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Rhys, the local human, is not particularly socialable. Indeed, he spends most of his time in house out towards the edge of Ponyville or else with Twilight working on how he is going to get home. He talks about home a lot.

One night, quite unexpectedly, Rarity finds him outside her door. He is very drunk.

She's annoyed by this, though less annoyed when she discovers the reason why.

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Kratz #1 · Aug 22nd, 2019 · · · One ·

This is sad. Not as sad as being the only one alive and waiting for the death of the universe on a dead planet, but still sad.


Don't think I'll top that one anytime soon...

'tis not an insurmountable problem, Twilight just fouled up the fourth set of coordinates, put a comma where a period was meant to go or summat.

csnthenavy #4 · Aug 22nd, 2019 · · 1 · One ·

I really feel like this needs a continuation. Especially with more Rarity.

Alondro #5 · Aug 22nd, 2019 · · 3 · One ·

I don't need a reason to get drunk. I just need good sake.


Alondro #6 · Aug 22nd, 2019 · · 2 · One ·

9795158 Not as sad as living in New Jersey for eternity.

Or is that existential horror... :fluttershbad:

"Well, I have good new and bad news."
"Twilight, what could be good about it?"
"There was no time dilation - it really was only two years. Also, you didn't get your mind slorped by the Lovehoofian cosmic abominations which ate your world while you were gone. The abominations being the bad part of the news, of course."

It is true what they say; the grass is always greener. And you really do not know what it is you have until it is gone...

All too many HiEs gloss over a person being suddenly uprooted from home and the loss this implies. This is a good story.

I´m still nettled about that one °,..,°

Dont think you're alone in that...

Not all hope is lost!

Completely ratarsed, and completely understandable. Good story - really conveys the hopelessness someone would feel in that situation.

This absolutely could be a series. Rarity ship? Whatever the case, it was very enjoyable to read, and I do hope to one day see it continued.

I can understand a certain level of shortcut taking as often it's what the human gets up to that's the point of the story and excessive melancholic dwelling would derail that.

And I myself am guilty of this! Eric of Eric and Lamia fame has no hang ups whatsoever, because that wasn't what the story was about.

That said, I am often a little nonplussed if a story shows me the moment of arrival and the net result comes out as "Whelp. Here I am. Better fuck a horse."

Probably says more about me that I'd find the long line of reasoning of how this would be accepted more interesting...

I try. Sometimes I succeed!

As likely as it was that he would simply find a nice, safe ditch to keel over into and sleep this off, Rarity wouldn’t have been able to live with herself if something bad were to happen to him.

He might just stumble his way into the Everfree, or somehow find himself knocking on Rainbow's door only for him to fall to his death once his alcohol-fueled ignorance of cloud physics wears off after the mare asks him how he managed to do that.

I’ll go,” she said

He, not she.

Flight for humans here operates under Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy rules.

Not that that'll factor in...it's just funny to remember.

Why does the lead singer sound like Doctor Dala?

Exactly, the whole point is that there are ways around it. If the melancholy contributes nothing to the story it can be a person who's already been there for a while. Or someone with very few ties to their old home (which, admittedly has a number of implications for the personality of the character). Or the character arrives from a death in the other world, etc, etc.
Going from everything and everyone I have always known is lost to me forever to immediate friendship horse shenanigans is just lazy.

I suppose it's rather like having one's cake and eating it.

Either set it so that it's a non-issue that's been previously settled or else expend the effort required to settle it in-story.

I guess? I'm full of toad in the hole and my brain has slowed down.

Pinkie Pie reconnects with a few of her old friends.
Ebon Mane · 7k words  ·  760  8 · 12k views


Flight for humans here operates under Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy rules.

I've never actually read that; all I know about it is that the number 42 is important, and there's one particular English word that's somehow one of the rudest words elsewhere. Could you please explain how Hitchhiker flight is different from IRL flight?

You fall and miss the ground.

Following this, never think to yourself "It's impossible I can't be flying" because gravity will then take notice.

Oh. That sounds like Looney Tunes logic, where Wile E. Coyote (and others) only fall once they realise they're no longer running on solid ground and look down.
I used to watch these cartoons a lot as a kid, so their antics are what I tend to think of first.

eh... I think it might be better if it was the start of a true friendship, rather than a ship.

Indeed sad, but not overly so. Still, dem feels :pinkiesad2:

Shipping goggles never come of. EVER :pinkiecrazy:


Why does the lead singer sound like Doctor Dala?

Not sure. That is from the end of the game Conker's Bad Fur Day

Flowers by HURT would make for an interesting drunken song for poor Rhys to sing...

Congratz, you got featured. 8/23/2019

Not gonna lie. If I found out I was the last human, it would make more sense to get drunk then find an axe and see if it was possible to clear the Everfree of Timber Wolves in one night than cry.

Honestly? If I found out that MILLIONS of years had passed while I was stuck in another dimension, all my friends and family long dead along with my entire species and everything it ever built -honestly- I’d probably fucking kill myself.

Edit: also you might want to consider adding the Sad tag to this story.

Tag? What's a tag? You're not making any sense, man!

Always nice to see an update

The more the dude says he's fine, the less I believe him.

That is the rule, as I've learnt.

Makes me wonder will you add a "suicide / self-harm" tag.

It's not going to get that bad, I assure you. Mild gloom at best, followed by pony-assisted mood uplift.

Existential despair fine. Actual, tangible despair no.

Also: me? Tags? Pffbt.

I am liking the story, but I have found a plot hole. Discord could have probably sent him back. He has opened dimensional portals before like in the smoze episode.

He's on holiday in Bermuda

Makes sense. He was on holiday for 2 years?

He's Q, he can do what he likes.

And time is relative. That's my excuse.

Alright. I'll buy it.

I'm liking the pace and where this story is going, wherever that may be. Fingers crossed that Rhys gets what will make him happy.

You were floating some pretty bad mojo at the start of this chapter, I'm relived that my unease didn't pay off.

You better give my boy a happy ending or I'll invert your ribcage and shred your shoes

oh yeah, it's all coming together.

The important question to ask here, is does Rhys have a siege mustache?

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