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Friendship is SHOWTIME!! - MangaKamen

A Kamen Rider Crossover Magic – a mysterious force in this world, and each creature possess magic within itself. A gift to many, but to a few, it is nothing but a curse. And when Twilight sees a new form of magic, she'll learn that life is

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Spell 9 - Feathers Together

Chase two birds, and catch two birds.
- Tendou Souji’s Grandmother


Spell 9

Feathers Together


It was a rather awkward scene for Haru to be dragged through Ponyville, Pinkie’s tail effectively keeping him locked behind the usually perky pony. However, it was obvious that Pinkie wasn’t in the best of moods, she stopped bouncing a few minutes after she managed to get the dragon cooperate and follow her.

‘I guess Gilda really got under her skin,’ Haru thought to himself as he saw the Golden Oaks library come into view. ‘Then again, if I was dropped from the sky, I’d probably not be so cheery.’

When the two reached the library, Pinkie had finally released the dragon from her surprising strong tail wrap. “Okay! Now that we’re here, Twilight will definitely know what to do!”

Haru shrugged his shoulders before he reached into his jacket’s pocket, “Actually, Pinkie, I need to go find Rainbow Dash.”

“What?” Pinkie gasped. “You’re going to ditch me now too?”

“Pinkie, it’s not like that,” Haru replied as he pulled out the Multi Ring from his pocket. “I need to find her to confirm something for me. Besides, if you’re going to be here with Twilight, that’ll put my mind at ease, since I’ve got one of my familiars here with her, so if the Phantom is after you, I can at least be alerted to your position.

“Trust me, I don’t want to leave you after what happened Pinkie, but I need to do this, for you and Rainbow Dash’s sake.”

Haru closed his eyes, ‘Especially if my suspicions are right. I don’t want to be right about this though, because if I am…’

With a shake of his head, Haru turned back to Pinkie, “So, please, I promise that when this is all said and done, we’ll finish that party I skipped out on, okay?”

“You promise?” Pinkie asked with the smile creeping back on her face.

Haru saluted slightly, “I swear on my dragon’s blood.”

“Okie-dokey-lokie!” Pinkie replied with a large smile back on her face.

“Oh yeah,” Haru continued as he held up the Multi Ring. “You mind taking this inside with you?”

“Ooh, that’s one of your rings, right?” Pinkie questioned as she leaned into the ring and eyed it. “Don’t you need to keep this with you though?”

“This Multi Ring kinda conked out on me,” Haru replied as he tossed the ring into the air, allowing Pinkie to catch the little trinket with one of her front hooves. “Until I get a chance to really experiment with it, I can’t really rely on it… It could make the difference in me defeating the Phantom or me being the one down for the count.”

Spinning on one of his heels, Haru began to walk away, waving one of his claws over his head to bid goodbye to Pinkie Pie.

The young mare looked at the creative ring before she shrugged and walked into the library.


“You did what?!”

Hellhound winced as he hid behind one of the Everfree Forest’s many trees, trying to keep away from the scary Harpie who had her wings lifted up, using her feathers to make her look even more terrifying. “I… I, uh, fought against the Wizard.”

Harpie screeched loudly before she flew towards Hellhound and pinned the fellow Phantom to the ground with her talons at his arms. “Hellhound, did you think it was smart to test my patience? I told you can only observe, not get involved!”

“I was just trying to help another Phantom!” Hellhound barked back. “You keep going on about how we need to look over Minotaur, and just because I helped out a fellow Phantom, you’re getting mad? You’re a bleeding hypocrite!”

Harpie screeched once more, this time directly into Hellhound’s face, making the Phantom cry out loud, “If you hadn’t returned with those wounds and told me you retreated, then we wouldn’t be having this conversation! You got blasted because of your stupidity, I’ve got nothing against helping other Phantoms, but you let your ego get the better of you!

“You should’ve just escaped with the Phantom.”

With a mighty flap of her wings, Harpie leapt off of Hellhound, “So… Where is this other Phantom?”

Pushing himself off of the ground, Hellhound growled loudly before he threw his arms to the side, “Tartarus if I know. As soon as she got out of my shadow dive, she flew off.”

