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Why do I write? Because I can't draw! I write mainly as an outlet, and don't take it too seriously. If you like what I write, awesome! If not, that's cool too.


Princess Luna is sick and tired of her sister lording her 'Elements of Harmony' over her! She is an alicorn too, and she deserves six faithful subjects willing to do things she's seemingly capable of doing, but doesn't feel like doing! So she does what any princess would do; heads into her kingdom in search of a 'mane six' of her very own. She'll show Celestia that just because she's been on the moon for a thousand years, doesn't mean she can't recruit some loyal and steadfast ponies to do her bidding. Though, it may be harder than she originally anticipated.

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Edited by... Either Razed or Fan. This one's been on the shelf a while, so I'm sure one of them had a hoof in editing it.

C'mon Bronius, another multi-part fic?



Because ponies.

Four views and Five likes? This... This cannot be.
Only someone with amazing power could perform such a feat.

I ignored around 20 stories and this one got me to stop, and it got me to fav and like. congrats keep writing! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Awesome premise! I'll favorite for now! Lunar Republic all the way!

Seems legit.

Hmm, I think this is the first time i've had to disagree with you on something.
SOLAR EMPIRE GRAND CADENCE OGLIARCHY. YEAH BABY!! (but if I had to pick one of the main two, I would say solar empire)
But anyway, this is awesome. I like multi-parters, so this will be some good stuff. Look forward to more.

This is the first story I ever edited for you!:pinkiehappy: Ah the memories :raritystarry:

This is either going to be an epic adventure or an unbridled disaster. Either way, it will be beautiful.

:trixieshiftright: really?
I can see this as either really good,
or it will turn into an entire disaster.
But still, it's a good idea. Keep writing. :twilightsheepish:

Um..Yes, Trixie will do the things...I guess....
:trixieshiftleft:<(What Did ya Said about The Great And Powerful Trixie?)

I read this and all that is coming to my mind are Power Rangers. Luna's band of do-gooders will be the equestrian equivilant to the Power Rangers.
but horrible predictions aside great story and looking forward to what ever layes ahead

I dunno never read a story from u before............ i think.......... but the premise hooked me :twilightsheepish: and just to point it out this girl :twilightblush: dosent fear Luna :D

This is going to be funnier than a leak at a laughing gas factory.

"We are, and don't call us—" Her sister's deadpan stare stopped her from completing her joke. That one had been old since before Luna had been banished.

Hey! Some things are positively timeless. :pinkiehappy:

Oh...and awesome story by the way. :twilightsmile:

That was when it donned on her what she was looking for.

Dawned. :pinkiehappy: Also, no tag for The Great and Powerful Trixie? :trixieshiftleft:

Any, insert obligatory "dis gun b good" here. :raritywink:

I've got a feeling that Luna's version of the Elements will be a lunatic's parody of the real Elements of Harmony. Trixie is only the first step of a disastrous crew that I imagine will include Derpy, Lyra and Vinyl Scratch. The suggestion of the name 'The Elements of Lunacy' strikes me as being very, very prophetic. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm thinking that it's going to take the real Elements weeks, maybe months, to fix this mess. :fluttershbad:

"blowing a stray strand of her heavenly mane out if her face as she charged her magic." Do you mean of? If so Happy to help :pinkiehappy:


You say that like it's a valid excuse for anything.

...not that I'm disagreeing.

"You find your princess more attractive than the mare thou hast brought before my night?"
"Of course, Your Highness!"

Now there's a date that's going to end well.

Shesh Celestia, aside from the Royal Guard of Royal Servicing, is there any task you don't delegate to Twilight these days? Gonna teach her how to raise the sun next and then delegate that to her too?

1546131 Indeed. Somepony ain't gettin' no sugar when it's bedtime...:rainbowwild:

Because ponies, huh? One of my favorite excuses myself. :derpytongue2:

Anyway, looks good. Definitely gonna read the next chapter.


Loving it! Keep em coming! The other things I was going to say already were said, so it's all gravy. (hit it with the wood and it's all good)

Please keep writing, I'll keep reading!

This could be very very funny. Depends on how you handle it. Well, i'll favourite it to watch it, I'm interested for sure.

I can't stop laughing!

Cute story, watching to see more!

Trixie, the Element of Magic? One of Luna's Elements, to be specific? Where have I heard that one before?

1924006 I am unfamiliar with that group.

Oooo. This will end in tears. It will be glorious. :pinkiehappy:

Where's the update?

I feel like like the description should say: Luna told Celestia "well fine ill make my own mane six with blackjack and hookers!"

I would actually like to meet ponies that could get along with Trixie.

I thought there was going to be different. Maybe magic can be bluffing.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

1st off, GOD NO IT'S TRIXY

2nd off, "I know what you need. I have a royal guard who is quite adept at fulfilling the carnal desires of royalty, just say the word and I'll—" Celestia is dirty. Very dirty. She has a guard.....

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