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Friendship is SHOWTIME!! - MangaKamen

A Kamen Rider Crossover Magic – a mysterious force in this world, and each creature possess magic within itself. A gift to many, but to a few, it is nothing but a curse. And when Twilight sees a new form of magic, she'll learn that life is

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Intermission 4 - Average Day in Ponyville

It’s fun to add a secret flavor so that no one knows. But… It’s more fun to find it.

-Tendoh Souji / Kamen Rider Kabuto


Intermission 4

Average Day in Ponyville


It was a battle for the ages, neither side showed signs of backing down from each other.

Their eyes narrowed down at each other as the flames within their pupils grew more intense with every passing second. The two beings ignored the world around them as they focused on their battle.

“Uh, Fluttershy? Are you sure it’s okay to leave them like that?”

“Oh, Mister Haru, it’ll be alright. It’s just a friendly little staring contest.”

Staring contest?



Not even close.

There was some sort of tension between Garuda, the flying, ruby familiar and Angel, the spoiled, little fluffball, so much so they had a nasty little glare going on between each other. Whether one party had insulted the other first, or it was a natural hatred that the two had, Fluttershy didn’t seem to notice the intensity between the two.

“Whatever you say Fluttershy,” Haru muttered under his breath. “But, anyway, thanks again for the work. Twilight told me that you usually have to take care of a number of animals, so I decided to offer my services.”

“And I appreciate that Mister Haru,” Fluttershy stated, smiling warmly at the tall red dragon. That smile turned sheepishly slightly as her gaze turned away from the magical dragon. “Oh, b-but I can’t pay you much, Mister Haru, I’m sorry.”

The dragon shrugged his shoulders before he threw his claws behind his head, “No need to apologize Fluttershy, I came to help because I wanted to help. That’s what friends do for each other.”

The warm smile quickly reappeared back on Fluttershy’s face before she continued to lead the dragon around her house. Haru followed the pegasus mare about the forested area, “So, what kind of animals are we talking about here? Rabbits? Birds?”

“Oh, you’ll see,” Fluttershy answered cheerfully.

When the two reached the other side of Fluttershy’s house, the dragon had to rub his eyes at the sight of all the animals that were residing at the cottage’s backyard – Of course there were animals that Haru expected to see, like rabbits, ferrets, various birds and other furry/feathered little critters. But the usual magical dragon wasn’t expecting things like flamingos, a hippopotamus, and if his eyes weren’t deceiving him at the moment, Haru was pretty sure he was looking at a lion and a bear in the corner of the backyard.

‘How in Kida’s name does Fluttershy take care of all these animals by herself?!’ Haru thought to himself with his arms slumped and his face slightly scrunched up into a bewildered look. ‘And how does she not get eaten in the process?’

“Mister Haru, can I ask a favor?” Fluttershy requested, pulling Haru from his thoughts. “I don’t want my animals spooked, so, c-could you refrain from doing that hen… Hen… um, that thing you do to get into that suit of yours?”

With a slight chuckle, Haru removed both rings he had on his claws and pocketed them into his jacket, “You mean ‘henshin’? That won’t be a problem Fluttershy, I don’t need to use magic to help me.

“I just have one request, you don’t need to call me ‘Mister’, I’m not that old you know.”

“Oh, I-I am so s-sorry, Mister Haru,” Fluttershy yelped with a blush on her face.

Haru just sighed under his breath.


Dear Twilight Sparkle,

I am so glad that you are experiencing so many different lessons and meeting new ponies from different walks of life, and I hope to hear more of these ponies that you meet. Just be aware, not everypony walks the same path and has many different experiences tied to them.

On a side note, enclosed with this letter is one of the few pieces of literature that pertains to the title that you wrote in your last letter – ‘Kamen Rider’. One of the royal guards who patrol the library informed me that this particular piece of literature is very old and very rare, and it must be handled with the greatest of care.

With loving care,

Princess Celestia


This piece of literature has been requested to return to the shelves by many members of the royal guard, so please be sure to have this returned to the palace by the beginning of next week.

Twilight eyed the odd letter as she used her magic to lift up the book that came with the letter, ‘Is Princess Celestia being serious here? It’s an old nanga!’

Indeed, the book in question was a foreign comic book from Neighpon that was translated for other countries in Equestria to read. But, when she looked at the large comic book, Twilight shook her head at the image of a masked pony mounted atop of the same sort of vehicle that Haru used commonly, with several creative monsters appearing in the corners of the cover image.

Using her magic to place the book on the nearby table, Twilight sighed to herself, ‘Mr. Hino was the one who first used that term, so maybe he’s just a fan of this... ‘literature’, and just wanted to give himself that title of a superhero. Haru never used that title before Mr. Hino said that to him…’

Thinking of the boxer obsessed zebra brought back the crazy events of the previous few days from the back of her mind – meeting Zecora, the Poison Joke (she made sure to keep an eye out for those plants, she wasn’t interested in experiencing that again), the odd conglomeration of monsters in the Everfree Forest, and the clean up that followed after said events.

