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None of the spoilers worked except the last. I think it is because of the extra space after spoiler

I wish the anti-clop brigade would go touch some grass.

They would but grass rhymes with ass and I don't think they've ever touched either >:3

Im very interested to see what this reward Celestia promised Anon is going to be.

Also, out of curiosity do mares even exist in this world?

No. Women are a myth lmao. it is truly the most based au

This is some serious gourmet shit :pinkiecrazy:

I look forward to the sequel

It was good but I honestly thought that having Twilight and AJ in it broke the flow and took me out of it.

"Based and horsepilled!" :moustache:

"Spike, take that stupid thing off." :facehoof:

Oh and the tense changes from past to present and back a few times throughout the story. Just give it a once-over and you should be able to get them all.

For those that want to see the full cover art: 2375483 on Derpi.

fair nuff, but the customer specifically requested it I am afraid ^^

I'm excited for the next one

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