrinking down. Haru was about to question why Shining was acting like this, when his own nostrils caught a small sample of what the dragon could only assume that the stallion was smelling, and Haru’s claws quickly flew to his snout. “GEEZ!! WHAT IS THAT SMELL!?!”

“I DON’T KNOW!!!!!” Shining replied, tears welling up in his eyes.

It was at that moment that the sound of trotting hooves echoed through the hall, and both magically inclined beings turned to the source – Where an odd looking stallion was trotting towards them. The stallion in question was covered in head to hoof with thick clothing that would make any normal pony sweat to death, he was even wearing a winter cap, goggles and a surgical mask covering his muzzle. Around his neck was a notebook tied with a string.

The only part of this stallion’s body that wasn’t covered were the deep red bat wings sticking out, one of which was carrying a jar that had a visible air billowing from it.

It was suddenly very clear where the smell was now coming from.

“Wataru!” Shining called out.

The fully covered stallion jumped slightly and almost dropped the jar he had. The bat-winged pegasus quickly steadied himself before he fell to the ground, his front hooves on the notebook and he flipped through a few pages before he lifted it up. “Sorry!”

“… Didn’t we have an understanding with your varnishing?” Shining growled with his hooves still covering his nose.

The fully covered Wataru tapped the notebook again, “Sorry!”

“As you were,” Shining sighed as he motioned with his head. “And get a cap on that thing immediately!”

Wataru nodded before he quickly galloped off, making sure that his varnish wouldn't slip from his wings. As soon as the odd stallion was out of the hallway, the smell lingered for a few more seconds before it disappeared.

“Uh, do I even want to ask what was up with him?” Haru questioned as he used his tail to push off of the ground.

The dragon was met with the same hardened glare that Shining was giving him for a while now, and Haru scratched the side of his cheek with his claws, “I guess we’re still being serious here then.”

“You better believe we are,” Shining replied as he poked one of his hooves into Haru’s chest. “I won’t tolerate anyone trying to hurt Twilight, the same goes for Spike. I don’t know how you managed to gain their trust, but once this trip is over with, you will leave my family alone – If you don’t, then you’ll see what the captain of the Canterlot Royal Guards is capable of.”

And with that, Shining began to trot off, not even stopping as he continued to speak, “Now hurry up, we have to meet up with Spike.”

Haru’s gaze followed Shining before he looked down at his claws – sure, he didn’t appreciate Shining giving him this kind of treatment, but considering the stallion’s position and what he was told, ‘… Even I would be distrusting of a weird dragon. I’m still a little guilty about these claws almost hurting Twilight, but…’

The dragon shook his head before he reluctantly followed the white stallion through the hallway, “Wait, weren’t we going to drop the bags off at the room?”


Hours later, the sun had set over Canterlot, with the cloudy sky blocking the moon, and the streets were mostly empty. Only the streetlights and the occasional glimmer from a bedroom light were the only forms of activity…

However, near the academy for gifted unicorns, a shadowed figure slowly sauntered over the wall, its yellow eyes glowing brightly, “Da Dah, Duh Dun, Da duh… Doo, deedee doo. Screw it, I can never do the Manes Bond theme right.”

The figure shook his head as he dashed across the grounds, hiding in bushes as a security guard trotted nearby. This was a mission of stealth, the last thing he needed to deal with was some louse security and cause a ruckus.

However, it didn’t take long for the thing figure to reach the side of the main science wing of the school, with him at one of the windows. Even inside the building it was dark – Save for the soft glowing blue light that illuminated part of the room. ‘Jackpot, baby!’

Ten skinny fingers pressed against the glass and tried to lift up the glass, only for the skinny figure to realize that the window wasn’t moving. “Curses, my one weakness – A locked window! Damn these bookworms and their crafty ways! I wish I could just punch right through the glass, that’d be awesome.”

The shadowed figure rubbed his chin with his hand for a few moments before he snapped his fingers. “I got it! I am so smart! I am so smart! S-M-R-T!”

How no pony heard this being’s yelling was a mystery in and of itself.

The shadowed figure lifted his right hand up before he used his left hand to promptly rip his right hand clean off of his body. The being then tossed the hand up and down a few times before it landed atop of his shoulder. “Now for the second half of my brilliant plan.”

