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Friendship is SHOWTIME!! - MangaKamen

A Kamen Rider Crossover Magic – a mysterious force in this world, and each creature possess magic within itself. A gift to many, but to a few, it is nothing but a curse. And when Twilight sees a new form of magic, she'll learn that life is

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Spell Two - Questions and Hope

“Hope can be a powerful force. Maybe there’s no actual magic in it, but when you know what you hope for most and hold it like a light within you, you can make things happen, almost like magic.”

-Laini Taylor, Daughter of Smoke & Bone


Spell 2

Questions And Hope


As the flames died down, the Wizard stood there, spinning the gun as the fire began to full disappear. “And with that, the curtain falls.”

Twilight and Spike looked at the weird character as he turned his attention towards the two, holding up his left hand to show off the red jeweled ring on his finger. Twilight stepped forward, being a little cautious about the Wizard, “Who… Who are you?”

The masked Wizard tilted his head slightly at the question…

Time seemed to slow down as the masked individual stared back at Twilight and Spike, although, with the mask, it was hard to see if he was even looking at him.

However, instead of answering the young unicorn’s question, the masked Wizard sighed loudly, “Looks like the big lug got away…”

A familiar chirping sounded through the air, and soon, the ruby bird – Garuda – landed on the masked Wizard’s shoulder, “Hmm…”

“Ah! That bird!!” Spike sounded out as the Garuda chirped in response.

The masked Wizard reached for the left side of his belt, where a chain of rings were connected to the bulky silver piece. Pulling two of the rings off of the chain, the masked Wizard fitted one of them on his right hand while his other hand messed with the belt around his waist. The hand symbol on the front of the belt flipped around, “No way around it I guess…”

The belt began to glow and chime in a rather catchy melody from it, “LEPARCH MAGIC! TOUCH GO! LEPARCH MAGIC! TOUCH GO!”

Then with his right hand now donning one of the rings, the masked Wizard slid his hand in front of his glowing belt buckle, “UNICORN! PLEASE!”

That’s when Twilight’s eyes widened, watching as a weird rectangular mass of sapphire popped in front of the masked Wizard, floating down as pieces of it popped from the mass. “KRAKEN! PLEASE!”

And just like that, a rectangular mass of topaz materialized alongside the mass of sapphire, pieces of the jewel floating up and connecting. When the pieces came together, the sapphire parts formed into a very small, toy-like unicorn while the topaz parts combined into a small horned octopus-like creature.

The masked Wizard took both of the rings he used and snapped them into place – The unicorn’s ring in its chest and the kraken’s on its forehead. The Unicorn fell to the ground as the jewel remains began to fade away while the Kraken floated around the Wizard’s shoulders, trying to push the Garuda off from its master’s shoulder.

Garuda responded by slamming right back into the Kraken. The masked Wizard sighed, “Oi, oi, don’t act all childish.”

A little ashamed, both of the flying familiars lowered their heads while the Unicorn shook his head in disappointment.

“Now then,” the masked Wizard chuckled with a wave of his hand. “If you guys wouldn’t mind, I’d appreciate if you could find that Phantom – He should still be around here somewhere.”

All three of the jewel creatures chimed out in response before the Garuda and Kraken flew off while the Unicorn galloped away.

With his familiars on the trail, the masked Wizard stretched his arms over his head, “Well, I guess it’s back to the waiting game.”

Another one of the red rings appeared over Wizard’s head before it dropped down over his body, making the black suit fade away into flames. As the flames began to flicker away, the wizard revealed who he was underneath the stylish suit…

“What the!?” Twilight gasped with her eyes widening. “How is that even possible?”

“No way!” Spike yelped with a large smile on his face. “He’s a dragon!”

Indeed, the very same Wizard who had just helped the two was a dragon, a rather small one in comparison to others, but still, with the red scales and reptilian appearance, it was obvious that he was a dragon. He was twice as tall as Spike, but had features similar to the younger dragon but was sleeker and his features seemed a touch more mature. A slightly longer tail that ended with a spade, coiled slightly around his black clawed feet. The spines he had on his back were a rich onyx color and the ones atop of his head were laid out, trying to resemble that of hair that was brushed to the sides. His slim body was covered in a black, denim jacket, which had its share of scuffs on it.

Around his waist was a belt that had a buckler that had the same five-fingered hand emblem on it, which was an odd thing to wear, since he wasn’t wearing pants, or a shirt for that matter. But it was because of that fact that Twilight saw something on the dragon’s legs – There were the same runic circles that had appeared whenever he used one of his spells, a black version of it, but still the same in design.

‘I can’t believe this,’ Twilight thought to herself as she watched the unmasked dragon slowly walk towards her and Spike. ‘This guy’s a dragon, but he’s capable of using magic? And magic that I’ve never seen before too! Just what is going on here!?

‘Well, at the very least, he owes us an explanation and it looks like he’s about to…’

The mysterious dragon just walked past Twilight and Spike, eliciting a puzzled look on Twilight’s face while Spike just looked at his fellow dragon, star struck with the amazing abilities that the dragon just showed off and for the fact that there was another dragon around!

