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Friendship is SHOWTIME!! - MangaKamen

A Kamen Rider Crossover Magic – a mysterious force in this world, and each creature possess magic within itself. A gift to many, but to a few, it is nothing but a curse. And when Twilight sees a new form of magic, she'll learn that life is

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Spell 29 - It All Started with Horseshoes

Spell 29

It All Started with Horseshoes


“Alright! Stand back! This is how it’s done!”


“Ya know, Mistah Nitoh,” Applejack pointed out with a flat look in her eyes. “Yer supposed to get the horseshoes closest to the stake.”

“Yeah, yeah, at least I didn’t break a window,” Kosuke huffed with his chest puffed out slightly.

“I said I’d fix that!” Rainbow Dash growled, a hint of red on her face. “Sides, I wouldn’t be getting cocky – You two are losing.”

“I’m still confused on that,” Haru admitted as he scratched the back of his head. “We’ve got opposable claws and talons! We should have the advantage here!”

Amongst the trees of Sweet Apple Acres, a group of four were in a picnic area playing horseshoes. Unfortunately for Team Magic, they were losing badly to Team Mare.

“Shoulda, coulda, but ya don’t,” Applejack chuckled before she snapped her hoof onto the horseshoe and got her muzzle. “Now watch and learn, boys. Yer about to see some real magic in the making!”

With a snap of her head, Applejack sent the horseshoe through the air…


“Woohoo!” Both Dash and Applejack cheered out before they slapped their hooves together.

Kosuke growled, then turned towards Haru who was shuffling through his pockets. “C’mon, dragon! They’re making us look bad!”

“Looking bad in front of who?” Haru questioned as he fitted a ring on his claws. “We’re the only ones out here… Well, there’s also Big Mac behind us, but who’s he going to tell?”

“You gonna take your turn?” Dash joked about as she poked a hoof into the red dragon’s side. “Or do you two want to call it quits? We’ve got you two beat!”


As a small red rune popped next to Haru, he lifted the horseshoe up with his tail. With a sly smirk on his face, the red dragon tossed the horseshoe through the runic circle.


Everyone turned back to see that the horseshoe that Haru had just tossed had made it around the stake. The dragon sighed contently and wagged a claw near his head, “I believe that’s a ringer.”

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Kosuke erupted into laughter. “That’s our point!”

“I call foul!” Dash huffed as she flapped her wings furiously. “You can’t use magic!”

“Never said that I couldn’t,” Haru whistled innocently.

“Mistah Souma, that’s weak coming from you,” Applejack pointed out with a flat look in her eyes.

“Yeah! No one said you could use magic!” Dash added.

“Poor form, Dragon, poor form,” Kosuke chimed in.

“You’re on my team, Kosuke!” Haru barked back before he crossed his arms. “Besides, the goal of the game is to get a ringer without getting too close to the stake. And I technically didn’t break the rules.”

“He does have a point,” Kosuke chuckled, having slipped next to Haru.

“Neato, you can’t flip-flop!” Dash huffed as she pointed an accusatory hoof at the griffon.

“What can I say, Dashie?” Kosuke whistled innocently. “I swing for the winning team… Wait, that didn’t come out right.”

“Alright, Dash, time we show these boys a real win looks like!” Applejack stated as she stomped on a horseshoe and clicked it to her mouth. With a quick toss, the horseshoe spun through the air and hooked around the stake.


“WE WIN!” Dash cheered before she and AJ slammed their front hooves together.

“GAGH!” Kosuke gagged before he slumped to the ground. “I call Shenanigans! SHENANIGANS!”

“It’s just a game, Kosuke,” Haru muttered as he rolled his eyes. “No need to get all upset.”

“Great to see that you’re not being a sore loser, Mistah Souma,” AJ stated, a rather arrogant smile appeared on her face. “Especially when your cheating can’t even beat one of the best athletes around.”

“Yeah!” Dash added before she took a moment to think about that. “Wait, what do you mean by ‘one of the best’?”

“Well, no offense Dash, yer a good athlete and all,” AJ replied with a wave of her hoof. “Ah’m just better.”

“Excuse me?” Dash huffed with her eyes narrowed. “You think you’re the top athlete of Ponyville?”

“Ah was gonna say in all of Equestria,” AJ chuckled. “But Ah think that might be over the top…”

“Ladies, ladies,” Kosuke interrupted as he lifted his talons up. “I can settle this right now for ya. The most athletic creature in Equestria has feathers and two thumbs. Who is it?”

Kosuke pointed his thumbs towards his chest. “This guy!”

Both Dash and AJ leered at the goofy griffon, who, upon realizing he was getting looks, returned the leer.

