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Friendship is SHOWTIME!! - MangaKamen

A Kamen Rider Crossover Magic – a mysterious force in this world, and each creature possess magic within itself. A gift to many, but to a few, it is nothing but a curse. And when Twilight sees a new form of magic, she'll learn that life is

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Spell 26 - A Life Yesterday

Spell 26

A Life Yesterday


“So, how long has it been since all three of us were in a single location?”

“I think the last time was at the Sabbath itself.”

“Aw, I should’ve brought some cupcakes to celebrate this!”

“Gremlin, you did. And you ate them all.”

“You have no proof, Feenie!”

“You have frosting around your mouth.”

“I plead the fifth.”


Both Phoenix and Sora winced at the dark haired mare’s snarl. The two pegasai cowered at the unicorn before them, her face covered with the large sunhat, when she realized that the two would behave, a small smile crept on her face, “I was wondering if I would have to separate you two.”

“Ah, no need to be like that Mi…” Sora started with a wave of his hoof.

However, the mint green pegasus froze as he realized that two purple eyes narrowed down on him, “I… I mean… Y-Yes, Lady Medusa. I… I’m sorry.”

Medusa sighed as she turned towards Phoenix, “Are you going to give me trouble as well?”

“Meh, not worth it,” Phoenix answered.

“Good, now then, let’s get down to business,” Medusa sighed as she sat down on the cushion that she had waiting for her. “While it has been a long time since we last saw each other – It’s no time for idle chit-chat. This town has cost our cause a number of Phantoms, but it also has a number of potential Gates within it…

“Makes me wonder what you two are doing around here.”

Phoenix snorted before he turned away from Medusa, “I ain’t interested in that – My sights are set back on that mage, Haruto Souma.”

“One tracked mind, as usual,” Medusa sighed under her breath. “And you Gremlin?”

“That’s not my name!” Sora hissed as he waved his forehooves about. “Sora! SO-RA!”

“And that answers my question,” Medusa groaned as she brought a hoof up to her face and shook her head. “But unlike you two, I’ve actually have been working hard – I found somepony to join our little trio…”

“Aw, and we were so good as the Three Musketeers,” Sora chuckled with a large goofy smile. “Ya know, all for one, one for all.”

“Actually, Alexandre Dumob’s original novel had a fourth member of their group,” Phoenix explained with his eyes closed. “Athos, Porthos and Aramis were officially musketeers, but d’Artagnan was their mutual friend and was the one who originally came up with their life motto – tous pour un, un pour tous.”

There was a moment of silence as Medusa and Sora looked to each other before they turned back to Phoenix – The fiery Phantom cocked his head slightly to the right, “What?”

“I… That was unexpected,” Medusa admitted, her eyes shifted slightly. “How did you know all that?”

“I got a lot of free time on my hooves,” Phoenix admitted with a roll of his eyes. “Till I get better, I don’t have anything better to do other than kill a few hours at the library – The little dragon working there keeps giving some good things to read.”

“Well, good for you, Feenie!” Sora giggled before he turned his attention back towards Medusa. “So, who’s the newbie? Is it Gargoyle? Siren?”

“He is not a Phantom,” Medusa answered bluntly.

Phoenix narrowed his eyes, “Not a Phantom? Then what the Tartarus is he?”

“An ancient source of magic,” Medusa answered as her horn glowed brightly, the sun hat over her head lowered over her eyes. “Though he doesn’t possess the ability to awaken gates, we can still use his knowledge and skills to add our cause.”

“So where is this fourth member?” Phoenix questioned with his brow raised. “Do we have the pleasure to see this applicant?”

“Hehehehe, you sound like we’re conducting an interview,” Sora snickered loudly. “All you need is the monkey suit, a nice shave, and a little grease in your hair and you’ll be a desk jockey.”

Phoenix took a moment to picture himself with the details that Sora laid out – and he shivered. “Oh dear sweet Hades! I would rather lick the bottom of a buffalo’s hoof than be stuck in a suit.”

“Must we do a comedy act?” Medusa asked dully. “I swear you two are nothing more than colts sometimes – I am not your caretaker, so don’t make me act like it.”

“Uh, right,” Both Phoenix and Sora gulped loudly.

Medusa’s face curled up slightly into a diabolic smile, “To answer your question – I’ve decided to give him a test. There are a number of Gates within this town, and while I shall aid him in locating the Gate, it is up to him to awaken the Gate.”