Twilight didn’t realize that there were so many jewels were actually stolen by that Gamecock Yummy thing (she learned the name of the creature from Mr. Hino after he and Haru had returned the jewels to their proper owners).

That just prompted another sigh from the lavender unicorn’s mouth before she sat down at the table in the library’s center. ‘Phantoms, Ghouls, Greeed, Yummy… What other sorts of odd creatures reside in Equestria?’

With that thought rolling around in her head, Twilight used her magic to levitate a quill pen from the bottle of ink on the table and began writing down some notes on some blank papers she had on the table. Aside from her self-monologue and the sound of the pen quill scratching against the paper, there were no other sounds in the entire library.

She was all alone… Well, save for Uni the Blue Unicorn Familiar who had brought the aspiring student a cup of tea balanced on it long, sapphire horn. “Thank you very much Uni.”

The familiar unicorn neighed before she leapt from the table and walked away. One of the few things that Haru told Twilight about the familiars was that they didn’t really have a set gender, although technically they were alive in his opinion. In her observations of the familiars, Twilight discovered that they all had their own personalities.

Kenny the Topaz Kraken was a bit of a prankster, but loved having fun with Apple Bloom, and acted like a little filly as well.

Garuda (the one familiar that Haru seemed to like keeping by his side most of the time) was regal, kind of snobbish, and had a lot of pride. Not to mention he liked to tease Spike most of the time, so Twilight concluded he was a noble, if not snobbish, bird.

Uni the Sapphire Unicorn seemed to be kindest of the three familiars, even seemed to be the most proper as well. Twilight didn’t know if Uni had the regular magical capabilities of an actual unicorn, but acted like some mares that Twilight remembered in her academy days – Prim and proper.

Twilight’s thoughts were interrupted when a rasp knock at the door drew her attention from the table. “Coming!”

Quickly making her way to the door, Twilight pushed open the door to see a familiar, pure white mare was standing in the doorway, adjusting her marvelous blue mane with her hoof. “Ah, Twilight, I knew I’d find you here.”

“Good afternoon Rarity,” Twilight replied as she stepped back from the doorway to allow her sophisticated friend inside the library. “What brings you here?”

“Oh, just thought I’d stop by and see how you’re doing today,” Rarity answered as she looked around the library, taking in every sight around. “No offense dear, but it’s simply a crime to be stuck inside on a beautiful day like today. Even I decided to close my boutique so I could enjoy the sun shining in the sky, it’s simply not healthy for a young pony to be closed indoors all the time.”

Twilight sheepishly laughed at Rarity’s comment, and she did have to admit, it was a beautiful day out. “You’re right Rarity, but I do have some work I need to get done, and I would prefer to do it when Haru and Spike aren’t here.”

“Speaking of our fine scaled fellows,” Rarity stated before she turned back to Twilight. “Where are they?”

“Well, I sent Spike out on some errands,” Twilight answered, noticing that Uni was trotting into the room with a second cup of tea that she was bringing to Rarity. “And Haru’s working at Fluttershy’s today, helping her take care of her animals.”

Rarity had seen the small, sapphire familiar approaching her and used her magic to levitate the cup from Uni, although, while the pristine unicorn did so, her eyes widened when she heard Twilight. “Really? Darling, are you sure that was wise?”

“Huh? Why do you say that?” Twilight asked with her head tilted slightly.

“It’s just that Fluttershy’s animals aren’t the friendliest to strange ponies,” Rarity explained before she took a sip of tea. She took a second to enjoy the flavor before the young mare continued. “I can only imagine how they’d take to a dragon, after all, it took a while for Fluttershy to get used to Mister Souma.”

“What’s the worst that could happen?” Twilight replied with a smile on her face. “Besides, Haru has his magic, so once again, what’s the worst that can happen?”


“Nice bear, good bear, you don’t wanna tear me apart now,” Haru chuckled sheepishly at the large shadow that loomed over him.

The overshadowed bear roared loudly, making Haru lift his arms up defensively. “AAAAH!”


“So, if you don’t mind me asking, Twilight,” Rarity stated as she looked at the table in the library’s lobby. “What is so important that you can’t have our scaled friends here to aid you?”

“Well, I guess I can tell you,” Twilight answered as she used her magic to lift up a few pieces of paper. “I’m working on a bestiary to send to Princess Celestia.”

“A bestiary?” Rarity questioned as she brought a well-hooficured hoof to her chin. “Pardon me Twilight, but I’m not familiar with the term bestiary.”

“Well, I’m just compiling data about the Phantoms and other such odd creatures,” Twilight stated as she focused her magic on a number of papers, shifting them about until she came to one in particular. “I wanted to compile a list of the Phantoms that have appeared in Ponyville, as well as what they were capable of, and send it to the Princess when I was finished with what I got.”

