• Published 16th Mar 2022
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An Involuntary Infiltration - nameundetermined

Anon gets kidnapped by changelings. The tables very quickly turn.

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Comments ( 11 )

“Ah, you’re just big mad that I can get Cryssy to let me smash that gloriously incandescent flank and send you gross pictures of it. Oh! Speaking of which, if you get some pictures in the ail, they aren’t from me.”

had me nearly in tears, this has been a wild ride and I can't believe it's comin to a stop

I really enjoyed that can wish there was more

So... Anon involuntary became an Equestria Peace Ambassador of the Changeling Hive?

my coms are open if you desire to work something out >: 3

I hope for a sequel!!

My comissions are open if you'd like to see some further diplomatic relations >:3

Oh, Celestia is just being a tsundere. He'll come around. :trollestia:

Oh, this is quite good indeed.:heart:

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