Harpie sighed loudly, she did not need this, not right now.


Haru was in the midst of walking through the streets of Ponyville, carefully walking past a number of ponies as he tried to sense where his familiar was. Although, it was rather amazing that a number of the ponies had grown accustomed to the red dragon that stalked their streets in such a short time.

Tartarus, even some of them saw him in the background most times.

‘Maybe I should ask a pegasus,’ Haru thought to himself as he stopped in his tracks. ‘I can’t get a good beat on Garuda, besides most Pegasai here seem to work in weather control, so, maybe, one of them at least saw her.’

Looking around the square, Haru spotted only one nearby pegasus looking at a produce cart, a gray pegasus with a blonde mane and tail. ‘She looks familiar, but I don’t see any other pegasai, so. What’s the harm?’

“Excuse me! Miss Pegasus!” When Haru walked up and called to the pegasus, said pegasus turned around and the dragon stopped in his tracks. ‘THOSE EYES!!!’

“Hmm? Oh! You’re that dragon I saw yesterday!” the wall-eyed pegasus gleefully announced with a bright smile on her face. “Did you ditch those doughnuts and get some muffins?”

Haru didn’t respond to that question, he was too entranced with her golden, crossed eyes. ‘My Ishimori, this is weirder than that one show I watched about that evil lamp that cursed a bunch of ponies. And it was an EVIL LAMP!’

Shaking his head, Haru cleared his throat, “Well, uh, kinda. I didn’t eat too many of those doughnuts, wouldn’t mind a muffin right now though, but that’s not why I wanted to talk to you. I wanted to ask, have you seen a blue pegasus with a rainbow colored mane and tail? Is probably hanging around with a griffon?”

“You mean Rainbow Dash, right?” the cross-eyed questioned with her head tilted.

“Uh, yeah,” Haru replied turning his eyes away from the pegasus’.

“Aw, no need to be shy,” the pegasus stated with a warm smile.

“I-I’m not shy,” Haru replied turning his attention back to the pegasus. ‘I just feel that I’d lose my mind if I looked into those eyes of yours for too long.’

“A-anyway, have you seen her?”

“Yup!” the blonde maned pegasus replied as she lifted a hoof up and to the right.

Haru followed the hoof to see that indeed, Rainbow Dash was flying through the air with Garuda trying to keep up with her. The sleek dragon slumped his shoulders before he sighed loudly, “… Thanks. I really appreciate it Miss…”

“Ditzy, Ditzy Doo!” The pegasus cheerfully answered.

“Well, I owe you a muffin, Ditzy Doo,” Haru replied before he ran off.

Ditzy tilted her head slightly, “Huh? How’d he get my name wrong? It’s Derpy Hooves!”

Now that he was able to see Rainbow and Garuda, Haru was able to follow the two of them, even though they were faster than the dragon. Eventually, just outside of Ponyville, Haru was able to see that Rainbow Dash was moving some of the clouds over Ponyville. Haru used one of his claws held over his eyes so he wouldn’t get blinded by the sun. ‘Did she get called into work or something?’

Shaking that thought from his head, Haru brought his claws to his mouth, “Oi! Rainbow Dash!”

The pegasus stopped pushing the cloud she was near and saw the mythical dragon on the ground waving towards her. Of course, Rainbow Dash had to finish pushing the cloud to where it needed to go (using a buck to send the cloud flying), but once that was done, the Pegasus glided down to the ground. “S’up Haru? I take it you schooled that Phantom?”

Haru rolled his eyes slightly before he rolled his eyes, “Uh, not exactly. I’m not too proud, but the Phantom got away.”

“What? That’s kinda lame,” Dash stated rather bluntly as Garuda floated next to her. “That would explain why this guy’s been following me.”

“Yeah, look, are you alright?” Haru asked with a serious look in his eyes.

Rainbow gave Haru a rather dull look.

“Right, force of habit,” Haru stated with a sigh. “Don’t worry though, I’ll take care of that Phantom when I see them again.”

