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When Cadence starts to act weird and Lyra shows up again in his life, old feelings start to rise and Shining Armour starts to question who he actually loves. Does he still love Cadence? Or will his old feelings for Lyra take over and possibly ruin his marraige?

My entry for The Great Shipping Collab!

Thanks to Busen for editing, Chain Reaction for the Cover Art, and Garbo802 for organizing this awesome collab!

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I got to say it is lovely thank you for giving this story to us

I need to start on my entry, at some point...

Interesting concept, at least its not another Human-Crazed Lyra fic. Marked ''Read Later'' until I have the time to read it.

“Better, said Lyra

Missing your closing quotation mark.

Soo... Lyra x Armor...? Must read on:pinkiecrazy:

I what you’re feeling, it’s not real!
It was a very advance spell
and I have to live with it forte rest of my life

1. I know what.
2. Advanced.
3. For the.

I would bang my head against the table, but that would hurt me more than my heart... wait... that doesn't even make sense!:fluttercry:

But then Cadence had sent him free

1. Set.

Aaaand... that was an unexpected :twistnerd: But the kinda twist (for me) that makes me go... :unsuresweetie:

I don't even know anymore!:raritycry:

I feel happy for armour and cadence both. This shows us a possible outcome to the ending, but the self-insert was just cheeky :derpytongue2: Anyway, this take on lyra's cutie mark is quite interesting. A really unexpected ship, but well done FFB! Oh and "Busen" too, whomever that is. Where's Bunsen anyway? :pinkiehappy:

"So Barney, what am I gonna give this fic?"

Wow, you made this work and you made this work well. Rare Hetero-Lyra shipping for the win, If Lyra is shipped it's usually with Bon Bon or on the rare instances Lyra x Human Anon or Lyra x Noteworthy. I think we all expected Chrysalis to show up eventually and wreck shit up. The part with Flim made me laugh, but he should really cut Cadence some slack, messed up his name by one vowel and probably doesn't even know he has a brother; he should really blame his moron parents for thinking it would "cute" to name their sons very similar sounding names. At least he's going on a hot spring vacation with a princess.

My only other thought is how pissed would the tax paying citizens of Equestria be when the they find out their hard earned bits are being spent on a fake marriage, I mean weddings aren't exactly cheap.


Even though this shipping is super derp, I still loved this story. Great job, bro. :derpytongue2:

For Flim, you could've said he had bacon hair. Just saiyan.

as always great job man and i have to applaud u because this is very original i've never seen a lyra x shining armor story before and im sure this is one of the best if there are even other ones :yay:

grinding the pedals into nothingness

Petals, not pedals. Pedals are on bikes, petals are on flowers. :twilightsmile:

and didn’t want to be, as she putted it

"Be" should probably be "have", and "putted" isn't a word, but "put" is! So you'd have "and didn't want to have, as she put it, "A swarm of mindless drones." :twilightsheepish:

“That didn’t really pan out as plan.”

Planned :twilightoops:

because I’m too focus on keeping

Focused :facehoof:

And the quotation mark 1663254 pointed out
Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to only criticize. Overall I like the idea behind your chapter, and I'm gonna read all of them. Just a few grammar mistakes, but overall I think it's a good chapter!

Way to short and way to fast.

“Well son? Do you love the mare your with?”

It's you're, as in, do you love the mare you are with? Sorry, that has been bugging me for sooo long!

That was a great rare pairing!:pinkiehappy::raritystarry:
Nice to see a fic with Shining or Cadence paired with someone else (not that I dislike the canon couple, just nice to see the different pairing(:yay: for AU!!))
Great fic!

Why are all Shining's friends mare's?

A bit of a "jump the shark" moment but otherwise OK.

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