• Published 18th Dec 2012
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Something Like Feeling - shortskirtsandexplosions

Bon Bon reflects on her companionship with Lyra.

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Something More

Two months have passed since I last saw Lyra.

I am standing behind the counter, wrapping lemon drops in plastic, pretending not to be hearing the sound of my sighs.

The bell above the door rings. I look up to see the mailpony with today's parcels. He delivers three boxes, but then there's a letter.

As he leaves the store, I glance curiously at the envelope. I open it up and look at the sheet. The parchment has a smell to it, like an ocean breeze from far away. I recognize the penmanship in an instant.

And then there is something else, something like tears.

Special Thanks to Ponky.

Arrivederci, friend.

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The timing of my checking fimfiction for notifications was funny.

I find it interesting how I'm starting to see the way you act with people more and more in your stories. I'm not sure if this has more to do with my getting to know you better, or my having just studied a whole bunch of literature recently.

Of course, maybe it's because this particular story is so obvious about it. Yeah, that's probably it.

Ponky has your address though?! ^.^

The Featured box shall tremble.

Edit: and it did.

Bring on this most beautiful tale..

Dammit, SS&E, I still haven't read half of what you've put up since Background Pony because I'm trying to work through my Read Later backlog and keep up with my follows! Stop adding moooooooooooooooooooore.

Just kidding, looks like fine stuff, I'll get to it when I can.

:happy marsupial:

Lyra? I don't remember a Lyra Heartstrings...
Bon-Bon is best SS&E stand-in. Your stories always bring such wonderful emotions to mind... :raritydespair:
Aufwiedersehen Ponky, you man with a mission you!
This was the best written sendoff I have ever read. It was touching and I can't even properly describe how wonderful it was to see her/your/our spirits lifted up by Lyra.
PS. What Quylaa said- "Does the cold hoof..." should start with "could."

Hm. Lyra/Bon. Alright.

I think I may have felt something.

Oh, two years. Suddenly it all makes sense.

Goodbye, Ponky! I'm sure you're going to go through all the comments on here anyways.

Oh gosh, that's such a wonderful metaphor.

I'll be sad when Ponky leaves, even if I hardly know him.

1817781 Wait where is he going?

I walked into this tunnel seeing the end clear as day, and with every step I smiled the whole way through.

Bah. Metaphors. Mine's one sentence and your's is a beautiful, heartwarming story. Godspeed Ponky, you will not go forgotten. Have fun in Italy, eats lots of food, and tell me if you see a guy wearing red overalls and sporting a bushy mustache. We'll be sure to keep your seat warm.

This was, quite absolutely, the greatest thing I've ever read, and if anything tops it, I'm sure it will come from your hand.

What a selfish joy of mine to peek into your mind. Haven't I told you a hundred times how kind you are? Here's proof.

Again, and not for the last time, thank you, ya big lemur. I'm glad we still have some significant amount of time before the real arrivederci rings.

I can honestly say I have never been happier than I am right now. And if I thought I was crying at the end of the last chapter... well, let's just say I wish I was the only one home right now. Tears really are wonderful things... I didn't realize that until now.

And guess who I'll think of, from now on, every time I cry? ;}

Wow, when I saw this story, I wasn't expecting to get slapped in the face with hardcore Nihilistic philosophy. That was really deep. As usual.


But Ponky, where are you going? And does this mean I won't get to see your shining face every time SS&E posts a new story?

EDIT: By the way, I am literally throwing small objects around the room in a fit of I don't even as I realize who Bon-Bon and Lyra represent, along with the fact that I can't even.

What the hell, man?

Leave it to SSAE to take a goodbye and make it 6,000 words of deep thoughts and beauty.

Well done, my friend.

This is actually a very good story. It's interesting to see a completely different world-view from a pony than we usually do, and is done very well. And on top of that all, you manage to make it somewhat touching at the end (at least in my opinion). Excellent work, definitely glad I took the time to read this one!

What an amazing send off :pinkiesad2:

Good luck in Italy, Ponky. :pinkiesmile:

I don't know what's going on, but my feels are everywhere and I can't hold them.

I enjoy your happier works like this. Your style matches with pleasantly uplifting sadness very well.

That's a magnificent send off.

I'm sorry Ponky has to go. It's sad to miss a friend. Perhaps one of the saddest of things.

I don't know what to say. This is wonderful.

Best of luck on your mission, Ponky.