“Hey!” Twilight called out as she galloped quickly to catch up with the mysterious dragon, Spike tailing her. When the lavender unicorn was alongside the casually walking dragon, she slowed her pace to match his. “Just where do you think you’re going?”

The dragon turned his head to face her and smiled, “I’m going to get donuts.”

“Huh?” Twilight questioned, having to stop for a moment to process the answer that the magic-using dragon just gave her. “What kind of answer is that supposed to be?!”

“That was amazing!” Spike gushed, rushing alongside the dragon. “I didn’t know that dragons like us could do stuff like that! Was that stuff magic?”

The mysterious dragon chuckled as he threw his arms behind his head. “Curious little guy, aren’t ya?”

“Isn’t that natural?” Twilight chimed in, getting back to alongside the weird dragon. “You just defied three or four basic precepts of academic magic! It took me ten years to -muddle- one! Like how unicorns are the only ones capable of using magic! Who are you exactly?! How are you able to use magic? And those monsters! What were those things and…”

“Can you summon more of those jewel creatures?!” Spike interrupted with a lick of his chops. “Those last two were looked just as tasty as that bird!”

“Spike, aren’t you concerned about those things that attacked us?” Twilight asked giving her scribe a narrowed gaze.

“Yeah… But I’m hungry too,” Spike replied looking down at his feet.

The mysterious dragon stopped in his tracks, and then just chuckled, “Look, I’m flattered that you wanna learn more about me… After all, I know that some can see me as the coolest thing around, but it’s better if you don’t get involved with this.

“That’s it. Bye!”

And with that, the mysterious dragon began to run off towards Ponyville, leaving Twilight and Spike in the dust. Twilight shook her head before she began to give chase, “After him Spike!”

“Right! He’s gotta have more of those jewel animals with him!” Spike added trying to keep up with his four legged friend.


Even at night, Ponyville was a colorful place; it just had a blue hue to the buildings and such. Still, even though it was dark, there were still signs of life going around the town – For example the rainbow colored blur that flew air, pushing many of the clouds away from the sky over the town.

The blur came to a stop in the sky, revealing a young, sky blue Pegasus mare sighing loudly. “Man, sometimes this job can be a real pain.”

With her strong sky blue wings keeping her afloat in the air, the young Pegasus gently floated through the cool evening sky above Ponyville, her long rainbow colored mane and matching tail billowed slightly as she went through the air. This particular mare was currently setting up a number of the clouds in the sky, trying to make sure that the weather of the town was completely set up as the weather schedule dictated.

Partly cloudy for tonight.

‘Sometimes I wish these clouds would move on their own,’ the Pegasus thought to herself as she flew towards another cloud, using her hooves to push it slightly. ‘Especially when I get stuck with night duty, I should be catching some Z’s so I can get some training in tomorrow.’

At the very least she was almost done with her job with the evening, but it was still a pain in the flank to do. Just a few more clouds to put in place and she’d just zoom right back to her home.

But before she could finish her work, something on the ground caught the attention of the sky blue pegasus. Galloping through the grassy roads of Ponyville, a familiar lavender unicorn was chasing what appeared to be a sleek yet short, red dragon that was running through the emptied roads. And far behind the two, was an all too familiar purple baby dragon who was struggling trying to keep up with the mare.

“A chase scene, eh?” the pegasus chuckled with a smirk on her face. “Good enough for me!”

On the ground itself, no matter how fast and how far he ran, the mysterious dragon knew he had a pair of extra shadows following him through Ponyville. “Oi! How long are you going to stalk me like this?!”

“Not until I get some answers from you!” Twilight shouted back. “Hurry up Spike! He’s going to get away!”

“I… I’ll catch up,” Spike panted, stopping to catch his breath.

A rainbow colored blur zoomed past Spike, making the baby dragon spin around with a slight yelp. The blur slowed down enough when it reached Twilight’s side, making the unicorn turn to see the very same rainbow maned pegasus speedily trotting next to her, “Hey there Twilight, getting some late night exercise?”

“Rainbow Dash!” Twilight exclaimed. “Perfect timing! Do you think you can help me here?”

“I got a few minutes to kill,” Rainbow replied with a smirk. “So, what’s with this dragon here? He lift something off you?”

“I’ll tell you when we catch this guy,” Twilight answered turning back to watch the mysterious dragon turn a corner.

“That’s a little lame,” Rainbow sighed as both ponies turned the corner. “Fine. What’s the plan?”

“Simple, we corner him,” Twilight answered. “Cut him off until we get him to a dead-end!”

“Ha! Piece of cake!” Rainbow Dash laugh as she took off from the ground and flew into the air.

Meanwhile, the mysterious red dragon turned another corner to try to elude his pursuers, but as he was about to continue down the same path, a rainbow blur landed right in front of him, and forced him to make a sharp right turn. However, he didn’t get too far when the rainbow blur landed in front of him again, making him turn once more.

This continued until the sleek dragon skidded to a stop in front of a wall, with the sky blue pegasus and lavender unicorn now blocking his only means of escape. A few seconds later, a winded Spike managed to join the two mares, using one of the nearby walls to prop himself up. "We-We finally caught him...”

