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8000 soldiers!


It's a perfect day to go to the beach. Unfortunately for Sunset Shimmer and her good friend Fluttershy, the others are away. This leaves just the two of them with the whole day all to themselves.

Before they've even gotten settled down with their blankets spread out, Sunset Shimmer's already wanting to be buried in the sand.

A simple request from CAPTAIN YOSHI HD.

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Cute, but the title makes it sound like a murder mystery :moustache:

That's what I was kinda going for. :pinkiesmile:

It was kinda one of those "I couldn't believe it was E until I read it" fics...

:rainbowlaugh: this has to be one interesting story.

I didn’t think that when I looked at the cover art.

Yeah, I meant title. Sorry.

This makes me think of that Kids Next Door episode, where Numbuh 4 sings about being buried in the sand.

Heya, thanks! I enjoyed listening:pinkiesmile:

Yay 😁
Pony and wolf enjoyed reading it :)
Although just now realized this was a request idea 💡

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