Without a second thought, the shadowed figure jabbed his left fingers into the right side of his head. A moment later, the figure pulled his hand back and revealed that his yellow eye was now glowing in his still attached hand. “See what Eye did there.”

It was then that the disembodied hand on his shoulder seemed to come to life and crawled down his left arm into his hand, grabbing his removed eye with in between its middle and ring finger. The shadowed figure then promptly tossed his hand and eyeball up over the ceiling. “And now I play the waiting game…”

Five seconds later…

“The waiting game SUCKS,” The shadowed figure groaned with his back to the wall and him using his remaining hand to spin a yo-yo about.

However, just as he was about to toss the yo-yo over the wall, a few taps of the window caught his attention and he was met with his disembodied hand and eye atop of the window.


With a smirk on his boney face, the shadowed figure quickly lifted up the now unlocked window, “Now that was worth a Manes Bond moment!”

Sliding the window open with his still connected hand, the shadowed figure slipped into the academy and allowed his disembodied hand to reconnect with his body. Testing the fingers a few times, the shadowed figure popped his eye back into his skull before he walked through the darkened academy.

It didn’t take long for the shadowed figure to find the reason why he was even in the academy in the first place. He loomed over a lab table that had a bluish tint atop of it, the light coming from what looked to be the remains of shattered armor. The shadowed lawbreaker looked at the glass case that encased the armor, rubbing his chin with his bony fingers in deep thought. “I don’t know what that feathered smarty guy wants with this armor, but bits are bits. Now then, it’s obvious this thing is protected by some magical alarm thingy, and I can’t just break it.

“That would alert the guards to my presence and would be grounds for me to be… Aw screw it!”

After lifting his arms up over his head, the thief slammed his hands into the glass shattering it into millions of pieces amongst the armor. For a moment, the thief looked about, trying to see if there was any change in the room, but he just shrugged his shoulders at the apparent silence. “Huh, no alarm? Well that’s boring! Still, it’s easy bits.”

Producing a sack from his pants, the skinny thief began to scoop the armor and broken glass into said sack. “Still, I was hoping for some form of excitement tonight…”

That was when the lights in the room turned on in the room, making the mysterious thief look about as several armored and security guard stallions poured into the room, all of them surrounding the odd thief in front of them. “HOLD IT!”



“THANK YOU KARMA!” The thief happily laughed as he threw his arms to his sides.

Meanwhile, nearly on the other side of Canterlot, a single shop had its lights on. This was a rather famous shop amongst the residents of Canterlot – Known to all as Joe’s Donut Shop (rather simple in hindsight), and it had some of the best donuts in all of Equestria.

So naturally, a certain red dragon was seated on at the bar of the shop, sipping on a cup of coffee with a plate that had only the remnants of powder sugar scattered about it. ‘… I don’t think I can ever go back to eating donuts from Sugarcube Corner again – I have tasted the nectar of the gods!

‘I’m sorry Mister and Miss Cake! I’m sorry Pinkie Pie! I’m sorry Sugarcube Corner!’

“Don’t get too many dragons here,” the amber colored stallion from behind the counter stated as he trotted up to the counter. The stallion had a strong build for a unicorn (at least from the unicorns that Haru had seen around Canterlot) and had a slightly messy moderate orange mane underneath his paper cap. “I used to get Spike in here all the time, and all of a sudden he shows up with Shining and you. I thought Spike was an exception to dragons.”

“You learn something new every day, Joe,” Haru replied before he took another sip of his coffee before he looked into the remaining drink, seeing a brown version of his reflection. ‘Like how I learned Shining Armor’s got it out for me today – Yeesh, I don’t think even a miracle can fix this mess.’

“That’s a given fact of life,” Joe chuckled as his horn glowed brightly, lifting a pitcher of coffee from a nearby burner. “Still, I’m not gonna complain – You’ve got good taste for donuts. Here’s a refill on the house.”

“I appreciate it,” Haru stated as he lifted his mug up, allowing the coffee to be poured into it. “Think you can sling a couple more powdered sugar donuts my way?”