“And now that we have you,” Twilight stated as she slowly began to walk towards the sleek red dragon. “I think it’s about time you answered a few of my questions.”

“Not a bad plan,” the mysterious dragon answered as he lifted up his right hand, admiring one the ring he had on the middle finger. “You even had back up, I didn’t expect that. Totally caught me off guard.”

“Well duh!” Rainbow Dash pointed out as she crossed her front legs. “You got nothing on us!”

“Really?” The red dragon mused as he lowered his right hand towards his belt buckles. “Cause I think I’ve got a trick or two that might just work.”


Pulling his hand from the belt buckle, the red dragon threw his right hand behind him and a large runic circle appeared on the wall behind him. With a smile and wave, the dragon leapt back, “Have a good evening, mares!”

“Rainbow!” Twilight called out to her winged friend.

But Rainbow Dash was already flying towards the dragon as he began to sink into the runic symbol. Before she could reach the rune, it disappeared which resulted in…



“Ooh,” Both Twilight and Spike winced at the sight of Rainbow Dash now mashed up against the wall, her legs stretched out in a cartoonish comedic style.

As the pegasus began to slide down to the ground, Twilight trotted over to friend, “I guess it’d be redundant to ask if you’re okay, but…”

With a slight pop, Rainbow Dash pushed herself from the wall and shook her head a few times, “What in Tartarus just happened?! Twilight, who in the world was that jerk?”

“That’s what we were trying to find out,” Twilight explained as she closed her eyes in thought. “Like you just saw, he did some things that blew my mind.”

“Yeah, but he was real cool!” Spike chimed in with a large smile on his face. “You should’ve seen him in action Dash!”

“Yeah right,” Rainbow Dash scoffed, rolling her eyes. “I guarantee I'm at least twenty percent- nah, FIVE HUNDRED and twenty percent cooler than that guy!”

‘Oh boy,’ Twilight thought to herself. “Dash, I don’t think math even – Never mind, let me explain-”


Meanwhile, at the same grassy area where the action took place not too long ago, the damaged Minotaur was searching through every bush, branch and even some of the gopher holes. “Tartarus damn it! Where is it?! Where could it have gone?!”

Standing up from the current gopher hole, the Minotaur gingerly touched the jagged broken horn that was sticking out of his head. “I can’t face the others… Not when I’m half a minotaur! I already failed this simple mission, but if I show up looking like this, I don’t wanna even think about it!!”

“Oh my, so is that why you haven’t returned?” A chilling voice sounded out from the darkness, making the Minotaur stand up straight with a shiver running down his spine.

Looking up into one of the many nearby trees, the Minotaur staggered back slightly at the large shadow that was resting in one of the thicker branches. The shade from the leafs cloaked the figure’s details, but with the pair of large wings that casually hung from the shaded figure’s body and the chilling, yet feminine voice, he knew exactly who it was. “I-I can explain!”

“Oh?” The winged figure mused as she leapt from the branch and gracefully landed in front of the Minotaur. “Then indulge me, Minotaur. Tell me what I should say to Madame Medusa when she asks how we are doing in this town.”

Minotaur rubbed the back of his head, turning his gaze away from the winged figure, “There – There was a complication. Someone stopped me.”

The winged figure walked up closer to the Minotaur, placing one of her wings on the Minotaur’s chest, “And who, pray tell, could stop you? You’re more than three times the size of the gate, you’ve got your special ability, and you had about twelve Ghuls with you. Who the Tartarus could stop you!?”

At first, Minotaur cleared his throat, then rubbed his neck nervously. He knew what was going to happen when he spoke the one word that would make the winged figure freak out, and possibly hurt him in the process. “… Wizard.”

For a moment, the entire world went silent. The winged figure shook her head before she looked up at her larger companion. “I’m sorry, I think I misheard you Minotaur. Do you mind repeating what you said?”

“I said it was the ‘Wizard’,” Minotaur repeated trying to get away from his winged companion, with little success.

Once again, silence filled the night’s air. The winged figure took a few steps away from Minotaur. Hesitantly, Minotaur reached out to his winged companion, in hopes of comforting her, “Uh, are you okay?”

Okay? OKAY!?” The winged figure growled loudly as she turned towards Minotaur. “DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?! THIS IS A GRAND OPPORTUNITY FOR US!!”

Minotaur staggered backwards as his winged companion began to scare him, “Huh!? But, isn’t this bad?”

“Only for those who can’t see what this can do for us!” The winged individual laughed out loud. “Don’t you see? If there’s a Wizard wandering around here, then that means if we can get this guy in our grasp and hand him over to the higher ups, then we can seem like we quelled down an opposing force!

“Tartarus! If we play our cards right, then not only will we get on the big man’s good side, but we can finally shut up those stuck up minions of his!”

“You really don’t like Lady Medusa and Master Phoenix, do you?” Minotaur asked as he scratched the side of his head nervously.

“Are you blind or something?” The winged companion hissed as she pointed one of her wings accusingly at Minotaur. “Just because those were the strongest and the first ones to be awakened, they think that they’re royalty! But, if we do this right, we can be promoted and our little group won’t have to break up after this!”

