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Holy Celestia, this is beautiful.
Friend, this is hooves-down the best description of music that I have ever read. Your portrayal of Octavia, set building, and lush, descriptive wordplay make this story a joy to read.
Kudos to you, and take a favorite. :raritywink:

Commendable effort. Now, I have a weird guess that people with musical background would get a bigger kick out of this than other folk, due to their brains being better wired to see the music everywhere. I, personally, read this in total silence - no auditory imagination in me what so ever.

But again - commendable effort and well written.


This was great. Just one quick thing I noticed though:

A practiced eye could read it, and a practiced hand could play it

Might wanna change that 'hand' to 'hoof'.

Aww you, :rainbowkiss:
I am so glad you enjoyed it! Bass is a long-courted love of mine and I couldn't help but try and bring it out in MLP's stoic cellist. :twilightsmile:

You just need more bass in your life. :duck:

Whoops, thanks for the catch. Glad you enjoyed it!

Hm... In the MLP fanfic world I rather prefer funny light-hearted comedies with a lot of dialogues but it's nice to read something else as well.

Your story is awesomely written. :raritystarry: Your level is unachievable for me and probably never will be (in English; maybe I could achieve that in my native lang).

On a side note, I'd call this story a music porn :pinkiegasp: or something like that :rainbowwild: But this is not bad of course! :yay:

And I'd only add something that would make this story more connected to MLP-universe. Maybe some interaction with Vinyl Scratch in the end? Some comment of her on the music? But without it, the story is okay as well.

All in all, I enjoyed the story, even though I don't really like music in real life. It was a great piece of writing. :pinkiehappy:

I'm not sure this succeeds -- the prose is a bit purple in places -- but it's something that too few writers on this site even attempt.

The bass is the storm itself.

As a bass player, I approve of this. :yay:

I think this entire story revolved around me wanting to say that... I played bass for about 10 years, and it gets into the bone. :yay:

After all, who doesn't enjoy a sweet bass line? :rainbowdetermined2:


In my opinion you should try your hand at longer stories. (Romance if I had any say in it, because that's my thing :twilightblush:)

But longer stories regardless of what genre you choose to write.

I am actually in the process of building a multi-chapter adventure fic. No real place for romance though... well, I guess I could try on a SoarinDash, but that doesn't work in my head, plus the story isn't built to accommodate a budding relationship. That could change as it gets written, of course, but expectations for that are low. There's an OC along as well, but out of interest of avoiding flaming dislike I am not romancing OCs to M6.

Maybe I could try on a proper romance fic along the way, but that would take some thinking.


Please, no rush! I'm not in any kind of. :twilightsmile:

And adventure... interesting.

Simply beautiful, Martian. Gave me goosebumps, and brought desires back to the surface that I thought were buried more deeply. IRC antics aside, you are probably my favorite author for these short but sweet stories. Yours are some of the very few stories I feel I would return to read again.

some say the bass is useless, once they hear music with no bass, it sounds awful.

another work from short story specialist, Martian. Another great work!!

It may not have had much of a plot revolving around it, but the way you described Octavia in her little world made it all the worthwhile to read. You may have just helped me out with future writing progressions of my own. :pinkiesmile:

You honestly got me choked up reading this. Absolutely beautiful. I wish I could double favorite and triple like it.

"There is a song for every moment, and if you can't find one, It just hasn't been written yet." Long time quote of mine.

Such a simple piece on the surface, But this was beautiful in ways I cannot begin to describe. There are truly no words for the emotions this Song invoked.

And I do mean song, I heard every rise and fall, every Chord and note, Your words full of such intensity that they came to life in a masterpiece I Wish I had the skill to put on paper for the world to hear the way I did in my mind.

I cried it was so beautiful, I couldn't bring myself to so much as blink lest I miss a beat, And the end was so flawless it literally took my breath away.

This was a very nice read. The only thing I noticed was how the instrument was called a bass at one point and a cello at another. Is there a reason behind that? Cheers!

I suspect it was just me being nervous as hell and not taking the time to really think about terminology. I was too busy trying to get the scene to look right, hah.

Written with very rich and lavish language. So descriptive and poetic. Wonderfully done! Thank you for sharing. :pinkiesmile:

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