There was something terribly wrong with Golden Oaks Library. It was alive, and not in the way it ought to be.

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Man, reading this for a second time and its still as amazing as before lol. I absolutely love this story because it starts as a this spooky, universe is slightly off two inches to the left vibe, to a sort of lovecraft horror 'omg is the library alive???!!, to Twilight needs slep and it does so flawlessly. I think most of us have been there Twilight, thank you so much for bringing this into the world Silent.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I've been in a similar situation as Twilight has, too, and it's definitely terrifying... or at least it is when you're as much of a scaredy-cat as I am! I just got this fantastic mental image of the tree breathing, and you know how, when you stare at a wall for a while with your eyes kind of focused, it can look like the wall's moving? I was like hey, that's the everyday horror I need more of.

This was a really great story! I loved it!

I mean it would be kinda interesting if you make a follow up and it turns out the tree is alive but not in a angler fish sorta way. There are some organisms out there that have this sorta cooperative selfish behaviour, where the organism parasite etc live inside the host subject to get food and in exchange the orgaism gives the host some benefit(cough human intenstine bacteria)
like imagine if the tree kinda feeds on twilights magic(but only a little so to make sure twilight can function) and in exchange the tree gives twilight a home
(after all it would be pretty bad for some parasites if their host dies, making their host live as long as possible and feeding on it ensures maximum survival)

Ah, when the walls start breathing. That's just the second symptom, first being loss of reason of course.
Next comes the floor and ceiling joining the breathing, then you'll either start feeling your body breathing in and out like the walls, expanding and contracting everywhere, or the lamps and lights will start dancing. After those two, you'll probably only be able to focus on the floaters in your eyes, but by then you wouldn't be able to pay much attention because of the sounds you'll hear. Far off noises in blurry clarity, words sounding like they're coming from the attic. Then you get the fun stuff, clear words being said a few feet behind you and to the side, the sound of angels, the music of the universe.
At this point, you'll probably be feeling your body spinning inside your body, extra limbs moving in 3 different directions seperate from the physical one. I've been there, sleeping medicine and stimulants at once is a crazy time.
Great story!

This exists in that kind of horror-not-horror zone where you're not really sure if anything supernatural is going on or not, and I like that.

Or maybe a sort of benign parasitism, where the tree really doesn't care. Kinda like that bug that that eats and then replaces fish tongues with themselves.

Too much caffeine, not enough sleep make Twilight something something

not gonna lie
I've been in this state more times than i like
also i have probably confused Whisper while they are barely awake with statements and ramblings the same way twilight did spike numerous times.

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