Finding the paper that she was searching for, Twilight levitated it in front of Rarity to show the fellow unicorn the ink drawing on it with dabs of information on it. Almost immediately, Rarity scoffed at the drawing, “Oh, that one. What was his name again? I tend to forget those who are just rude.”

“Phoenix,” Twilight answered as she pulled the drawing back, revealing that it was a rather crude, yet strangely cute version of the dreaded fire Phantom.

“Right, he was a brute,” Rarity sighed as she turned away from the drawing. “But, enough about him, I suppose with the last few weeks being filled with atrocities, I can see the reason why it would be good to catalogue these ‘Phantoms’.”

Rarity took this opportunity to look at the other drawings that were on the table, grimacing slightly at them, “I must say, they are quite dreadful.”

“If I recall,” Twilight muttered as she trotted up next to her friend. “You only saw a couple of Phantoms, Phoenix and that strange one in front of the Everfree Forest.”

Rarity didn’t answer quickly as her attention was drawn to the drawings in front of her, when she realized that Twilight was talking, the fashionista shook her head. “O-Oh! Right, right, well, darling, if I recall, there was that big one that occurred on ‘that’ day.”

Twilight smiled sheepishly, she guessed that Rarity was a little sensitive about her mane getting turned green by Trixie. “You mean the Minotaur Phantom? I guess it would’ve been hard for anypony to miss him during that, he was almost as big as some of the buildings in Canterlot.”

“Indeed,” Rarity replied as she used her own magic to lift up some of the papers up until she found one. “Ah, here’s the one. But, dear, I think you have the coloring of this one mixed up. It may have been dark, but I’m certain that this one was red and yellow.”

“Oh, well, that wasn’t the first time this Phantom showed up in Ponyville,” the lavender unicorn answered as she watched Uni the Unicorn jump atop of the wooden horse head statue she had on the table, balancing atop of it. “It was after that whole ticket fiasco, in fact, it was the first Phantom I saw.”

Rarity sipped her tea once more as she took a seat on the floor. “I believe that was when you first met, Mister Souma, correct?”

Twilight nodded, “Yes, and it was also the first time I saw his magic.”

“Would you mind telling me about that encounter?” Rarity requested as she levitated the teacup to the table. “I don’t believe that Mister Souma or you were ever truly clear about that chance encounter.”

The studious unicorn tilted her head slightly with her brow raised slightly at her friend, “Rarity, I don’t mind telling you about it, but why the sudden interest?”

“Oh Twilight, dear sweet, young Twilight,” Rarity sighed as her muzzle curled slightly into a bright smile and her eyes softened. “Do you not realize it yet?”

“R-Realize what?” Twilight questioned.

“Why, how you lived out a scene from a romance novel,” Rarity answered slyly.

It took a moment for that to sink into Twilight’s mind. “W-WHAT!?!”

That yell had enough force behind it to make Uni stumble off of the horse head wood carving and crash into the floor near Twilight.

“Think about it darling,” Rarity began to explain as she used her magic to swirl what remaining tea was left in the cup. “A young mare coming face to face with an odd, and obviously dangerous, monster bent on hurting not only you but someone you care about – When suddenly, a masked stallion comes along with the falling sun at his back and saves the mare in distress. Sure, it’s a bit clichéd, but still, it has the marks of romanticism in it.”

“B-But, Haru’s not a stallion!” Twilight blurted out with a blush appearing on her face. “Besides! Haru helps anypony being targeted by a Phantom!”

“True,” Rarity conceded. “But then again Twilight, Mister Souma does live here with you and Spike.”

“I-I’m just trying to learn more about his magic, and this was a compromise with him!” Twilight defended, turning her gaze away from her friend’s.

“Perhaps,” Rarity snickered. “But remember Twilight, wasn’t you who informed us that Haru wasn’t originally a dragon? He was a stallion who was transformed into a dragon, correct?”

“I… I…” Twilight stumbled with her words. “W-Where did this come from!?”

“Well, I’ll admit, I’m just a little curious Twilight,” Rarity answered as she helped Uni back to her sapphire hooves. “After all, Mister Souma has been the model of a gentlestallion, why, just the other day he found the jewels that were stolen from me. He also does have a knack for style, at least most of the time.

“Besides, he hardly talks about himself, and as I said, he lives here with you and Spike, so logically, the two of you should know the most about him.”

By Faust’s name, Twilight needed something to break this extremely odd conversation…

And Twilight’s prayer were answered when several playful knocks echoed through the library, drawing both mares’ attentions towards the door. And Twilight couldn’t move faster to the door even if she became a pegasus that very instant. “C-Coming!”

Twilight quickly opened the door…

“Hello! Hehehehehehee…”


Normally, anypony would be bored to death on a slow work day in any established business, especially when the owners were out delivering sweets and baked goods to a number of ponies in town.

