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Friendship is SHOWTIME!! - MangaKamen

A Kamen Rider Crossover Magic – a mysterious force in this world, and each creature possess magic within itself. A gift to many, but to a few, it is nothing but a curse. And when Twilight sees a new form of magic, she'll learn that life is

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Spell 30 - Friendly Competition

Spell 30

Friendly Competition


“HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLOO, EVERYPONY! And welcome to the first annual Iron Equestrian Competition!”

“Spike, who are talking to?” Twilight questioned as she turned towards the small purple dragon on her back, who now held onto a branch as if it were a microphone.

“Well, we’re getting a crowd!” Spike replied, using the branch to gesture towards the path where Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy were trotting towards the duo. “We’ve gotta be able to put on a show for them! And what’s more entertaining than a charismatic announcer?

“Let the games begin!”

And indeed, the competition had begun! All four of the competitors in front of a stretch of land that had barrels lined up in them and a finish line. AJ, Dash and Haru lined up, Haru not wearing his traditional jacket (but still wore the belt) and Kosuke was walking up with a smirk on his face – And his hoodie over his body.

“Hey, Neato, should you really be wearing that?” Dash pointed out as she gestured with her hoof.

“Consider it a handicap,” Kosuke replied with a cocky smirk. “It wouldn’t be fun if I just swept the competition.”

“Confident, aren’t ya?” Dash laughed back. “We’ll see if you can keep that up!”

“Alright, alright, save that energy for the competition,” AJ stated with a wave of her hoof. “We’re just about to start the Barrel Run!”

“I’m not sure if this is my sport,” Haru muttered under his breath.

“Then how ‘bout Ah show ya’ll how it’s done?” AJ chuckled as he steadied herself. “Ya ready Spike?”

Both Twilight and Spike were at the finish line, with the baby dragon armed with a stopwatch. The purple dragon smiled as he lifted his claws up, “Ready? Go!”

The moment that Spike finished saying ‘go’, Applejack galloped onto the track, dipping and diving between the barrels – accidentally nicking the last barrel with her tail, “Shoot!”

But she skidded to a halt just after she crossed the finish line.

“Time!” Spike announced just before he clicked the stopwatch. “Seventeen seconds!”

“Wooo! That’s a new record fer me!” Applejack cheered loudly as she playfully trotted back to the starting line.

“But, you hit the barrel,” Spike pointed out with a shake of his head. “So that’s a five second deduction.”

“Dagnabbit!” AJ cursed under her breath as she kicked a nearby rock. “Still, twenty-two seconds… That ain’t bad at all!”

“It is good,” Kosuke chuckled before he rolled his neck around. “But dipping past barrels is nothing compared to zipping between clouds at high speed… Right Dashie?”

Dash shook her head slightly with the nervous look on her face melted away, “Uh, right! Yeah! Let me show you how it’s done!”

“Ready?” Spike announced as he lifted the stopwatch up. “GO!”

In a multicolored blur, Dash sped over the track, easily slipping in between the barrels before she crossed the finish line.

“Eighteen seconds!” Spike announced as he waved the stopwatch through the air.

“Booyah!” Dash laughed loudly before she flew through the air before she leered at Kosuke and Haru. “Think you two can top that?”

“If Haru and Kosuke can’t beat that, then Dash will win the barrel lead,” Twilight pointed out, turning towards the two non-ponies nearby.

“Then watch and learn,” Kosuke replied before he dug his talons in the ground. “I’ll show you how a griffon does it!”

“Ready?” Spike chimed in. “GO!”

And just like Dash, Kosuke charged onto the track, quickly turning into a brown, red and yellow blur that easily slid between the barrels and dove past the finish line. “TIME!”

Spike clicked the stopwatch and his eyes widened at the time, “Eighteen seconds!?”

“What?!” Dash yelled out as the Griffon playfully jumped next to her. “How the hay did you pull that of?!”

“Two words,” Kosuke chuckled as he lifted up one of his talons and one his hind legs. “Talons and claws.”

“That’s three words,” Twilight pointed out.

“Details, details,” Kosuke answered back as he waved his talon. “As for details, I’m able to get some more traction, I’ve more practice on running on the ground than you Dashie, and I’m used to dodging stuff that you’d find in a Daring Do novel. When they’re not moving, it just makes this a cake walk.”

“But we’re tied!” Dash countered. “How the hay are you just as fast as me?!”