“Heh, I doubt that Phantom can even catch up to me,” Rainbow Dash replied as she jumped slightly and flapped her wings to fly around Haru. “In case you didn’t notice, I’m a hundred and twenty percent of pure, high-flying awesomeness! There’s no pony around that out fly me! And I doubt there’s any Phantom that can either!”

Haru did have to admit that when he used his Wind Style neither of the Phantoms were fast enough, the only reason why Hellhound was able to propel Haru back was because of a sneak attack. And if it wasn’t for the Multi Ring not working, Haru would’ve been able to have wounded the Phantoms more before Hellhound had escaped. “I guess that’s true, but still…”

“Besides!” Rainbow Dash announced with her chest puffed out. “I’m not afraid of any Phantoms! Bring’em on!”

‘No one can accuse Rainbow Dash lacking confidence,’ Haru thought to himself as he rubbed his temples with his claws. After getting his headache down, Haru shrugged. “Fine, I’m sure you can take care of yourself, Rainbow.”

“Darn straight!” Rainbow laughed loudly as Garuda seemed to laugh as well.

The dragon rolled his eyes, “Just try to be careful. By the way, what happened to Gilda? Pinkie told me that she was still with you.”

“I had to do some weather work,” Dash replied as she leaned back, using her wings to keep her afloat. “So, Gilda’s getting something to eat in town right now. I’m meeting up with her later.”

“I’m rather curious, I know you said that met Gilda at, what was it?” Haru mused before he snapped his claws. “Oh yeah, flight camp.”

“Yeah? What about it?” Rainbow retorted with a raised brow.

“Curiosity,” Haru replied with a shrug. “I’ve only seen Griffons in the sky, I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting any of them. I didn’t even know that they lived in this country.”

“Actually, I know two griffons,” Rainbow Dash stated with a smirk. “In fact, with another pegasus back in flight camp, we were an awesome group! I even send mail to them all whenever I get a chance. Not that hard since two of them still live in Cloudsdale, Gilda’s one of them.”

Haru nodded. “Must be nice.”

That’s when Rainbow Dash thought for a moment before she spoke up again, “Although, I didn’t really get a letter from Gilda for a while.”

“Really? How long since the last one?” Haru questioned.

“Think about half a year ago or so,” Rainbow answered.

With that answer, Haru’s eyes widened. ‘Six months!? The mannerisms, the fact she can be on clouds and the times match up, I didn’t want to think it was possible, but it would make sense.

‘Still, there’s something bugging me though…’


Both Haru and Rainbow Dash turned as several small rocks bounced against the ground near them. A little curious, Rainbow swooped down to pick up one of the rocks, “What the? Who’s chucking rocks?”

Haru spun around and snapped the rock out of Dash’s hooves, just as the stones glowed brightly. It was then that the stones popped and transformed into several Ghuls, all of them unarmed and moaning loudly as their newly formed bodies began to loosen up. Haru slipped on a ring as he turned and stood in between Rainbow Dash and the stone creatures. “What the Tartarus?!”

“Ghuls,” Haru growled as he was about to slip his right hand over his belt buckle.

However, before Haru could activate his Driver, one of the Ghuls threw a punch right at the dragon’s face. Dipping backwards, Haru lifted his clawed foot and slammed it into the Ghul’s chin, sending it back into a couple of other Ghuls.

When Haru stood back up straight, he spun around to whip his tail into another Ghul’s chest, knocking it over. “Rainbow! You gotta…”


Haru looked behind him to see Rainbow Dash actually buck a pair of Ghuls in their faces, making them stagger back before she flew past them, making the two mindless drones spin until they fell over.

Rainbow smirked wildly as she flew higher into the air, “Yeah! These Phantoms got nothing on me!”

‘I don’t have the heart to tell her these technically aren’t Phantoms,’ Haru thought as he ducked to dodge a sloppily thrown punch.

Thankfully, when he spun around and knocked the Ghul off of its feet with his tail, Haru slipped his right claw over his buckle. “DRIVER ON – PLEASE!”

With a bright light, Haru spun around to reveal that his belt had transformed and that on his left claw was a familiar large red ring. “SHA BA DO BI TOUCH HENSHIN! SHA BA DO BI TOUCH HENSHIN!”