“But he’s not a Phantom,” Sora mused as he brought a hoof to his mouth. “So, he must be getting a little more help.”

“Right you are,” Medusa chimed back. “I’ve allowed him to do this in his own manner – But he’s not the only one who’s up for promotion in our little group: Two other Phantoms who have been successful in their missions will be joining them. So, this little test will see if they can awaken a gate while there are two mages in this town.”

“What did they do to deserve this?” Phoenix scoffed to the side. “I haven’t heard any new Phantoms appearing in our little group for a while.”

“That’s because their missions were not to create Phantoms,” Medusa answered. “They were both successful in setting up a marker in their own respective areas.”

Both Phoenix and Sora looked to each other in silence for a few moments before they both smiled at each other.

Medusa chuckled, “Quite impressive that they managed to set it up – Only three more to go, and then we will be able access the lapis philosophorum.”

“While that’s good and all,” Phoenix interjected. “We still have a few issues to deal with – Namely, Harpie’s little crew.”

“Yes, they’ve been failing quite a bit, haven’t they?” Medusa sighed with a shake of her head. “I suppose it’s my fault that it happened – After all, I allowed Harpie to garner Hellhound, Minotaur and Dryad for her ‘family’, therefore, it is my responsibility. I shall deal with this within the coming days.”

“You personally getting your hooves dirty?” Sora cackled as he pulled his head back. “Ooh, I can only imagine what you’re gonna do.”

Medusa’s smile grew more sinister.


“Mistah Souma, how’d ya’ll get your Cutie Mark?”

Haru blinked a few times as he turned from the book he had in his claws to see a rather eager Apple Bloom looking up at him. Twilight and Spike had left him in charge of the library for the afternoon so they could run some errands, and it was relatively uneventful so he had picked up a random book and begun reading. He was so engrossed with the sci-fi story (a blue, robotic stallion who had to fight against six other robots and save the world from a mad scientist) that he didn’t notice that Apple Bloom had entered the library with Kenny the Topaz Kraken atop her mane.

So, when the red dragon heard the filly call his name, he was a bit surprised. “Oh hey there Apple Bloom, what about my cutie mark?”

“How’d you get yours?” Apple Bloom asked again as she trotted a little closer. The little filly brought up her hoof to the black runes on Haru’s thigh. “Ah ain’t never seen one like yers, and ah was just curious.”

Haru smiled as he closed the book in his claws, “Well, I got this mark when I learned I could do magic.”

The red dragon lifted up his right claw and then brought it to his belt buckle, “CONNECT – PLEASE!”

A familiar red runic circle appeared at Haru’s right shoulder and he pointed to it. “You see that circle? It looks almost like my mark, it not only signifies my magical abilities, but its also my hope – hope to help any pony.”

Apple Bloom’s face lit up. “Really?! You’ll help any pony?!”

“Of course,” Haru stated as he reached into the circle and pulled out a single powdered donut from it. “No matter how big or how small, I’ll help anypony out.”

“Then, can ya help me, Mistah Souma?” Apple Bloom begged as she jumped atop of the couch Haru was seated on.

“There’s no need to ask,” Haru replied with a nod. “Now, what do you need help with? Homework? Chores?”

The young filly shifted about slightly as Haru took a bite from his doughnut, as he chewed Apple Bloom immediately spoke up. “HELP ME GET MAH CUTIE MARK!”

The sudden yelling made Haru gag and he brought his claws to his throat. His regular red face started to turn blue and he slammed his fist into chest a few times before he gulped loudly, “Gargh! Oh Ishimori, that went down the wrong tube!”

“Well, Mistah Souma?” Apple Bloom sputtered out. “Can ya help me get mah Cutie Mark?”

Haru took a few breaths and looked towards the young filly, “Apple Bloom, I… I don’t mind helping you out, but what exactly can I do to help you with that?”

“Well, maybe mah talent’s in magic too!” Apple Bloom pointed out. “Maybe ya’ll can teach me how do it! After all, Ah only thought unicorns could do magic – Then it turns out that ya and some griffon can use magic, so why can’t an Earth Pony learn how to use magic?”

‘With that logic – I can’t really deny her…’ Haru thought to himself as he rubbed his chin with his claws. “Apple Bloom, I don’t mind helping you with my magic, but you really shouldn’t try to force your Cutie Mark to appear – you’re still young, and the whole world is opened up to you, no need to rush…”

“B-But, everypony else in mah class has theirs,” Apple Bloom countered back. “Even mah friend Twist just got her’s yesterday! C’mon! Please! Please let me see if Ah can use yer magic – PLEASE!”

