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The recoil from Family Appreciation Day was too much for Diamond Tiara. Her fellow students turned their back on her, Cheerilee was upset with her, even her own father had been severely disappointed with her actions. She has no one left now. Her perfect world is falling apart. And only one pony can help her. The only pony she could ever count on.

But is she her friend anymore?

Warning: Fic contains empathy for a dislikable character. If you want to keep hating Diamond Tiara, then avoid this fic. Otherwise, read on.

Author's Note: I wrote this after watching Family Appreciation Day and noticed the subtle divide between Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara. An idea formed in my head and I had to write this oneshot as soon as I could. Certain questions maybe unanswered or details may be missed. If you spot any of those, I apologize. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the fic.

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Comments ( 59 )

D'aw, I usually don't like these two characters very much because they're rather uninteresting, but this story was really great and cute.
I really like both of them in this story.
Sometimes friendshipping IS the best shipping :twilightsmile:

Great story. I could easily see this being continued if you wanted it to.

Wow, you just made Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon deep and interesting. Is there no limits to your inherent awesomeness? I can only dream of having the same skills as you.

Wanderer D

Heh, that was cute :pinkiesmile: I always enjoy short stories with these two for some odd reason... maybe because the few I have read are all well written? Well, regardless, this was very enjoyable, thank you for sharing it with us! :pinkiehappy:

I always loved Tiara and Spoony. Good story! More love for two cute fillies.

Nice better keep an eye on later eppisodes so they don't steal it for one. It would work well as a SoL story with just the main 6 cameos.

It would be cool to see this continued..umm hint hint :ajsmug:

awome, 5 yay's 4 u

Very nice. Stories like this actually make me like DT and SS.

Hmm. I don't dislike either of them. But... Silver Spoon is actually a very nice filly and she has just been playing along all this time? That's a bit to much of a stretch for me.

Now watch them be bitches in the next episode and smash it with canon. xD I loved this, in all honesty. You made me feel for the most hated filly in Ponyville. That was also a really deep interpretation of cutie marks you gave.

Despite this I will still laugh at what happened to them in Cheerilee's Garden.
They still deserved to be slowely killed for my amusement.
Syill good story though.
Good day.:moustache:

Manly tears were shed. :fluttercry: I love this fandom.

i think this was really good. it would be cool if you would make a seqaul. But you don't have too. It was a good story, keep up the good work :heart:

#17 · Jan 9th, 2012 · · ·

Jesus, the spirit of the entire Goddamn show just flew right over your head, didn't it?
In any case, it's nice to see good writers in this community-hell, any community-writing things completely in-keeping with the show they're based on, but without suits demanding them to dumb things down.

At first I though I could read this and still keep my hatred of DT and SS...but now I like them more:fluttercry: mostly SS.

This was absolutely wonderful! You should be proud of this fic. Please, continue it :heart:

#20 · Jan 9th, 2012 · · ·

And that's how the popular chick ends her reign. If this was only High School.

If only more real life people were more like fan fictional ponies X3

I've gotta agree - as much as I usually love to hate these two, they're both quite believable in here, and I could easily see it continued. Tiara's gonna have a *lot* of work to do, overcoming her innate snootiness and the years of being a biatch to everypony else, getting to be a good pony. But it'd be interesting to see happen.

I like to think that Diamond Tiara's special talent is making ponies look good. Usually that works out accidentally by making herself come across as a brat, so other ponies look better in comparison. But it could just as easily be turned around to work in a positive way like suggested in this story, making them all look better by guiding them to greater achievements.

Can't wait to read more :) I personally like the two fillies, snooty and such as they are in the show (I can understand how they can be hated tho XD), since I know it usually hides just this kind of social issue. Keep it up! :)

I'm impressed. you made them have actual depth... I hope to see more from you soon.

I have a hard time thinking anyone could do so much introspection in such a short time. But then, these are ponies and not humans; perhaps their brains fall into certain instinctual patterns that make it easier to accept life changes. Regardless, this was a fun morality tale.

What is this?

You're making me feel...sympathetic for these two?

...Well, damn.

Well played, sir. Well played.

Still, I would love to see this continued. Maybe show DT and SS trying to get along with their classmates?

This is great. I really like how you added some depth to their cutie marks. This entire things is great, and a it made me a little teary eyed. :applecry:

Good story, i find that making hated characters like diamond tiara and silver spoon likable isn't a easy thing. And yet your able to.
Great job!

But actual shipping is better than best, superlatives be damned :twistnerd:

Kudos sir! I have seen these two neglected and denigrated for far too long. All my 5 Stars. Have them!