“You may be the blue streak in the sky, Dashie,” Kosuke explained with a large grin. “But with all four hooves on the ground, you’re just as fast as any other pony – No offense of course, but in case you didn’t notice, my legs are longer than yours.”

“Then by that logic, Haru’s got you beat,” Spike suggested, which made everypony and griffon turn towards the red dragon who was still eyeing one of the rings on his claws.

“Huh?” Haru questioned when he heard his name.

“Go on, Haru!” Spike cheered loudly as he pumped his claw up in front of him. “Show them what dragons can do!”

“Well, alright,” Haru sighed as he knelt down. “Don’t expect much though…”

“Go!” Spike announced as he clicked the stopwatch.

Unlike the previous three quadrupeds, the red dragon ran on his two legs, doing his best to run around the barrels. There was no red and black blur like the previous runners, and eventually, he passed the finish line.

“Forty-two seconds,” Spike sputtered out with his head lowered.

Haru doubled over slightly and sighed loudly, “Well excuse me! I don’t have four legs, I’ve got two! So, I’m not gonna…”

“Alright, so, how about we say that both Dash and Mister Nitoh get a point?” Twilight suggested, trying to change the subject.

“I’m cool with that,” Dash answered.

“Same here,” Kosuke added.

“Shoot, Ah’m good for that,” Applejack chimed in.

“… This was a bad idea,” Haru grumbled as he kicked a nearby rock.

After Fluttershy placed a ‘1’ sign next to Dash’s and Kosuke’s portraits, the competition continued onwards, continuing with the bucking contest – which was a high striker only with a target that was at the ground level.

“… I don’t think bucking is gonna work for me,” Haru stated with a dulled look on his eyes at the target.

Since he was last in the previous competition, everypony decided whoever was last in the last event would go first in the next event.

“Is anypony against me using a hammer?” Haru asked as he turned towards the other three competitors.

“A hammer? Are you kidding?” Dash scoffed. “C’mon Wizard, don’t be cheap like you were at horseshoes.”

“Actually, it’s okay with me,” Kosuke admitted with a wave of his talons. “I mean, c’mon, we gotta throw him a bone – Most of the events are made for quadrupeds, and he’s bipedal.”

“… ‘scuse me?” AJ questioned as she pushed up her hat a few times. “Anyway, Ah think we kinda have an advantage here, so Ah’m good with it too.”

“Whatever,” Dash sighed, a large grin on her face. “I doubt that any hammer can take one of my patented…”


Dash’s eyes widened as a familiar large, red runic circle appeared in front of Haru that had the dragon reach into it. When he pulled his arms out from the circle, a large silver handled mallet with it’s head made a gun-metal black, was gripped tightly in his claws. When the runic circle faded away, the mallet crashed into the ground with a large crater at it.

Dash, AJ and Kosuke’s jaws dropped at the sight of the large hammer, and even more so when Haru easily lifted the large mallet that was roughly his size onto his shoulder. The dragon smirked as he turned his head to the trio, “Like the new trick I got? I’ve been itching to try this one out for a while.”

“Ooh! Ohh!” Pinkie Pie cheered out from the sidelines. “Stop! H-“


At the sidelines where Rarity and Pinkie Pie were, the two mares looked up to see that a familiar green pegasus was slowly floating down next to them. When he landed on the ground, he pulled his fedora down, “Sorry about that, Miss, but I couldn’t resist!”

“I know exactly how you feel!” Pinkie Pie chimed in with a large bright smile on her face. “It’s always fun to make jokes! But how did you know what I was going to say?”

“Oh you know what they say about great minds,” Sora stated as he trotted around Rarity and got closer to Pinkie Pie.

“What do they say?” Pinkie Pie questioned.

“... I dunno, I forget,” Sora answered back with a shrug.

“Mister Sora?” Rarity cleared her throat, garnering the mint green pegasus’ attention. “Not to be rude, but why are you here?”

For a few moments, Sora tapped his hoof against his chin before he turned his head to his saddlebags and pulled out a flyer in his mouth. Oddly enough, he was able to talk perfectly well with the flyer in between his teeth, “Well, these were all over town. Something about some Iron Equestrian games – It sounded like a good way to burn an afternoon.”


Everypony turned back to see Haru slamming the mallet into the target, sending the bell skyrocketing into the air. With a sigh and a cocky smile on his face, “Well, I guess it’s my point then.”

Back at the sidelines, Sora whistled with his eyes wide, “Wow! That dragon’s got an arm on him. By the way Miss Rarity, could you introduce me to your friend here? I’ll be more than willing to introduce you to mine!”