Haru slipped his claw in front of his glowing belt, “Henshin.”

A large fiery red circle crashed into a trio of Ghuls who were trying to gang up on the transforming dragon. “FLAME – PLEASE!

“Hii Hii – Hii Hii Hii!”

With the embers from the circle still around, Wizard appeared and roundhouse kicked a Ghul with a fiery kick and sent it flying through the air. “It’s… Showtime.”

The Ghul crashed into two other Ghuls, who were about to be kicked by Rainbow Dash. When she kicked nothing but air, the pegasus scowled at the now garbed dragon, “Hey! I called dibs on those two!”

Wizard merely shrugged before he leaned back to grab another Ghul by its arm and force it to crash into another Ghul. “Then don’t be so slow.”

“What?!” Rainbow Dash growled before she flew up higher into the air to make a Ghul miss her.

The blue pegasus immediately flew back and dove down quickly, spinning as she did until she slammed both of her hind hooves into a Ghul’s back, and made it eat the earth as she smirked wildly. “Top that!”

“Well, if you insist,” Wizard chuckled as he spun behind another Ghul.

When Wizard was directly behind the Ghul, he threw his arms around the Ghul’s waist and lifted the stony monster off its feet. With a loud yell, Wizard bent backwards and slammed the Ghul’s head into the ground. The Ghul’s legs slumped as Wizard stood up straight and dusted off his gloved claws.

“No need to show off while I’m around!” Rainbow Dash scoffed as she spun around, prepared to unleash another powerful kick to one of the Ghuls…

Only to have all of the Ghuls jump back and make her miss. Both Haru and Rainbow Dash turned to see that all of the Ghuls were standing in line before them in two rows. Wizard and Dash looked at each other before a loud whistle made them all part and kneel down.

Standing behind the Ghuls was none other than Djinn, who was sitting on the shoulders of two more Ghuls, casually messing with her fiery purple hair between her two ebony fingers. The Phantom sighed loudly before her bright eyes leered at the two, “What’s your damage, Ring Mage? Can’t you take a chill pill and let me just do my job?”

‘Great, she’s devolved into 80’s slang,’ Wizard thought as he fitted a ring on his right claw.

The action didn’t go unnoticed by Djinn who brought up her hand up to her face and pulled it away with a loud smacking sound. From her hand, several purple, fiery hearts floated through the air until they crashed into all of the Ghuls save for the two that were her makeshift seat.

When the flames crashed into a majority of the Ghuls, making them all stand up straight with a line of pink on their faces. All of the blushing Ghuls groaned loudly as their gray rocky skin began to turn a bright red with steam rising up from them. Wizard tilted his head slightly, “What in the?”

“Jealous, much?” Djinn cooed before she laughed loudly. “Don’t worry though dweebs, they’re willing to be friendly though.”

“They just changed color, big deal!” Rainbow Dash pointed out as she flew up higher into the air. “If I can knock them down when they’re monochrome, I can take ‘em down now!”

Dash dove towards the red Ghuls, tumbled through the air to deliver the same hind legged kicks she had been before… But when the attacks connected on the chest of one of the Ghuls, the creature didn’t even flinch at the powerful impact. The Ghul that was struck merely looked down at the two hooves that were planted in its chest and growled loudly at Rainbow Dash.

The Ghul quickly lifted its arms up and reached for Rainbow Dash, but Wizard was quicker and yanked the pegasus away before the red Ghul could wrap its arms around her. With a quick turn, Wizard slammed a fiery foot directly into the Ghul’s stomach, flames and sparks erupted from the connection point, but the Ghul did not move either.

“What?” Wizard questioned before he jumped away from the line of Ghuls.

When the mythical dragon landed on the ground, Wizard released Dash to fly in the air. Without a word, Wizard slipped his right hand over his belt buckle with the belt glowing a bright red. “CONNECT – PLEASE!”