“I dunno, Mr. Souma,” Joe chuckled as he pointed a hoof at Haru. “Don’t you think you’ve had enough? I mean, this is the second time you came to my shop – Eat any more and you might just break that belt you got around your stomach.”

Haru looked down at his stomach, it was still trim as usual and he rolled his cerulean eyes at Joe, “Oh ha ha, very funny. Fine, but how about just one more powdered sugar for the road? PLEASE?”

“Heh, alright,” Joe stated as he trotted back to the kitchen. “Lemme see if the latest batch is done with. It’ll be about two bits.”

“Got it covered!” Haru exclaimed with his arm raised up, a smile on his face. ‘Spike wasn’t kidding about this place – It’s one of the best donut places around! The Cakes can make a good donut, but it’s not their specialty.

‘Now that I’ve got some good food and coffee in me, I’ll take the rest of the night to figure out a way to talk to Shining. Sure, I could probably just ignore the issue of him, but sooner or later, he’d probably find out that I’m going against his wishes, and I may just have the entire Royal Guard on my tail.

‘Odd thing is, I was supposed to be here to help the Royal Guard and discuss Phantoms. But Shining didn’t want to talk – Was that letter not sent from the princess? Did Shining send it to get me here? No, that makes no sense…

‘Gah, I couldn’t even talk to Shining about it with Spike around, and even then, Shining had to go back on his guard. So I gotta find a way to…’

“Here ya go Mr. Souma,” Joe stated, drawing the dragon’s attention back to the unicorn and the bag that was floating in the middle of the air with his magic. “Last donut for the night, last fresh powdered sugar donut. Hope you enjoy it!”

“That’s not going to be a problem,” Haru joyfully chuckled, reaching for the bag as it floated over the counter…

It was at that moment that one of the windows in the shop shattered loudly, garnering both the dragon and stallion’s attention towards the large blue blur that had broken through the window and was sailing through the air. “HYAHOOO!”

Time seemed to slow to a standstill as the being flew through the air, coming closer to the counter with each slowly ticking second. Haru looked at the being and took in every detail that it seemed to have – It’s human-like body was a deep shade of blue with its skin clinging to its extremely skinny body to the point that Haru could see the being’s bones, including its spine!

Its arms were long and gaunt, suffering the same fate of its torso, save for a few muscles and ending in gloved hands that had yellow, claw-like fingers, his right hand holding onto what appeared to be a large, slightly torn sack. Around the boney waist of this creature were a pair of ripped jean pants that had an odd flag symbol (a blue background with a red cross in the middle of it with white trim) imprinted on his right leg. But what was most attention grabbing about this being was the fact that his face was more like a skull that was hallowed out to be a mask for his real face – Long, royal blue hair erupted from the back while his slack jaw stuck from underneath it, and his yellow eyes gleamed brightly from the eye holes of the skull.

There was only one thought on Haru’s mind as time began to speed up once more, ‘Phantom!?!’

The Phantom’s feet slammed into counter, forcing Haru and Joe to jump back at the last second which unfortunately made them fall backwards as the Phantom landed. The wood of the counter splintered beneath his weight as he craned his head back towards the broken window. “Meh, a chase like this isn’t gonna get the old ticker beating again, c’mon boys! Get yer rears in gear! We gotta make this party last all night!”

And with that, the ghastly Phantom leapt through the air once more, smashing through another window in the process. However, just as he did, several members of the Royal Guard and unicorns dressed as security guards galloped through the same broken windows and chased after the Phantom.

“My shop!” Joe called out as he got back to his hooves. “It’s ruined! I’m RUINED!”

It was then that Joe looked down at the counter to see a familiar, ring adorned, black claw grasp the broken wood. At that moment, Joe stepped back to see that two cerulean eyes had turned dark and had a nasty glare to them. “Uh, Mister Souma? Are you okay?”

“My… My… Donut…” Haru snarled as he clawed at the crushed bag that held the remnants of his last donut of the night.


“Damn, what a bunch of slow pokes,” The ghoulish Phantom sighed as he skidded to a halt in the middle of Canterlot Square, his yellow eyes narrowing down at the oncoming soldiers and security guards.