“Well, I wouldn’t want to be rude,” Rarity stated as she looked up into the sky. “But where are your friends?”

“Right behind you,” Sora answered as he gestured behind him.

Rarity turned to see Beautiful Blossom and Drag Curl slowly trot up from behind the small group. The normally classy and cool-headed fashionista’s eyes widened at the sight of the mare, “Y… You’re…”

“Allow me to introduce my friends!” Sora chimed in before he leapt in front of the other two ponies, pulling his fedora off to wave them towards the unicorn and earth pony behind him. “The stallion’s Drag Curl, who may or may not be a little risqué…”

Drag Curl narrowed his eyes, “I have no idea where you’re getting that term from, but stop it.”

But Sora just continued on by lowering his head slightly, “And this is…”

“Beautiful Blossom, the Fashion Mare Extraordinaire…”

Sora lifted his head up to see that it was Rarity who had spoken up, and the mare was stammering slightly at the sight of Beautiful Blossom.

“Oh, so you’ve heard of me?” Beautiful Blossom snickered slightly with a warm smile on her face as she brought a hoof up to her face. “I was hoping to remain unnoticed for a while longer.”

“My apologies,” Rarity cleared her throat. “But, it’s hard not to gush at one of Canterlot’s top fashion models – But, I had heard that you disappeared over half a year ago, that you had given up on your career.”

“Oh? But that isn’t the first time that I’ve been accused of that,” Blossom continued on as she trotted past Sora. “Everytime I wish to take a vacation or am seen eating a hay burger, everypony with a camera thinks that I’ve decided to just up and quit the business.

“But everypony needs a chance to relax.”

“Quite true,” Rarity admitted, tapping her lower jaw a few times. “But, and this is no offense to Ponyville, but why would a mare of your caliber come here?”

“Well, that’s because of yours truly!” Sora chimed in once more. “I mean, I heard of all the most wonderful things about this town – The scenery, the excitement, the ponies, and most of all the parties that seem to be held on an almost daily basis here seem to be the most fun, fun, fun times around!

“Whoever catered those parties must be a party mastermind!”

Pinkie Pie gasped loudly, “Oh, my gosh! Are you serious?!”

“Practically the only time I truly am!” Sora replied with a large smile. “I’d love to meet the pony who planned all of those parties.”

“Well, look no more!” Pinkie Pie cheered loudly before she lifted up a hoof to Sora. “Name’s Pinkie Pie!”

“My friends call me Sora, quite a pleasure,” the pegasus replied as he lifted his own hoof up to the mare’s

For a moment the pink mare and mint green stallion looked at each other just after their hooves connected. A spark had been lit.

“You know,” Sora started with a slight chime in his voice. “There’s something about you…”

“Oooh, ooh! I was just thinking the same thing!” Pinkie replied as she lowered her hoof. “Are you-”

Both ponies slid back to back – flattening their manes/wings – Before they both spoke out at the same time, “A MIND TAKER?!”

Blossom’s face went flat, “What are they…?”

“Uh oh,” Rarity gasped with a hoof up to her mouth. “There’s two of them now! Together!”

“I just can’t explain it,” Sora hummed out loud.

“It’s on the tip of my tongue,” Pinkie chimed in.

♪Something Familiar, ♪
♪Something Peculiar, ♪
♪Something for Everypony,
A fun time for all!! ♪

Rarity, Blossom and Drag Curl looked at each other as the brightly colored ponies begun to sing, the two trotting playfully at the sidelines of the competition. Which garnered the competitors’ attention at the two singing ponies.

“Oooh! I just had a great idea!” Pinkie cheered loudly.

“Lemme guess,” Sora mused with a very suave smile on his face. “Could it be…”

Both ponies lifted their hooves up in the air side-by-side, “A PARTY?!”

“What the hay is going on over there?” Applejack questioned as she tilted her hat.

“I think… A musical number?” Kosuke suggested with a confused look on his face.

♪Something appealing! ♪
♪Something appaling, ♪
♪Something for Everypony,
A fun time for all! ♪

♪Nothing but balloons! ♪
♪Nothing to do with a lie! ♪
♪Bring on the good times, with Sora and Pinkie Pie! ♪

As the two energetic ponies leapt onto the nearby stands with a flip in the air, Blossom turned towards the white mare, “Is she like this?”

“I could ask the same of your friend,” Rarity countered with a smile.

“I think I’m gonna leave now,” Drag Curl coughed out before he walked away to the other side of the competition area.