It was then that Haru took note that the young filly was looking at him with the biggest puppy dog eyes he had ever seen. He opened his mouth to tell her no, but he just couldn’t bring the words up deep within himself to do so. So with a defeated sigh, Haru pulled off his belt buckle, “Alright, fine, just one sec…”


In a flash of light, the buckle transformed into the silver belt that Haru lifted up in his claws. “… Hmm, ya know, I usually keep this thing around my waist most of the time when I use it, so I never really got a chance to look at it from this angle… Almost looks like a toy…”

“Ooh! Yer gonna let me wear the belt?” Apple Bloom gasped as Haru unhooked the back of the belt and slowly brought around the young filly’s middle.

“Well, you wanted to try my magic, so, might as well go all the way with it, right?” Haru asked while he tightened the belt around Apple Bloom’s waist. “Not like I’m keeping it a secret that I transform. Now, all you need is a ring – So, which one do you want to try?”

Haru pulled out the four style rings from his jacket’s inner pocket and held them up to Apple Bloom. The filly’s eyes glimmered at the four jeweled rings. “Uh, Ah don’t know… Which one would you go with?”

“I usually start off with the red one,” Haru suggested as he picked up the flame style ring. “It’s got a great balance, but personally, I just like red.”

“Then Ah’ll use that!” Apple Bloom stated as she lifted up her right hoof up so Haru could slip the ring on her leg. “Ah’ve seen ya trans… Trans…”

“Transform,” Haru replied.

“Yeah! Ah’v seen ya do that, and it looks amazin’!” Apple Bloom stated as she looked at the ring at her hoof. With a large bright smile on her face, the young filly began to bring the ring to the belt buckle but…

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!” Haru grabbed onto Apple Bloom’s leg. “You can’t just transform, you need to do it the correct way.”

“There’s a right way to do it?” Apple Bloom questioned.

With a smile, Haru lifted Apple Bloom to the floor and stood up, “Of course, in order to transform, you need to strike a pose and yell out ‘henshin’!”

“Why?” Apple Bloom asked with her head tilted slightly.

“Why? Haru coughed under his breath as he looked away. “W-Well, you see…”

‘Shoot! Think Haru, THINK! You can’t tell her that it’s just for being cool – I mean, I just got the idea of the pose from those old nanga I used to read.’

“It’s because… The pose empowers you! It gets your body pumped up and prepared for the transformation! It charges every cell in your body!”

“Really?!” Apple Bloom gasped in surprise and yet joy.

“In the words of a famous stallion –Eeyup,” Haru stated as he lifted his right claw up. “Now, how about I show you how to do the pose?”

“Got’cha!” Apple Bloom replied as she pushed her front hooves against the ground and she stood up on her hind legs (shakily, but she still managed).

“First,” Haru brought his claws to the front of his waist. “First, you wanna shift the switches on the side of the belt…”

The young filly nodded as she did so, however, there was no sound that emerged from the belt.

“Then, lift your left hoof up,” Haru continued as he held up his left claw up. “You wanna show off the ring.”

“Why?” Apple Bloom asked as she lifted her hoof up and showed off the ring.

“Uh, it’s just for show,” Haru admitted before he threw his left claw in front of his waist. “After you do that, all you have to do is throw your hoof in front of the belt and then just let the belt do the rest.”

With a large smile on her face, Apple Bloom threw her hoof in front of the belt. However, nothing happened. The young filly looked at the belt and threw her hoof in front of it once more, but not a sound echoed from it. With her face slowly turning sullen, the young filly turned towards Haru, “How come it’s not working, Mistah Souma?”

The red dragon sighed under his breath as he rubbed the back of his head, “Well, I can tell you that you did everything right…”

Apple Bloom sighed under her breath as she slipped the ring off her hoof and the belt from her waist. “Thanks fer trying Mistah Souma, but this is just another thing Ah’m not good at.”

“Now hold on there,” Haru stated as he scooped up the items. “Apple Bloom, I can understand you wanting to get your Cutie Mark, but you’re young and it’ll come to you eventually.”

“But Ah’m the last pony in my class to get hers,” Apple Bloom sighed loudly as she slowly trotted towards the door to the library. “Thanks again though.”