Reaching into the newly formed runic circle, Wizard drew out his weird sword and leapt into the air. With a spin, Wizard brought down the blade on the same Ghul, which didn’t move at all even though the sparks from where the steel landed on the rocky skin did signify damage. “What in Celestia’s mane?”

Before Wizard could pull back though, the same Red Ghul slammed its rocky fist into the mage’s stomach, flinging him from front line with his sword flying through the air as well. Wizard landed on the ground beneath Rainbow Dash, but used his tail to push himself back to his feet. “What in Equestria is going on?”

“Aw, what’s the matter, spaz?” Djinn called out as she waved her hand up in the air. “Can’t understand what I just did? Oh well, I guess it doesn’t matter. With my wily charms, I can empower these lame Ghuls, so they’re stronger, faster, but certainly not smarter.

So dream on if you think you can beat them! Get’im boys!”

The front row of Red Ghuls charged forward, all of them snarling loudly as they quickly closed the gap between them and Wizard.

Calmly however, Wizard slipped on a new ring on his right hand, “Rainbow, I’m afraid that I’m gonna have to ask you to leave.”

“Are you kidding me?” Rainbow hissed at Wizard who messed with his belt slightly before he slid his right hand in front of the buckle. “I’m not leaving you to deal with this by yourself!”

Wizard sighed loudly as he threw his right hand forward, “Alright, but don’t get mad. I’m about to one up you.”


At Wizard’s feet, an enlarged runic circle appeared and slowly, the circle began to climb his body. As it did, Wizard lifted his arms up and flexed the rather small muscles. Djinn laughed at the action, but just before the Red Ghuls reached Wizard… His body grew taller and massive muscles erupted from his body, his suit tailoring to his newly acquired, insanely macho physique.

Both Rainbow Dash and Djinn’s eyes widened at the extremely large Wizard before them, but the Red Ghuls only continued to charge.

However, the fastest of the Ghuls only received a powerful kick to the chest that sent it flying into the sky until it was nothing more than a gleaming star in the clear blue sky.

That didn’t deter the other Red Ghuls from attacking, but they simply encircled the muscular Wizard. One of the Ghuls charged from behind, only to have Wizard reel his leg back and caused the Red Ghul explode. Two Ghuls that charged forward, but Wizard slammed the bottoms of his fists into both of the Ghuls, flattening them into the ground.

One Ghul, the same Red Ghul that had struck Wizard in the stomach earlier, punched the enlarged mage. But just as when Wizard attacked it before, the Red Ghul’s attack didn’t have an effect. In fact, Wizard grabbed the Red Ghul by the head and spun around, slamming the struggling Red Ghul’s legs into the other Ghuls.

Oddly enough, when Wizard took that swing, the Red Ghul that was used as a makeshift bat, it didn’t break. The Ghuls that it was used against, were practically cleaved in half. And when Wizard was at full swing, he flung the remaining Red Ghul at Djinn!

The Phantom leapt from her two Ghuls as the Red Ghul crashed into them, exploding them into large flames.

Wizard sighed as his body popped back to normal and he crossed his arms, “I guess this means that I won.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Rainbow Dash grumbled. “Just one question, why did they all explode?”

“A wizard did it,” the dragon mage stated as he picked up his sword.

“You are a wizard though!” Rainbow Dash pointed out.

“Exactly,” Wizard replied before he dashed across the ground with his blade, sparks flying from where the metal touched the ground.

Djinn growled loudly as the purple flames of her hair flew into her hands, the flames solidified and transformed into a large spear that had a curved blade at the end of it. “Ugh! That’s completely whack! No one told me you could do that!!”

Wizard didn’t answer and immediately brought his blade up into an upward slice at the Phantom. Djinn brought her crystallized spear down, and the two weapons clashed with red and purple embers dancing through the air. However, it didn’t last long as Wizard used his tail to propel himself up into the air, and over Djinn, who stumbled forward.

While still in the air, Wizard slammed his tail into Djinn’s face and with his descent, pulled her to the ground as well with a loud bam following. Wizard spun around and brought his sword down on the Phantom, who quickly lifted her spear up to defend herself from the attack. At the same time, Djinn drew in a deep breath and then unleashed a powerful burst of purple flame from her ebony face.

