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While on a routine mission the Enterprise is called to check out an anomaly in deep space.
However, through a chain of events, that are completely not Kirk's fault, he and a red shirt fall into the anomaly and awake in Equestria. As ponies.
Can Kirk handle being in a land of ponies and magic? How will he fulfill his contractual obligations to some how rip his uniform shirt? Will Ensign Ricky live to tell the tale? What is Harcourt Fenton Mudd scheming about while in the brig? What is Sulu doing in his off time? Why am I asking you this? And most importantly, can the crew of the Enterprise bring them back, or even survive without Kirk?

Cross over with classic Star Trek
This story takes place a week after the counter clock incident from Star Trek The Animated Series,
And between seasons Two and Three of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 35 )

A Red Shirt that is awaer of the fate of all red shirts called Ricky I see what you did there

Nice bit of parody there along with a nice bit of Trek trivia knowledge. For example, shuttlecraft 1701/3 is indeed the Copernicus. On the other hand, where this story slips into humour, it slips into that genre in a way that a Trek fan would appreciate: Expendable red-shirts, Kirk having contractual obligations to tear his shirt and Spock having to act as baby-sitter for a ADD starship captain. Even the way in which you're handling the crossover is classically Trek.

Those TOS shuttles were a hell of a lot tougher than their VOY counterparts. Find some way to get it out of Equestria's gravity well and it should be possible to fly it back to the Enterprise.

Hey - it's a inter-dimensional shift thing - humanoid on the Trek side, equine on the MLP side, right? So, if Kirk brings any of the girls back, they should be humanoid on his side. I have a sudden mental image of vulcan!Twilight, klingon!Fluttershy and q!Pinkie. Applejack would be human, of course - she ain't got no time nor no patience for any silly species stuff.

Kirk, the human stallion with a girl in every port finally able to be a real stallion? :rainbowlaugh: Heck yeah! Instafave! :pinkiehappy:

Man I loved this, tracked and upvoted due to The Original Series parody.
There were a couple errors, mostly just inconsistent between Star Fleet, Starfleet, but a few other things I noticed was

Its just a quick job and he can go back to hiding in his room on the way to the station. Nothing can go wrong!"

Its is possessive. As in you're referring to something belonging to something.
Should be it's.

Actually, were done here,

Were (As in we were here before) should be we're (we are).

till i get on a

Missed the I on cap.

I'm quite certain that these were just simple little slips that got past you. But aside from those things I noticed with a rather sleepy brain it was quite good.
So continue...

Did you really see what I did there? Maybe...
Its funny, about Copernicus, I wasn't sure about all the shuttlecraft names, other than the Galileo 7. So I made a guess that there would be a Copernicus, and I guess I was right!
You seem to know where this is going...
Correcting errors now.

Now, some of you might be wondering where I came up with the name Ensign Ricky, surprise its not family guy.
Nope rather its a combination of things, namely this picture.
And the last name Smith was the surname of my moms grandmother.

More to come soon!

Heehee yeah, as the parody clip about Kirk accuately goes; "Ain't I something?"
I can hope Ensign Ricky can dodge retreval for his own safety. Hmmm, a world where the laws of fate favor the good, even if it comes without hands for the rest of his life, or a galaxy where death stalks anything wearing Red? I know what I would choose! :rainbowlaugh:
(I do have to wonder how many accidental colonies were began by groups of redshirts faking their deaths)
The hard part would be convincing Kirk to leave a planet with a lopsided gender ratio... :raritywink::pinkiehappy:

Once I accepted the fact that it wasn't going to be a totally serious story and semi-liberal on the particulars, I enjoyed it, so, will follow. :twilightsmile:

Keep in mind, though, that I am a die-hard trekkie, much more than I am a brony, and have high respect for the original series, so I could get nit-picky real quick in future chapters. I'm gonna try and keep it in check where possible seeing this IS a not-too-serious crossover and such, but...you know...the trekkie in me can't make any promises. :twilightblush:

The life long Trekkie in me says that as a fan, I am committed to be as faithful to the source material while satirizing it thoroughly.

Also, I know that to most Trekkers, Star Trek TAS is considered Not Canon, (other than a few notable exceptions like the episode Yesteryear) However, I do consider the animated adventures as Canon, so hopefully you can adjust your Canon for one story!

Already did, helped by the fact that I'm very "on-the-fence" when it comes to TAS, so I can go either way depending on the situation. In this instance, I have no qualms about you using TAS canon for this. :twilightsmile:

Although, I should point out that the closest thing TOS Enterprise ever had to a holodeck was a "rec-room" portrayed in TAS that was a "sort-of" holodeck, and was never termed as a proper "holodeck" like how you refer to it (See, I told you I could get nitpicky. :rainbowlaugh:).