Kenny the Kraken floated around Haru’s head as Apple Bloom slowly exited the library. Haru nodded and the Topaz Familiar flew after the young filly. ‘Oh, to be that young again… What am I saying!? I’m barely in my twenties!’


Apple Bloom sighed under her breath as she slowly trotted through town – Her eyes turned to the many mares and stallions that walked past her, her attention drawn to the many cutie marks that were on the flanks of each pony.

Kenny the topaz kraken landed atop her head and dropped slightly, “Ah know Kenny, Ah shouldn’t be sad, but Ah just can’t help it.”

Cutie Marks (although some stallions didn’t really care for the name) were a sign of maturity. A sign of what a pony was meant to do with their lives – Their purpose, their place in this wide world. It was a basic principle in any pony’s life, and a rather important one too.

Still to a young mare like Apple Bloom, seeing how everypony around her gained their own, including the ones in her class…

“Blank flank!”

Those words sounded out through Apple Bloom’s mind, so much so that she didn’t notice until it was too late and she trotted into another pony. “Omphf!”

Apple Bloom fell backwards onto her flank with Kenny the Kraken being whipped from the top of her head. The young filly quickly got to her hooves and lowered her head to the ground, “Ah… Ah’m so sorry! Ah didn’t mean to…”

“Now, now,” a calming voice sounded out to Apple Bloom as she felt a hoof placed on her back. “There’s no need to be like that, it was simply an accident.”

Apple Bloom lifted her head up to see a petite, young unicorn mare who’s purple and white splotched fur coat was covered with a fancy black and bluish dress comfort her. The older mare’s silky black mane whipped slightly around her face as she smiled at Apple Bloom, “Although, it’s best that you make sure that you keep your eyes up front.”

“Ah-Ah will, Miss,” Apple Bloom gulped under her breath. ‘Gosh, she’s really pretty!’

“Good, now run along,” the mare replied as she gestured with her hoof. “A young filly such as yourself should be playing with her friends.”

Apple Bloom’s ears drooped slightly, “R-Right…”

And with that, the young Apple filly trotted off slowly, her hooves dragged against the ground with each step she took.

The mare smiled to herself as she herself continued her trot, her shadow growing with every step, “I know you’re here, Hellhound.”

Her shadow shivered.

“Consider this yours and your ‘family’s’ last chance to redeem yourselves,” The mare continued. “Succeed, and all transgressions shall be forgiven. Fail, and I don’t think I need to say any more.”

The shadow whipped about until it formed into a more demonic figure, “Y-Yes, Lady Medusa – I shall not fail.”

“Good, now here is your last chance,” Medusa sighed.


“Ah mou…”

Kosuke moaned loudly as he staggered about through Ponyville, his cheeks sunken and his body looking a bit thinner than usual. Even his feathers seemed to be a bit sullen as well and his tail dragged against the ground as he walked, ‘Khimaira’s getting hungry again. Big guy can survive off of the mana around here, but it doesn’t fill him up at all. Wish he wouldn’t drain me though…’

With the shade of a nearby tree over his head, Kosuke sat down and rummaged through his jacket. ‘Then again, I’ve got my cute little Griffon searching this town for Phantoms…’

From the confines of his jacket, Kosuke pulled out two items – A small, plastic baggy that had a sandwich wrapped inside and his usual bottle of mayonnaise. Within a flash second, Kosuke unwrapped the sandwich and slathered it with the mayonnaise, ‘Tartarus, after all of the rumors I heard of Phantoms around here, I was hoping to find at least more than two… Oh well, after lunch I’ll keep on searching and…’

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the little blank flank.”

Kosuke eyes widened as he took a bite from his sandwich and he turned towards his furry backside, ‘Huh?’

The voices continued as Kosuke turned about to see that the voices came from, and thanks to some bushes that were next to the tree, the griffon remained hidden to see that there were three fillies gathered at the base of the tree. Two of the fillies (one with a tiara atop her head and another with large glasses) circled the yellow mare, who had an odd topaz kraken atop of her red mane.

“Diamond Tiara, are you excited for your cute-ceañera?” the glasses wearing filly asked.

“But of course,” the tiara wearing filly (apparently named Diamond Tiara). “It’ only one of the biggest parties a pony can have in their life.”

Kosuke shook his head, ‘Great, Cutie Mark bullies – I never really understood the appeal of having that mark on the flank. Then again, I’m not a pony.’

