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On the one hand, Semillon is one of the best Young Six writers there is. On the other, that list of tags scares me. Not sure how to proceed here.

Two things:

1. Thanks to you, I just found great Soarin art from the person who made the image.
2. Thank you for writing this, semillon. I should've known when going into this, I was going to get one hell of a story. Take my upvote and try not to let She somehow get a hold of it, please.

I've been trying to figure out what I want to say for a couple of minutes now and I don't think I have the words. It's definitely one of the best things you've written, but I can't articulate why I think that. Love it regardless, your fics always make me happy.

Creepy. Scary. Lovely. :rainbowderp:

...She doesn't seem to be... hurting anyone. I can say that much. The meat cooked o'er the fire is Hers, not anyone else's. Questionable sapience of chickens aside, she seems to be... Benign, if terrifying.

I love it!

The way everything just seems so perfect, too perfect, like it's hiding something.

I love the part with red meat, the way it's so perfect he's willing to overlook how things are clearly wrong in order to just enjoy the moment.

It's great, nothing overly explicit, definitely explicit.

I'd give it a read

Unaccountably peckish - there is an appetite...

wait. you write M fics!? okay I gotta see this!

For the curious. This is not porn. Also, this is NOT the usual semillon fluff oh my GOD. I need a drink

When bottomless fathoms of the murky black gaze into your soul, all of your doubts fears and insecurities, and accepts you regardless, I think that that is what love is.

I am ALWAYS a fan of cosmic hor4or, and this fits the bit perfectly. I always love when unknowabl3 entities regard those smaller than th3m not with apathy, or hate, but something vaguely resembling love. Very well written!

The sea calls me
This I know
She can feed me weeks
Or kill me in seconds
I love the sea
for she does not, me

Got an ID of the image?

Strange thing I stumbled upon here... A wholesome dark entity? Hm.

Can't, the artist credited put themselves on the DNP list on Derpi back in 2020.

neigh kidding! this one is really tempting to deep-dive on. Got any reccs for another of Semillon's stuff?

NOT EVEN JOKING I WAS WRITHING WHILE READING THIS. its tender and its sinister and hungry. there's so much love and fear and THAT is what makes it so appealing. you write that longing, forlorn kind of dread that builds in someone's chest so well. you write gallus' loyalty so well. this is one of my favorites of all time because you feel the scope of gallus' emotions with him and AHHHH. rereading when im actually clear of mind but this may be my new fav fic of yours

you are literally the best at these psychological horror stories like I never get the same sense of looming dread from other authors. Tasty as fuck, now I want to go eat a steak and yeet myself into the ocean. 10/10, no notes.

Raw and fiery, like a shadow. Great great great stuff.


The mystery just cut real nice. A perfect balance of ambiguity and vivid scenes.

Well written, Wordsmith!

God DAMN, this is unlike much of what I've read. Honestly, just god damn sick, I love it.


Oh you're welcome!!! Yes yes the artist who drew both these things is Kam, my partner. His twitter can be found in the source of the cover art. He does great horses and birds and—well, just about any animal, really.


might i suggest a glass of hunter valley semillon

she's chill! well, she's medium rare sometimes


When bottomless fathoms of the murky black gaze into your soul, all of your doubts fears and insecurities, and accepts you regardless, I think that that is what love is.

yess you get it!!!!


WRITHING might be one of my favorite words i'm so glad i got you to use it!!!
part of the inspiration for this was, well, i've been playing a shitton of Cult of the Lamb and reading fanfiction but also that one tumblr post that's like

and my god i LOVE obsessive queer love, i love when two dudes are so into each other they're a little unhinged and i love balancing tenderness and insidiousness

i wanted Gallus to be gallant, not in the way of saving Sandbar from a rampaging monster but in the way of "I will do ANYTHING for you, I will draw my own blood to sate your thirst"

my original concept for this was gallus realizing that Sandbar's town was cannibals and that Sandbar was gonna eat him and Gallus was going to be insanely horny for that and then they get to ritual night and Sandbar's like ...????? we're a sex cult and then Gallus would be like oh...well i mean i guess we can make out
and it'd be like a couple thousand words of scary lo-fi beats to have ritualistic sex to

but i'm quite pleased with the end result
Gallus's loyalty, his borderline veneration of the very ground that Sandbar walks on, is still here, and I think it comes across a lot more intense (and genuine! because they're absolutely written to be in authentic mutual love here) even without the smut so i'm happy

i feel like i tend to return to the idea that for a character who's gone without love for a lot of their life and then found it, it's like kind of fucking terrifying because it's almost like they have no choice in it, and it must be insanely overwhelming for some asshole who was just eating rats in a Griffonstone alley three years ago to be exposed to the absolute utopia of Equestria and finding friends and lovers and all of that

it's like, if you've spent enough time being scared or starved then you're going to fall in love scared and starved because that's the only way your brain understands it, but the purity of Love is still there so it's just a total mindfuck


you know i love me some looming dread!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell Kam that he's one of my new favorite artists. Does he do commission work still? Asking for more Soarin art that I can use as an avatar instead of just using it without asking like an asshole.

Also, I feel bad that I didn't follow before reading this fic. Rectified that. :rainbowlaugh:

he does but he's closed for now! would recommend keeping an eye on his Twitter for the next time he's ready to take stuff on

Gotcha. I'll have to make sure I snag a spot when those commissions open. Thanks again for the fic! :twilightsmile:

I really donlike the wholesome cosmic horror vibe this story has, but the ritualistic sex cult thing sounds pretty pog as well ngl. :3

I really should read more of your stuff XD Love me student six, so underutilized in the show.

Edit: WAIT YOU WRITE Never Seen!?!?

Oh man, I love that one :D I really need. To remember more author names XD

Why is it that I always need to put on emotional riot gear before opening up one of your works.

Seriously, there are so few authors that make me so eager and apprehensive at the same time while reading a story. You're a master of turning any narrative on a dime to plunge the reader and the characters into situations they're not ready to face, and it creates this inescapable tension throughout the whole piece.

Like Bitsmouth-by-the-Sea, this story is sleepy, yet vibrantly strange, encapsulated in its dense and eerie setting. The narrative moves in a dreamlike fashion, never quite turning into a nightmare, but instead haunting the space in-between.

I thoroughly enjoyed the uncomfortable territory this story tread upon with its M rating, and I think Soft and Pink will stand as an example of what authors can achieve by choosing to dive headfirst into truly unsettling subjects with their stories.

this story devastates me in no decipherable direction but big magnitude wow wow wow!

shoutout to twilight for being kinda chill with weird things going on and not crushing them, if that’s what the epilogue means—i love it when we can have nice things like Her!

:heart: you are a sweetheart, Pen, thank youuuu
i am very glad to have earned your praise

thank you!!! i'd say that Twi's chill with it like how you're chill with a spider in the corner of your basement because it never moves and you can always see it, but the second that thing is gone from its usual corner you're in hunter killer mode

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