Star Trek comedy/satire? Okay, I'll read this later.

BTW, would this be the picture? Its one of my fave Demotivators.

I know you're referencing the animated series here, but I can't help but imagining this the way Star Trek was depicted in Futurama. The gags just line up too perfectly with that art style. I can't wait to see more.

And also, this story has been added to the folders of our group, Star Trek Ponies under the folder 'Star Trek'. I haven't seen much of the animated series, but I lump it with the movies and the original series as being the adventures of Kirk and crew.

Oh, thanks! I did not know such a group existed!

It might yet be possible that the Equestrians (whose technology is best defined as 'steampunk') might be able to assist the stranded crew. They apparently have some kind of black powder technology (hence the fireworks at the end of 'Royal Wedding'). So, it should be possible to produce a simple solid rocket booster to launch the Copernicus out of the atmosphere (it doesn't even need to be orbit, just above the bulk of the atmosphere), from where its secondary impulse engines can get it clear of the planet's gravity well. So long as they don't introduce the Equestrians to technology beyond their current capabilities (and most basic liquid- and solid-fuelled rocket technology should be within their capabilities), the Prime Directive is maintained.

Okay, techno-nerdism aside, I do like how you've portrayed the Redshirt's behaviour here. He's genre-savvy enough to know that his time is limited the more dangerous things they do. Kirk is fairly confident that, as a major character, he has plot shields. Ensign Ricky isn't so lucky and I think he's going to be giving Fluttershy a run for her money when it comes to phobic reactions to local wildlife.

I can't blame Ricky for being bitter. I suppose, for Kirk, after a while, all the one-episode crewmen just blur together into a faceless mass of corpses. I can guarantee that his "it is my sad duty to inform you..." letter for every dead redshirt was genuine and heartfelt. That didn't stop him from forgetting about them afterwards.

Outstanding! I still suspect Ensign Ricky will find a way to fake his death and hide out untill "Captain, My Captain" is gone.:raritywink:
Especially given the better employment options available... :pinkiesmile: So far, we havent' seen a single Royal Guard fatality or an allusion to one.
Even the ones zapped at the end of FiM episode 1-1 are shown a moment later groaning and disoriented after being tazed all to hell by mystic lightning.
(Has a mental image of fireplace ashes laid out in the shape of a pony, a little dry ice and water added for smoke effects and the shirt splayed out on top in a pose of agony, while Ricky watches from bushes nearby with whichever mare he's hooked up with... :rainbowlaugh: )

The hard part will be convincing Captain Kirk to leave a planet with a majority-female population... :twilightoops::facehoof:

BTW, would you mind if I put this story into the group folders of "Pony-humans" and "Transformations"? It seriously booosted the faves and views on my "Space Ponies" when I put it there :twilightsmile:

No objections to you placing it in any folder you wish to.

"We are, on route to Star Base K-4. To deliver wanted criminal, and public nuance Harcourt Fenton Mudd. This time for a relatively minor crime, for him any way, of selling illegal stock shares for the fictional ore known as "Unobtanium". that crime will only work subtly unfortunately Unobtanium spells subtly like the video below.

*attempts to write a bad play on "where no man has gone before", implying sexual intercourse between Cpt. Kirk and a pony*

*is slapped in the face with an interdimensional phase-inverted trout*

"I've got it, we'll call you Redshirt!

Well, this is awkward.

e knew that it must have been Tuesday.

Did the medical staff, photon torpedoes, and the tractor beam arrive?


Harcort Fenton Mudd? Ohhh boy this could get really bad for the ponies if he gets loose, especially if he can escape to the planet and shmooze his way into getting the support of the local baddies... I think they need a few "wanted" posters ready to deliver planetside...


23rd Century technology can propel people across the stars and bring together new species BUT it HASN'T figured out a cure for Male Pattern Balding?!

5383412 to quote Gene Roddenberry, "No, by the 24th century, no one will care."

This is what was said about Piccard, so I think that it would be true here too, but I suppose that in the 23rd century, few would care. But most wouldn't.

Well...Kirk...Going where no man has gone before.

Tsk...that painful. A horse or pony kick - hoof can...break some bone.

Ooooh Wicked! The blows to his ego have got to be more painful than the physical ones. I wonder if he will manage to escape ...leave the planet before Ensign Ricky can find out why the mares are blowing their tops at the very suggestion of smexxins... :rainbowlaugh:

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