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dirty little secret

I tried so far... and got so hard... but in the end, it didn't even matter at all. (SubscribeStar)

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Shining stumbled a little in his blindfolded confusion. Even though he was in the middle of his own chambers in the Crystal Palace and he had Cadance guiding him along, it felt like he was lost and had four left hooves. This birthday surprise was teaching him one thing at least: he needed to do more vision-impaired practice drills if he wanted to stay on the top of his game as Captain of the Crystal Guard!

Oh dear God no!

When I read the description and seeing who wrote this. I was hoping things wouldn't go the way I thought it would, no matter how much sense it makes.

I just started reading it and right there, right there in the first paragraph is the one word I didn't want to see. (sigh) butt that doesn't mean things are gonna turn out like one certain story....Right.

Let me just read this and find out.

(oh please don't do this to me again, PLEASE:raritycry:)

Man, you were really traumatized by Love is Blind, weren't you?

Don't worry. Shining will be able to see for 90% of this story, and by the end, he'll know all the secrets.

Your story isn't the only one. I get like that from many stories that somewhat does the samething yours did. As much as I do enjoy those stories for the story they are telling. I can't get over the unfulfilled feeling they leave behind when they end that way, and their are many stories (not just here on fim fic) that does that.

So its nothing personal or negative. Its just the way I am is all.:twilightblush:

Comment posted by Autumnblazelover61 deleted May 2nd, 2021

Seriously Shining? You can't be that lost in lust to notice that there eyes were green the whole time and not question it once. You really thought they were the real deal.

You had enough sense to be careful when fucking thier throats, and not cum inside your Mom, but no sense to question why their eyes were green......HOW? I thought you were being mind control a little, but that would be stupid and pointless.

Infact why were their eyes green the whole time if they wanted Shining to believe he was actually fucking his mom and sister anyway. (I mean he did regardless) but still.

Ehh screw it. The story was still amazing.

Let's hear those ideas

You're not going to win or even be qualified for the contest. I tried something like this for a very similar contest to the exact same group. They rejected it because I used a changeling in disguise and they said "That's not real incest". The judges are total pricks. You shouldn't have bothered with this one or entering it.

man, if that was all it took, lol.

They're pricks for limiting their contests revolving around a specific fetish to those that actually have that fetish, instead of just pretending to?

Because, you know, my birthday is coming in just a couple months ... and I have some ideas.

Cadance: "You. Cloudwalking spell. Big Mac. Cloudwalking spell. Me, in between, no cloud."

Shiny: ":twilightoops: :pinkiehappy:"

That's what my Patreon is for. ^.^

lol, dude -- you didn't read the full description, did you?
I already specifically asked about this story, and it's fine. Check the links in the story's long description.
And if they're dicks for having a fetish-specific contest ... feel free to run your own, better contest!

Heh, and whatever. I'm not going to fault anyone putting up the money for a contest for steering the contest toward their own fetishes!

Cadance: "And tie my wings up when you do it!"

I literally posted an exact copy of a story like this for another similar contest to the same group involving incest, but judges rejected it because of it had a changeling. It's not my fault you're getting favoritism this time around.

Maybe you should have asked about it ahead of time?
Or maybe it is favoritism. Who knows? (But I kind of doubt Shakes would show favoritism to me in his contest -- I sure didn't show favoritism to him in my contest!)

stunning work as usual and hope you're staying safe and doing well

I feel bad for the drama :/
Writing is fun. Reading is fun. Contests are fun.

But making everything a problem... is not :/
I guess some ppl cant leave good enough alone.

Don't let that get you down! :yay:

I'm living dangerously and doing evil. ^.^

It'll take more than that to get me down!

The two Twilights, meanwhile, edged closer to him. Each one tried to nestle her body against and underneath him. His cock throbbed against his belly, demanding that he choose and shove himself inside one of them now!

Maybe he should later ask Cadance to teach him her spell to conjure magical cocks.
Surely helps next time Cadance invites several mares over.

In desperation, he looked across the room. “Cadance?”
She grinned back at him and winked. The magical cock was gone, but her horn was still glowing. Goddess, she was the one holding him in place!

I'm not even surprised!
In fact, I would probably be dissapointed in any other case.

“Even the Princess of Love has her limits. In order to get your mother and your sister here for you, I had to get ... creative.”

Shining raised one eyebrow. “Creative? Wait... Did you use your love-magic again?”

“Wow, so it wasn’t really them...” Shining was a little disappointed, yes ... but also very relieved. “And... And changelings can’t get pregnant from ponies! It only gives them love energy!”

If Chrysalis would had that idea back then she would have conquered Equestria ages ago. And nopony would even complain...


Maybe he should later ask Cadance to teach him her spell to conjure magical cocks.
Surely helps next time Cadance invites several mares over.

Not a bad idea, actually...

Shining raised one eyebrow. “Creative? Wait... Did you use your love-magic again?”

And then we're going down the Nightmare Cadance rabbit-hole all over again.

Cadance is quite the Clever mare. Brilliant juicy story.

Thanks! ^.^ What's your favorite part?

Cadance denied him to pull out. :pinkiehappy: Than again changing from mare to mare was pretty awesome :rainbowkiss:

The deepthroat gag is kinda one of my personal highlight when it comes up in a story. No idea why the gag it so trilling but i guess its a dominance thing :applejackunsure:

Great story :raritywink:

Hot, but I kinda wish you hadn't spoiled the twist in the description.

Not bad but I would have liked it more if you teased it a little. Like have Velvet bring up some embarrassing colt event or talk in a very maternal and proud way of how healthy and virile Shining is. Also have Twilight have some super technical and convoluted explanation of why doing this is a positive and constructive thing. Just things unique to them. Also describe more so the allure of Velvet's maturity and strength and Twilight's enthusiasm and still slight innocence. It just felt a tad bland.

I can't tell if that's sarcastic or not. I really like the concept but I feel you just didn't push hard enough that this was Twilight and Velvet.

No, not sarcastic. ^.^ It's good to get feedback like that.
Granted, the two actually *weren't* Twilight and Velvet, but still ... I probably could have put a lot more thought into their characters.

It would be even more prominant because those changelings would be deliberately acting like it.

Well, okay. How could he turn down a look like that? Regretfully, he drew his cock out of his mother’s pussy. Now dripping with her juices, it practically begged him to shove it back in. The instinct was hard to resist ... but then again, so was the look in his sister’s green eyes. The moment his cock popped free from Twilight Velvet, he lunged to the side, getting himself on top of his sister as fast as he possibly could.

Eyes up here! Shining doesn't pay attention i think 🤔

Can you blame him for being a bit distracted at the moment?

I'm 99.95% sure just wants to make sure ~putting them up for a closer inspection XD

You can never be TOO sure! CHECK- RECHECK!

Great! Now my horny brain wants a follow up with Shining bucking Ocellus and Arista while Cadence watches.

Maybe Arista isn’t what she seems to be, and instead she is a certain changeling queen. A very pent-up changeling queen who wants to life her fantasy of summiting to the stallion she almost married, using all her abilities as a changeling instead of hiding them to take whatever form he desires, being used only as a toy that changes into whatever creature or pony he wishes to fuck.

But hey, that’s just my horny brain making a suggestion ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

As always, you did an amazing job with this fic.

Heh, that is a pretty fun suggestion...


Oh! You know it is mate ;)

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