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:rainbowderp: That... Words cannot even describe my feels right now.

Simply beautiful. Good work martian, keep it up.

Right in the feels...

Excellent work Martian, though the ending confused me a bit, it was beautiful. :twilightsmile:

What...how...this has two dislikes....:raritydespair: How can somebody dislike this??

If anyone has a heart, Upvote for Smartypants, the most loyal friend a lonely filly could ask for. Forget Lesson Zero, this...this was touching, and really brings one back to their own youth, and the heroes we loved and who protected us when we slept.


Well done, well done.

D'awww...this was a beautifully written piece of story with a surprising and smile-awarding ending. Definitely one of the better little fics I've read! :twilightsmile:

So beautiful,, As expected, Martian :twilightsmile:

The D'awww is strong in this one..... yessss....... :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

Twilight is Best Filly! :heart:

I loved your story AND the Kalimba work.

You're very sly, Martian. Playing at the end of innocence, depicting the fleeting love between a child and her doll - I remember those sorts of adventures very well, and miss those times so much, sigh!

I didn't have any video games or computers when I grew up; I had books, my dolls, and IMAGINATION. ANY OF YOU REMEMBER WHAT IMAGINATION WAS BEFORE CALL OF DUTY!? LIARS!

Needless to say, I was moved by but a mere pittance of your writing prowess. That's what I like - being provoked by a piece and made to feel whatever raw things the writer desires. I'm no easy sell though, it's gotta be done just so to get ME to crack! ... which happens alot where your stories are concerned, hum. I know you just love toying with my emotions, don't you? Bastard.

I still hug and talk to my stuffed animals. DON'T YOU JUDGE ME.

That's adorable. I love sweet stories like this; short and sweet as always, but you almost have to slow down your reading because there's so much in so few words. Makes it powerful and more sensory. Congrats on another job well done. :eeyup:

...propped up cunningly by clever use of a metre stick...

You metric people amuse me :ajsmug:

Okay, now that that's out of the way... OMG MY HEART!

Ahem. But this is very, very sweet. Smartypants and Twilight are so adorable it should be illegal, that's a given, but what also strikes me is that you've really captured what it is about a good story that captivates obsessive readers such as myself. I can perfectly find myself relating to Twi's joy at losing herself in her books, how they can transport you out of the mundane life we have to lead, even if only for a little while. It was true when I was a kid, and it still is today when I find the right kind of story.

Also, I'd like to take your opening paragraphs and frame them and hang them someplace for all aspiring writers to look at as an example of how to handle image-building in writing; that was stunning. That's the sort of thing I've always wanted to be able to write but have never been able to pull off. You've managed to blow away my own work, while simultaneously making me want to open up the word processor and get cracking... I think that marks you as a virtuoso.

Thanks for a wonderful fic- this one's off to the fav's list, post-haste.:yay:

:facehoof: Really, don't get me started on the retardation of imperial measures...


IMPERIAL! It even sounds more metal. And that's what matters.:derpyderp1:

I have no words, other than thank you for writing this.

I'm afraid there is no word in the dictionary to describe this wonderful story. So I'd like to use a made up one instead:

2126429 Not so, more that Metric is just so genius it makes Imperial look like a babbling idiot.:scootangel:

Books are Food for the imagination, Feed your mind and discover A wealth of Knowledge and adventure beyond compare.

This was sweet and adorable but also... Very deep. A doll or Stuffed animal like smarty pants is more than just a toy, It can easily become a life-long companion... a best friend and the strength and comfort they can provide is more than real. Even as an adult... I still have mine. I may not play and dream with it the way I did when I was young, But in my weakest moments my companion is sometimes a small comfort in a sea of hardship and stress. And memories of our old imagined adventures can almost always bring a smile to my face.

Perhaps That makes me strange, But I believe it has also made me stronger as I know that no matter how things get, I'm never alone, even if my only friend nearby is Full of cotton.

Absolutely adorable. Loved it

Beautiful, no words can describe how I enjoyed reading this

Thank you so much for writing this. It warmed my heart, bringing up memories of my own youth. Thought not a bookworm myself, I had my own adventures with video games and the daydreams that came with them. Many a time, my plushies would join, and they still do even to this day.

After a harrowing work week and other mixed baggage, this little pick me up was what I needed. Thank you. :twilightsmile:

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