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I am a high schooler that writes stories in his free time.

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What's up with the ending? There's a bunch of broken sentences. Also, m rn m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m rn m m m m m m m m m m rn m m m m m. Find the 3 non-ms!


Apparently comments on docs can also go onto the chapter when uploaded....:twilightoops:

Well, at least I know that now, so it can't happen again.

Like a lot of pieces off fimfiction I'm going to give this a chance. It's to soon to really make a judgment so try your best.

He wanted to be a Space Marine? And when he was told no his immediate response WASNT Chaos Space Marine?! What a Casul ._.

Can't some snakes change sex at will? Or is that amphibians? Or does it not matter as he's a magical snake person XD

Who names their kid after a type of sword? Poor khopesh XD

What the fuck does he look like again?

4860275 While it's been a while since you posted this comment, that only happens with clownfish and some forms of toad. Primarily in the interest of preserving breeding possibilities when there are too many of one sex for genetic diversity, evolutions grab bag, to be maintained. When it does happen, some thing about the environment forced it to occur.

At the begging with the sand stuff this was my response: I tell you what is happening it is the birth of the Sandman!
Also look another fiction where the main character is gender swap. Sure it adds drama, but is the species he has become have only female members? At least he didn't say to be a fungus monster because fungus have over 36,000 different genders.

This story is dead I really liked this tho:fluttershysad:

If not for the short chapters i would have considered this story great. But because there are not many chapters, the unfortunate fact is that i am forced to judge it then based on the number of words in each chapter...And it doesn't look too good. The story, itself, is actually rather intriguing, but there is just the matter of ''more''. I NEED MORE!:flutterrage:

4860295 who names a kid like? In equestria?

I like the setting and doesnt look like its going to dissappoint

hi i like the story but what is the he/she going to do and is he/she going to fall in love with anypony?

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