The Phantom’s eyes then turned towards the large clock tower in town and they immediately narrowed down at the sight of it. With a sigh, the Phantom ran his free hand through his long blue hair, pulling out a number of rocks from it. “It’s almost time for me to meet with the client anyway – Don’t wanna run the risk of him skimping out on me just cause I’m late. But, I got at least five more minutes to kill…

“Might as well enjoy them!”

With a flick of his wrist, the Ghoulish Phantom flung all of the rocks onto the ground, and in a less than a second, the stones transformed into a dozen ghouls, each of which wielded a rusty red spear.

The guards stopped in their tracks at the sudden appearance of this army of weird creatures, each of them with their horns glowing brightly. The leader of the group stepped forward and pointed a hoof at the ghoulish Phantom, “You there! Whatever you are! Surrender now and return what you stole!”

The Phantom sighed as he rolled his eyes in his skull, “Ah, that good ole unicorn superiority – I got tired of that shtick the moment I got here in this dump.

“But I’ll say this – Just don’t die too fast boys! I wanna enjoy the show!”

“Stallions!” the leader called out as the horns of all the unicorns glowed even brighter. “Don’t stand down from these things! Take them out!”

However, just as the stallions were about to fire volleys of magic, the magic faded from them. The leader of the group stood there dumbfounded as he tried to use his own magic, but to no avail. “W-What is this?!”

“BLEH-HEHEHEHEHEHE!” The Phantom laughed loudly as he lifted his free hand up, revealing that in between his yellow fingers was an aura that was composed of multiple forms of color. “Looking for this? It’s a little talent that guys who have blue skin like me have – We can absorb Unicorn magic like a sponge! Too bad we can’t use it.”

The Ghouls growled as they stepped towards the powerless stallions, who in turn stepped back.

“Heh, you guys really are useless without this stuff, aren’t ya?” The Phantom questioned before he closed his hand, crushing the aura between his fingers. “Oh well, just try to bleed good for me, kay? I haven’t seen a good bloodbath in ages, it’ll be fun!”

All of the Ghouls charged towards the battalion of stallions, roaring loudly.

But several streams of green light slammed into each of the Ghouls’ chests, sending them spiraling back and landing on the ground near the Phantom’s feet. The ghoulish Phantom tilted his head at the peculiar sight before he looked up just in time for…



Two black covered feet slammed into the Phantom’s face, his yellow eyes bugging out in the process before he was propelled backwards and slammed into a large cart filled with cabbages. Then with a twirl, the owner of those two feet landed in front of the stallions, his black coattails billowing as he landed and the glow from the streetlights glistened off of the emeralds on his suit and mask.

A silver gun that had a closed fist emblem on both of them was in both of his claws, both of which the familiar figure spun on his claws before he pointed them back at the recovering Ghouls.

The lead unicorn trotted to reach the side of the one who stopped the Ghouls and looked at the gun totting being with narrowed eyes. “Who are… This is Royal Guard affairs! All civilians are to stand back! State your name immediately!”

Wizard sighed the wind around him began to whip about, forcing the stallion to stagger back. “Just your friendly, wandering Wizard at your service.”

The wind propelled Wizard through the air towards the Ghouls, spinning him about before he landed in between the Phantom’s foot-soldiers. The Ghouls flinched before Wizard spun about and fired a second volley of magical ammunition into the Ghouls, knocking them even further back.

“Sir! What are your orders?”

The lead unicorn shook his head away from the sight of Wizard nimbly dodging the attacks of the Ghouls, while simultaneously hitting them with much more powerful counter attacks. “R-Right, my orders. Send word to the castle – Inform Captain Armor of this, and advise for reinforcements!”

“SIR!” The stallion replied with a salute before he galloped towards the castle.

“As for the rest of you,” the lead unicorn called back before he pumped a hoof into the air. “We may not have magic, but we aren’t going to just let a civie outdo us here, are we?”


“Then let’s get in there!”

Wizard turned his head towards the oncoming unicorns, watching as the ones leading them were already ramming into the Ghouls. With an amused chuckle, Wizard nonchalantly pointed his gun to the right and shot into an oncoming Ghoul, phasing it just in time for two unicorns to slam into it. ‘Well, I can’t blame them for doing their jobs. Still, that doesn’t mean I can’t make this job any easier for them.’

