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PRONOUNCED: sem ee yawn || any character i ever write, ever, is 18+ unless explicitly stated otherwise

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Dufa #1 · April 17th · · ·

>it's by semillon
>there's a porn tag
God bless you.

The on-track bdsm writing is very good, and I really like seeing TF with unique biological consequences. Hey, you don't understand plantigrade. What the hell is a hoof? How do I breathe with gills? I like D/s best as accelerant for a different fuel source, and "I know your body better than you" is hot as hell. Just like poor bug :fluttershysad:

This is interesting. Never thought I'd see a relatively sfw author post nsfw.

Comment posted by Late_Night deleted April 18th

not bad
if i wasn't on a bit of a hiatus from mlp stuff i'm sure i'd be going gaga

You should have paired smolder up with Spike now that would have been awesome

Sandbar being a top for Gallus is the most unexpected part of this, but I would still happily have a peak at that scene.

CGen #8 · Last Tuesday · · ·

Do we get to see the side quest of what Gallus and Sandbar were doing the whole time?

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