Seeing the flames, Wizard flipped backwards, his covered tail getting slightly scorched by the flames. That moment of time allowed Djinn to jump back to her feet and spun around to bring her spear at Wizard’s back.

Instead of turning around, Wizard lifted his right arm back, brought his sword up near his back and blocked the attack. Once again using his tail once more, Wizard whipped his tail into Djinn’s stomach and forced the female Phantom to stagger to the side. At the same time, Wizard turned his body and slashed his sword across Djinn’s body with purple sparks flying off her ebony body. “ARGH!”

Wizard snapped his sword up and folded it into its gun form. With the Phantom nearby, the dragonic mage unleashed a flurry of red bursts of energy into her body and forced her to fly backwards. “Finale!”

The hand emblem on the gun unfolded and Wizard gripped it with his left hand. “COME ON SHOOTING – SHAKE THE HAND!


A powerful flame emerged at the barrel of the gun and Wizard quickly aimed the gun at the struggling Phantom. “Hii Hii Hii! Hii Hii Hii!”

The flames shot out gun and flew towards Djinn… None in the area noticed that the shadows around the Phantom’s feet warped until a black blur swept from the darkness.

When the flames crashed into the ground, a large amount of fire flew up into the air. Wizard tilted his head slightly at the charred ground. “Huh.”

“That was AWESOME!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed as she flew around the armored dragon, pumping her front legs a few times. “You gotta let me take that suit of yours on a test flight sometime. Especially that green one.”

Wizard chuckled as he spun the gun in his claws before he rested it against his shoulder. “Sorry, but this suit’s custom made. And frankly, you’re much faster than my Wind-style. One second…”

That’s when Wizard aimed gun to the right and fired a single burst towards a shadowed area near a tree. A familiar jagged black sword knocked the fiery shot to the side.

“What the?” Rainbow questioned as two familiar figures stepped from the shadows.

“I thought it was too easy,” Wizard sighed as he kept his gun trained on the two shadowed figures. “Normally when a Phantom is destroyed, my runic circle appears before they’re no more.”

Djinn propped herself up against the tree while Hellhound waved his sword slightly, “Good to know that little fact… Too bad we won’t be seeing that today.”

And with that, Hellhound and Djinn slipped into the shadows once more, with Wizard sighing loudly. “Well, that’s just perfect.”

The suit faded away from Haru’s body before he turned towards the still flying Rainbow Dash, “This is starting to get a little cliched.”

“What are you talking about?” the blue pegasus asked as she landed next to the red dragon.

“Don’t worry about it,” Haru stated with a wave of his claws. “Look, I’m sure that you’re more than capable of taking care of yourself, but could you at least let Garuda follow you around? I’d like to be able to keep an eye on you in case either of those Phantoms confront you.”

‘Especially since I’m ninety percent sure that Rainbow Dash is the target… And if that’s the case, then…’

“Sure, I don’t mind the little guy,” Rainbow Dash admitted watching as the small flying familiar landed atop of her head. “I saw him following me, and I figured he was one of yours. I saw Twilight earlier with that blue unicorn.”

“Yup, Unicorn, Kraken and Garuda are my familiars,” Haru explained with a nod.

Rainbow Dash just gave the dragon a rather flat look, which didn’t go unnoticed by Haru, “What?”

“Those names kinda stink,” Rainbow Dash stated flatly as Garuda nodded his head.

“W-What?” Haru questioned with a few blinks. “I didn’t choose their names! That’s what my rings call them!”

“Still, you could at least try to come up with some nicknames or something,” Rainbow Dash continued.

Haru rolled his eyes.


Back at the Golden Oaks library, Twilight was seated on the floor, trying to read one of the many books she had. But, every time the violet unicorn got absorbed into the literature, her thoughts turned back to what had happened while Haru was fighting the Ghuls with Rainbow Dash…


Twilight was looking at the Multi Ring, or was trying to at the very least, in order to figure out why Haru left the ring with Pinkie Pie. “So, Pinkie Pie, are you sure that this friend of Rainbow Dash is really all that mean?”