“It would be nice to still have this kind of thing going on,” Minotaur admitted, rubbing his chin in agreement. “But you’re getting ahead of yourself. This guy was strong, so strong that he actually managed to break one of my horns!

“And that was before he… He transformed! My fire attack was just absorbed and he transformed! After he did, he just continued to smack the Ghuls down like they were nothing!”

“And here I was thinking you were doing something to make you look more intimidating, Minotaur,” The winged individual sighed with a wave of her wings. “But tell you what, you just focus on the gate, and leave the big bad Wizard to me – If he absorbed your fire attack, then his element is probably fire. He won’t be able to keep up with me, and you know it.

“But my orders still stand, Minotaur, you get to awakening that Gate as soon as possible.”

Minotaur sighed loudly as he threw his arms up into the air. “Fine! But at least let me find the rest of my horn before I do this. I don’t feel like the monster I was meant to be without it!”

With a roll of her eyes, the winged figure sighed again, “Fine, do what you want. When you do, I want you to give me all the information about this Wizard. I want to take him out as soon as possible, who knows what sort of strategies he’s trying to come up with at this very moment!”


A loud grumble roared from a familiar red dragon’s stomach, forcing him to sigh loudly, “Damn, I really need to stop skipping out on my snacks.”

Currently, the weird red dragon was near the river in Ponyville, with a tent and campfire around him. With a sigh, the dragon tapped his sleek stomach a few times, “It doesn’t help that those mares chased me and even forced me to use magic. If I had known that a pegasus would’ve gotten into the fray, I’d just use connect sooner.”

With a snap of his fingers, the dragon lifted up his right hand again, “Oh right, I almost forgot! I wonder if those donuts are still there.”


Moving his hand from his belt buckle, the same runic circle appeared to the dragon’s side and he reached into the circle. “Please be there, please be there.”

That’s when the dragon’s claws brushed up against something that crinkled in his black claws, a smile popped on his face as he lowered his claw down more, feeling up the bag and that smile grew even more. Not only was the bag of donuts he had left in that tree still there, it seemed that the donuts were safe!

Although, they seemed a tad bit heavier than he remembered them…

Licking his chops, the dragon pulled the bag through the portal – A little surprised that the paper bag was bulging a little bit when he placed it next to him. With a cocked brow, the red dragon poked the bag.

And it shook.

“Damn it, did a squirrel get into my donuts?” the dragon muttered to himself as he poked the bag again.

Once more, the bag quivered.

“Okay, now I’m afraid to open the bag,” the dragon admitted to no one in particular. ‘If this were a piece of horror literature, everyone reading would scream ‘DON’T OPEN THE BAG!!’.’

And so, the dragon slowly began to unfold the top of the bag, leaning back to make sure that if there was a squirrel or bird in the bag it wouldn’t leapt out and attack him.


A large amount of confetti erupted from the paper bag, making the sleek dragon fall backwards out of surprise. But the confetti wasn’t the only thing to appear from the donut bag, rather a few colorful balloons floated out from the rather small bag, and after them…

“Ooh! I’ve been waiting to do this for a while!”

“Huh?” The sleek dragon questioned as he pushed himself up off of the ground, and blinked a few times at the odd sight that was before him.

Poking out of the bag was a hot pink earth pony mare with a rosy, light-ish red mane that was poofed out and curly. On her face was a large smile that seemed to border on the unsettling side, and her hind legs were still inside the bag.

‘Did I just open Pandora’s Donut Bag?’ the dragon thought to himself as the pink pony leapt from the bag.

Landing dramatically on her hind legs on the ground in front of the sleek dragon, the pink pony held out her right front hoof in front of her chest. “Ore…”

Then throwing her right front leg back and moving her left front leg forward, the pink mare struck a powerful and dramatic pose… Or it would’ve been dramatic if a noble warrior performed the pose, not a pony! “SANJOU!!”*

“What?” the red dragon questioned, blinking his eyes a few times at the pink mare landed on her front hooves.

The smile came back on her face, but seemed a little warmer than before, “Well, there’s my big entrance.”

“How in the world did you do that?” the red dragon asked getting to his feet.

“That’s how I do things,” the pink mare answered bouncing around the dragon. “Pinkie Pie style! The only style that I know!”

“That doesn’t really answer the question though,” the dragon retorted with a flat look on his face. ‘Although, I’m guessing her name’s Pinkie Pie… Why does that feel so ominous all of a sudden?

‘Maybe I shouldn’t push the issue, I feel as though I’d go insane if I knew the answer.’

“So, you must be camping out here!” Pinkie Pie stated as she peaked inside the open tent nearby, then she pulled her head from the tent and looked at the fire. “Ooh! Were you planning on making S’mores?! I love S’mores!”

“Actually, I was banking on these donuts,” the red dragon answered, using his tail to grab the donut bag. When the dragon looked into the opened bag, the red dragon sighed loudly before he slumped to the ground. “And there goes that idea.”

“Aww, I’m sorry,” Pinkie Pie stated as she looked into the emptied bag as well. “When I found the bag up in the tree, it was empty, well, except for a partially eaten, plain sugar donut, but I threw that one away since who wants to eat an already bitten donut?”