That only applied to the average pony, and as anyone knows, Pinkie Pie wasn’t your average pony in any regard.

Trotting around the lobby of Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie Pie was doing her usual cheerful cleaning routine with her bubblegum pink tail wrapped around a broom handle as she swept the floors. As she did the rather mundane task, a song was being hummed out from the mare’s mouth.

Almost any task, no matter how soul-crushingly boring, was no match for Pinkie’s endless supply of cheerfulness. She was able to find fun out of almost anything.

But then something happened.

Something that Pinkie Pie didn’t expect to happen, although, she rarely expected this sort of thing to happen… At least when she wasn’t stealing the transcripts to this story!

“Excuse me, Mister Disembodied Voice Narrator,” Pinkie Pie chimed as she looked up to the ceiling.

Huh? Great, she’s breaking the fourth wall again!

“Well, technically,” Pinkie Pie stated as she rubbed her chin with her hoof. “You broke the fourth wall first.”

… Say what now?

“Yeah, I just wanted to let you know that,” Pinkie Pie answered with a warm smile on her face. “So, can we get back to the story? I’m excited to find out what happens next! What happens next?!”

*… sigh* Where was I?


It was then that Pinkie’s entire body began to shudder, shaking the broom free from her tail and making her voice quiver as she realized what was happening to her now. “O-O-OOH! I-I S-S-SENSE A D-D-D-DIST-URB-ANCE IN-IN TH-THE PINK-PINKIE FO-FORCE!!”

And just like that, the quivering stopped and Pinkie just stood in the middle of the room as if nothing had happened. Her mouth slowly curled up before she began to bounce about, “Ooh! Something big’s gonna happen! Ooh! Ooh! I can’t wait for what it is!! Maybe I’ll get to see a giant mechanical dinosaur rise from the ground while a green dragon plays a magical dagger flute?!”


“Or maybe, maybe… Maybe I’ll find an ancient puzzle from a pyramid that’ll make my mane star shaped and I’ll become really, really, really, REALLY good at playing filly’s card game?! And maybe get me an outfit with chains and leather, that really sounds Super Special Awesome!”

“What? Uh, hey, Pinkie…”

“Nah, I don’t think I have that many mane colors to pull that one off,” Pinkie muttered to herself as she rubbed her chin. “Maybe I’ll be meeting a weird pair of characters – A vampire who has a deep insatiable hankering for sardines with a tsundere werewolf follower? Ooh! And maybe I’ll meet some penguins that say ‘dood’ all the time!! That’d be amazing!”

“… Talkin’ penguins? Who thinks of that stuff?”

“Waitwaitwaitwait!” Pinkie exclaimed as she jumped into the air. “I got it! I’ll probably be finding a black cat with a red scarf around its neck, but secretly it’s actually a ghost cat that can go back in time to save anypony from a terrible fate! I’d love to make a friend like that!”

“… Somepony’s had more than enough coffee for a lifetime…”

“Oh, don’t be silly,” Pinkie Pie replied as she turned towards the one who made the comment. “I don’t drink coffee, too bitter… Unless somepony pours tons and tons of sugar in it!”

“Wait, how long did you know I was here?”

Pinkie smiled brightly at the new face in front of her, “Oh, ever since you trotted through the front door. I just wanted to see how long till you said something silly.”

Standing before Pinkie Pie was an older pegasus stallion with a messy black mane and tail with yellow tips to both and had red fur covering his body. His rather tired looking face had a bit of stubble to it, and his torso had a large baggy red vest covering his body, with the sides slit open to reveal his wings. From where Pinkie was standing, she was clearly able to see his cutie mark – a fiery red wing that had an oddly familiar sword behind it.

The stallion rolled his blue eyes with a sigh, “Yeah, yeah, whatever. You guys open? I need something in my stomach, and I’m not in the mood for dealing with snooty waiters.”

“Yuppers! Of course we’re open!” Pinkie replied as she bounced around the new pony. “But before that… OHMYGOSH! OHMYGOSH! A NEW PONY! A NEW PONY! You must be a new pony in town cause I know everypony in town, and I don’t know you! And if I don’t know you, then that must mean that you’re new! So what’s your name? C’mon tell me, tell me, tell me! Once I know your name then… Wait, you look familiar, do I know you?”

The black pegasus rolled his blue eyes again, “I just came in for some food, so can I just drop some bits and get something in my stomach.”

“Okey-dokey-lokie!” Pinkie Pie replied as she happily trotted towards the other side of the counter. “What would ya like, Mister?”

The dark pegasus lowered his head down and looked through the glass to peer at the sugary treats inside. The pegasus licked his chops, “Heh, gotta say all this looks tasty. And after what I had to deal with, some of this stuff is mouthwatering.”

