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Princess Luna went through a hell of a growth spurt between The Mare in the Moon and Luna Eclipsed. How exactly did she achieve what looks to be an entirely new body? And how does the disappearance of The Great and Powerful Trixie link to this miracle? Grimdark fic.

Marvelously magical reading by Illya Leonov.

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Oh, hah. I was wondering for a moment where I'd seen this. This was your fic submission for eqd's halloween contest, right?


Yup. :pinkiehappy: It didn't make the finalist list but it was still a blast to write.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed it! Keep writing mate.

Nicely done -- unsettling, but nicely done. You've got me worried about Twilight now. :twilightblush:

You suck Luna. Literally.

Like Silvernis said above, very unsettling. And depressing. It definitely reaches that horror aspect of not wanting to know... but unable to keep yourself from finding out more.

A good contender for the write-off! Congrats on writing something pony!

When you've lived for thousands of years, the interests, happiness, perhaps even the lives of the short-lived wisps that are the mortal ponies may start to lose their meaning, especially if you consider your need to be great enough. I wonder how often the Princesses steal others power and lives?


*cackles softly* Not worried about yourself and your auhtorial magic, though? :pinkiecrazy:


Thank you. :twilightsmile: I may not agree with who actually won in the end (Won't You Pull My Wagon? was my fave) but writing this was a blast so entering was well worth it.


One of the most enticing aspects of the sisters, for me, is their mindset and what living for so long would do to your moral compass. Thank you for noticing. :twilightsmile:

Oooh. Creepy and horrific!

i was able to listen to Illya Leonov's reading of this and... wow, scribbler. just... wow.

that's dark. i... if luna EVER tried that in this canon, going after twilight, i mean, (i can tell that was all luna was thinking of) celestia would find out and, along with having broken her older sister;s heart beyond repair, banishment to the moon? Luna would be lucky if celestia let her live!

i just... wow!

That was a great read. Creepy, dark atmosphere, grreat ending. You left the ending ambiguous enough for a shred of doubt that maybe Luna doesn't want to suck the power out of Twilight. I'm guessing Celestia doesn't know about Luna's rehab program?

Woah, creepy :twilightoops:.... and I like it! :pinkiecrazy: Did you win the Nightmare Night Writing Contest? If not, I think that this story would have at least been in 3rd place or higher.

This genuinely scared me. Me!

Well done. :moustache:

I think this is....AWESOME!

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Wow. That was... incredible. It was written so wonderfully, the kind that could make a story about grass growing feel engaging and fascinating. I love the narrator's personality. It makes me want to hear this voiced. I couldn't stop reading for a second, no matter how bad things got. It was surprising, horrifying, and a bit TOO believable.
I loved this fic!^^


It makes me want to hear this voiced

It's your lucky day, as Illya Leonov did a full cast reading of it last year. ^_^

Oh wow, Ill definitely listen to that then!^^ Thanks :)

Hmmm...I'm not sure what to say about this. Granted it was written on the fly and points for writing something so detailed at such a hurried pace. It wasn't as gory as some of your audio stories...though I did cringe when Luna bit Trixie's horn off. Tribe was in rare form, though, and I'd really like to see how you'd develop her character more. She's woefully underwritten in both the series.


Hehe, I wonder what lunasqueak gonna do with twi....

Great job!

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