Sparks flew between the three, and Haru sighed under his breath. “Yeah, I’m staying out of this one. AJ, mind if I raid your fridge for a drink?”

“Go help yerself,” AJ replied, not taking her eyes off of the other two leers.

No one noticed that Haru walked away.

“So, you think you’re the top athlete, Neato?” Dash questioned. “What makes you think that?”

“When you dodge traps, poisonous darts, and evil head-shrinking sha-ponies,” Kosuke counted off, his green eyes narrowed. “You kinda need to be in shape to live. Throw in the fact that I keep fighting Phantoms in order to survive, I’ve got one of the best bodies a griffon can have!”

To illustrate his point, Kosuke rolled up his sleeves and flexed his arm, showing off a rather decent bicep. “Not to mention, Griffons tend to have more sport claims to our names. Baseball, basketball, archery, and dare I say, bowling?”

“Ya’ll only get to say that cause ya got them fancy talons of yours,” AJ replied as she pointed towards Kosuke’s talons.

“Exactly,” Kosuke retorted as he rubbed his chin. “Although, your bowling balls are just huge, glorified marbles. Ours have talon holes.”

“I think she’s talking about something different,” Dash pointed out before she smirked. “So, you both think you’re the most athletic in Equestria? Well, why not put your bits where your mouths are?”

“Oh? Whatcha got in mind, Dashie?” Kosuke chuckled with a lick of beak.

“Simple, we’ll hold an Iron Equestrian contest,” Dash answered with a smirk as she used her wings to propel her into the air and float over the two. “A series of athletic events to decide who’s the best of the best!”

“Ya know what Rainbow,” AJ stated as she lifted a hoof up. “Yer on!”

“Count me in!” Kosuke chimed, pumping his one of his talons up. “For the good of all griffon-kind, I’ll show you what I can do!”

“Then it’s on!” Dash cheered. “But just three? It’s not gonna happen – We’d need at least just one more…”


All three turned to the side to see Haru running up – With his eyes narrowed and a large yellow, jagged crystal in his claws. Dash and Kosuke turned to each other and smirked.

“What’s the matter, Mistah Souma?” AJ asked, trotting up to the dragon. “And why do ya got Granny Smith’s paper weight?”

“Cause, this isn’t a paper weight,” Haru growled, a small blood vessel appearing on the side of his head. “This is a Magic Stone! One of the bigger ones that I need! How long have you had this here?!”

“Shoot, Granny Smith bought that thing a month ago at the flea market,” AJ answered.

That answer weighed heavily on Haru’s shoulders as he slumped to the ground, his head lowered. “A month?!? I’ve worked here a number of times and I never once noticed it? I didn’t even smell it…”

“What’s gotten into Wizard?” Dash asked as she threw her forehooves behind her head.

“Ah, he’s just a bit miffed ‘bout not seeing this here rock,” AJ answered with a wave of her hoof. “Mistah Souma, Ah’m sure that Granny won’t mind ya taking it. Ah mean, after all of the hard work ya do ‘round here, that’ shouldn’t be too hard.”

“Thanks AJ,” Haru sighed with relief as he stood up with the magic stone in his claws. “I’ll make sure to replace it with…”

“Now, don’t ya be worrying ‘bout that,” AJ interrupted with an almost too sweet smile. “But, if ya wanna repay me for giving that to ya, Ah can think of one thing.”

Haru meandered his head slightly at Dash and Kosuke, and noticed that all three of his friends had these oddly ominous smiles on their faces. “… Is the stone worth the pain I’m thinking about?”


While the plans for the very first Iron Equestrian Games were being laid out, at the outskirts of Ponyville, a familiar red pegasus was within a deep gorge, his long black hair slicked down with sweat and his clothes following suit.

He took a deep breath before he yelled loudly, a powerful flame erupted around his body as it began warp into the gold and red armored form of the Phantom known as Phoenix. The stallion continued to roar loudly, but still his body continued to transform.

“He’s going Super Saiyan!”

When he heard that, Phoenix’s flames died down and he stumbled to the ground, reverting back to his stallion form. With a few deep breaths, Phoenix craned his head up to see Sora on a low cloud and a rather attractive mare - a petite, young unicorn mare with a purple and white splotched fur coat that was covered with a fancy black and bluish dress while her long black mane was topped with a sun hat – near the cloud.

“Gremlin… Me…” Phoenix began to speak out.

“Remember what I said,” The mare interrupted with a wave of her hoof. “While we are out in the open, we must refer to ourselves as our prior names – its only becoming to refer to a lady by her proper name.”