“Well, you know what they say,” Pinkie Pie cheerfully stated as she used her hoof to slide the door to the display. “Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Coincidence? I think not!”

The pegasus perked his head up with a smirk on his face, “And there are only two kinds of ponies in the Equestria: Those that love chocolate and communists!”

“What’s a communist?” Pinkie Pie asked after she pulled out a slice of chocolate cake from the display.

“Meh, something that doesn’t exist anymore,” the pegasus replied as he used one of his wings to sweep up the piece of cake off the counter. Then as quickly as he swept the piece up in his wings, the pegasus had taken a bite from the confectionary. “Hmm! Not bad! Not bad at all!”

When the pegasus turned back to Pinkie Pie, his eyes dulled when he saw that the pink mare in front of him had a large smile on her face. “Uh… W-What are you doing?”

“You smiled!” Pinkie squealed with joy with her own smile on her face.

Slowly chewing the mass of chocolate and frosting, the pegasus rolled his eyes for the third time in the last ten minutes. “Yeah? What’s’ your point?”

“Aw, there’s need to be like that,” Pinkie Pie replied as she bounced from behind the counter and got alongside the pegasus. “It’s always good to have a smile on your face! Besides, weren’t we just sharing a love of chocolate?”

The pegasus sighed under his breath before he tossed the remainder of the cake into his mouth and he quickly swallowed the treat. “What do I owe ya for the cake?”

“Oh, not much,” Pinkie replied, the smile not leaving her face. “Just your name!”

“Huh?” The pegasus questioned with his eyes widening. “What?!”

“Yup! Just your name!” Pinkie Pie replied. “I mean, you’re a new pony in town and that means I don’t know your name, if I don’t know your name, I won’t know what to call you the next time I see you! I also wouldn’t be able to write your name on the cake for your welcome to Ponyville party! That reminds me, do you want a chocolate cake? What sort of party games do you want to have at your party? I like pin the tail on the pony personally, but what’s your favorite game? Do you wanna play a game right now? How about a guessing game! Can I guess your name, new pony?”

The pegasus was taken back by the sudden surge of questions from the super energized earth pony before him.

And Pinkie took advantage of his stunned nature and observed the pegasus, “Hmmm, Black Snooty? Nope, you’re not a mare. Sword Wing? That’s an odd name, even by pony standards. Hmmm, ya know, you kinda remind me of somepony I met not too long ago, then again, he wasn’t a pony, he was something called a Phantom and he was really mean, and a bit of a bully. But he was also kind of funny too, but still he was a really big meanie!”

The pegasus’s blue eyes dulls slightly.

“But you seem really nice!” Pinkie Pie replied as she continued to bounce around the stun locked pegasus. “So, can I call you Feenie? I think that name would suit you better than it did for him!”

‘Feenie’ sighed loudly as he counted the number of times he rolled his eyes at the pink mare – Which currently was clocked at four times. “Sure, whatever floats your boat Pinkie.”

“You did it again,” Pinkie Pie pointed out.

“Huh?” Feenie questioned with a bead of sweat rolling down the side of his head. “W-What are you talking about?”

“Why, you said my name again, Feenie,” Pinkie Pie explained. “I never said it, but you knew it, and you just said it again.”

CRUD!’ Feenie screamed in his head as he slowly backed away from the pink mare. ‘I let it slip out! J-Just relax! There’s no way she can make the connection, nopony here has ever seen my pony form...

“W-Well, I was just making an observation,” Feenie explained with a cautious smile on his face. “I mean, you’re a pink pony and… and…”

“Ya know, the last Feenie kinda said the same thing when I first met him,” Pinkie Pie countered.

‘DOUBLE CRUD!’ Feenie roared in his head before he audibly gulped louder than he would’ve liked. “W-Well, m-maybe it’s a coincidence! That does tend to happen every once in a while…”

Feenie trailed off when he realized that Pinkie Pie was leaning towards him, her own light cerulean eyes peering directly into his cobalt orbs. “… And that… Maybe… Uh… Hehahahaha…”

That nervous laughter slowly died down as Feenie seemed to shrink under Pinkie’s gaze, ‘Damn it! I don’t know what that yellow pegasus did to me, but… But I’m shaking in my hooves, and this isn’t even the same mare!! Get it together Stallion!’

“Okey-dokey-lokie!” Pinkie Pie chimed out before she hopped away from the pegasus.

Feenie stood there with his jaw now slack with his cobalt eyes wide as dinner plates. “W-Wait, are you just going to drop the issue? Just like that?”

“Yuppers!” Pinkie Pie replied. “Sides, I don’t wanna scare you off! After all, we still haven’t had your party yet!”

“Ah, I see,” Feenie replied with a nod of his head before he opened his eyes to realize something. “Wait… Party? What party?”