The dragon’s eyes widened before he smacked his forehead. “Great, there goes my dinner for the evening.”

Pinkie’s smile drooped slightly when she saw the dragon’s plight, but that smile immediately grew back to full life as she jumped around the red dragon. “OMYGOSH! I just had the greatest idea, ever!”

“Huh?” the dragon questioned before Pinkie Pie got behind him.

“C’mon! If we hurry, we can still get something yummy in your tummy!” Pinkie Pie announced as she began to push the dragon away from the camp site.

“H-Hey! Wait a second here! What about my camp and my tent!?”

Unfortunately, Pinkie Pie’s mind was practically overflowing with her greatest idea so his complaints couldn’t register with her mind. In fact, she was now pushing the dragon even faster. “You know, I only know one other dragon, so to see a dragon camping around here is just so amazing! And you like donuts? I didn’t know what dragons like donuts, I thought jewels were their favorite foods, so this is awesome! Well maybe donuts with jewels baked into them, personally I don’t get how dragons can enjoy eating jewels, I tried to eat one once and I had to go to the dentist to fix one of my teeth. But wait, you’re new here right?! We should throw you a party to welcome you to this town, it’d be great for you to meet other ponies and I’m sure they’d love to attend a party for a dragon! The last party I threw for was also for a dragon, and it was a hit, and most of the parties that I throw are top tens most of the time, so this was a top twelve for me! So I need to outdo myself for your party, oh, but it’s late for a party isn’t it? So we’ll just have to throw the party tomorrow, when everypony is awake! That’ll give me time to hand out invitations and get a cake ready for you! Oooh, maybe we can get donuts baked into the cake too! I’m sure you’d love that! What do you think?”

The dragon was dumbstruck with the insane amount of banter, and his brain was trying to register with all the information that the little chatterbox was pouring into his brain. ‘I think I heard something about teeth, a party and something about donuts.’

If you don’t say anything, you can’t say no. And that was the philosophy that Pinkie just adopted, “YAY! So what kind of theme should we go with your party? Lots of balloons and confetti? Royal theme? Prance theme? Ooh! Or maybe dragon themed! That’d be a big hit with Spike and you! Jewels around and a lotta fun stuff for dragons! Ooh, yeah! That reminds me what’s your name? I just realized that I haven’t asked for your name, and I haven’t really properly introduced myself! I’m Pinkie Pie, and it’s so good to meet you!”


The next day came with the sun looming high in the sky, giving Ponyville rather sunny weather. Unfortunately for Twilight Sparkle, her attitude wasn’t as bright this morning. The reason being was that for a good chuck of last night, the unicorn and her two friends had wasted trying to find that mysterious red dragon. The only thing that they could really find was an abandoned campsite near the river, with only the smoldering remains of a campfire, an emptied tent and an equally emptied donut bag.

Eventually, it got too late for them to continue the search, and Rainbow Dash still had to finish her work for the evening – So, seeking the weird red dragon was called off.

Throughout the night, all of the questions of the previous day rolled around in Twilight’s head, preventing her from sleeping or even getting in some studying. The pure curiosity from the events puzzled her, the weird form of magic the dragon performed, and even her own magic failing was a troublesome fact. But, whatever the cause of her spell failing the previous day, it was gone since she was able to use her levitation spells to get her books in proper organizational order.

So, here she was, trotting through Ponyville, on her way back to that traveling bookshop. With her saddle bags placed on her back, she was prepared to find some more books, maybe even one that could explain the strange magic she saw yesterday.

She was on her own today, Spike was too tuckered out to really join her today, and Twilight had decided to let the young dragon sleep in for the day. Besides, he’d probably be safer at home, especially with a magic barrier protecting the library.

However, as Twilight trotted through the town, saying good morning to the ponies that she was familiar with – She didn’t notice of a certain ruby bird following behind her from a distance. The bird was rather quiet, taking any opportunity it could to land on any surface to blend in with the other birds in the area.

“Oh! Twilight! There you are!”

The lavender mare stopped and turned to her right to see a familiar mass of pink galloping towards her, many pieces of paper flying out from the saddles that she had resting on her back. With a slightly tired smile, Twilight greeted her friend, “Morning Pinkie, I see you’ve got your usual amount of energy this morning.”

“It looks like you could use some of that,” Pinkie stated as she craned her head back slightly to grab one of the remaining flyers from her saddle bags. “So here! This is something that’ll get your spirits into high gear! Might even get you to WAKE UP!”

Twilight was a little taken back, but was still glad that her friend was in high spirits. Using her magic, the unicorn brought the flyer a few inches away from her face. The flyer itself was really colorful with several cartoonish donuts, jewels and a picture of Pinkie Pie herself surrounding the words ‘Haru’s Welcome Extranaganza! Noon Today at Sugarcube Corner!’

Twilight looked at the picture with a tilted head, the pink mare was definitely no stranger to throwing welcome parties, or regular parties for that matter. But this was a little confusing, “It looks fun Pinkie, but who’s this ‘Haru’? I didn’t think any other ponies moved to Ponyville except for me.”

“And you’re right, Twilight!” Pinkie replied with a large smile on her face.

