• Published 10th Mar 2021
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To Ne'er Come Down Again - Some Leech

A fateful event leads Anon down a winding road of lust, love, and ludicrous adventure...

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Last time I saw something like this the guy had something of a hit squad on him, everything he said no matter how menial had precisely seven dislikes.

Illi #2 · March 14th · · ·

It can't be over yet! It's too soon!

now thats some good holiday cosplay!


Y'all do realize that there's a metric ton of room for side stories or events after the final chapter, right? >u>
Like, yeah, this one is done, but I could write more of these two and their little family.

i think you forgot to mark this completed .

great work on story:twilightsmile:

As usual Chryssie makes sure everything breaks.

Something like that, yeah

that complete sign is the best and worst thing to see.
if we ever got more id like to know why chrysalis never changed colors. Also surprised we never got thorax in the story

Comment posted by Gustavon deleted March 14th

If you have to know

if we ever got more id like to know why chrysalis never changed colors
> You remember how Thorax reformed before he was skittle bugged? Kinda like that. Shiny eyes and whatnot

Also surprised we never got thorax in the story
> Man, I gotta give myself some material to use, if/when I write more with these two!

My dude I must say this first and foremost this was an amazing ride and an amazing story. It is definitely going into my favorites and definitely got a thumbs up and earned a follow. That being said. I read a lot of your stories and most of them were commissions most of them being pretty great some of them were not my cup of tea but that's neither here nor there but this story you wrote for yourself was pure gold you need to do more of that I understand that you required to do commissions for money but writing for yourself seems to be the golden ticket.

Also my personal outro for the wedding where they should have had a dance. Music!

So cheers and congratulations on your awesome story.

I look forward to seeing more with these two and their kids but I LOVE THIS STORY. Fucking masterpiece. Favorited,tracking cuz who knows there might be more, and you alrdy know I followed you. Cant wait to see more especially with these two. Keep up the great work. I really don't know what else to say other thanks you for such an excellent read.

LIl #14 · March 15th · · ·

As I expected a really sweet story :). Funny stuff I liked the SFW part more than NSFW. One of you is better story for me.

I'm really glad y'all like it. NGL, making the lewd bits was fun, but writing the wholesome stuff was what really kept me going on it.

It's been my privilege

“This was a triumph, I'm making a note here: 'Huge success!'” - GLaDOS

“It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction.” - also GLaDOS

"We Do What We Must Because We Can" - GLaDOS again

“For the good of all of us, except the ones who are dead.” - GLaDOS most likely.... maybe.

and lastly the best quote "SPACCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEEEE" - (best core) Space core

It's been my pleasure!

It was a nice ride, all things consider, a I tip my hat young sir, you prove that Chrysalis doesn't need to transform to reformed. It was a very nice chapter and a interest twist of the villains side of things. (Although it was a pity we never got resolve with the subject of her visiting the hive again or even meeting Thorax once more)

A nice story with a good ending, a part of me know wonders how would they fare against a HUMAN villain but that is a story for another time for another author, right now, those two lovebirds are busy claiming Equestria by spreading their DNA throw at the world, seriously if half their brood inherit their libido the planet will have changeling blood in half a century.

Wow man. You outdid yourself this time, Leech. I really am kinda speechless. This was so hot, so cute, so perfect. And you made a really good move mot having her transform like the other Changelings did in show (even though I personally do like those designs), but you did that and proved she didn't need to do it to be reformed. Very very nice.
You did wonderful with this story. This is one of your best, and you make some damn good stuff already. I could only wish of writing something this good.
You deserve all the praise for this one. Absolutely fantastic job. 💚

So tell me, how expensive was the Thesaurus you bought for this story?

Fantastic story. Equal parts heartwarming and lewd. It's such a breath of fresh air to read a story about Chrysalis that doesn't shy away from her villainy, nor revel in it. It's depicted as just the way she is, without truly celebrating, condemning, or trying to fix her flaws. Leech, you've created a masterpiece of raunchy romantic hijinks AND perfectly humanized one of the most irredeemably evil characters in FiM canon.