“Your ‘Welcome to Ponyville Party’ party!” Pinkie Pie replied as she trotted around Sugarcube Corner’s lobby. “I’ve got a ton of work to do, but a party is just what we need to do for you, Feenie! The last Feenie I met may not have been very nice, but he did have a sense of humor. Not the best around, but I know other ponies who were like that and even a griffon too, but sometimes just the right party can change a pony, or griffon. Speaking of griffons, I know there’s a new griffon in town! I should find him and throw him a party too sometime! It would be really amazing! But I can’t go with a prank party again, that didn’t go too well.

“Anyway, I’m sure if I threw that Feenie a party, I’m sure he wouldn’t have been such a Meanie-Feenie! So, I’m not going to make that mistake again! So what kind of theme should we go with for your party? I’m thinking along the lines of a party with a chocolate fountain!”

Feenie cocked his head to the side as he eyed the mare in front of him. ‘She’s gonna throw me a party? This mare is just crazy, she doesn’t even know me and she’s willing to throw a party just for me.

‘This Pinkie is just crazy.’

A small smile appeared on Feenie’s face as he reached into his vest’s pocket with his wings and pulled out a few bits that he tossed on the counter. “As much as would love to party the night away, I’m not going to be able to stay here for too long. I’ve got somepony I need to meet, and I gotta do it soon. Doubtful that I’d be able to stay and enjoy a party, and I don’t want to make this pony wait, she’s the only pony I don’t wanna tick off.”

“Aw,” Pinkie Pie groaned as she lowered her head, with her lower lip quivering and her cerulean eyes giving Feenie a pair of saddened eyes that would make even a puppy envious.

Feenie drew back suddenly as his eyes widened, ‘Triple crud! This mare’s not playing fair!!’

With one of his wings brought up to his muzzle, Feenie turned his gaze away, “I’ll tell you what Pinkie, let’s make this an I.O.U. one party. Next time I’m in town, we’ll party all night till the sun comes up.”

“Promise?” Pinkie replied as her cheerful look reappeared on her face.

“Promise,” Feenie answered back as he saluted.

“Cross your heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in your eye?” Pinkie Pie stated as she moved her hooves across her chest, then waved them about as if they were wings, and then brought her hoof up to her eye.

Feenie looked about before he shrugged his wings, “Uh, sure. Cross my heart, hope to fly, and uh, stick a cupcake in my eye.”

“Then it’s a Pinkie Promise, Feenie!” Pinkie Pie stated. “Now remember, you gave your word, so you have to keep your promise forever!”

“Forever?” Feenie questioned.


‘Quadruple crud, what did I just do?’

And like that, Feenie turned from the pink mare and began to head towards the exit, “Have a nice day, Pinkie.”

“You too!” Pinkie called out. “Bye Phoenix!”

The pegasus stopped in his tracks, his eyes widened and he turned back to the counter, but Pinkie Pie was nowhere to be seen. ‘Where’d she go!?



Twilight reeled back as a familiar face peered in through the door to the library, “Miss… Sparkle, right? Fancy meeting you here!”

Trotting into the library past Twilight was none other than the mint green pegasus with his feathered fedora and colorful scarf around his neck – Sora. His smile was warm as he used his wing to remove his topper to bow towards the lavender unicorn next to him. “Then again, this pizzeria is the place where you do work at, isn’t it? So I shouldn’t be surprised that you’re here.”

“Uh, this is a library, remember?” Twilight pointed out. ‘I wanted something to break up that conversation, but…’

But Sora wasn’t listening, he was trotting into the library, looking about until he looked at Rarity, “Oh my! Madame! I remember you!”

Rarity blinked a few times as the oddly dressed pegasus approached her. “Oh? I do apologize, but I do not seem to recall you.”

“That’s not a problem,” Sora replied as he trotted around Rarity. “When I saw you, I saw the travesty that showmare did to your lovely mane. Surely it was a crime against such a lovely styled and beautifully colored mane.”

Rarity used her front hoof to push up her mane a few times, “My, what flattery. And you have an excellent eye.”

“Thanks!” Sora replied with his cheery smile. “But, it was still funny to see your hair turn green! And even funnier to see your reaction to it!”

Rarity stopped pushing her mane up and her eyes dulled slightly at the rude comment.

“Hehehehehe,” Sora snickered as he continued to look around the library. “Hmm, oh how rude! I can’t believe how rude that was! So very, very terribly rude!”

Once again, Sora removed his fedora for a few moments to reveal his feathered mane to bow towards Rarity. “I haven’t introduced myself to you miss! Sora’s the name! S-O-R-A is my claim to fame!”

“Well, it’s nice to meet you, Mister Sora,” Rarity replied. ‘Even though the late introduction wasn’t what was rude…’

“Mister Sora,” Twilight called out, drawing the eccentric Pegasus’ attention to her. “This is my friend Rarity, and while it is… Fun, to see you again, can I help you with anything?”