“Gah, fine, whatever, Beautiful Blossom…” Phoenix spat out. “And Sora… What do I owe this visit for?”

“Well, Feenie,” Sora chuckled with a large smile. “It’s been weeks since you revived, and you’re still unable to transform. We’re thinking that maybe you aren’t up to par anymore to be a Greater Phantom.”

“Trying to replace me?” Phoenix chuckled before he wiped some sweat from his brow. “Well, I suppose if you try to kill me here, I won’t come back… But I would suggest that you wait. I got somepony coming to help me out here.”

“Oh? How exactly can any pony help you with this?” Blossom asked with a rub of her chin. “Wouldn’t your powers come back by now?”

“That’s because his powers are being blocked.”

Both Sora and Blossom turned over to the side and then craned their heads up slightly. A few feet away was a tall, muscular dark blue stallion with a styled back black mane and a goatee at his chin. Around his neck was a large chain with a whistle attached to it, which matched the mark on his toned flanks.

“Drag Curl,” Phoenix chuckled with a wild smirk. “About time you showed up.”

The large stallion, Drag Curl laughed loudly and trotted to the red, and admittedly smaller pegasus. “My apologies, Master Phoenix, but as Drag Curl, I have an obligation to maintain my clientele. However, had I heard about your condition, Master Phoenix, I would’ve made haste.

“I guess this requires… ‘That’.”

The red pegasus turned to the side with a little twinge of pink on his face. “I c-can remember the last time… it was the first time in my life that… I’d ever felt so good..

“My body remembers that pleasure…”

That was when Phoenix’s wings shot out to the sides, with his feathers stuck out. Both Sora and Blossom turned to each other with Sora speaking out, “… ‘That’?

“Are you actually talking about that ‘That’?”

Blossom sighed under her breath. “Listen, whatever ‘that’ is, Phoenix we still need to discuss…”

“Lady Medusa,” Drag Curl interrupted with his eyes narrowed. “I’m gonna let you speak, but frankly, this is a matter that needs to be dealt with. And the moment that this matter is dealt with, your complaints will no long hold any water.

“Come with me Master Phoenix, when I’m done with you, you’ll be stronger than before.”

“Yes!” Phoenix laughed before he and the muscular stallion trotted off.

Both Sora and Blossom blinked in confusion before Blossom shook her head, “What in Hades’ name just happened?”

“I think we just came across something scandalous,” Sora giggled with his hooves brought up to his face. “Wanna go follow them and watch?”

“Huh?” Blossom questioned as she raised an eyebrow at Sora. “What are you going on about?”

“Ah, c’mon, you can’t tell me you’re not curious,” Sora questioned before he elbowed the mare in the side.

“I’ll admit, Phoenix may be a bit eccentric,” Blossom admitted as she narrowed her eyes at Sora. “So, I’m a little curious, but its not our place to deal with…”

“Oh, Blossom, those who do not run, will never reach the goal,” Sora chuckled as he leapt from the cloud. “I say… WE FOLLOW THEM!”

Blossom’s face turned a bright red and she reeled back, “E-Excuse me?!”

Sora’s tail wrapped around Blossom’s front hoof and dragged her behind him. “TO ADVENTURE!”

Five minutes later at the Ponyville Day Spa, both Phoenix and Drag Curl entered the building, the smell of exotic herbs filled Phoenix’s nose and made him sneeze slightly. “Ugh, why here?”

“It’s not like I have residence in this town,” Drag Curl laughed loudly as he slapped Phoenix on the back a few times. “And performing this in a public place would be greatly inappropriate.”

“But, why here?” Phoenix gagged.

“Mister Curl!”

Phoenix blinked when two mares playfully trotted up to Drag Curl – One was a petite pink mare with a well groomed blue mane that was pulled back with a white headband, and the other was pretty much a palette swap. They even had similar cutie marks – a white lotus. Phoenix was a little surprised to see the two mares clamor over the larger stallion, “Where have you been, Mister Curl?”

The pink mare nodded and raised a hoof up to her mouth, “It has been months!”

“Lotus, Aloe, my apologies,” Drag Curl replied with a slight bow towards the two mares. “But you know what my business entails – I often have clients across Equestria and I just haven’t had time to write. I apologize.”

“Next time, please be sure that you let us know,” the blue mare: Lotus replied with a warm smile on her face. “So, what brings you to our humble spa?”

“Well, I was hoping that you had a spare room,” Drag Curl requested with a warm smile before he gestured towards Phoenix. “I have a client who requires my services. And if it’s not too much trouble, I’ll even pay if necessary.”

“No, no,” Aloe interrupted as she waved a hoof towards the stallion. “It will not be a problem at all! Please, it would be an honor! There’s a room in the back, we’ve got a few moments while some of our customers are in the mud baths.”