The cover art earned my curiosity. The impeccably written clop earned my attention. But the emotional ride earned my respect.

Well done, Leech. VERY well done.

Good story. Very focused albeit to the point of narrow.

16th most liked story you've written despite only being completed for a few days, I'd say you did good with this one.

Fully reformed, yes. Being so young, they subconsciously fell into it. You gotta think, having a father who's steering them down the path of being good would have an effect.

It took a heavy toll on both of them. Consider it like forging a link, it requires a lot of energy - not to mention the heavy conversation they'd had immediately beforehand.

Thank you. That means a lot, my dude!

So, at this point, it seems like many years have passed since they moved into their new home. I just need to know one thing.

... Did they ever get rid of Twilight's listening enchantments? Or does she still get to enjoy their shows? :raritywink:

Heh. You'd have thought he would have planted the idea beforehand. Also, some Equestrian reindeer are going to be somewhat put off. 😂

They eventually got rid of them, yes

I've already said many positive things about this story as a whole, so the last thing I'll say is this:

Leech, thank you for writing and posting.

Thank you for the kind words.

As stupid as it may sound, the big reason I write and post is to give folks something to look forward to - sure, it may be lewd and derpish, but my hope is that my works give folks a smile.

If your run of the mill changeling walked into their bedchamber, they'd be sent spiraling into a maddening rut-lust and/or estrus in less than three minutes.

This, of course, was discovered only after a bewildered couple appeared to turn feral months after the original attempts at repair were completed. Only after the third complete destruction of the mentioned room necessitated a changeling scientist crew and in-depth historical analysis was the truth revealed, and when the Empress was queried about it she only had this to say: "the accommodations were sufficient " Regular ongoing studies are still being performed, see the lobby clerk for the forms for that... 😇

Who doesn't like pancakes?!?

I haven't started reading yet. Since Chryssi is a main character it seems, presumably this takes place before the end of S9? About what point in the show's timeline does this take place?

TBH, I wish more fic descriptions indicated an approximate time period. It's not a problem for most readers, though I've personally yet to finish the show (I keep putting it off because procrastination). Sometimes it would be helpful though regardless, to give the reader a frame of reference.

It takes place at some point after the series finale! I kept the specifics vague, as I am wont to do, but I figure it's some odd years in the future.

I figured it out pretty quick, since I ended up starting it already XD

Lovebug stuff always appeals to me (really, pony romance stuff does in general, but especially changeling related romance, and doubly so when it's HiE). So yeah, couldn't resist. I'm a good portion of the way through already ^_^

Leech, how dare you?

How dare you write such a perfect tale off debauchery, perversion and wholesomeness? The kinkiness, the sexiness, the smoldering moments of romance, the absolutely adorable foals and their loving, doting parents!

You should feel ashamed of mixing those two so perfectly. You set the bar to high.

Next thing we know you're going to write a story about hand holding off all things, you filthy degenerate, and festoon it with sappy, unrelenting romance of mutual, unrelenting love. You absolute fiend! :raritystarry:

Loved it, eternal favorite, I bet Twiggles still schlicks herself silly to the recordings seven centuries later.
She's still waiting for them to tie her to a chair, put a restrainer ring on her horn and "force" her to watch though :trollestia:

This was brilliant my dude. I can't wait to see more of this.

And more of Chrysalis tormenting Twilight's apparently inner exhibitionist~

B...but the camel is a masochist! :fluttershbad:

That whole story was so amazing! I laughed, I cried, I was taken in! I did not want it to end. You have a gift for bringing people into your story and I will definitely be rereading this again.

Thank you!!

It's been my pleasure

This was a very wonderful story and gave ol’ chryssi such a wonderful ending. Thanks for making such a wonderful story! I swear I read something from ya before. Anyways keep up the awesome work!

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