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Hello everyone!! Wanted to let you know that i have accounts on Furaffinity and Fanfiction under the name PuzzleMaster1998. I love doing puzzles, adore foxes, and favorite villain is Chrysalis.

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Why give your main character a rather cliche tragic backstory? No offense, just seen that crap a lot from many fictional stuff.

So, this oc i created in 2018/2017 for fanfiction

i know its used a lot, but i feel like it worked best with my OC.

Sorry if it bugs you

Mark the chapters with clop with a star

Here we go, another human adventure in Equestria, my favorite kind of story. This one is already saved so I don't miss it, I liked the first chapter with flashes from the prota's past. Now I will wait for the next updates.

Will do!!

Won't be for a while though.

In universe, at least six months

Just a question, in the synopsis it says that there will be a harem, in this case it will only be ponies? Or will there be other creatures in this world?

Remembering that you are not obliged to answer if I consider the answer as a spoiler.

If you're OC has some trouble you can call on my OC

There's ponies and others, like dragons and changelings

You should make this last longer. Maybe make it into a series.

It's not done.

It's gonna be a 100+ chapter story

Oh, in that case. PM for brainstorming ideas. I could make it worth your while, though you may find my ideas strange. Truth be told, I'm into a war/running a nation kinda guy. If not, then I could at least suggest what to do in situations. Both militarily, as well as make use of your resources.

Alright. Thanks for the info.

And offer.

I might take you up on that

He may have good looks but will the female ponies think he looks good

You'll have to wait to find out

"Human meets Pony World"

Hmm. maybe.

I have a g5 story with a title very similar to that. But it too is temporary

How about "Human meets New Pony" some like from Futurama "New New York"

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Is doctor horse male or female? Pronoun kept changing.

I thought I got doctor horses pronouns correctly. I'm making doctor horse female.

Edit: yes. I got doctor horses pronouns consistently in the story

This fic looks promising but I have some suggestions to make sure it goes great!

1. Let's start with the character. gavin woodrig, in all honesty take out the trauma and he's basically every human in equestria oc right down to a t! you have his appearance and name nailed down but that's just a shell. he needs the following.

•he needs a character motivation! Like learning things about friendship with the girls or trying to fit in to a society that's completely alien to him.
In fact he could have all of those. the point is to give the character a goal to achieve ex: rainbowdash trying to become a wonder bolt and pinkie pie trying to make everyone smile with parties.

• He needs more personality and needs to react to the world around him more.
("It was Equ-something. Maybe Equelaria, or Equesta??” He continued, before shrugging. “Whatever. In any case, am I the only one they’ve seen? Or do humans live in the land, but I’m the first that ‘Ponyville’ has seen?” he questioned, chuckling a bit at the name of the town.)

THIS this right here is pet peeve I have most hie fics! they have their character arrive in a world that's completely different from what they've experienced. yet after an initial culture shock nothing about the world seems to remotely interest them! Your character even though he has amnesia has just learned hes in another world away from anybody. he knew and is the only human that they know of that exists yet he acts like he dosen't care.

Since he's in another world he could want to learn all about equestria and its history and magic which would allow him to have alot in common with twilight.

2. Next is when the fic takes place I think the day before nightmare moons return (aka episode 1) would be best. that way gavin can go on adventures with the ponies and learn friendship lessons alongside them. basically following the main timeline but since gavin is there things will be a little different. you can even add chapters that take place between a canon episode and a previous canon episode.

Besides if we started in one of theater seasons we would miss out on a canterlot wedding and discords comeback

3. Where gavin will live. Twilights treebrary of course! he would have easy access to books on equestria and twilight could have easy access to the new species that just popped into equestria and allow for him to interact with twilight and spike more.

4. Don't let the trauma be his main or defining character trait! my least favorite part of the fic so far was going from trying to remember anything from his past to him crying and crying and CRYING! never mind the tone whiplash that resulted from the family deaths that suddenly happened. I know its something he has to overcome but I hope it won't overshadow everything like this chapter.

I hope these suggestions were helpful good luck on the fic! :)

Your suggestions are good.

So, for where he lives, that's definitely a possibility.

and i do plan on him reacting to the world around him more. He's confused with what's going on. and his reaction was muted, i will give you that. because that's how i see him reacting. His mind was pulling up the question of "Is he the only human there?" And before he could freak out more he tried to and succeeded in remembering his past.

He is a traumatised boy who is trying to recover from it. That will be a big part of him, and it will show up, even when he's mostly healed. (You never fully heal from trauma)

HIs motivations will be revealed soon. As will when he arrived in the timeline


Truth be told, I'm into a war/running a nation kinda guy. If not, then I could at least suggest what to do in situations. Both militarily, as well as make use of your resources.

Really now?
Hmm, depending upon how confident and competent you are in your trade, I may be in need of your services in the future.

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Ok, good. PM me so we don't waste this guy's comment box.

This so far sounds like a good story. Keep it up!:twilightsmile:

Thank you. I will do my best, but no promises. I'm rather busy

Take your time, buddy.

cant wait till next chapter

I'm working ot make the next chapter even better than this one

I didn’t know that this Fanfic is here as well. Let’s see when the New Chapter Comes Out. I hope the Author Adds Many Girls to the Harem (I Provided the List to him) and Adds Many Events (I also Provided the List to him).

Is it alright if I pm you some ideas that I have?

is there any hint or little information of this story to updated?

I am about halfway through the nexct chapter. it's a big one

ah i see... okay thanks

I'm working on the next chapter.

it takes time, and is rather big

Well, okay🤨... I'll take you at your word.🙂

this first chater is just over 5,000 words long.

the next chater is already 6,000, and it's not close to done

Try not to make him a giant crybaby. Its ok for one chapter, but if you do what a lot of writers do, and drag it on, it gets tiring quick.

Good start to the story, please continue.

"Giggling like a manic schoolgirl, Celestia runs up and crushes her sister in a six-limbed hug, levitating the pair around the room like a retarded crane operator." -Some Dickhead (No, that's the Authors name)

I aim to not make him a giant crybaby, but he did lose something extremely precious to him, so there will be tears and sadness

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