“Thank you Aloe,” Drag Curl replied before the two spa ponies trotted off.

“How do you know them?” Phoenix questioned, following Drag Curl through the spa behind the two spa ponies.

“If my memory serves correctly,” Drag Curl whispered with his eyes closed. “I was the one who taught them their massaging techniques – Sometimes our previous personas can be quite advantageous. You should try it sometime, Master Phoenix.”

For a moment, Phoenix didn’t say a word until he glared at Drag Curl, “I gave up my previous name the moment I became Phoenix.”

“What a shame,” Drag Curl stated. “But let’s continue, shall we?”


“Front legs out! Up and down, up and down!”

Twilight hadn’t really seen anything so goofy before her very eyes – A dragon, a griffon, and a Pegasus moving in rhythm with the griffon in front showing off the odd stretches. “C’mon! C’mon! You can do it! Stretch them muscles!”

“Um, should I even ask?” Twilight mused before she turned towards Applejack.

“They’re just doing stretches fer the events today,” AJ answered back with a bright smile towards Twilight and Spike who was on the scholarly mare’s back. “My morning chores are a good enough work out fer…”

“The Iron Equestrian Competition!” Dash interrupted before she stretched her back slightly.

Applejack leered a little bit at the blue mare before she turned back to Twilight, “See, we’re setting up a bunch of events to decide who’s…”

“The most athletic pony ever!” Dash shouted again.

“Or griffon!” Kosuke barked

“… Or apparently dragon,” Haru sighed with dulled look in his eyes.

“And I’m here because?” Twilight asked.

“Um, I don’t know,” Dash pointed out with a shrug. “Why is she here?”

“We needed someone to keep track of the wins,” Kosuke answered as he flexed his arms. “After all, there needs to be a record to show that Griffons are the superior athletes!”

“Ha! You kidding me?” Dash countered with her hoof lifted up towards the griffon. “I used to trounce your flank all the time back in Cloudsdale!”

“Those were races,” Kosuke replied with a devilish smirk. “Iron Equestrian games test not only agility, but also strength, dexterity, endurance and all that other junk. I seem to recall that every time we had a hoof-talon wrestle, I’d always come out on top!”

“That’s it! You and me right now!” Dash snarled before she galloped to a nearby barrel and slammed her hoof on it.

“You’re on DASHIE!”

As the two feathered friends began to get their own competition going, Spike leapt off of Twilight and ran to his fellow dragon, “It’s weird seeing you here, Haru.”

“Indeed, I didn’t peg you as one for competition,” Twilight pointed out, recalling the time that Haru worked for Trixie.

“… My arm’s twisted,” Haru grumbled with a flat look aimed at AJ.

“Now, now, some healthy competition never hurt nopony,” AJ retorted as she pushed her hat up.

“You call that healthy?” Haru replied before he pointed over to Dash and Kosuke.

The two were still trying to beat the other in their little hoof/talon wrestling game, with a deadly gaze in their eyes poised at each other. Neither hoof nor talon gave way to each other, yet they shook violently in an attempt to get the other to falter for even a second.

“If it was anyone else,” Haru pointed out with a dulled look. “They’d have a broken limb by now.”

“Says the dragon who could toss a Phantom over his shoulder,” AJ countered. “Sides, ya got yer magic rock, and this’ll be fun.”

“I’m starting regret that decision,” Haru muttered under his breath as he looked at a ring that he clutched in his claws. ‘Still, two new rings… Plus with a couple of new spell rings as well. I just think this might bite me in the backside.’

“In any case, how ‘bout we head over to the competition grounds?” AJ offered with a smile before she trotted ahead of the two dragons and unicorn. “Ah’m sure those two will join us when they’re done.”

It didn’t take long for the small group to reach the makeshift competition grounds – Which was actually impressive. All around the farm grounds were various areas set up for athletic events: A small track with barrels in the middle of it with a finish line, a strength test that had a bell attachment, a pen filled with hay, a large area with sand, and even a sign that had four silhouettes of the competitors next to ‘0s’.

A pegasus obviously meant Dash, the earth pony was Applejack, the griffon wood carving was Kosuke and oddly enough, there was a donut for Haru’s.

“Why is it a donut?” Haru questioned as he slapped his forehead.

“Applebloom thought it’d be a cute idea,” AJ answered.

“I’m not a pastry, you know,” Haru sighed. “I just like them.”

“That’s an understatement,” Spike pointed out with a sly smirk. “You practically live on the sugary treats…”

“Says the dragon who takes a nibble out of my familiars,” Haru countered.

