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Oh, Sunset is going to die. A lot. You're not doing it right if she doesn't 😁.

Foul Tarnished. In search of the Elden Ring... :trollestia:
This is gonna be good.

Well their was another story that involves Sunset going to Lordran and while she still dies alot in that story she also works with someone who also serves as her mentor. That person was bayonetta and if you know bayonetta she would slaughter alot of the the bosses in the souls series because she overpowered. So the author of that story had to do 2 things. One she always holding back because let's be honest here if she going at full power alot of the bosses wont even stand a chance. Two bayonetta doesn't even have her guns she uses a Lance and shield. Finally three she doesn't do all the fighting.


So what? Elden Ring Is those kind of games that doing a no death run is impossible!!??


Bayonetta!? The Bayonetta!!?? ( That recently got her third game!? )

Why is she in Dark Soul's world!?

Well it's in the story Called Sunset Shimmer The Princess of Lordran. There a twist in the story where the woman Sunset was working with is Bayonetta.

Not impossible. But 99.999% of players never will. Soulsborne games are the type of games where it's not a question of if you'll die. It's how fast, and how many times you'll die before you finish the game.

Dang, where'd you get the picture?

Interesting. I’m wondering how much you plan on changing the plot. Perhaps some characters and bosses will meet a different fate than they did in canon? I’m interested to see where this goes.

Welcome tarnished let us see if you have the strength be feeding of a lord

Heh, she was dead anyway but I hope she at least got the cool sword and shield from killing the Scion.

"I am Malenia, Blade of Miquella..."


"I am Malenia, Blade of Miquella..."


"I am Malenia, Blade of Miquella..."


"I am Malenia, Blade of Miquella..."

Good luck when you eventually meet her, Sunset.

That's the thing about Souls games, and Elden Ring by extension.

What you're asking for is very rare... Unless they cheat, of course.

Well now, one wonders what the odds are of Sunset going Frenzied Flame. Amusing thing is, she is strictly speaking not a Tarnished at all, to everyone's confusion.

I say this as someone who has never played Elden Ring, or any souls game really, sold! You have my interest, and I can't wait to see were this goes.


Don't forget Bloodborne.

Anyway, I don't play, or was even a fan to those kind of Dark Fantasy/Highly Difficult games like those.

But I do at least know, that Pre-Redemption Sunset is gonna SUFFER BIG TIME!!!!!!

Good thing she didn't go to Dead Space, Evil Within, Silent Hill, Dead by Daylight, Resident Evil ( Movie Timeline ), or Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy/Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Because those dark worlds are entirely different levels of Hell!

I knew someone would make this crossover eventually

Hey, to be fair, only took me like three dozen tries to kill her. While overleveled. I blame the fact I was doing a Colossal Sword build lol

Surprise appearance of Let Me Solo Her?

Oh, dude. Soulsborne worlds are a different type of hell. Take for example DS1 (dumbing it down since you really need to play to get everything). The good ending?

You prolonge humanity's suffering by keeping the First Flame burning.

The bad ending? You let the flame go out, ushering in the Age of Dark, but end the Curse of Undeath.

The good ending is the canonical ending, as Dark Souls 3 confirmed. But in the end, the Age of Dark will happen no matter what you do. And it's as bleak as it sounds. Oh sure, humanity is free from the Curse. But there are far worse things that make their move with the First Flame gone.

No true happy ending either way.

Only one chapter and I’m already super hooked. Great job! Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Awesome story and if you have not I recommend reading friendship is Scaleless. Please give us more lots and lots more


I don’t usually like stories where the character is able to come back after death, it takes away most of the suspense. Though that’s more of a preference than a genuine complaint. I’m still interested to see where this story goes.

Do I need to know anything about Elden Ring in order to understand this story?

I’m happy Sunset got her spoils of war from killing that Scion but I guess that Tree Sentinel gave her a ´Splitting Headache´. Also with one clear exception all the members of the Volcano Manor are creeps.

So Sunny's had her first taste of death. Won't be her last. The realm she now occupies is not a gentle one, yes?

When Sunset meets her Maiden, will that same Maiden explain the full history of the Lands Between, so that Sunset is not so confused?

It's an interesting way to reference the souls-games where campfires are used as checkpoints... we players remember how we failed and died...and the game implies that you are resurrected anyway, since you can go to where you died and get some of the stuff you dropped.

Great story so far and I think you should add images but if possible you should try to add drawings of the events instead of screenshots but screenshots will be fine if you can’t add drawings

You've only responded to one of the comments on here. Why?

I am simply bad at responding to comments, will write something up and forget to hit send. Gotta love ADHD.
While not entirely needed as Sunset is curious enough to figure out 90% of the stuff, it is helpful when she slips into her own Buffy Speak about stuff. Like calling sites of grace magic Campfires and certain things like that.

Just did 100% on the ps versions of elden ring "Oh man, I'm done with this until dlc comes out. Oh? What's this? A new souls story!"

Just when I thought I was done lmao

Comment posted by Derpy_DragonV1 deleted Nov 15th, 2022

You know, having the MC being able to respond in time with the NPC dialogue makes for a bit of unintentional funny jank XD

That said, this was a good chapter for Sunset. Can't wait for her to meet a certain witch done the line.

As someone who has not played elder ring, I would appreciate pictures.

I like it. Can't wait for more chapters.

Love it my man keep up the good work.If you lore try vaati vidya.

“There will be BLOOD SHED!“

Now that the ruins were completely depopulated, she walked over to the final hearse, flinging the chest open to find a flail.

“Great. Something I don’t really need.” Sunset grumbled under her breath.

Wanna bet?

Heh, she's going to be surprised when she comes back this way and finds all those dudes hanging around again.

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