That was a very interesting take on Bon Bon, I have to say. Loved every part of it. :twilightsmile:

Wow, I just... I don't even know how to respond. That was both heartwarming and yet sad at the same time. Just, wow. I don't know if I should feel sad or smile a bit at the... Attempted relationship.
I... Yeah. Good job. I'm going to try and sort these thoughts out now.

good on you man, nice story, now i'm tired, at least i'll fall asleep with this in my head.

I wish I could somehow express how deeply this story has moved me, has helped me cope with the changes in life and friends coming and going from my life. I wish I could somehow send these tears and through them express my gratitude to you, for being willing to share these things with us lucky lucky marsupials.

Dear god, Short Skirts, you make me want to be a better person. I would never do this for anybody.

A very impressive metaphor, I am amazed. You have practically everything down to perfection.

Especially the way everypony loves Bon Bon's sweet shop. Because we do, its one of the best sweet shops I've ever been to. I just tried its newest product, tasted so good, I got all kinds of feels.

Wow. That was a really interesting decision... I've never seen the two of them portrayed like this before, and I have to say it's done really well.
Cynical Bon Bon is awesome; being quite cynical myself, I found myself agreeing with a few things she said.


WHAT! This entire thing was a ... metaphor of SS&E and Ponky...
*dissolves into senseless gibbering.

If you compare the possibility that Lyra = Ponky and Bon-Bon = SS&E and sweets might just be "large bodies of text"...

P.S. Okay, these new buttons are seriously cool.

It was beautiful

Aww, it's over

Bon Bon is such a relateable character it's unnerving. I think it's because the writing gives off the feeling that it doesn't try is what makes it so compelling. What goes unsaid is so powerful here. Is this a glimpse into who are like as well skirts? These two characters are both so good in they are portrayed. Of the hundreds of stories I've read here, this is def top 5 material in my book.

Not often can I say this but, I literally have no idea what to feel from this story and am sad to see it complete right now because I feel like it will stay with me since it didn't have the emotional closure I half-expected from it.

It was truly amazing to read and dwell on.

Freakin' jeez... that's really quite a sendoff, and this story has way more significance in my mind than many other HNG-inducing stories. The feels I got from this were INTENSE, the reason being that it's a metaphor of a true story that will affect a lot of us on and off this site

I felt like since this is a metaphor of Ponky, SS&E, and each of their respective stories, it gives way more feels than a story that wouldn't be based on anything in real life... God, this story hurt a little bit to read...

Ponky, we will all miss you dearly. Hopefully the hardcore fans will stick around for sure, and you can count me in that group. If you ever find out where and how you can write to and from us, let us know, so we can flood you with fan mail! :pinkiesad2:

In a sense, I find it almost terribly depressing that I'm pretty sure I recognized every publicly available reference/metaphor you included in this fic, despite the fact that I don't even follow Ponky. Even the Neighzstche thing—I simply happened across that song a while back without even realizing it was by Ponky until I read the video description. Clearly I need to spend less time on the internet.

As for the fic itself? As always: awesome. A very sweet goodbye, too. :twilightsmile:

Always feels from Lyra and Bon Bon fics :pinkiehappy:

You know, it's sort of strange.

I too believe there is no afterlife, that love is chemical, and that life has no purpose. But I find that to be a beautiful thing, for it is we who give the world and its workings purpose. Laughter and joy and happiness and song and love are all inherently useless, until we fill them with intent.

We truly are all alone--and yet, to be a sentient being is to reach out to others and embrace them, to be as close as the loneliness of "self" permits.

This was a fascinating story though, and I loved how you portrayed the two of them. Absolutely marvelous.

I have no clue who Ponky is, and I didn't know that this was a metaphor, but I thought this story was interesting. I like how the events are presented out of order in between interior monologues; that technique is very avant-garde.

Aww... All that build-up with the first chapter, and slammed with a harsh dose of reality. Those were some rough feels. It couldn't have been more well done.

1828287 Heh, that you do...and seeing that you finished it by your comments, now you know what I mean :twilightsmile:


Why can't I hold all these feels?

WARNING incoming feels.:pinkiesad2:

This brief story sucked me and caused me to a bit of introspection, to a degree and depth that I was not expecting. I found Bon Bon to be an interesting and complex character in she short time and limited detail we are given to attempt to know something about her in and by. Thank you for sharing this.

Now I wonder why I put this off, these feels are just so... feels-y.

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