The griffon shrugged and returned his attention to his sandwich, with a large bite taken out of it. ‘As such, I shouldn’t get involved with this stuff unless it gets physical…’

Just as Kosuke was about to swallow the bite…


Kosuke’s eyes widened as the food got caught in his throat and he quickly slammed his talons into his neck a few times. When he managed to get the food down, the griffon turned back to see that the three fillies were now cowered against the tree as Hellhound seeped out from the shadows, his claws brushed against his metallic chest plate. “I’ll terrorize you into…”


Hellhound looked up just in time to have Kosuke tackle into him, “URK!”

As Kosuke and Hellhound tumbled over the ground, the two fillies who picked on Apple Bloom galloped away while Apple Bloom sat there watching. “Is that a griffon?”

Kosuke pushed himself off of the surprised Phantom and landed on the ground right before Apple Bloom, a large smile on his beak, “Ooh! This is gunna get good! I knew I’d find a Phantom!”

The griffon licked his beak and quickly got to his hind legs, revealing the belt around his waist, “Now then, you look like a tasty morsel!”

Hellhound growled loudly as he got to his feet, “Just what the Tartarus do you think you’re doing?!”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Kosuke chuckled as he wagged a talon. “I’m here to…”


Kosuke’s eyes widened as he was backhanded through the air, Hellhound’s right fist raised up. “I don’t have time for this! I’ve got bigger things to deal with!”

Hellhound turned his gaze back at Apple Bloom and lifted his claws up towards the scared filly. The Phantom tilted his head slightly at Apple Bloom, “Damn it… I don't feel right about this.

“Sorry kiddo, but its either you or me, and frankly, I like breathing.”

The fiery Phantom charged towards Apple Bloom, but stopped when two talons wrapped around his waist and pulled him back. “W-What the?!”

“We’re not done yet!” Kosuke shouted out as he threw Hellhound to the ground. “This pinch is my chance to eat!”

“You lousy…!” Hellhound barked before Kosuke latched onto him again. “STOP THAT! GET YOUR TALONS OFF THAT!”

“You stop moving!” Kosuke yelled back as he struggled to keep his grip on the Phantom. “You’re my meal ticket for another day! So just let me devour you! I CAN'T QUIT YOU!”

Apple Bloom sat there perplexed, watching as the griffon continued to grab onto the Phantom, with Kenny squeaking loudly to garner her attention, “Ah don’t think Ah should be watching this, Kenny.”

Somehow, Kosuke had gotten behind Hellhound and had his talons hooked under the Phantom’s arms. The two struggled about until several surges of red energy crashed into Hellhound’s chest and flew him out of Kosuke’s grip. Surprised, the griffon slipped on the grass and landed on his back, “Gah! Wait… This pattern… It can’t be!!”

A few feet away stood none other than Haru, his claws wrapped around his gun and held it up into the air.

“Mistah Souma!” Apple Bloom called out.

“Kah!” Kosuke snarled as he got to his paws. “I knew it!”

Haru blinked a few times at the griffon before him, “Mayonnaise?”

“It’s not Mayonnaise!” Kosuke growled as he stomped towards the dragon. “And are you here to interrupt my meal again?!”

Haru raised a brow slightly, “No, I’m–”

“Say no more!” Kosuke shouted as he lifted his talon up towards Haru’s face. “This is…”


Kosuke jumped up slightly with his arms wrapped around his stomach. When he realized that the sound didn’t come from the gun, but rather Haru himself, he narrowed his eyes. “That’s not funny! I obviously found this Phantom first! So it’s my right to eat him! Just get…”

“Behind you,” Haru stated as he pointed behind Kosuke.

“Huh?” Kosuke questioned as he turned around.

When the griffon did, he quickly ducked to dodge a punch thrown by Hellhound, “I’m going to rip those feathers off you, ya punk!”

Hellhound quickly latched onto Kosuke’s tail and pulled him off of the ground, “GAH!”

Haru sighed under his breath as he turned to Apple Bloom, his belt glowed brightly, “Apple Bloom, get back home as soon as you can! I’ll meet you there later.”

“A-Alright, Mistah Souma!” Apple Bloom called out as Haru lifted his left claw up.

“Henshin,” Haru called out as he threw his claw against his belt buckle.


“HiiHiiHii – Hii Hii!”

As Haru threw his claw forward, the large fiery rune circle flew in front of him and he dashed through it – and emerged from the other side in his ruby covered form with his gun raised up. However, with a powerful leap, Wizard slammed both of his feet into Hellhound’s shoulder and sent the Phantom through the air away from Kosuke.