“Then, why are you throwing a party for ‘Haru’?” Twilight asked.

“That’s a surprise for everyone Twilight!” Pinkie answered as she began to trot away. “Normally, I like to throw a surprise party for the newest in town, but with Haru, having him appear will surprise the entire town! Just wait! Hope you show up too!”

Twilight smiled as she watched Pinkie Pie trot away, maybe a little harmless fun would help the unicorn figure out what was going on with Ponyville. ‘But who’s this Haru? And that’s a weird name for somepony.’

Brushing the thought off, Twilight knew she’d find out who this Haru was later, but for now she had another goal on her mind – Finding some good research materials to help her solve these mysteries.

It didn’t take long for the lavender mare to arrive at the outdoor store, the shelves of books still standing in front of the large wagon. The mare that helped her out yesterday was nowhere to be seen, but the large colt was – Although there was a big difference in his appearance from the day before.

“Good morning,” Twilight greeted as she approached the large colt, who was currently shelving a few new books.

The colt finished with the current book and turned towards Twilight, his size already making her a little nervous. “Oh, it’s you. You’re that unicorn from yesterday.”

“Yup,” Twilight replied with a nod. “Are you okay? What happened with your head?”

The colt used one of his front legs when he lowered his head to rub the large bandage that was wrapped around his head. “Oh, one of the other ponies I worked with was messing around with some stuff on the roof of our wagon – He wasn’t paying attention and he dropped some stuff atop of my head.

“Left a bruise I’m not too proud of.”

“Ouch,” Twilight winced with one of her eyes closed. “Sorry to hear that.”

“No need to apologize,” the colt chuckled as he stood up straight. “Not like you’re the, pardon my language, dumbflank who was messing around on the roof.”

Twilight didn’t know how to respond to that.

“So, can I help you with something?” The colt asked as he looked over some of the other books, making sure that they were in their proper places.

“Well, I don’t want to bother you,” Twilight replied, looking at the bandage once more. “Especially if it hurts you.”

“Not the first time I took a blow to the head,” the colt replied back. “I’m as clear headed as the day I realized I was clear headed.”

Twilight decided not to push the issue, “Well, the mare who was here yesterday said she’d save a book for me, and have a few other books that would be related to it.”

“Oh yeah, I remember that she told me about an order she made for a purple unicorn,” The large colt stated as he walked towards the large wagon. “Give me a few, she got the books wrapped up for ya somewhere. I just need to find them, feel free to have a look around while ya wait.”

“Thanks,” Twilight replied before the colt disappeared into the large wagon. Taking the colt’s advice, Twilight began to walk amongst the shelves, hoping to find a book that she could skim over while she waited for the books that were selected.

A few minutes passed and still the colt didn’t emerge from the wagon, and by this time, Twilight was already reading from another book, just passing the time. ‘I hope he didn’t hurt himself or strain something. Maybe I should check on him.’

Just as Twilight was thinking this however, a familiar and dreadful shadow began to tower over Twilight and the book she was reading, its horns signifying a familiar being behind her (although, one of the horns was obviously missing the top point of it), “Well now, I didn’t expect to see you so soon, little gate.”

Twilight may have been surprised, but as she turned around and faced the large Minotaur, her horn was glowing brightly. The same light appeared around Minotaur’s body and he slowly began to float off of the ground. “Not this time!”

However, Minotaur seemed to merely cross his arms in annoyance. “Brave little one, aren’t ya? Too bad you didn’t learn anything from the last time we met.”

The light around the minotaur seemed to seep into his body and he landed on the ground, shaking all of the nearby book shelves. “Petty little tricks like that don’t work on Phantoms.”

“Phantoms?” Twilight questioned, her memory ticking at that word. “What exactly…”

Before Twilight could answer, Minotaur grabbed her by the back of her neck and lifted her off of the ground. “I don’t have time to deal with idle chit-chat, little mare. You’ll soon know what a Phantom is, you’re about to become one!”

There were a number of times that Twilight was very afraid – When she was face to face with Nightmare Moon, her exam into Princess Celestia’s school, the time she accidentally turned her parents into plants (for the second time), and now this. The Minotaur had lifted her up so she could look him in the eyes, and those eyes were a murky red, almost devoid of any sort of soul of sorts.

Minotaur lifted his other hand up and slowly began to reach towards her, her eyes widening as he laughed, “Now, give into despair and give birth to a new Phantom!!”


Before Minotaur’s free hand could even get closer to Twilight, a surge of red energy crashed into side of his head, the same side where his broken horn was. The force made him drop Twilight down to the ground and sent him staggering a few feet away from the young unicorn. “ARGH!!”

“Oomph!” Twilight yelped as she landed on the ground.

“I never understood why heroes waited till the last minute to save others,” a familiar suave voice sounded out. “I guess it just adds to the dramatics, but it seems a bit risky for my tastes.”

Both Twilight and Minotaur looked to see that standing a few yards away was none other than the same red scaled dragon, the silver device he had used the previous day held tightly and rested on his shoulder.

“You again!?!” Minotaur roared as he composed himself. “Stop getting in my way! This doesn’t concern you!!”

