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You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention

not the first time I've been told that this week <;3

Glad to hear that not just the commissioner enjoyed this one ^^.

Pure. Excellence.
Really hoping you're going to continue with more of this soon! Definitely putting this on my tracking list for sure, though of course take all the time you need to craft another excellent chapter!

always enjoy an "I'm not stuck in here with you, you're stuck in here with me" situation

This is just the kind of M/M content the site is missing.

Always happy to feed my fellow gays >:3

I know right, it always nice to see that the human is not completely powerless here.

Nie!! Look forward to the nex tchapter!!

I hope that the changleings he bangs end up pregnant due to some sort of biological reason. WOuld work so well!!

when is this getting updated i wish to see more its just so good

It's a commission fic through Patreon with at least one more chapter planned, which I plan to work on tonight maybe more if it's asked for ^^

Trust me, we want another chapter

I really would love more of this ... As would many others it would seem.

And more shall come! I'm even planning a chapter or two with the big man himself >:3

Music to my ears~

>“Sorry, this fuckbug is taken, go find your own,”

Best line so far.

I'm partial to "Cranking Dat Soulja Boy" myself

an excellent follow up chapter, wonder how long til the takeover of the hive or getting stopped


Soon! The King will be due for his impending impregnation introduction next chapter >:3

Infiltration? Sounds more like an unintentional invasion so far.

Infiltration of the maw and invasion of the ass, sure.

I didn't know I had a fetish for changelings, not that I'm complaining.

Waiting for more :pinkiehappy:

I know it's on commission, but I always felt any content involving M/M human stuff is greatly underappreciated, Changelings especially so. The pop culture references may be a little *too* casual, but hey, it's porn and what it does it does well.

But surely the bugs deserve a little bit of affection for being such good, compliant little things? Well, the ones so far at least. I always preferred the little guys

I'm glad you enjoy! Perhaps some lucky buggo might get snuggle time if they were to ask for consent before trying to drain him dry >;3

New chapter out today or tomorrow! awaiting commissioner approval ^^

Can't wait for more. Till next time, I'll be waiting.😏😏😏

I ain't gay, but this... Is hot🔥

Finally, the chapter's title that should have been this story's true name.

Final Chapter is awaiting approval from the commissioner!

“Ah, you’re just big mad that I can get Cryssy to let me smash that gloriously incandescent flank and send you gross pictures of it. Oh! Speaking of which, if you get some pictures in the ail, they aren’t from me.”

had me nearly in tears, this has been a wild ride and I can't believe it's comin to a stop

I really enjoyed that can wish there was more

So... Anon involuntary became an Equestria Peace Ambassador of the Changeling Hive?

my coms are open if you desire to work something out >: 3

My comissions are open if you'd like to see some further diplomatic relations >:3

Oh, Celestia is just being a tsundere. He'll come around. :trollestia:

Oh, this is quite good indeed.:heart:

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