“Um, yeah!” Pinkie Pie retorted as she paced around Twilight and her book. “She keeps stealing Rainbow Dash away, popped my balloons, and told me buzz off! I never met a griffon this mean! Or actually, I never met a griffon at all before, but I’m sure the next one I meet won’t be as mean or grumpy as Gilda! I’m even willing to bet the next one is a joyful spirit! Someone who likes weird things, and is a little wonky themselves, but still a lot nicer then Gilda!”

“You know what I think, Pinkie Pie?” Twilight mused turning away from her book as her pink friend trotted up to her. “Well… I think you’re jealous.”

Pinkie Pie’s eyes widened in surprise, “Jealous?!”

“Green with envy,” Spike added as he walked down some of the nearby steps with a book in his claws. “Well, Pink with Envy in your case.”

“Well, yes, jealous,” Twilight continued as Pinkie looked back and forth between her two friends. “Listen Pinkie, I don’t want to upset you, but just because Rainbow Dash has another friend, doesn’t make Gilda a grump. I mean, it could be you who need to improve her attitude.”

The pink mare’s eyes watered slightly, “I-Improve my attitude? My attitude?! But, I, and, but, she, Gilda is… Are you serious?!”

With a loud hiss and stomping her hooves on the floor (which made some hilarious squeaking sounds, effectively making her angry huff less serious), Pinkie stormed towards the library’s front door and closed it behind her.

Hard and loud.

Both Twilight and Spike winced at the echoing slam and turned to each other.


Twilight sighed loudly as she used her magic to close the book she was trying to read, her mind too muddled about how she talked to her friend. ‘Did I really say the right thing to Pinkie? I don’t even know Gilda and I took her side over Pinkie’s.’

The young unicorn looked around – Spike had left to run his daily errands, and wanting to make sure that Pinkie was still okay, Twilight had asked Unicorn to follow her. So, that left the lavender unicorn all alone with her thoughts.

Trying to get her mind off of a possible mistake with one of her friends, Twilight turned her gaze towards the Wizard Ring that was placed on the table she was at. “Why did Haru leave this with Pinkie?”

With her magic lifting the ring, Twilight looked at the ring closer, “He usually keeps these hidden or even in his jacket. That actually brings up another question, how much room does he have in that jacket?”

Before Twilight could continue on her train of thought, several tweets sounded through the library. She had learned what that sound was a while ago, “Garuda? Haru? Are you here?”

Twilight turned around to follow the sound and indeed, at the window was a familiar bird-shaped creature perched on the sill. But when Twilight looked at the bejeweled familiar, she instantly saw that it wasn’t the same little red bird that had been teasing Spike over the past couple weeks. But it was a dead ringer for the red winged familiar, the only difference was that instead of rubies, this Garuda was made up of flawless diamonds.

“Did Haru have another familiar?” Twilight questioned as the diamond-studded bird flew from the window, taking its time before it landed on the table before the inquisitive unicorn.

When the bird landed, Twilight was able to see that the White Garuda had a pair of scrolls clenched within its talons. The White Garuda chirped before it tossed the scrolls in front of the unicorn. “Messages? Did Haru send them?”

White Garuda shook its head before it flew away from the table, Twilight blinked as the diamond encrusted bird flew up to a higher perch in the library. ‘It is possible that Haru could make another Familiar Ring, but, it’s just weird that he wouldn't tell us about a fourth familiar.’

Using her magic to lift up one of the scrolls up, Twilight unfurled the message and began to read it. All the while, the White Garuda watched her.


Author's Note:

MangaKamen: Hey everyone! I hope you've enjoyed this chapter and artwork done by my friend!

I say this since I'm going to be taking a little break from writing for a while, just going on vacation with the family for a little bit. But when I get back in about two weeks, I'll have a ton of chapters at the ready, my friend's gonna do more artwork for this story, and we'll be ready for not only another entertaining Intermission chapter, but another saga at the conclusion of this.

Now, this doesn't mean I won't post the next chapter while I'm on vacation, I'll probably just be a little busy and away from the internet, so you never know. Next chapter will be a doozy anyway.

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