When both Pinkie and Sora landed on the stands they began to sing once more…

♪Colorful locations,
No aggravations! ♪
♪Nothing for a party to stall♪
♪Laughter tomorrow,
A fun time for all! ♪

Sora’s wings snapped open and flew up into the air with a spin.

♪Nothing Abhorrent! ♪
♪Something to warrant, ♪
Something for everypony:
♪A fun time for all! ♪

That was when Pinkie Pie jumped high and atop of the score board where Fluttershy was placing a ‘1’ sign next to the donut that represented Haru.

♪Something inventive, ♪
♪Something incentive. ♪
♪Something for everypony:
♪A fun time for all! ♪

Sora floated down next to Pinkie and the two threw one of their hooves around the other’s neck and kicked one of their hind legs in the air:

♪Nothing can predate: ♪
♪This must be fate; ♪
♪This is a celebration
That just cannot wait! ♪

It was then that Sora pulled away and began to fly slowly around the mare, “So tell me, Miss Pie.”

“What can I do for you, Mister Sora?” Pinkie replied before she gently flipped off of the score board.

“Why is that we suddenly broke out into song?” Sora asked, landing on the ground right next to the mare.

“There’s an excellent reason for that,” Pinkie answered with her chest puffed out. “Because we can!”

“So, how long do you think they can keep this up?” Blossom questioned with a flat look on her face.

“Oh, I have no doubt that they could sing all night,” Rarity answered.

The flat look on Blossom’s face went even duller, “Riveting.”

♪Nothing too formal! ♪
♪It simply can’t be normal! ♪
♪Ooh! I can be a masquerade ball! ♪
♪I love that idea! ♪
♪A fun time for all! ♪

As the singing ponies began dancing on the barrels at the barrel run, Rarity mused to herself. “Actually that might not be a bad idea. A masquerade ball, I mean.”

“Oh? How so?” Blossom questioned.

“Why, it’s an excellent excuse for ponies to purchase my dresses and suits,” Rarity explained with a confident smile.

“Hmm, touché,” Blossom mused, her brow raised up slightly. “So, does that mean you’re a dress maker, Miss Rarity?”

“Why, yes I am,” Rarity replied, trying her best to keep her composure.

“I’d love to see some of your work, if possible,” Blossom stated with a smile… And immediately reeled back. “Uh, Miss Rarity? Are you alright?”

Rarity had fainted backwards.

♪Something Climatic! ♪
♪Nothing Problematic! ♪
♪Something for everypony! ♪
♪A fun time for all! ♪

♪Craze and antic! ♪
♪Surely gigantic! ♪
♪For the fillies and colts, ♪
♪A fun time for all! ♪

Oddly enough, when Pinkie and Sora reached the path that led to Ponyville from Sweet Apple Acres, several other ponies appeared and joined in the singing.

♪Something Familiar♪
♪Something peculiar, ♪
♪Something for everpony: ♪
♪A fun time for all! ♪

Rarity had gotten back to her hooves and sighed, “♪Hopefully something not gaudy.♪”

“♪It shouldn’t be bawdy--,♪” Blossom chimed in.

It was then that Drag Curl appeared out in between two of the mares, “♪Something for everybawdy!♪”

♪A fun time for all!”

Sora flew through the air, “♪Nothing that’s grim! ♪”

Oddly enough, Pinkie stood atop of the flying mint green pegasus, with her front hooves up in the air, “♪Something with swing! ♪”

“♪Kosuke! Drop that ring! ♪” Haru barked as he lifted his mallet up after the griffon who had snatched one of his rings.

“♪Colorful surprises! ♪”
“♪Little filly prizes! ♪”

“♪Countless Ponies by the haul! ♪”

With a couple of Ponies lifting her up with their front hooves, Pinkie continued singing, “♪Punch and sweets! ♪”

Sora dipped down slightly to fly around Pinkie, “♪Don’t forget funky beats! ♪”

It seemed that the music continued to spread throughout Sweet Apple Acres, with Rarity and Blossom lifting their hooves up towards the partying pair.

“♪Fashionable dresses! ♪”
“♪To your successes! ♪”

Dash now flew overhead, a little annoyed at how the competition now had turned into a musical in the span of two minutes, “♪Sports! ♪”

Spike didn’t seem to mind, adding his own lyric through the branch that he had picked up to use as a pretend microphone, “♪Quartz! ♪”

AJ pushed up her hat, “♪Pastries! ♪”

Haru tapped his belt a few times, “PLEASE!”

