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Greatness is a desire created by fantasies. Rarity has always wanted to be the greatest fashionista, and Spike the greatest hero. Yet when they get what they want, they find themselves empty instead. The two then enjoy a weekend together.

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jw278 #1 · 1 week ago · · 1 ·

Really enjoyed reading this, thanks :twilightsmile: If ya ever do a sequel please let me know :pinkiehappy: I'd love to see where this goes after the vacation or during it. Tho to be fair it was a great way to end it, sort of leave it up in the air. But I'd still like to see if they find that something better :rainbowlaugh:

Either way thanks for sharing this story & keep up the great work :twilightsmile:

Haven't read this yet but it already looks amazing!

Dashie04 #3 · 1 week ago · · 1 ·

I’ve actually wanted to write a story about routine meaning absolutely nothing for a while. I feel like it’s a very nice story, and one I feel like applies to absolutely everyone.

I particularly like the angle that the story takes with relationships meaning a ton and fame not really meaning anything without those relationships to share it with. Both of these characters are famous, but they’ve been famous for so long that it doesn’t really mean anything to them anymore.

While I feel like the Sparity wasn’t really necessary, I still enjoyed reading this a lot.

Hillbe #4 · 1 week ago · · 1 ·

:fluttercry: How's the vacation?
:duck: It's on an extended schedule
:yay: How long?
:moustache: Until she's in kinder garden
:moustache::raritywink: We had too much fun on the beach
:facehoof: I should of booked single rooms in the first place... The treasury Department's going to skin me alive.
:moustache: Don't worry we gave the spare room to....
:flutterrage: Discord - Get back in here I'm not done with you mister!
:twilightoops: Why do I get the feeling that magical mutant hybrid babies will soon grow up and take over the kingdom?
:moustache: Why is it always Taco Bell when I get diaper duties?

That was inspiring! :heart:

(And it’s 10x better if you listen to the Howl’s Moving Castle OST on a loop while reading~)

Grammatical errors aside, this is a heartwarming take on life and the meaning of friendships and relationships. What is life, without anyone to share it with? :heart:

Curse me and my cursed words! Glad you enjoyed the story in spite of it :D

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