“Actually it does,” the red dragon replied took aim again with the silver device. “Although, I was a little confused, I couldn’t tell if you were after the dragon or the unicorn. Looks like having one of my familiars watch for each of them was a good idea.”

Twilight then noticed that the small Garuda was perched on one of the nearby shelves, pecking at one of its wings. “A familiar?”

“I don’t care about that!” Minotaur snarled as a flame appeared in his hand, the fire growing until it formed into the same sleek battle axe he was wielding yesterday. “You get in my way, destroy my horn, and try to act all cool about the whole thing – I don’t care if Harpie tears my head off for this! I’m gonna end you right now!”

“Miss! Move!” the red dragon called out.

“Don’t have to tell me twice!” Twilight yelped as the large minotaur began to charge towards the dragon, the young unicorn dodging out of the way at the last second.

Tossing the device up into the air, the dragon revealed a ring on his right hand that had the same symbol as his buckler on it. Quickly placing his clawed hand over the buckler, the buckler began to glow brightly. “DRIVER ON – PLEASE!!!”

In a flash of light, the belt morphed into the same bulky silver belt that was on the masked Wizard waist, but the Minotaur was quickly closing the gap. Not even flinching at the approaching enemy, the sleek dragon quickly slipped on another ring on his left hand and brought his hands to the belt, making the hand symbol on it flip. The moment he did that, the belt buckle began to glow brightly, “Sha Ba Do Be Touch Henshin! Sha Ba Do Be Touch Henshin!”

“Henshin,” the sleek dragon called out as he threw his left hand in front of the glowing belt.


Only a few feet to go before the minotaur was right in front of the sleek dragon, still he maintained his cool as he brought his left hand up and to the left, creating a large fiery runic circle that quickly enveloped his body – As the circle passed over his body, the same black and ruby covered suit covered the dragon’s body. “Hii Hii Hii Hii Hii!”

Just as the transformation was ending, Minotaur attacked – His battle axe swiping to cleave the Wizard’s head clean off. At the last second though, the masked Wizard ducked down and spun behind the larger enemy. “It’s… Showtime!”

Knowing that he missed, the Minotaur spun around and with a stab with the spear head that was atop of the axe, only to have the Wizard lean backwards and grabbed the pole of the axe. Using what strength he had, the Wizard pushed the axe away from his body and slammed his foot into the solar plexus of Minotaur, forcing whatever air was in his lungs and to make him stagger backwards a couple of feet.

It was then that the Wizard leapt up into the air and spun around to slam the bottom of his foot into the monstrous Minotaur’s face – Forcing the monster back a couple of feet. “ARGH! You lousy little sack of scales! Why is it always the head?!”

Holding his right hand out, the Wizard stood where he was as Minotaur charged once more, holding his axe high over his head. “JUST PERISH!!”

At that very moment, the silver device landed in the Wizard’s hand, and he immediately fired several bursts of red energy at point blank range at the Minotaur’s chest. With each shot fired, Minotaur cried out in pain before he was blown back by the sheer force.

Meanwhile, hiding behind a few of the bookcases, Twilight watched the fight play out in front of her, watching as the Wizard unfolded the device back into its odd sword form, ‘I don’t know what’s going on with these two, but I’m not going to let him get away this time.’

Minotaur then charged forward, aiming with a low sweep with his axe. The Wizard however leapt over the axe and spun through the air. The moment that the Wizard landed on the ground, the masked Wizard spun around just in time to parry with a forward stab by the axe’s spearhead. Both blades sparked, but Minotaur was quicker to recover from the backlash, and immediately began to bring the axe down on the Wizard’s head with a horizontal slice.

At the last second though, the Wizard leapt back just as the blade was about to strike him, his feet striking Minotaur directly at his chin in the process. “ARGGH!”

Getting back his bearings, Minotaur used his axe’s spearhead to once again stab at the Wizard, at the same time, the Wizard spun around and countered with own stab. The two blades connected, but Minotaur’s spear and axe shattered like glass, allowing the Wizard’s sword to make contact with the Minotaur’s armored skin. Sparks erupted from Minotaur’s chest as he was flung backwards several feet, crashing into several book cases.

Twilight galloped away from the fallen Minotaur as the large monster rolled past her. The Wizard twirled his blade in his hand before he rested the dull edge in his left hand.

Minotaur lifted his head up and immediately slammed his fists into the ground, shaking the immediate area. His fingers dug into the ground before he cried out and began to charge towards the Wizard, quickly standing up on his hind legs to improve his momentum. Even the Wizard was surprised with the Minotaur’s speed and quickly brought his sword up at the last second to have the blade catch the Minotaur’s remaining horn.

Although he was protected from being pierced by the horn, by the sheer speed and size of his opponent, the masked Wizard was easily pushed back, his feet cleaving the earth. “Whoa! Oi! Oi! Hey! Hey!”

Then reeling his head back quickly, the Minotaur sent the masked Wizard flying through the air behind him. While in the air, the Wizard flipped around until he landed safely on his feet. However something was wrong…

“Heh, that worked out better than I thought,” Minotaur laughed as he stood up straight and turned around, revealing that stuck in his remaining horn was the Wizard’s very sword. “I’ve got you figured out ‘Wizard’, you probably only got one or two spells in your little book of tricks. In both of our fights, you’ve relied on only this little weapon.”