Twilight sighed under her breath, “Mistakes..”

It was then that Kosuke leapt in front of everypony with two bottles of mayonnaise tightly gripped in his talons. “♪Mayonnaise! ♪”

Oddly enough there was record scratch followed by several cricket chirps, as all of the ponies stared at the griffon for a few moments as he slumped his shoulders, “What? It’s the greatest treat anyone could eat.”

“We’ll have mayo for you, Neato,” Pinkie Pie assured as she threw a hoof around the feathered creature’s neck. “Of course!”

Sora popped right next to the griffon, “It’s a party for griffon, dragon and horse!”

“♪Goodness and badness, ♪”

Medusa and Rarity sighed loudly at the same time, “This is madness…”

Both Sora and Pinkie stood back to back and lifted their hooves up into the air.

“♪We’ll party till the break of sol, ♪”

“♪Good times tonight, ♪”

“♪Fun times for all!! ♪”

Haru sighed and shook his head at the sight of all the ponies now standing still in elaborate poses as the music (where he was still trying the source of) died down. “Well, that was odd.”


After the song and dance, a number of ponies stayed to watch the Iron Equestrian competition between an earth pony, a pegasus, a dragon and a griffon. Needless to say, it was a very colorful competition;

With Rainbow Dash taking the lead in the Bronco Buck – Nearly sending Spike into the stratosphere (the poor dragon was nearly sick after AJ’s and Kosuke’s attempts to throw him off their backs). But AJ managed to get her own point by using her natural lasso talents, easily hogtying the poor dragon. Dash on the other hoof managed to get herself tied up in a tree somehow, which was odd since the tree was outside the pen and no where near where they started.

Throughout the contest, each participate had their strengths and their weaknesses – Applejack with her natural Earth Pony strength, Dash with her pegasus agility, Kosuke with his griffon endurance, and Haru with his cunning mind and unique body structure.

After so many events (including one that Twilight dubbed Chick Wrangling, which essentially had the four competitors carry four baby chicken chicks down a mud-filled trench where a mother hen waited for them – Oddly enough, Haru won that competition mainly due to the fact that he was able to carry the chicks in his claws), the score was set.

Rainbow Dash: 6
Applejack: 6
Kouske: 4
Donut Haru: 4

And left the final event, and tie breaker between the two mares.

Both Kosuke and Haru were on the sidelines next to the scoreboard, their heads lowered slightly in shame with Fluttershy comforting them both. “There, there, you both did your best. I’m sure next time you can win.”

Kosuke sighed loudly with his head lowered, “Nah, it’s not just that Flutters – It’s the fact that I boasted so much that now I look so… So…”

Kosuke slumped to the ground, almost deflated. “Weak…”

Fluttershy chuckled sheepishly before she turned to Haru who was now wiping off sweat from his brow with a towel he had pulled out from one of his Connect Portals. “What about you, Mister Souma? Are you okay with this?”

“I wasn’t really interested in participating,” Haru answered as he lifted up his left claw up to show a yellow gem ring on his claw. “I only joined because they bribed me.”

“Oh my,” Fluttershy muttered before she turned back to the competition. “Um, looks like they’re about to start the finals.”

And indeed, both AJ and Dash stood on opposite ends of one of the trails of mud, with a rope tightly clamped between their teeth. Both mares pulled with all their might, trying to get the other into the mud. All around the two, the ponies that were caught up in the singing earlier cheered loudly for one of the two mares.

The two seemed to be at a standstill, neither side backing down or letting any slack in the rope between their teeth. However, after a few moments, Applejack dug her hooves into the ground and pulled the rope quickly to yank Dash over the mud.

However, instead of the sound of mud splashes, there was only the sound of wings flapping furiously. Dash was now flying over the mud pit, and immediately took advantage of that fact to fly higher into the air and pulled AJ off of the ground.

The earth pony growled loudly as her hooves dangled in the air, “Mur eatin’!”

“What?” Dash chuckled through her teeth as she lifted a hoof up to her ear.

“Mur eatin’!” Applejack growled.

“I can’t understand you with that rope in your mouth,” Dash replied, still trying to keep her teeth clenched around the rope.

It was then that Applejack opened her mouth to speak up, “Ah said yer… Uh oh…”


Mud went flying everywhere when the farm pony fell into pit. And with AJ wallowing in the mud, Dash release the rope in her mouth and flew down to the mud covered mare as the cheers of the large crowd sounded, “Oh yeah! That’s my win!”