“Oi! I had him right where I wanted!” Kosuke growled as he threw his talons in front of his belt.


Kosuke lifted his left talon in the air before he spun his two arms about, “Hen… SHIN!”

And that’s when Kosuke threw his ring into the side of his belt, opening the gate-like buckler, “SET! OPEN!

“L-I-O-N! LION!”

The golden circle emerged in front of Kosuke and bathed the hybrid creature in its light until the golden armored mage – Beast appeared right where the griffon stood.

Hellhound’s eyes widened as he staggered back, “T-TWO OF THEM!?!”

“It’s,” Wizard stated as he spun around, turning his gun into its sword form. “Showtime!”

Beast watched as the black clothed dragon charged forward, his arms crossed. “Huh? Eh… Then I’ll... I can’t let him one up me!


Wizard and Hellhound stopped and looked at Beast as he threw his arms up into the air, “Lunchtime?”


Taking advantage of the situation, Wizard brought his sword down on Hellhound’s chest, sparks flew up. Not wanting to be out done, Beast leapt through the air and slammed his fist right into Hellhound’s face, which forced the Phantom down to the ground. Once more, Beast leapt up into the air over Hellhound, “Ha! I’m not going to give up a meal…”

With a quick breath, Hellhound quickly unleashed a powerful burst of flames from its mouth that crashed into Beast’s chest. “GAH!”

Hellhound quickly got back to his feet, only to get slashed against the chest by Wizard once more and sent the Phantom staggering backwards, and allowed Beast to slam his foot into Hellhound’s chest multiple times before he spun around and slammed his armored tail into Hellhound’s face. “URK!!”

And then, Beast turned to Wizard and threw his fist right into Wizard’s jeweled helmet and forced the dragon to stagger back. It took a moment for that to register in Wizard’s brain, “W-What the?! What are you doing?!”

“I told you,” Beast barked back as he crossed his arms. “Next time you interfere with my meal, you get the fangs!”

Reaching into his belt buckle, Beast produced his rapier and took a stab at Wizard, who quickly managed to lift his sword up to block the attack. Sparks erupted from the metal that clashed against each other, Beast continued to unleash attack after attack at Wizard, who was quick to block each attack. ‘Damn it! This isn’t good at all! If I’m dealing with Mayonnaise here, then that Phantom can…’

As Wizard thought this, Hellhound had gotten back to his feet and begun to look around. ‘NO!’

Beast brought the rapier down once more, but this time, Wizard stepped to the side and slammed his tail into the golden mage’s stomach and sent the armored griffon across the ground. “Oofmph!”

Wizard quickly changed the rings on his claws, and Beast charged towards the dragon as he threw his left claw in front of his belt buckle. “WATER – PLEASE!

“Sui-sui! Sui-sui!”

The blue runic circle emerged at Wizard’s feet before it rose up and replaced the rubies with demimonde-cut sapphires. Beast tilted this head for a second before he charged forward, “Don’t act so fancy!”

Wizard threw his right claw over the belt buckle just as the rapier was about to connect. “LIQUID – PLEASE!”

When the thin sword slashed through Wizard’s body, Beast’s jeweled eyes widened as the dragon’s body melted into blue water that flew around his body. “W-What the Tartarus!?!”

The water dashed through the air until it crashed into Hellhound’s back and made the Phantom stagger forward. The Phantom spun about to see the water surge about him before it slammed back into his chest. Hellhound growled before he unleashed a powerful flame from its darkened mouth to strike the water.

However, the water surged about the flames before it crashed into Hellhound once more and coiled around the Phantom’s body. When the water solidified, Wizard had Hellhound in a headlock with the dragon’s tail wrapped around the Phantom’s right arm to pull it away from his body. “H-Hey! Get off of me!!”

“Don’t count on it!” Wizard growled before he slammed Hellhound’s face into the dirt using his entire weight into the attack.

Beast growled as he charged towards Wizard, “Get away from my…”


Beast was flung through the air after a green fist slammed into his chest.

“Yeesh, when I came to find you, Hellhound, I wasn’t expecting this kind of headache.”

Wizard lifted up his head to see that what had knocked Beast away was none other than the Phantom known as Minotaur. The Phantom’s red eyes turned towards Wizard and he cracked his knuckles loudly. ‘Two Phantoms?! What’s going on here!?’


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