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Hello everyone!! Wanted to let you know that i have accounts on Furaffinity and Fanfiction under the name PuzzleMaster1998. I love doing puzzles, adore foxes, and favorite villain is Chrysalis.


Question regarding my Human in Equestria story · 1:30am June 21st

Alright, i am about to head back to the trenches with this story, and I have a major question that needs answering.

You see, I am wanting to start my story right after the first two episodes of gen 4, but with the CMC and the other kids as teens, including pound cake and pumpkin cake.

I can do the cmc and school foals easily, but i am not sure how to handle pound cake and pumpkin cake when they featured so heavily in their premeire episode.

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Sprout x Pipp · 12:41pm June 17th

Should my Sprout x Pipp story have them be feral(as they are in the show), or anthro??

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Reality alteration: yes and no questions, and other stories to come eventually · 10:07pm April 22nd

Alright, so I can see that more people want the story about yes and no question reality alteration to be anthro than feral, which is okay. I'll get to work on it.

For those curious, the other story involving reality alteration deals with a lot of weight gain and clop, and they'll be ferals.

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Reality Altering via questions: anthro world or feral · 6:19am April 22nd

So, I have a story in the works that deals with reality alteration(actually, there's a few in the works that deals with that). This particular one deals with yes and no questions.(I got permission from the writer of A Truthful Dragon to use the same concept.)

Which type of world should the main character use it on, anthro or feral??

Note: he will not change from one to the other.

More blogs will come out in regards to other reality altering stories.

Thank you for your time.


Anthro or feral futa · 12:32pm Jul 6th, 2023

So, I have a question for you all.

Which would you rather see:

A hyper futa anthro Cream Heart??


A hyper futa Cream Heart who looks like the ponies in the show??

Let me know in the comments down below.


The future of Animalia · 5:36am Dec 16th, 2022

Hello everyone!!

PuzzleMaster here, and I have an update regarding Animalia.

It's not good news.

Im thinking of putting it up for adoption. I am currently not in the best place for writing right now with no easy access to a computer. (And writing in a phone is quite difficult for me)

When I started the story all those years ago I had such grand ideas for it.

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OC Story question · 3:35am Dec 16th, 2022

So, this question is for a future story for an OC I have made.

The OC is a human and the story takes place in Gen 4 , with the ponies being quadrupedal (on all 4s).

Should the human get the ability to turn into an anthro alicorn?? Or no??

And the same questions apply also to gen 5. I'm planning a story for it as well.

He is the only human in their universes. And the stories are not connected to each other.

Please comment your thoughts below.

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Another question · 12:39am Dec 3rd, 2022

Also, I've been wondering: how big are Celestia, Luna, cadence, and Twilight Sparkles wings??

And how big would they be as anthros??

I've always wondered this.


SUmme rHiatus · 7:10pm May 1st, 2021

I will be on hiatus from May 15th to August 20th. I will be working and vacationing with my family.

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Christmas Hiatus · 10:04pm Dec 7th, 2020

Hey Guys!! Just wanted to let you all know that I am going to be on hiatus from the end of December 10 to January 3.

Again, just wanted to let you know

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