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My name is PuzzleMaster98, and i have a separate account on Fanfiction called PuzzleMaster1998. Please enjoy my stories on both sites!! I am a big fan of foxes, and Chrysalis is my favorite villain


Hiatus · 2:08am March 15th

Hello everyone!! PUzzlemaster1998 here with an announcement.

I will be unavailable on this site or my other website locations due to Spring break, which is from the 21 to the 29. Sorry.

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Hiatus(Again) · 6:28pm Dec 3rd, 2018

Hi everyone!! PuzzleMaster98 here!

Unfortunately, I am visiting family this December, and will not be available to anyone till January 2. I am very sorry to anyone I am currently helping with their stories.

I won't become unavailable till December 13.

Goodbye for now!!

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Alternate posting site · 4:59pm Aug 24th, 2018

Hello everybody!!! PuzzleMaster98 Here!! And today I have some great news for you all. I'm on fanfiction!!!!!! Search PuzzleMaster1998 on the site, and come see my other stories besides MLP!!! PLease check it out!!

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What to do for a new story? · 3:03pm Jul 8th, 2018

HI everyone!! Real quick, I wanted to know what type of story do you guys want next? Anthro, or full pony?

Please reply. I need to know. I will give you one hint. Its an OP character story.

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Gone for the summer · 10:53pm May 18th, 2018


I have an announcement to make.

I just finished my first year of college, and am heading home for the summer.

As a result, I will not be on here starting May 20 till August.

Sorry, but i'm taking a summer class, and I'm working.

When i get back, i will be able to help my fellow authors with their stories. SO hang on!!

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Gone for a while · 12:26pm Mar 24th, 2018

Well, i have to say this.

I am going to be gone from the site for over a week everypony. I will be gone starting tonight.

Sorry about this, but I'm going to be with family and working.

I will return in early APril though.

I wont abandon this fandom or the stories I've done.

Don't worry.

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New story coming soon · 4:27pm Mar 17th, 2018

Hey everypony!!

Been a while since my last blog.

Well, i have some great news!!

I have a new story coming up, and it is going to be interesting.

I'll give you guys one hint about a character in this story.

Hint:What makes riddles and loves them?

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Story Update · 3:54pm Feb 6th, 2018

For those who keep on asking me when i am going to update my stories, i have a few words for you.
1. I have some writers block on 1 or 2 of the stories.
2. I have college to attend to, so i have limited time to write stories.

So, for those asking for updates. BE Patient!! I have a lot going on, but i will update my stories.

Peace be unto you.

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Music i will use for inspiration · 3:03am Jan 15th, 2018

Hello everypony!! I'm back this time with a special blog.

I want to know what music you like to listen to. I will use the music to inspire chapters of my stories. Obviously, i cant use every song. But i will use as many of them as i can.

Please comment below your top 3 songs.

For example:
1.Sound of Silence by Disturbed
2.Lullaby for a Princess

Read More

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GOne for a bit · 1:24am Dec 16th, 2017

Well, i have to say this.

I am going to be gone from the site till January everypony. I will be gone starting tomorrow night.

Sorry about this, but I'm going to be with family and working.

I will return at the beginning of January though.

Don't worry.

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