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DLS contest is both a blessing and a curse...I can only get through so much in a day. And my read it later keeps growing.

3 fics in 2 weeks? My god... It's like the world is in fast forward


And now Gilda and Ember wont be satisfied until theyve prooven their ability to out do each other to their full abilities? No matter how many times it takes over however many meetings and buildings detroyed?:duck:

So, does this count as Hatefucking?


This was fun. Silly, hilarious, sexy fun.

Fuck, I like this pairing.

Wow. My two favorite non-pony characters having a brutal and super hot sexfight?


What about The Clash of the Thirstiest?

First rule of Hate Sex Club. You talk about Hate Sex Club.

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------ Review ------

Please keep in mind, I know I can be overly critical and negative at times. I can always find something to nitpick, even in the greatest works of literature ever written. Please don't take it personally!
-So damn intense!
-Didn't really take the time to get to know their bodies very well.
-The hate sex is interesting ... but fast and often breaking its own spell. The constant wrestling for domination kind of ruins the sexy mood, I think. Seems like it might be better if at some point they get over it -- or just get overwhelmed by hormones -- and get down to some good old-fashioned fucking for the sake of fucking, rather than fucking each other because they hate each other? At least for the space of a scene?
-The climax felt less like a resolution of conflict than just an abandonment of conflict. That fits the characters, of course, but it makes the end feel a bit unfulfilling.
-It's kind of ingenious that they're both furious at Twilight in addition to each other, giving them another potential outlet.

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There needs to be more stories fuelled by the premise 'Clash of the Tsunderes'...

Wait, Dash? What? *goes back to description*...oh I thought that said Rarity, and I was so confused as to which was after who...:derpyderp2:

I hope he makes another Gilda x Ember story and maybe he’ll add all the stuff you suggested.

They should make more Gilda x Ember Lemon stories.

At least they'll have their teeth to remember each other by.

... geez gals, get a room :-)

Hmm. Are any Ponyville hotels able to handle this pair?

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