Pulling the blade from his horn, the Minotaur stabbed the odd sword into the ground near his feet. “Let’s see how long you last without your precious weapon! With my size, I could crush four of you in a second!”

The Minotaur slammed his hands into the ground once more, preparing for a second charge, all the while the Wizard lifted his right hand up and fitted a different ring on it. “… An interesting theory.”

Charging once more, the Minotaur quickly closed the gap between him and the masked Wizard, who was holding his right hand in front of his glowing belt buckle once more. “BIG! PLEASE!”

Immediately, the same red runic circle appeared in front of the Wizard. Just as the Minotaur was only a few feet from the Wizard, the masked magic user threw his right fist through the runic circle.

Much to Twilight’s and the Minotaur’s surprise, what emerged from the other size of the circle was an extremely large version of the masked Wizard’s fist. And before the Minotaur could even think about slowing down, the fist crashed into him and sent him flying backwards. “GACK!”

“Who got crushed by whose size?” Pulling his arm back out from the circle, the Wizard revealed that it was back to normal size, and just as quickly he replaced the current ring he had on his right hand with another one. “Now for the build up.”

Hovering his right hand over the buckle once more, the Wizard’s belt glowed brightly, “COPY! PLEASE!”

Another red ring appeared over the Wizard’s head, immediately falling over his entire body. And in a flash of light, a second exact copy of the Wizard appeared to his left. Twilight blinked in surprise, “A duplication spell!?”

Both of the Wizards nodded before they messed with the belt for a second and held their right hands in front of the buckle again, “COPY! PLEASE!”

And just like before, two red runic circles appeared over the Wizards’ heads, covering them before two more exact copies of the Wizard appeared. All four of them laughed slightly before they reached for another ring and fitted them on their ring fingers.

Minotaur was still struggling to get to his feet when he lifted his head up to see the multiple copies of the Wizard. “W-WHAT?!”

All four of the Wizards brought their hands in front of their belts, as four of the same runic circles appeared at their feet. “VERY NICE! KICK STRIKE!”

“The finale!” All four Wizards announced as they brought their right legs forward, pulling back the coat tails.


From the runic circles, flames began to surround all four of the Wizards’ right legs. Symmetrically, all four of the Wizards cartwheeled for one rotation before using their hands to push them up high into the air. The Minotaur tried to get back to his feet, and just as he was about to, all four of the Wizards spun through the air with their right legs extended, the flames instantly propelling them towards the armored monster.

However, just before all four of the Wizards were about to hit the mark, several feathers flew between the masked Wizards and the Minotaur. Still, the attack just went through the feathers, and all four of the Wizards slammed their feet into Mintoaur’s chest, the force making him fly through the air with flames coursing over his body.

When the Wizards’ feet landed on the ground, three of the four faded away into several embers that danced through the air, allowing the original one to turn back to see the Minotaur kneeling on the ground, the flames coursed over his body. “Hmm, tough little rampager, aren’t ya?”

More white feathers floated down from the sky, garnering both the Wizard’s and Twilight’s attentions. From the air, another odd creature landed on the ground before the Minotaur – A large, bird-like monster standing atop of a pair of golden armored talons with long white wings that had a tint of green to them. The creature’s figure suggested that of a female, with her torso covered with a golden armored vest with green jewels embedded on it. The creature’s head resembled that of a hawk’s, with the beak opened to show the porcelain mask that acted as the creature’s face with glowing green eyes.

“Oh?” the Wizard mused as he crossed his arms. “So, there were two Phantoms, odd to see you working with each other.”

The winged Phantom didn’t speak, instead she flapped one of her mighty wings, allowing a storm of feathers to completely envelope the two Phantoms. The Wizard dashed forward to stop the two, but when he reached the feathers, they floated away to show that the two Phantoms had disappeared.

With a shake of his head, the Wizard sighed loudly, “Damn, they got away.”

Throwing his arms behind his head and beginning to walk away, the black and ruby suit began to fade from his body, showing the red scaled dragon in the mystic Wizard’s place. “Looks like I’ll be stuck here for a while.”

The dragon continued to walk away, but then he realized something – He wasn’t going anywhere. In fact, he was actually being raised off of the ground, “What the?!”

Looking closer at his claws, the dragon realized that there was a dull aura that was actually lifting him off of the ground.

“Sorry, but I’m not going to let you get away this time,” Twilight announced, her horn glowing the same light that was levitating the sleek dragon off of the ground. “I’m going to definitely get my answers this time.”

The dragon sighed in defeat as the Garuda flew up next to him, chirping loudly a few times. “Don’t rub it in."


Translation and other things to Note (Because you should learn something every day!)
*Ore… Sanjou!! – Japanese phrase, a dynamic way of announcing “I have arrived!”

Relevance to the story: This is actually the catch phrase of Kamen Rider Den-O’s Sword Form/The Main Imajin – Momotarous.

Author's Note:

Hey everyone, I was thinking about posting this on Friday, but -shrugs- I figured I should post this bad boy a little early so it can garner more attention and blah blah blah.

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