“Alright, alright, that’s enough,” AJ sighed loudly before she puffed her chest slightly. “It’s time for the competition!

“Mistah Nitoh! Dash! Get yer hides over here!”

“Just one sec! I need to teach Dashie here a little lesson in humility!”

“HA! The day you beat me in a competition is the day Twi gets wings!”

“Miss Sparkle! I’m gonna have to ask you to grow wings right now!”

Twilight’s gaze dulled slightly.


“That was one of the worst wastes of time I’ve ever seen!”

Sora chuckled as he trotted behind Blossom, every time he tried to get alongside her or in front of her, he would always be repelled back by a spell by the fashionable unicorn. He could only speculate that she was referring to what the two had seen involving Phoenix and Drag Curl.

The pegasus could easily remember the scene from yesterday…

Ngggg.... Uhhhh... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Sora whistled as he and Blossom looked into the window to the Ponyville spa – Thanks to Sora’s flight and Blossom’s magic, the two were able to levitate to the second floor where Sora had spotted the stallions.

“Wow…” Sora stated with a rather goofy grin plastered on his muzzle. “I didn’t think it was possible.”

Blossom’s face in contrast to Sora’s had her face slightly scrunched and dashed with a touch of crimson. “Seriously?”

It was then that Drag Curl’s voice boomed out. “TAKE THAT AND THAT AND THAT!!!”

“I… I don’t know how you do that…” Phoenix groaned taking heavy breaths whenever he could. “But your hooves… Dear Hades they… They were…


Indeed, the moment that Drag Curl gently placed his hooves on Phoenix’s back, the fiery Phantom’s body practically melted due to the pressure that Drag Curl applied to his back. “Master Phoenix, I recall the battle you had with Ursa Major. Although you slayed it, you still lost your life when the thing’s corpse crashed upon you…”

“You swore you’d keep that a secret!” Phoenix barked, but then soothed once more when Drag Curl hit a specific knot in between his wings. “Oooh… Ah…”

“I have yet to say a word to anypony else,” Drag Curl answered back. “As I was saying, you couldn’t transform back then as well. If we waited on your body, eventually it would be suited to the new mana that would course in your body.

“But with my Champissage techniques, I can unlock your muscles and allow the mana to flow.”

“I barely followed that,” Phoenix panted. “But those Chimpanzee hooves of yours are… AAAAAAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhh…”

“It was a waste of time!” Blossom barked out, her face still flushed.

“Ooh? Then what about that blush on your face?” Sora giggled as he playfully tried trotting in front of his companion, only to be met with a wall. “Perhaps you thought that there was something raunchy going on?”

That’s when a purple aura wrapped around Sora’s neck, and constricted around the Pegasus’s neck. “URK!”

“I’ve always wondered if a Phantom could live without air,” Blossom admitted with her horn aglow. However, with a sigh, Blossom’s magic disappeared with Sora landing on the ground. “Then again, I’m not in the mood to clean up your messy body, Gremlin.”

“Aren’t you breaking your own rule, Blossom?” Sora gasped loudly.

“You must admit, Sora” A familiar deep voice called out. “You were being rude to the mare.”

“Drag Curl,” Blossom stated as the large muscular stallion walked up to the fellow Phantoms. “Where is Phoenix?”

“After our session,” Drag Curl explained as he turned his attention towards the cloudy sky. “I tossed Master Phoenix onto a nearby cloud. He’ll be back in action in a day or two – He just needs rest now.”

“And yourself?” Blossom inquired with a raised brow.

“I could ask you the same as well,” Drag Curl replied with a wicked smile. “After all, you two along with Master Phoenix are my superiors – Even if I am taller than you. I came to inquire if there was anything I can do to aid either of you.”

“Humph, I can see a use for you,” Blossom answered back, a small grin on her face before she turned towards the large orchard of apples. “I do not know if you can recall my abilities, but I possess the ability to sense Gates.”

“I’ve heard the rumors,” Drag Curl stated.

“Well, I can sense a number of Gates on this farm,” Blossom continued, not turning her attention away from the orchard. “I’d like to confirm the numbers and if possible see if we should act then and there. After all, it should be a fun little time, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Would the two mages I heard about be there?” Drag Curl questioned with his eyes narrowed down.

“Oh? And if they are?” Sora mused.

It only took a second, but in the place of Drag Curl stood a large humanoid-shaped suit of silver and blue armor with rust covering its body. The armor lifted his hand up and clenched his fist tightly, “Because I intend on seeing if those rumors of two powerful defenders of justice are true – I need to test my own mettle.

“And I wish to see how I stand alongside with Master Phoenix.”


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