Amongst the rubble of the cabbage cart, the ghoulish Phantom erupted from the remains with his neck twisted in a very painful fashion. “Bleh, I hate cabbages!”

Placing the sack of stolen goods on the ground for a second, the Phantom used both of his hands to fix his head. And with a sickening crack, his head was back on straight – Well, physically anyway. The Phantom picked up the sack and scratched the side of his skull at the sight before him – Most of his Ghouls were being taken down by the unicorns, some even being cracked into several pieces by the combined force. “Huh… How’d this happen? How long was I out?”

Pushing himself from the remains from the cart, the ghoulish Phantom blinked as he watched Wizard cleave a Ghoul with two underhanded slashes, allowing two pairs of unicorns to slam into the Ghoul before it shattered to pieces. “Ah, I see… That must be the mage I’ve heard so much about. The guy got a good shot on me…

The Phantom looked up at the clock tower once more, and frowned at what he saw, “Too bad I can’t stay and play, if I waste any more time, I’ll be late!”

And without another word, the ghoulish Phantom began to run off – However, he didn’t get too far before an emerald clad individual flew after him. ‘You’re not getting away – Not after what you did to Joe! To Joe’s shop! And especially – MY DONUT!’

There were only two Ghouls left as Wizard flew after the Phantom, and they were being easily overtaken by the overwhelming guards. Just as the remaining two Ghouls were destroyed, a familiar white stallion galloped onto the scene. “Report!”

“Captain!” All the armored guards announced with a salute towards the blue maned stallion who was observing the scene, taking everything in.

“Somepony report, now!” Shining Armor commanded as he turned his attention to the leader of the little ragtag group.

“Well, sir…” The lead unicorn coughed.


Shining and most of the other unicorns turned to see that the shopkeeper who own the cabbage stand had returned to find his stand a wreck.


“Bleh hehehehehe! This one is really persistent!”

Using his powerful legs early on, the ghoulish Phantom had leapt to the rooftops of Canterlot, and was using them to quickly escape.

Unfortunately, he was unaware that Wizard could fly while using his Hurricane Style when he was escaping to the rooftops.

Spinning his head around a hundred and eighty degrees, the ghoulish Phantom saw that indeed the inflight Wizard was gaining up on him. “GAH! I’m used to having mares chase me, but stuff like this is just wrong!”

With a powerful leap through the air, the ghoulish Phantom landed on the relatively flat roof with Wizard landing on the opposite side. With only one sword in his hand, Wizard lifted it up towards the Phantom. “I’m surprised that you’d stop escaping.”

“What can I say?” the ghoulish Phantom cackled as he tied the sack to the side of his pants. “I love to please my fans – If you wanted the autograph of the great Zombie, all you had to do was ask! Although, with that mask and suit, I’m not sure if you’re a stallion or mare under there, that usually makes a difference.”

“Neither,” Wizard replied the wind around his body began to whip about once more. “And I’m not interested in your autograph, but rather in who you’re targeting. Who’s the Gate?”

Zombie tilted his head slightly with his yellow eyes turning into question marks (literally), “Gate? I ain’t interested in awakening more Phantoms!”

“Hmm?” Wizard mused, his gaze never leaving the cackling Phantom.

“Bleh ehehehehehee! You deaf, Mage?” Zombie cackled loudly as he pointed his finger at Wizard. “I don’t really care about making more Phantoms! I don’t need more competition! I just wanna have fun and bits, and if too many of us run about then business will go bad.

“So, since I’m not gonna try to make some Phantoms, you mind just letting me go?”

Wizard answered by propelling himself towards Zombie and immediately slashed horizontally – Slicing Zombies upper body clear from his waist, Zombie’s yellow eyes widened as he called out in pain. “NARGH!”

“No,” Wizard replied as he spun around and prepared to deliver a slash to Zombie’s chest.

But before he could, a powerful force slammed into his ankles, and tripped the masked dragon the roof. “What the?!”

Wizard didn’t have time to question what had hit him as the upper body of Zombie flew over with both its hands lifted over his head, clenched together. “BLEH HEHEHEHEHEE!!”