It's nice to see another fic try to make those two girls look nice; I do the same in my own story, "Total Magic Pony Island". Well, mostly Silver Spoon...at the moment. What you did was very lovely. Really, I don't hate ANY character on the show, and I don't think it's fair to hate those two girls, either. They're not bad ponies...just stuck-up and arrogant, just like most of the human beings in the world. And Silver Spoon isn't so bad at all; the sidekick usually isn't. Overall, very nice. :twilightsmile:

Wow, you've made me go all introspective and nostalgic for the verbal butt-kicking my own version of Silver Spoon gave me back in the day. I once heard that the sign of a true friend was the ability and willingness to tell you things you were a bit too comfortable not knowing, those "You know you really pissed everyone off but they're too scared to confront you, right?" moments that we all need from time to time.
And that, fillies and gentlecolts, is why Friendship is Magic.

#34 · Jan 10th, 2012 · · ·

I hate Diamond Tiara :twilightangry2: stupid bitch I didn't feel bad for her at all :rainbowlaugh:

What a lovely story! I never thought Silver Spoon would have this depth of loyalty and perseverance, but now that I think about it, she's the pony who's always stood by Diamond Tiara through everything. She has a very interesting perspective on rich ponies, too. I like it. I always thought Diamond Tiara's special talent was leadership, too - it's great that Silver Spoon stood by her long enough to help her realise that.

You know, when I first heard the concept for this, I wasn't sure what to expect. However, I can say that I am impressed with the way you handled the characterization of these two. It's a difficult challenge trying to make two characters that are depicted as being very unlikeable as interesting characters with depth, and you managed to do that very well with the interaction Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara had in this story. Color me surprised for sure.


It's funny how you say the spirit of the show, yet these two have no developed characters beyond "Snobbish Bully and her Toady Minion" IN the show. You're supposed to hate Diamond Tiara, maybe Silver Spoon, or at least feel sorry for her that she's locked into that position. But seriously. I also love to hate Diamond Tiara. You can love and tolerate all you want, but you also have to be reasonable in the knowledge that not everyone can be swayed with kindness and friendship. Some people only respect power and fear. For instance, Tiara even blows off her teacher Cheerilee. But do you see her being so flippant to her obviously stern and aggressive father?
'Course not, she'd get that flank tanned in a second. Which needs to happen more often, apparently. She's mentally and emotionally scarred Applebloom to the point that if she HADN'T been stood up for by Sweetie and Scoots, that it'd likely be permanent. That's... despicable, there's no apology that can cover that, no pat on the back in understanding, no way to make up for that level of damage. Tiara is a little pink monster, one that can be inferred from her upbringing and actions, views all those with less financial status than herself and her family to not even be worthy of being called ponies/people.

In any case, good story, though I'll probably always hate Tiara. She pretty much deserves to be ostracized, maybe it'll teach her the error of her ways when she -finally- experiences the pain of her victims. Hopefully without relapses.

Wonderful story, I really enjoyed it. Redemption stories or at least the beginning of a redemption and a fresh start is always fun to read :heart:.

A wonderful read. My stars, you may have 5 of them :twilightsmile:


Ouch, that's harsh, as for the story, it's good, I hope there's going to be a second chapter.

121170 I agree.

I thought Cheerilee's garden was meant to show them in a good light, especially Silver Spoon...
Maybe it was just me who saw it like that :applejackunsure:

I hate Diamond Tiara. I saw this story on the front page a while back and settled on reading it because of that fact. From the description, I had hoped reading this would calm my anger toward this assuredly most despicable pony.

I now feel only sympathy toward this assuredly most pathetic pony who only wishes to be loved. Mission accomplished.

I've always liked characters that are made out to be "evil" or "bad", because they don't just wake up one morning and deicde to do things that hurt other people.
This is a brilliant Fan Fiction, and I'd strongly recomend continuing it on.:moustache:

A beautiful read, and personally I hope they make an episode like this at some point. Or, at least something with the same general idea.


Wait a tick... isn't Gilda one of the most popular antagonists? Or at least, behind Trixie? Weren't they damaging, insufferable jerks that were horrible ADULTS, and thus with more ossified characters according to standard psychology?

Or were you being darkly humorous? If that's the case then your obvious, monstrous hate amuses and edifies as we are made to think from the perspective of someone angry and bitter. Laughter as learning. Good show if that's what you wanted. Cheers. :twistnerd:

Lovely story!!! :heart::heart::heart:

Meh, I'll just say her attitude in Ponyville Confidential is just Diamond slipping off again only for Silver to get her back on track in the end. Excellent story. :pinkiehappy:

Amazing. Simply amazing! Love how you managed to characterize these two so well. I like how we see more of them, deeper parts of them.

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