Then, Dash flew up into the air with two other pegasai (one was a yellow mare who didn’t have a cutie mark while the second was that cross eyed mare who loved muffins), “I am the Iron Equestrian! Or rather – The Iron Pony!”

“Only cause ya cheated!”

Dash’s moment in the sun quickly faded when she heard that, making her leer at the orange earth pony that was being helped of the mud pit by Haru, with Kosuke only a few feet away. Dash dove down and leered at AJ, “Excuse me?! No one likes a sore loser, Applejack.”

“Ya’ll used yer wings!” AJ countered. “Ya’ll used yer wingpower to help ya win most of the contests!”

“Sounds like sour apples to me,” Dash scoffed to the side.

“Boo! Bad pun!” Kosuke sounded from the side with one of his thumbs pointed down. “GO HOME!”

“Ah, keep your beak shut,” Dash growled.

“Are ya sayin’ ya didn’t use yer wings?” AJ countered as she shuffled away from Haru’s helping claws.

“Well… no,” Dash admitted with a cocky smile. “But you never said I couldn’t use my wings!”

“It’s called fair play!” AJ retorted. “Ah didn’t think Ah had to say anything!”

“Well, we let Wizard use his magic!” Dash pointed out as she gestured towards the red dragon.

“Hey, that’s because I can’t buck!” Haru defended with his arms lifted up. “Besides, it was only for that one event, and I still lost this contest…”

“So?” Dash questioned with a sigh as she threw her hooves behind her head. “I still would’ve won, even with my wings tied behind my back! Sides, there’s no rule that said that I couldn’t use my wings.”

“Interesting you would say that,” a rather imposing voice sounded out.

Everypony turned to see Drag Curl slowly walk up to the small group of competitors, with a book wrapped around his tail. The large earth stallion puffed his chest up and tossed his tail up to balance the book on his muzzle, revealing the book’s name was ‘Iron Equestrian Official Rule Book’, “I apologize for interrupting, but I couldn’t just stand by and let such an injustice go unchecked.”

Pulling his head back, the large stallion allowed the book to fall to the ground and open up. With his free hoof, the stallion flicked through the pages until he came to one in particular. “If you thought you were the only ones to have an Iron Equestrian contest, you’re sadly mistaken.”

“And who the hay are you supposed to be?!” Dash interrupted as she landed on the book with her front hooves.

Drag Curl rolled his eyes before he took a deep breath and breathed out, actually managing to push Dash out of the way. “Just a concerned citizen – With a wealth of knowledge of these kinds of things, and according to page three of the rules, “In the event that different species are competing in competitions, including those species that have extra appendages including paws, claws, a secondary head, and of course, wings, cannot use them in events that consist of species that do not have them, unless there is a consensus agreement on allowing them amongst the competitors.

“And as I watched, I couldn’t help but notice that the griffon never once used his wings.”

Kosuke’s eyes widened before he lowered his head, “I…”

“Yeah, but who says we were using those kinds of rules?!” Dash huffed as she pointed a hoof at Drag Curl who closed the book and lifted it up with his teeth.

The large stallion didn’t speak until he stood up next to Twilight and lowered the book gently on the ground. “Thank you for letting me read that, Miss, it was quite an enlightening read. So, tell me, are you not the judge for this little competition?”

“Well, I am,” Twilight answered, a little taken back by the sheer size of the stallion before her (somehow, he was just a head shorter than Princess Celestia, but had the muscle definition to make up for it).

“Then by that means,” Drag Curl continued before he turned over to Dash. “The rules listed in that book, are the same rules you used to judge the competition – Correct?”

“W-Well, yes,” Twilight admitted as she looked to the side. “But this is…”

“Undeniable proof that the pegasus cheated!” Drag Curl interrupted with a loud laugh.

Dash growled but then smirked, “Yeah, but I would’ve won even without my wings!”

“Oh yeah, prove it!” Applejack countered as she pointed a hoof at the blue pegasus.

“Gladly!” Dash laughed but then raised an eyebrow. “How?”

“There’s the Running of the Leaves,” Drag Curl suggested with a large smirk. “You could always have a race to see who’s the best – Only using your legs of course, no wings.”

“Fine,” both Dash and AJ replied with their eyes narrowed down at each other.

Drag Curl smiled warmly, ‘And with this… It begins…’


Author's Note:

Author's Note: ... I am not a musical composer. I can barely rhyme to save my life, but all in all, I hope you all enjoy the chapter. And maybe if anyone's interested, we'll have auditions for some people to actually sing this song.

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