“Help me?” Sora mused to himself as he brought one of his wings to his chin, rubbing the feathers against it. “Hmm… Ya know, I did have a reason to come here today but… I didn’t expect to see such lovely manes today! And I didn’t say this last time Miss Sparkle, but I must say, whoever did your highlights did a masterful job! Whoever did it even managed to get your tail!”

“Highlights?” Twilight questioned as she turned to her tail. “I don’t have highlights in my hair, it’s my natural hair color.”

“Sure honey, whatever you say,” Sora replied with an innocent smile. “Anyway, as much as I would love to talk about such beautiful manes, I do have something I have to do here. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Miss Sparkle, is there a dragon who lives here who goes by the name of Haruto Souma?”

Twilight was a little wary of Sora’s sudden question, something that the pegasus instantly picked up on. So with a slightly nervous wave of his wings, the goofy pegasus chuckled sheepishly, “Now, now, now, it’s my current job ya know. I act as a courier for some ponies, and some pony asked me make a delivery to the dragon named Haruto Souma, and I was told to come to the Golden Oaks Library since that’s where the dragon apparently crashes.

“So, once again, does Haruto Souma live here?”

“Yeah, he does,” Twilight replied.

Sora smiled as he turned his head and reached into his saddlebags. “Alrighty! Let’s see if I can find it!”

Just like the last time Sora reached into the infinite space that was his saddlebag, the pegasus pulled out some of the weirdest of items imaginable – a freshly baked apple pie (fully intact and even had steam lifting off of it), a plushie that was a blue bear in a red and white jumpsuit, several pink flamingo lawn ornaments, a box of French fries, a paintball gun, a purple and white guitar that had the name ‘Axel’ written on it, an atlas, lint, more lint, a lot more lint, a half-eaten granola bar, a bunch of balloon animals (which Twilight noticed that they had a few familiar color schemes to them, like the white pony with a blue mane, and a bright pink pony with a hot pink mane).

“Here it is!” Sora cheered before he pulled his head out of the saddlebag and revealed what looked to be a large, rough cut jewel that had the same qualities that of an emerald. After placing the jewel on the table, Sora stuck his tongue out. “Ugh, I never understand why dragons like to eat those things. Must be tasty to them.”

Then as quickly as he pulled the stuff out from his saddlebags, Sora had scooped up everything back into his bags… Save for the pink flamingos that had somehow managed to be set up around the entire library, sticking out of the shelves, sticking out of the books, and even had a few that were somehow sticking out of the ceiling.

“How in Equestria…?” Rarity questioned as she noted that Uni the sapphire unicorn familiar had a pink flamingo that was attached to her back.

“Well, have a nice day!” Sora sung as he slowly trotted out the door, leaving a slightly stunned Twilight behind him.

“Hey! Wait! Sora! Take your…” Twilight called out as she quickly followed after Sora. “… Flamingos?”

Twilight had to stop herself when she realized that Sora had disappeared, even for a pegasus, she should’ve at least seen him in the air. And if his saddlebags really held all that stuff he pulled out (which Twilight was confused about since the bags didn’t even look half-way full!), but he was gone. “How did he…?”

“One more thing!”

Twilight jumped when she realized that Sora had popped out of nowhere right next to her, “W-WHAAAA! I thought you flew away!!”

“Oh, I couldn’t fly away,” Sora chuckled as he used his wing to reach into his saddlebag. “After all, I don’t want to risk taking an arrow to the wing, it happens more often than you think. But anyway, I just realized that I took a couple of your papers from your desk, and as I was taught, stealing is wrong.”

Sora lifted up one of his wings to reveal that there were a number of papers being held between the feathers. “Sorry ‘bout that! By the way, I really like the drawings! The green one’s a handsome devil!”

Twilight used her magic to take the pages, but instantly noticed that one of the pages of her Phantom bestiary wasn’t hers – It was evident by the script and even the picture that Sora was talking about, it was more detailed and it depicted a slightly ghoulish, bipedal creature with green armor covering his chest with silver-bestial shoulder pads and black leg armor that ended in curved boots. “Gremlin? I…”

‘This isn’t mine…’

“Bye bye!”

Twilight lifted her head up only to see a dust cloud that oddly enough looked like Sora until it fell to the ground. And Twilight was standing there with a blank look on her face.

“These flamingos are simply tacky,” Rarity sighed as she stepped outside, making her fellow unicorn turn to her. “Twilight, that stallion was… Well, he was rather odd. In fact, he kind of reminds me of somepony we both know, only he doesn’t seem interested in throwing parties for every pony he meets.

“May I ask how you know this Sora?”

“Well, I met him a few weeks ago,” Twilight explained, looking around to try to find the pegasus in question. “He just came in singing about pizza and donated a book. It was rather random, then again, he seems to be random as well.”

“Somepony like him shouldn’t have a hard time fitting in around here,” Rarity stated as she casually looked around outside. “Even if he was a bit rude.”

