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This takes place immediately after the events of Hurricane Fluttershy. Written over the course of two hours on a sudden mad impulse.

As usual, your prose astonishes me. :heart: Normally I prefer stories with dialogue, but this story works PERFECTLY.

Beautiful. Perfect for a long aimless walk.
Which, I suppose, is the also the closest thing I could have to a complaint. I think Dash showing up at the end, kind of cuts it back to reality, but I'm not sure how else you'd climax the story, so I'll just be a little grumpy or something.
But beautiful, still.

I wouldn't change a thing. :yay:

Holy *squee* that was beautiful.

otherside -> other side


It is a great story. It gave me more than feels.
Just through observation of nature Fluttershy could feel beauty without the need for literal flight. The type of thrill she experiences here was not due to a death-defying mid-air stunt—that is superficial compared to an appreciation of all things on a fundamental scale. I like stories which show differences between the inner and outer of people/ponies and this is a story I will refer back to. On the outside, she is standing on a hill. She looks relaxed but an observer might not make sense of the tears. They might see her as sad or just crazy for crying with no specific stimulus. Can you imagine yourself doing this in the company of another? But alone (or with a true friend such as Rainbow Dash), Fluttershy can focus completely on her observations, applying thoughts and logic onto what her five senses report. This is what is happening inside. Anybody can stand on a hill and look out; from the outside, there is little difference in behaviour. Fluttershy is free because she can comprehend beauty—it is not all to do with the scenery. She is free of mental intrusions and barriers, and she can see everything as it is.
If that made sense, have a yay :yay:


I had actually thought of leaving it with an open ending, with just Fluttershy there on the hill, but that would have left things a bit too ambiguous. I needed some kind of tie into the world, a reason for her to be shedding her shackles because Flutters on her own doesn't really have the strength for it.


Whoops - nice catch, and glad you enjoyed it. :yay:

It does indeed, but I add an addendum that she feels free inside because of outside stimuli - Rainbow Dash's love. After the real kindness RD showed during Hurricane Fluttershy, it cracked that shell in her and let her real self blossom and soar...

you know, I'm right in the middle of writing a new story and here I am interrupting my precious writing time to read this story...
I'm glad I did.


Well if this isn't just one of the most beautiful things I've ever read...


Wow…For being so short, this really was amazing! Instant fave!

1815539- :yay:

1816523 I would have been ok with ambiguity; it would have still been a nice read.

*sigh* It's lovely. Everything can be so vividly imagined. My mind wanders as I read the words that seem to flow so steadily into my eyes. No words need to be said. It's perfect.

I'll be honest, sometimes I skip lines. But with your writing, I find myself in love with every single sentence that I come across. It would be a shame to skip a single one.

Also, Fluttershy is my favorite, so you've already found weakness there.

*sigh* lovely...

- Church

"Hurricane Fluttershy" is one of my favorite episodes, and this is a great coda for it. Marvelous.

A soft, warm, and inviting story. It mirrors the pony that inspired it well.

another great story, all your stories are great. Aside from the IRC highway, I consider you as a elite writer

Another great fic, man. Just a pity it stayed on my read later list for so long! Rest assured your next story will go straight to the top of that pile.

"birds know not the dizzying heights Fluttershy now lofted, standing there on the grass"

This was a good line, and a very good juxtaposition of imagery.

Underrated fic.

Absolutely loved this.

I wandered in by accident, and even though this isn't the sort of think I seek out, I don't regret reading it. This is kind of prose poetry here, if that makes any sense.

some of these stories you have written are just amazing. why arn't they getting the deserved likes and views? they should be featured on EQD


I feel compelled to add this one to a bunch of other groups as well.

Beautiful, from inside to outside, emotional :ajsmug: Really good story :pinkiehappy: I wish some day I will have this wonderful feelings :fluttercry:

Beautiful -- and I liked the way you showed, without dialogue, how much Rainbow Dash appreciates and loves her friend.

Your heart will never soar so high as the moment you know freedom.

This was once again, Amazing. For just a moment, to feel what it's like to truly soar Free from your fears and Self doubt. There is no greater kind of freedom, And I think, deep down inside it's something that almost everyone Desires. To be able to let go of all their fears and inhibitions and Just... Fly.

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