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"Only the most subtle of references." -No fanfiction writer ever


The year is 0001 PC (post-Chrysalis) and it's the first Hearth's Warming for the Reformed Changeling Hive. There's just one problem; none of them have ever celebrated it before!

Luckily, if there's one thing changelings are good at, it's learning how to mimic something. It's just those fine details that are hard to get right without having ever experienced them firsthand. They should probably get a pony to drop by and evaluate their work.

This was written for Holtinater as a part of Jinglemas 2020! For more information about Jinglemas, check out our group!

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A pleasant little story! I think your description style fits characters like Sunburst well. Varied verbiage. :twilightsmile:

Well this was cute. :twilightsmile:

Would love to see a follow up for the other holidays. :pinkiehappy:

I see they combined Hearth's Warming with Festivus. At least they attempted a tree instead of the pole.

Great story, but I have to wonder how Pinkie will react when she comes to clean up the "snow" from that nice griffon in Manehatten?

I bet she'll recycle it into some VERY :pinkiecrazy: interesting :pinkiecrazy: cupcakes :pinkiecrazy:

What I wanna know is where Pharynx was during all this. He didn't even try to chase off intruders? Getting lazy there, soldier... :trixieshiftleft:

"GRACE!" Every changeling called out at once before setting on the food like starving hyenas.

:rainbowlaugh: Okay, I love that moment.

Better than my holiday went, at least. Also very funny.

Hah! This was a very nice mix of funny and heart(hs)warming. The changelings doing every aspect of the feast wrong, expect for the the spirit of it, felt right. And Sunburst works very well as the outside Hearth's Warming expert, or the straight man as it may be. :twilightsmile:

...and a large moose-like creature if a moose was cosplaying as a praying mantis lost in a tie-dye factory.

Probably my new favorite description of reformed Thorax. Because while I love Thorax, and come to love the reformed changelings too, there's still no denying the...peculiarities...about their designs. :rainbowlaugh:

If it had been any other hat, he might have accepted, but he'd vowed after highschool to never again touch that type of cursed headgear

As someone who owns and wears a fedora himself, I actually want to feel offended by that. :applejackunsure:

All in all, a fun little fic, and I agree with Sunburst--it's the spirit behind the activities that matters more than how accurate they are in comparison to how others are doing it. Though the changelings certainly made it...extra interesting. :rainbowlaugh:

I also like the inherent Thorax and Sunburst friendly interactions, as that's something that's a little under-explored in the fandom, considering the two are almost certainly friends just as much as Thorax's other friends too. I've myself wanted to do something similar, but couldn't ever settle on a good topic to do so, so on that point kudos for succeeding where I have not. :twilightsmile:


considering the two are almost certainly friends just as much as Thorax's other friends too.

Interesting trivia on that note. After I received the request to use the pair of them, I checked to see if they had anything establish in canon I could use.
There's nothing.
Outside of being in the throne room during Spike's "I should have stood up for my friend" song and the show finale battle, Thorax and Sunburst have no shared screen time whatsoever. So consider it a slight AU is you want.

That's what I mean, though. The show showed absolutely no interaction between the two, but considering the time Thorax spend staying at the Crystal Empire until he became changeling king, the two surely interacted and got to know each other in the meantime, even if entirely off screen. And I've long thought to myself there's probably good fanfic material to that, and this fic here only reaffirms that in my mind. So consider it a compliment on my part. :twilightsmile:

An actual fedora, or the trilby people generally mean when they complain about fedoras?

In looking up the formal definitions of the two so to double check I'm getting this right, I suppose its overall shape makes it a trilby...but despite that, it's brim is slightly wider than most trilbys I've seen, and most everybody I meet--if they know enough about hats at all to know what to call it anything other than "the hat"--refer to it as a fedora...so naturally I often think of it as such, even if that's not strictly correct.

None of them have ever shown a negative response to it, and I get more praise for the hat than anything else. So I guess I don't understand any of the negativity behind the two at all anyway. Personally, I love the look of either style of hat.

If it has anything to do with an association with hipsters, then let me be proof of that being mere overhyped stereotype, as I am no hipster--I just like the look of the hat. :raritystarry: Most other people I've met who have similar hats of their own are the same. In fact, come to think of it, I don't think I've ever met an actual hipster...hmm.

"Five dozen family buckets of Colonel Grander's Claw-breaded Fish Fillet!"

Drider, you're a mad genius! Changelings having a Japanese Christmas is perfect, then also decorating the halls with what is most likely cocaine, and just generally your expertise at describing Things instantly puts this in my Favorites shelf. I couldn't have ever hoped for a better Jinglemas fic. I lost count of how many times I laughed out loud while reading this. I wanna say more, but I'm honestly just speechless. Fantastic job, and sorry for taking so long to read it. :)


Thorax and Sunburst are so similar in so many ways and we know they know each other (to some extent), it's honestly a wonder there aren't more fics with them. Thus, I just had to request it. I actually wanted to request a ship fic with them at first, but considering it's pretty much the first with them interacting, I decided to leave it more open. And, for the record, I absolutely love how this ended up.

I like the title. I spotted the reference to Auld Lang Syne. Very clever.

Well, this was fun. The moral was exactly what I was hoping for, too - don't just take the pony traditions. Make your own, because it's the changelings' holiday as much as the ponies'. :twilightsmile:

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