Twilight nodded in agreement with her friend – the odd green stallion did seem to enjoy life too much, to the point that it was an inconvenience to others. But Twilight was more concerned with the file that Sora had just left with her. ‘Is this even a Phantom? And if it is, how in Equestria’s name did Sora get it? Does he know something about the Phantoms? And… And…’

“Hey Twilight! OOH! Rarity!”

Both unicorns turned to see Spike walking up to them with a large paper bag in his claws, a blush on his face as he quickly ran up to Rarity. “If I had known you were going to be here Rarity, I would’ve gotten here sooner and prepared some tea! If you’re still interested, I can make you some!”

“You’re quite the sweetie, Spike,” Rarity replied as she patted Spike on the head with her hoof. “But you don’t need to do that. Miss Uni served some excellent tea earlier.”

Spike turned to the door to see said unicorn familiar stepping out – The pink flamingo still atop of its back, “Uh, what’s with the flamingo?”

“Sora happened,” Twilight chuckled sheepishly.

“Sora?” Spike questioned before the memory of the green pegasus slowly began to claw itself out from the depths of his mind. “Wait… Him!? The weird pegasus? What did he do this time?”

“Oh, just decorated the library with lawn ornaments,” Twilight replied as she looked back into the library. “How were your errands? Did you find everything?”

Spike smiled brightly as he puffed out his chest. “Was there ever any doubt? I got the groceries, and I even found the magazine you asked for.”

Without a second thought, Spike pulled out said magazine which had the title of ‘Equestrian Geographic’ at the top of the cover, while the picture of the cover featured a griffon with fancily groomed feathers, dressed in a black suit, and holding onto a beautiful vase in his talons. Rarity turned her attention towards the cover and mused, “Equestrian Geographic, I didn’t think you were into magazines Twilight. Although, it is an educational one…”

“Well, I there’s an article featuring a rather famous archeologist,” Twilight replied as she used her magic to take the magazine from Spike’s claws. “I heard that the griffon archeologist – Kosuke Nitoh – Wrote an article pertaining to the Caballon culture, and I wanted to read about it since…”

Twilight coughed slightly when she caught herself, stopping her explanation for the magazine. “Sorry about that. Thanks Spike, and Rarity, as much as I’d like to continue our conversation from before, Spike and I have to clean up the library.”

“I suppose that is true,” Rarity replied as she waved a hoof. “Very well, have a nice day Twilight. You as well, Spike.”

“Bye Rarity!” Spike called out as he watched the white mare trot off. With a sigh, Spike smiled brightly. “I didn’t know you were meeting with her today…”

“Well, she just popped in today,” Twilight replied as she and Spike walked back into the library. “And she wanted to chat for a while.”

“Bleh, girl talk,” Spike gagged with his tongue sticking out. “I don’t mind talking with Rarity, but, I can only imagine what you two talked about.”

Twilight looked innocently away from Spike, “Y-Yeah, girly stuff, you wouldn’t be interested in that stuff.”

Spike stopped when he looked at all the pink flamingos in the library, and then he sighed, “I’m really looking forward to getting back to Canterlot for the next week. I really like Ponyville, but the crazy here is getting to be…”

The small dragon suddenly brought his claws up to his mouth before he burped loudly with a mystical green flame popping out from his mouth. The flame twirled through the air until it formed into a rolled up scroll with the golden Canterlot seal on it. Unfortunately, when Spike had burped up the flame he dropped all the groceries he got to the floor.

“A letter from the Princess?” Twilight stated as she placed the magazine and papers on the Plastic-Flamingo decorated table. “That’s odd, I hope everything’s alright. What does it say Spike?”

“Uh, I don’t think I can open it, Twilight,” Spike answered as he looked at the scroll in question. “It’s not addressed to us.”

“Wait, what?” Twilight questioned as she trotted over to Spike. “It came from the Princess, who else would it be for?”

“According to writing here,” Spike answered as he brought a claw up to scroll. “Haru.”

Twilight looked at the scroll, and indeed the writing on the scroll did read in black ink ‘Haruto Souma’. ‘Why would Princess Celestia send Haru a letter?’



Haru had no idea how he ended up like this – Hanging upside from a tree with a rope tied around his ankles. He had managed to avoid getting mauled by the bear by diving into nearby stream at Fluttershy’s cottage, which resulted in him having a ton of leeches latch onto him.

And after using some salt that Fluttershy had in her cottage, Haru went back to work, leech-free!

But the moment that he and Fluttershy had split up once again, Haru was caught in that exceptionally elaborate trap with Angel Bunnie now looking up at him from the ground. “What did I do to deserve this!?”

Angel just stuck his tongue out at the dragon.

“… You realized that dragons are omnivores, right?” Haru growled at the little bunny that just kept mocking him as he hung from the tree.

Haru was met with a carrot flung into his face. ‘Ishimori, I hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE this rabbit!!!’


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