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The most important day of her young life, the hardest challenge she'd have to face, and she failed... or had she? The thunderous sound, the dazzling light, the surge of magic... then she wakes up in a place bereft of all light and shape and sound, alone...

Sometimes, it just takes a spark to rekindle the light.

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I recall this posting, and it was a lovely thing.

I loved it when I first read it. I still love it now.:pinkiehappy:

There have been times when I could have sworn I was in a place of comparable darkness and/or horror.

I always love stories dealing with the dreamscape and this is one of the better ones.

(And added to several other groups as well.)

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Oh you two. :rainbowkiss:

Those hopeless times, when it looks like nothing could possibly salvage you, aye... they aren't so uncommon.

Thanks very much. Honestly, it's one of the prettier scenes I've ever had in my head. :twilightsmile:


... Wow. Just Wow. This was AMAZING! :rainbowderp: Even better than I expected, and I expected a lot from this... :twilightsmile:

three days-56 ups and 0 downs? nice:pinkiehappy:

Just another reason I love being a pegasister.:heart:

Ehhhhhhhh I didn't much care for this. Not your best work, but I'm glad you're writing again.

I have never seen this one before ...
Amazing ! Absolutely freaking Amazing! :twilightsmile:

i really LOVE this story really hope you think about making a sequel to this story:twilightsmile:

Sequel please, this is creative and really inspiring :twilightsmile:

This is a wonderful little story!

why is this in clopfics if it's safe?....

5206751 What?


Who put it there... this is not in any way clop, let alone foalcon. :rainbowhuh:

5212241 would have been able to see , but i don't see it in the feed anymore so now i can't know....

This gives me a completely different perspective on the prophesy: "The stars will aid her escape." Luna has the moon for her cutie mark, Celestia has the sun, and they control them respectively. Now that I think about it, Twilight has stars as her cutie mark. She also has a name that describes a time of day like Celestia and Luna, so while they're the sun and the moon, Twilight is the stars. She planted the seed of light in Nightmare moon and freed her from herself, aiding her escape.

Author Interviewer

The one who cared for it had to leave.

Somehow, I pieced everything together from just that one line, and then I was cri ;_;

Heh, I recommend Sharing the Night as a fic that could almost act as a sequel to this in that respect, just with neither Luna nor Twilight actually remembering this exchange.

Absolutely stunning. Have a crap ton of emoticons. :moustache::yay::scootangel::rainbowkiss::twilightsmile::fluttercry:

6582633 Oh yeah, that's one of my favorites. I actually have an entire bookshelf dedicated to stories similar to it, and I found this one looking for stories to put on that shelf. I made a group and started writing my own story too. :raritywink:

My absolute favorite though is a Tale of the Sun, Moon and Stars. That's the one I made the shelf for.

I reviewed this story!

My review can be found here.

All it takes is a single spark, A single moment of passion or inspiration to change the world.. Or perhaps more importantly, change a single life.

Once again I can see it so clearly, them sitting softly on the dreamscape, Watching the Endless sky filled with hopes and desires. And a single spark left behind awaiting the day that Twilight and her friends would Aid in her escape... I should also note that while all of your stories have been brilliant and Many of them have reminded me of some of my fondest childhood memories, or spoke to me on a deep personal level and one or two even made me cry. This is the one that left me a sobbing blubbering mess of tears... And I'm not even entirely sure WHY.

Done. Read em all except the ones that's meant to be a prequel to something else and the cancelled longer fics and all I can think to say is... It's a shame there is no more. I do hope you've continued writing though, Even if it's not ponyfics The way you paint a scene with your words is almost inspirational and something it would truly be a shame to let be left behind and forgotten. That said, It was definitely my pleasure picking through your stories, I'm ever so glad you shared them.

It's been a while since I cleaned out a writers whole list like that, and I think this is the first time I've ever added Every single story to my favorites list, I'm adding you to my watchlist, It has been a couple years since you've posted anything but Maybe I'll get lucky and inspiration will strike you again. Until then, stay beautiful.

Sadly no; I have not written anything in all this time. Something broke in me and I can't work it out anymore. I have ideas, but no movement.

I would say try Turning Winds, though. It is a prequel of a sort, but it doesn't require any knowledge of the other fic to be enjoyed. I am also quite proud of it, to tell the truth.

Thanks again for your kind words, it does make me feel a little better about myself these days, hah.

6913007 Well hopefully whatever it is your struggling with you can sort it out in your own time. Truthfully I wish there was some magic thing I could say or suggest you do to help but alas, such is the nature of the muse.

I do intend to take a look at that story I'm just... reading the one it's a prequel to first. Old habit of mine, Reading the Story written first first. It's a very enjoyable read so far, also has me that much more excited to see what you wrote for turning winds.

And finally I'm always glad to know my words haven't fallen on deaf ears... or blind eyes as 'twere. For what it's worth I truly meant what I said. Every one of your stories truly is and was a work of art, and I count myself lucky to have stumbled upon your quiet little corner of Fimfiction.

She wanted to sing.

Such interesting choice you made there.

This is a really interesting interpretation of Twilight's emotions during the test. Stories set in one's mind sometimes become overly sporadic or become unreasonably focused, but this story is an excellent balance of these elements making it all flow naturally.

That was a good story.

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