A burst of green air at his feet, Wizard flew out of the way as Zombie slammed his hands into the roof. With a flip, Wizard landed on the roof to see that Zombie’s torso was floating through the air while his legs were dancing about on the roof. “What the Tatarus?”

“That little knife you got there ain’t got nothing on me!” Zombie cackled loudly as he drew his right arm back. “So, BYE BYE!”

Zombie threw his fist forward, and like that, the fist launched from the ghoulish Phantom towards Wizard. The emerald masked vigilante spun about to dodge the attack, but behind his mask, Wizard’s eyes widened when he realized he was now facing to Zombie’s disembodied legs.

The legs immediately kicked Wizard in the stomach, knocking across the roof with his feet skidding across the paneling. But before Wizard could get his bearings, Zombie’s torso appeared behind him and slammed his remaining fist into the masked dragon’s head, slamming him into the roof of the building with a loud crash. “URK!”

Zombie laughed loudly as his flying limbs shot back to his legs, and his body was immediately reconnected as Wizard pushed himself off of the ground. “BLEH HEHEHEHEHEE! I’ll say this, Mage, you certainly at least were more entertaining than those guards. I might just finish you off, I’m sure being only five minutes late won’t be an…”

Zombie’s eyes widened before he leaned back, just in time to dodge the WizardSwordGun that was flung at his head. “Really? Desperation already?”

“… Nope, just a distraction.”

With his eyes blinking a few times, Zombie stood up straight once more just in time to see Wizard fit a ring on his left claw before he messed with his belt. Zombie cackled before his nearly nonexistent waist disconnected from his legs once more. “Bleh Hehehehehehehee! Are you kidding? If it’s a distraction, ya need to take advantage of it!”

As the disembodied Zombie flew towards Wizard, the masked dragon threw his claws in front of his belt. “I did, cause now…”


A phantasmal green dragon erupted from Wizard’s back, immediately twisting around his body as the green runic circle erupted over his body, transforming the black cloak into a vibrant emerald green. Zombie continued to fly towards Wizard, despite the fact that his yellow eyes glowed brightly in surprise at the sudden hurricane that swept over the rooftops.

As the forceful wind swept about, Zombie had to concentrate hard so he wouldn’t get swept away before he could get back to his legs. Even when he did, the ghoulish Phantom’s body was still having trouble not being blown away by the green wind magic. “This… This magic!?! W-What is this!?”

“Byuu Byuu – ByuuByuuByuuByuu!”

“This is my showtime,” Wizard answered as the green storm disappeared from his body – revealing the dragon-head chest plat with triangular emeralds at his mask and chest.

“Showtime? Showtime, Baby!” Zombie laughed loudly before he flung both of his fists forward, sending both of his bony hands towards Wizard

Without a second thought, Wizard threw his right hand in front of his belt buckle and threw his hand up, “DEFEND – PLEASE!”

A small version of the green runic circle appeared before Wizard’s hand before Zombie’s hands were about to strike, and from the runic circle a powerful green twister erupted into the two hands. Zombie yelled out before the twister crashed into him, sending him flying into the air, unarmed.

As the ghoulish Phantom spiraled through the air with his arms near him. ‘How the Tartarus did this happen!? One second, I’m beating a crack into this Wizard’s head, next sec I’m getting tossed like a rag…’

It was then that Wizard appeared right in front of Zombie, one of his legs lifted high into the air over his head. Zombie’s eyes widened before Wizard slammed his heel into Zombie’s chest, rocketing the ghoulish Phantom into Canterlot Park.

Tree branches, dirt and debris erupted from where Zombie had crashed into and the unarmed Phantom lifted his head up just as both of his disembodied hands slapped him in the face. His yellow eyes narrowed at the powerful ring mage who was slowly floating down from the sky. “This… This is the Mage? The one who defeated Master Phoenix?”

Zombie looked to his pants and breathed a sigh of relief that his stolen goods were still attached to his pants – But it was a hallow reassurance, the green clothed mage was coming down towards him.

However, as the scene was unfolding in the park, neither of the magical combatants took notice of the shadowed figure that was slowly sauntering towards them. “Hmm… Looks like I didn’t need Valkyrie’s assistance in finding Zombie – but this is a treat, the Ring Mage in Canterlot.

“It’d be rude if I didn’t introduce myself…


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